Đồng nghĩa của narrow

Alternative for narrow

narrows, narrowed, narrowing, narrower, narrowest

Đồng nghĩa: close, confined, cramped, limited, meager, restricted, slender, tight,

Trái nghĩa: broad,

Tính từ

Of small width in relation to length
tight close limited restricted confined compact cramped confining constricted congested meagre squeezed choked circumscribed compressed incapacious pinched scanty small bounded defined definite determinate exiguous fine finite hairline jammed measured needlelike scant skinny slender slim spare sparse tapered tapering thin tiny ultrathin contracted incommodious meager narrowing near strait straitened fixed paltry pent shrunken taper threadlike narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim inadequate poky minimal uncomfortable negligible little packed light insufficient slight minute measly piddling pathetic set crowded enclosed demarcated delimited shut in poor deficient modest skimpy precise low scarce sparing stingy specific terminable exact tenuous hemmed in skimp hand-to-mouth beggarly miserable puny pitiful petty bare flimsy nominal mingy bound shabby thin on the ground slimline wedged checked suffocating stifling restricting miserly short polished jam-packed airless flexible long elongated boxy diminutive cell-like bijou oppressive stipulated shallow overcrowded definable remote minuscular marginal frail outside claustrophobic awkward overfull conditioned with no room to swing a cat faint off predictable predetermined not infinite matchbox two-by-four irregular reedy trivial subject to limitations fragile tucked up closed in trifling insignificant express determined jammed in explicit clear-cut established direct confirmed particular concrete clear black-and-white restrained grounded invalided bedfast detained hog-tied chilled indisposed kept compassed held iced sick narrowed cramp hampered curbed bedridden immured derisory sketchy cut-and-dried hard plain outright wretched sorry piffling thinning unimportant pitiable base picayune poxy minor inconsiderable worthless mean assigned convinced well defined prescribed too few too small too little not enough toytown niggling piddly footling pimping ungenerous inappreciable no-account inconsequential chicken peanut mere sealed up in jail bottled up on ice cooped up in chains flattened out locked up laid up rare shy wanting failing scrimpy clearly defined dinky twopenny-halfpenny nickel-and-dime in short supply trashy beyond doubt common shoddy sleazy de minimis ineffectual unconsequential Mickey Mouse few and far between barely sufficient insubstantial nugatory frivolous incidental small-fry superficial fiddling meaningless pointless foolish weak contemptible minuscule inferior of no account useless immaterial irrelevant feeble lean lightweight casual unproductive secondary futile of no consequence not worth mentioning minimum unsubstantial infinitesimal lesser token empty barren lacking valueless of little account reduced unsatisfactory ineffective profitless imperceptible vain of little importance silly nonessential unavailing of no importance few unprofitable small-time lousy pettifogging idle subordinate peripheral fruitless lame of little consequence second-rate subsidiary senseless not worth bothering about lamentable mediocre smaller at a premium hollow cheap two-bit lowly subtle nothing shoestring ordinary despicable bootless unsuccessful null junior lower trite hard to come by ignoble unessential low-ranking fractional sporadic inutile unnecessary minor-league second-string purposeless inane hard to find bush-league of no great concern penny-ante scattered ignorable frothy sad incomplete small-bore abortive unconvincing inept inessential counterproductive minus infrequent accessory sterile too little too late vague laughable not worth speaking of middling subnormal puerile inefficacious unfruitful occasional no-good non-essential implausible otiose to no avail diminished of no moment frugal nondescript unusable undistinguished humble bogus waste abandoned bereft unfinished scrimp dependent incommensurate tacky inconsequent purportless uncommon banal ridiculous chaffy humdrum scrubby incompetent insulting junky flighty time-wasting like gold dust unfructuous ludicrous failed imperfect not to be had preposterous not to be had for love nor money quibbling insipid no great shakes absurd outrageous risible below the mark half-baked of no value cavilling nit-picking