Đồng nghĩa của cushion

Alternative for cushion

cushions, cushioned, cushioning

Đồng nghĩa: pillow, soften, support,


A pad on which a person can recline and sleep, usually having an inner section of coiled springs covered with foam or other cushioning material then enclosed with cloth fabric


The state of being insulated
insulation isolation segregation sequestration protection defence defense screen separation shelter aloneness privacy safeguarding secludedness seclusion separateness shield shielding solitariness solitude closeting detachment exclusion quarantine safe keeping setting apart withdrawal retirement loneliness privateness reclusiveness reclusion remoteness retreat concealment desolation peace and quiet lonesomeness hiding confinement peace loneness seclusiveness aloofness self-sufficiency partitioning silence singleness disconnection purdah keeping apart insularity peacefulness quietness beleaguerment secrecy quiet freedom from interference lack of interruption lack of disturbance inaccessibility friendlessness exile waste wilderness wasteland desert emptiness monkhood apartheid confidentiality clandestineness blockade penetralia space discretion division partition discrimination dissociation ghettoization disunion sorting out exlusion ivory tower an ivory tower time alone one's space splitting up distinctiveness individuality uniqueness character distinction originality particularity peculiarity singularity selfhood individualism difference identity oneness discreteness oddity dissimilarity humor idiosyncrasy temper ipseity air singularness humour eccentricity disposition temperament makeup disconnectedness manner independence selfdom habit seity unlikeness selfness rarity unity nature complexion way sanctuary obscurity Quran retreat prayer retreat meditation retreat bible retreat cordon sanitaire detention solitary confinement lazaretto spiritual retreat lack of company respite liberty latitude freedom breather relief repose forlornness unpopularity abandonment forsakenness rejection dreariness time out breathing space breathing room desertedness sadness unhappiness despondency heartache alienation lack of friends lack of companions


Soften the effect of an impact on
soften deaden lessen mitigate muffle diminish stifle allay alleviate blunt buffer dampen decrease dull gentle temper absorb suppress bolster buttress guard insulate moderate pad seclude reduce the effect of take the edge off reduce ease relieve abate tone down assuage lighten palliate soothe mollify subdue quell check weaken calm smother damp curb lull quiet mellow lenify tranquilize restrain tranquillize cool damp down help placate modify lower attenuate still sweeten pacify depress dilute repress mute soft-pedal take the bite out take the sting out numb relax appease paralyse quieten compose benumb cut depreciate curtail anaesthetize qualify impair minimize destroy paralyze anesthetize ebb de-escalate minimise get rid of cool out ease off wind down put an end to pillow blanket remit silence mask extenuate kill soak up commute contain bridle excuse protect against break degrade reduce the force of gruntle obtund defend against shield against taper safeguard against modulate shrink wane erode contract subside decrement smooth lessen the impact of reduce the impact of dispel comfort dulcify satisfy ameliorate dwindle downsize dissipate banish dismiss admix hold back keep in check put a lid on embellish embroider eliminate soften the impact of revamp adjust transmogrify switch roll back cut down cut back wear away tail off peter out wear down put to rest drive away square drive off chase away fix up monkey around with take the bite out of chill out fine tune make reasonable take the sting out of make agreeable take sting out patch things up reduce something make nice dress up pour oil on play up to make less painful cauterize injure freeze slow incapacitate retard dim stun exhaust frustrate gas etherize cauterise chloroform deprive consume tire KO drown unnerve stupefy dope knock out lay out put out of order put to sleep make less intense put damper on put a damper on put the lid on control regulate drop slacken deplete downscale limit inhibit settle restrict play down taper off let up discount water down drop off slake tame decline slash rein in dent knock down constrain make less recede thin relent fall sink narrow devaluate minify calm down sap slow down pare down die down phase down ratchet down overcome quench fade undermine salve pare scale down dial down make smaller throw cold water on mark down shorten ease up settle down bring down step down pour cold water on slacken off die out fall off die away fall away cloud govern hold extinguish measure hush revise rule disempower keep adulterate downplay cheapen quash lullaby undervalue becalm trim vary enfeeble ration confine plummet slump conciliate stop plunge disable cripple debilitate propitiate pall devalue hamper change shift truncate abridge hold in couch clip pull in make light of take it easy rein constrict disarm keep under control console solace stroke balm make cutbacks in take down trim back trim down let up on turn down become smaller take a load off whittle down cut down on grow smaller rachet down grow less lay back cool off dampen down drain away shade sober darken deepen diffuse loosen chill address improve shave discourage pipe down restraint prune make weaker deter trammel intern dash stamp out fill surfeit phase out deflate rarefy vitiate offset enervate round down drop away sate mince run low become less temperate slim down make fewer cut back on resolve simmer down reconcile dispose tune down make up put a stop to ease up on hebetate desensitise desensitize keep down go easy content reassure cease make less strict make less formal crush rock to sleep quiet down take the edge balance attune meet halfway make lighter chasten harmonize make peace with impose peace upon butter up put down kiss and make up grease con clear the air with make peace smooth over restore harmony to bury the hatchet smooth someone's ruffled feathers pacificate cut in price lower in price extend lace sophisticate brighten set tone tune deduct undersell write down lower the price of make cheaper put on sale debase invalidate cure counteract disburden disencumber empty levitate take remove upraise uplight facilitate free jettison eradicate unload unburden punctuate succor succour disgrade demerit offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of write off subtract render worthless drive down liss interrupt inflect prevent aid break up assist thin out bring an end to bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring respite to bring aid take load off squelch amend fine-tune alter adapt harmonise tweak delay reduce weight put off throw out pour out drain conquer subjugate flag detain hinder soften up blur close trail abbreviate shrivel retrench sag axe lick rise above handicap discipline cut off choke off slack dry up ax amortise downgrade cast down stunt decelerate impede underrate amortize tighten understate humble go through the floor fade out hit the floor fade away trail off come to an end fizzle out go downhill hold up stall set back obstruct run down cow trivialize underestimate reclaim bust keep back mire lag retardate stay circumscribe whitewash underplay misprize fix bound cap deemphasize loiter postpone procrastinate embog choke reef get the better of deprecate specify demarcate get a grip on interfere with get less bind send up cool down inclose hang up keep within limits come down on put a ceiling on keep a tight rein on keep within bounds surround delimitate prelimit define bottle up set limits on become less intense shut in demark clip someone's wings put away pin down enclose slack off encircle hem in put on ice hold down chain impose limits on tether delimit minimalize back-water lose speed put the brakes on lose steam bog down keep waiting anchor it trivialise de-emphasize pooh-pooh brush off gloss over make little of hold cheap detract from sell short talk down make light brush aside shrug off hit the brakes let down flaps get in the way of