perfunctory void to no effect tame unsound microscopic bitty mild depleted indifferent basic transparent stunted dwindling extraneous scratch destitute stinted subservient illogical pants caviling unpretentious abject drossy good-for-nothing ancillary woeful infertile second-class under defective plebeian wanky rubbishy cursory unreasonable younger subaltern no use everyday simple commonplace inglorious neither here nor there farcical incredible non-successful of minor importance faulty second-fiddle dispersed inefficient dry featherbrained fallacious unremarkable vapid unconsiderable drained smalltime of no merit thinly distributed basal partial not much cop third-string low-born impotent powerless less airy a dime a dozen straggling uncritical second-banana lower-class obscure in vain forceless withered next to none empty-headed seldom met with seldom seen no more than of no use spineless neutralized indecisive low in numbers unable to no purpose inoperative defeasible neutralised innocuous next to no unfrequent anticlimactic disappointing half-hearted ne'er-do-well dismal picky fussy symbolic little bitty smallish diddly finicky gentle potty lilliputian cockamamie cockamamy derisive comical impractical neglectable rinky-dink wispy penurious tinpot zero zilch zip irrational undemanding unsufficient peppercorn deplorable hairsplitting sophisticated unintellectual wet flat unqualified invalid parsimonious junk cut unreal motiveless jejune loitering idling just only unreasoning aimless uncelebrated diffuse crummy incapable unample devoid unfitted beside the point dead very suspect featherweight imponderous fatuous flippant unhelpful needed hardly any patchy rudimentary run-down nonrational truncated threatened shortened seldom semioccasional unavailable emasculate slack-spined no go no way not effective not hacking it coming up short not making it phony short of out of shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable of little import no big deal no big thing at a low level little or no not much casuistic captious equivocating sophistical thankless unrewarding absolute illegitimate hardly worth mentioning without depth unusual least smallest littlest slightest unsalable of no earthly use nanoscopic menial proletarian in the minority seldom found widely spaced out of the ordinary lowest missing minutest tiniest fewest merest unassuming impalpable indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible phoney baseborn underprivileged baulked misfired thwarted glib simplistic auxiliary unrefined severe unwashed rough frustrated foiled light-headed harebrained light-minded ditzy giddy lightheaded goofy scatterbrained ditsy dizzy birdbrained yeasty demeaning degrading low-grade bottom supplementary intangible momentary ephemeral indiscernible invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct evanescent inconspicuous just a vulgar lowborn prole no better than only a no-win misleading hopeless unnotable not a prayer without success on a treadmill delusive in vicious circle going nowhere shuck delusory balked schematic inconceivable ungrounded false unpersuasive baseless groundless controvertible assailable wishful weakly unbelievable frilly lacking substance uncouth lumpen very little unfit working-class smallest amount of of low birth plebby low-life of low rank sordid least possible slighter poorer ignominious servile lower-ranking low on short-handed short on facile surface ignorant oversimplified additional extra attendant lighthearted lower in status undersized subjacent lower in rank tributary collateral satellite contributory outranked sub adjuvant hasty unthinking skin-deep unintelligent wishy-washy unscholarly one-dimensional hurried desultory hamstrung inexpedient feckless unexceptional entry-level bottom-rung back seat less important beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important not so important scarcer than hen's teeth slapdash passing average null and void invertebrate typical unconsidered mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian unexciting uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy vanilla normal unimpressive nodding slipshod offhand rapid rushed of no benefit prosaic uneventful uninspired rubbish workaday fleeting inattentive quick characterless whatever two a penny a dead loss insincere surface-level depthless flash summary feigning dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans

Tính từ

Not open to the views or opinions of others
narrow-minded small-minded illiberal insular intolerant prejudiced bigoted reactionary dogmatic hidebound localist small-town blinkered close-minded diehard dyed-in-the-wool inflexible inward-looking myopic petty-minded provincial sectarian short-sighted entrenched limited partisan petty restricted rigid discriminatory moralistic priggish prim prudish puritanical starchy strait-laced stuffy blimpish picayune prissy puritan chauvinist chauvinistic claustral Lilliputian borné inexorable jerkwater obdurate shockable small parish-pump parochial biased little conservative conventional partial local sectional regional one-sided confined racist fanatical racialist set xenophobic opinionated jaundiced selfish uncharitable unfair closed-minded uncompromising mean sexist localized ungenerous unsophisticated localised unimaginative parti pris unadventurous factional contained district exclusive town civic parish geographical divisional bounded territorial vernacular neighborhood ultra-conservative warped grudging unjust fundamentalist neighbourhood doctrinaire stingy anti-gay homophobic anti-Semitic heterosexist individualistic circumscribed distorted extreme introverted shallow hick constricted lopsided one-eyed nationalistic short-term improvident pigheaded unenlarged closed suburban twisted contracted secluded sequestered separated clannish cliquish uninformed self-centred set in one's ways schismatic shabby spiteful upcountry corn-fed jingoistic obstinate extremist fanatic denominational homespun rude unpolished outmoded pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable cheap self-centered slanted mean-minded lacking foresight delimited particular specific contemptible malicious mean-spirited resentful vindictive inequitable religious sceptical nonconforming skeptical dissident nonconformist splinter constrained non-objective loaded weighted unobjective influenced coloured unsympathetic ageist disablist conditioned unforgiving dictatorial separate divided prepossessed classist fattist inclined blind presupposing predisposed intransigent leaning colored preconceived personal private special group individual irritable unwilling outraged short-fuse antipathetic indignant unindulgent snappy irate averse upset worked-up waspish contemptuous unforbearing hateful fractious disdainful tilted separatist national party class racial traditional orthodox unprogressive ultraconservative brassbound paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid archconservative mossbacked strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian party political close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical proscriptive greedy antiliberal penny-pinching intractable legendary old-school old-fashioned old-line buttoned-down button-down die-hard set in your ways hard-line set in one's opinions fixed in one's views right traditionalist fogyish Tory firm rightist bourgeois stable conformist unchanging timid sober quiet guarded uncreative controlled steady redneck undaring unchangeable constant fearful right-wing middle-of-the-road fuddy-duddy old line old guard white bread holding to not extreme hard hat right of center in a rut obscurantist established backward-looking philistine accepted common ordinary retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary outdated deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted convinced immovable unreconstructed cautious moderate prudent unenterprising safe careful temperate boring counter-revolutionary Birchite ethnocentric purist middle-class medieval prehistoric unreceptive mediaeval unreasonable stick in the mud property-owning commonplace materialistic shopkeeping propertied Pooterish predictable Victorian staid past old ancient former folk from the past old-world historical familial prior ancestral out-of-date historic family long-established lineal bygone old-style oral of yore unwritten handed-down received approved popular recognized mainstream correct proper normal regular official authoritative usual customary prevailing doctrinal standard authorized prevalent canonical unoriginal familiar acknowledged unheretical routine derivative well established well-established kosher sanctioned straight admitted recognised pious punctilious legitimate rightful sound square authorised bien pensant straight arrow in line according to the book by the numbers

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to the Puritans, or to their doctrines and practice
puritanical prim prudish puritan severe ascetic Victorian austere forbidding moralistic narrow-minded pietistic proper stiff strait-laced stuffy bigoted disapproving fanatical schoolmarmish starchy tight-laced bluenosed censorious hair-shirt nice-nelly old-maidish priggish prissy rigid schoolmistressy sententious spartan straightlaced straitlaced strict abstemious abstinent conforming goody-goody Grundyish moral stern niminy-piminy conventional square uptight prim and proper mimsy governessy Pecksniffian formal staid old-fashioned conservative smug fuddy-duddy pompous stilted stick-in-the-mud of the old school genteel self-righteous holier-than-thou sanctimonious shockable pedantic Pharisaic overmodest squeamish old-maid overnice demure overscrupulous overexact simpering precise mincing scrupulous offish affected fastidious rigorous finicky pretentious illiberal artificial hypocritical complacent vain self-satisfied reserved sober impersonal sedate fogeyish deadly musty conformist humourless straight fusty old-fogeyish smoky foetid supercilious self-important hot bloated humorless as dry as dust smelly magisterial important warm fetid arrogant puffy nice fussy particular traditional pernickety punctilious orthodox upright ceremonious correct decorous bourgeois polite honourable high-minded delicate honorable overparticular buttoned-down po-faced choosy square-toed ceremonial meticulous nit-picking stodgy respectable solemn straight-laced virtuous refined exacting traditionalist button-down comme il faut unadventurous Pooterish precious goody-two-shoes unhip unrelaxed pious timid mannered starched pi timorous niggly god-fearing unctuous PC stiff-necked mainstream socially acceptable epicene namby-pamby uncool overcautious prude doctrinal Biedermeier dogmatic small-town suburban parochial bien pensant conscientious principled politically correct goody two-shoes upstanding old-womanish righteous ethical right-minded discriminating seemly picky decent blue-nose cleanly good dapper stickling spic-and-span snobbish spruce wooden dignified dainty demanding becoming befitting out of date out of the ark boring out-of-date diehard dated behind the times discerning sensitive critical gentlemanly inflexible fine didactic ladylike hypercritical perceptive finical faddy fussbudgety pure faddish persnickety nitpicking overdelicate finicking hard to please difficult to please sharp choosey perfectionist keen over-particular impossible to please acute careful selective nit-picky fit right restrained moralizing moderate Spartan continent economical refraining temperate self-denying self-abnegating self-sacrificing frugal simple self-restrained non-indulgent celibate self-disciplined suitable modest mannerly fitting in line by the book meet comely de rigueur by the numbers done courteous well-mannered homiletic preachy sermonic homiletical serious moralising