To keep from harm, or to ensure the safety of
protect defend guard keep safeguard secure shield harbour preserve save screen shelter avert fortify prevent bulwark care for chaperon cover fence fend forfend foster hedge house inoculate insulate look after mind support tend ward watch over assure conserve harbor keep from harm sentinel shade watch cover up for escort immunise immunize keep safe mount guard on stand guard on stick up for afford protection to cover up give refuge give sanctuary stand guard stand up for take care of cover all bases ride shotgun save from harm take under wing go to bat for take someone under your wing wrap conceal haven provide protection for keep from surround enclose hide chamber shotgun stonewall roof give shelter ward off give cover insure cover for provide safety take under one's wing take out insurance take out insurance cover maintain uphold garrison barricade police ensure stand guard over patrol oversee occupy man overlook alibi make invulnerable relieve preside over attend to give sanctuary to be in charge of give asylum to provide refuge provide with an alibi give shelter to keep an eye on provide a refuge for give an alibi to prohibit justify strengthen sustain halt salvage make safe stop retain reclaim arrest retrieve keep in good condition picket champion rescue make immune thwart intercept foil supply with troops cherish keep intact keep in repair rule guide make sound make impregnable nanny mother chaperone keep guard on be responsible for have charge of fight for keep a lookout over persevere with minister to guarantee indemnify tuck swathe cup enfold warrant underwrite oppose resist invest crown dress cap hold withstand manage cinch ice guaranty canopy clothe paper over reinforce hood overcast supervise run handle administrate superpose superimpose govern operate superintend control stave off put something on top of fend off beat off regulate direct steward place under cover place something over guard against register take in provide sanctuary repel danger be the defender of hold at bay till conduct attend see to keep tabs on confine immure separate pound bound impound intern coop up shut in pen restrict pen in corral kettle box in rail in encircle hem in shut up circumscribe coop close in wall in mew up hedge in lock in hold captive shut off separate off hem cage rail cut off mew mure wall keep under lock and key


To prevent or reduce the transfer of electricity, heat, or sound by surrounding or lining with a nonconducting material


To lie half-hidden or in shelter

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