Tính từ

(of something abstract) Perceived only with attention to detail or subtlety

Tính từ

Technical or literal

Tính từ

(of objects or things) Of a size that is less than normal

Động từ

To become or make less wide
constrict contract diminish taper choke compact compress condense cramp reduce restrict shrink strangle circumscribe clench collapse confine constringe decrease focus limit pinch restrain straiten strangulate tauten tense tighten astringe tuck get smaller make narrower make smaller become narrower become smaller draw in get narrower get thinner narrow down draw together squeeze capsulize capsule telescope shorten gather purse pucker thin close attenuate become narrow become tighter screw up squash concentrate become thin become thinner alter lessen dwindle flex constrain control take in make tighter grow smaller lose weight slim down slenderize fine make thin make thinner wrinkle knit brace strengthen squinch harden become pinched corrugate crease crush press become tight wedge cram pack stuff flatten tamp rumple crinkle crumple furrow jam wad crowd scrunch squidge coarctate coarct thin out syncopate boil down bind ram densen consolidate dehydrate wrap force into space shrivel make brief densify pack together coagulate scrunch up come to a point force push thrust mash pound stick fill press down trample roll sandwich squish shoehorn ball pulverize jam-pack load solidify shove heap brim grasp set pulverise tamp down pulp grip round grind nip agglomerate level hammer charge clamp mangle pile stiffen overfill firm tap tread fill to overflowing tweak mill macerate clutch stamp drive plunge smash pack down curtail bang catch scrimp depress clasp triturate grab beat screw clog thumb smush hold pack in pack it in cling to clinch stamp on push down weigh on trample down hold down weigh upon fill up bear down on concertina sink congest dig squelch overcrowd press together pack into mass roll over bulldoze drive over demolish insert integrate combine crash lower drum mold form mould stamp flat drive into put place sardine pack closely stive firm up ram down cram down downbear smoosh express pack tightly bung up ram in thrust in drive in cram full top off splat plaster move downward exert pressure on seize tramp wear tread on hold tightly lay hands on trample on double up steamroller pack 'em in hang on to fasten one's hand on grapple stow twinge snag fix fasten iron out even out smooth off pad line secure overstuff upholster wring clog up load with choke up wither enclasp pinion pin deflate wane decline subside recede abate ebb knead fill to the brim crumble crunch comminute pestle evaporate weaken waste hitch moor anchor tack move bray powder attach bolt clip pin down mull atomize splinter shatter disintegrate hold tight bear heavily force down bear down lean on make fast levigate powderize fall off fall away lose ground grow less kibble break bruise contuse contriturate total break up

Động từ

Become or make smaller in size or amount
shrink lessen decrease diminish dwindle contract decline shorten wither condense deflate grow reduce shrivel abate de-escalate drop off ease ebb fall grow smaller lower moderate pall recede relent remit slim subside taper wane wrinkle become smaller downsize fall off get smaller disappear drain away drop fail fall away let up minimise minimize phase down ratchet down taper off telescope waste weaken dry up fall short waste away die away die down die out pare down truncate cut curtail cut down slash cut back trim compress abridge prune concentrate clip downscale limit abbreviate constrict chop slim down temper deplete dent knock down tone down crop wind down summarize cut short abstract pare shave curb synopsize round down whittle down outline restrict digest sum up blunt mitigate check erode epitomize relax alleviate attenuate depress lighten make smaller summarise epitomise dilute make less impair dial down put in a nutshell shrivel up squeeze make fewer turn down cut down on cut back on retrench undermine sap ration disempower decrement foreshorten consolidate encapsulate quell minify restrain make weaker couch subdue stifle boil down skim summate recap make cutbacks in take down trim down trim back scale down mark down damp down ease off roll back step down bring down tail off syncopate dock edit elide precis sketch run through run down get to meat give main points compile précis lop lop off snip shear cut off give a summary of give an abstract of blue pencil tighten give a precis of give an outline of give a digest of put in nutshell give a synopsis of allay palliate deaden assuage dull dampen soften discount mollify degrade tame take the edge off

Động từ

To confine or keep within certain limits
restrict limit confine regulate circumscribe bound cap contain control fix hamper moderate curb demarcate ration specify bind chain constrain constrict contract decrease define delimit delimitate demark diminish encircle enclose hold down inclose inhibit modify prelimit qualify reduce repress restrain shorten shrink surround temper tether impose limits on set limits on bottle up clip someone's wings cool down cut down on hang up hold back keep under control keep within bounds pin down put away send up shut in come down on hem in keep within limits put on ice put a ceiling on keep a tight rein on concentrate isolate localize center centre focus localise pinpoint stop from spreading check suppress hinder bridle hold keep in check impede stifle tame smother trammel stop straiten subdue hold in measure govern prevent rein in keep cork cool gag pull in keep back keep the lid on keep down cramp peg terminate monitor quell fetter set obstruct rein rule strangle muffle kill delineate squelch choke back simmer down crack down compose mark out shut down handicap calm stamp out arrest imprison corner interfere with collect intern quash bar freeze squash jail curtail still retard quiet coop up tie down detain modulate lock up crack down on muzzle gaol close in put the brakes on mark off establish put an end to keep an eye on clamp down on adjust keep lid on hamstring settle hobble damp down soothe silence guide direct immure keep in line tie swallow deaden quelch hold in check set the limits clamp down box up mitigate keep a lid on sink pocket submerge girdle extinguish incarcerate deter impound put a brake on withhold quench overpower hog-tie shush slow down put an stop to choke cool off not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put half nelson on tone down fight back button up bite back take tough action stymie halt determine set a limit on put a stop to come down hard on ease mark encumber slow relieve zero in center on fix on environ encompass bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself cover up trap collar keep secret entrap left out mothball immobilize immobilise thwart describe clarify censor gain mastery over gain control over outline discipline frustrate baulk shackle entrammel nail down put a limit on hold up conceal box in cut back suffocate ban lock in deny concuss fence in deprive shotgun disallow necessitate balk bring to screeching halt keep tight rein on tie up stem the flow of hide accost snuff dry up hush dummy up ice quieten shut up tongue-tie manage dampen cork up shower oppress put out bite one's lip hush up shroud heap cramp someone's style leash bit harness administer confront waylay prescribe overlook methodize debar adapt organize systematize stay stem rein back hogtie allocate reconcile narrow down centre on keep in police administrate legislate crush sit on pull back stake out place a limit on pacify allay bring under control coordinate standardize palliate destroy have on a tight leash supervise mince mellow damp soften relax break draw the line on re-collect master temperate balance superintend mute oversee steward preside over garrote garrotte rally tranquilize inspect lull recover play down cool out meet halfway soft-pedal keep tabs on systematise standardise pace organise get tough on tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks get tough take severe measures against come down heavily on take stern measures against commit jug budget conserve tranquillize hold prisoner put in prison send to prison save take into custody send down hold captive book bastille slough railroad put into detention clap in irons put inside put in chains send up the river throw in jail bang up keep under lock and key throw book at take away put behind bars put under lock and key limit to a fixed amount restrict the consumption of

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