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Alternative for shush

  • interj
  • im lặng! im đi!
  • ngoại động từ
    • bảo ai im lặng


To keep quiet
quiet silence quieten hush still quell mute squelch settle extinguish dumb muffle stifle gag muzzle subdue deaden dull suppress lull quash clam overawe dampen shut up soft-pedal tongue-tie clam up hush-hush pipe down quiet down cut off sit on dummy up choke off close up cut short say nothing dry up cool it strike dumb hold one's tongue hush one's mouth decrease the volume keep it down quieten down soften tone down fall silent shut it stop talking smother put a sock in it mask censor hush up turn down be quiet be silent button it reduce drown make quiet drown out choke throttle bottle up keep quiet belt up burke make inaudible modulate make quieter suppress the speech of lower decrease volume hush down damp down can it hold tongue quit chattering curb restrain keep trap shut break off grow silent shut one's mouth wrap up save it shut one's trap shut one's face cut the cackle become quiet button one's lip check keep the lid on no-platform put the lid on seal somebody's lips put a gag on prohibit from speaking inhibit fetter clamp down on trammel crack down on stop restrict ice cork squash repress prevent shut down allay assuage lessen mitigate cool quench blunt moderate relieve alleviate appease decrease abate overcome diminish mollify damp sate palliate temper calm contain relax slake take the edge off attenuate lighten bridle satisfy satiate gratify soothe hold back keep in check put a lid on keep back ease chill slack compose refresh crumble loose relaxed disintegrate discourage crush deter tranquilize cauterize limit benumb numb dash blanket resolve kill stamp out fix arrest put a damper on cloud throw cold water on cauterise halt pour cold water on control subjugate dispel banish put down tranquillize snuff out rectify remedy extenuate rise above put an end to put a stop to mend mellow heal slap down cure smooth keep down sort out iron out patch up put to rights


To attempt to persuade without being obvious about it, by understating a position so the listener takes the good points as obvious
soft-pedal de-emphasize downplay play down minimise minimize moderate underemphasize underplay understate blue-pencil euphemize hush-hush mitigate palliate subdue gloss over tone down go easy make light of make little of make nothing of shrug off set little store by set no store by put on the soft pedal diminish underrate soften lessen devalue belittle underestimate trivialize undervalue talk down reduce deemphasize trivialise restrain whitewash brush aside deprecate weaken downgrade pooh-pooh minify misprize modulate decry detract from derogate temper sell short discount extenuate cheapen hold cheap mute disparage slight hold back sneer at think little of scoff at play something down minimalize brush off make light qualify dilute dim dampen discredit denigrate sober cloud shade darken deepen chill out depreciate defame vilipend knock think nothing of lower backbite take away from laugh at detract devaluate decrease subtract from write off blister cut rate undermine disesteem withdraw attach little importance to give little weight to give a lower profile rationalize belie rate too low smooth over justify brush something under the carpet gloze over sugarcoat rationalise explain away gloss varnish not do justice to do an injustice to dismiss undersell underrepresent underprice put down degrade deride malign demean scorn treat lightly vilify slur laugh off criticize trash marginalize smear be wrong about dispraise marginalise criticise think too little of cry down dump on take down a peg slough off treat as unimportant misjudge disregard underprize despise look down on fail to appreciate set too little store by miscalculate deflate miscarry not do justice ridicule mock rubbish run down abuse revile bad-mouth censure condemn slate slam pour scorn on trash-talk diss dis pan poor-mouth cast aspersions on asperse bash rip scorch squelch do down roast squash pull apart take to pieces slag off kiss off hit out at pick holes in drag through the mud take a swipe at shoot down tear down do a hatchet job on take down shoot full of holes poor mouth sour grapes cut down to size have a go at cut to the quick pooh pooh


Forcibly put an end to
suppress subdue crush quell conquer quash stop overpower extinguish repress squash check defeat stamp out overthrow put down vanquish cow discontinue end inhibit quench silence squelch arrest clamp down on crack down on halt terminate triumph over abolish annihilate bottle bury clamp destroy dominate interrupt kill overcome overturn overwhelm put out slap down snuff out spike stem trample drive underground trample on block out cut off hold down hold in keep in keep inside put an end to sit on beat down bring to naught put kibosh on put lid on put the lid on stifle curb deaden restrain dampen reduce lessen smother control dull diminish thwart soften put a stop to moderate still muffle mitigate nip in the bud decrease tone down mute quieten allay blunt temper frustrate put the kibosh on assuage abate alleviate hold back tranquilize quiet damp get rid of contain bridle cushion prevent soothe damp down lower ease subjugate tranquillize restrict obstruct block mollify calm beat finish muzzle oppress weaken take the edge off regulate limit hinder relieve scotch cool hush clobber impede gag settle wipe out discipline numb retard constrain demolish extirpate depress palliate benumb shut down lull curtail lighten slow choke put paid to close eliminate bar shut up choke off bring to an end hamper censor pipe down lick dummy up rout paralyse mellow paralyze blanket clog appease keep in check absorb mask attenuate stay stymie stall rein in put a lid on occlude pacify drown throttle do for jam dam order placate soft-pedal tongue-tie congest put a damper on stuff close up put the stopper on stop up fill get the better of regiment decrease the volume clog up hold up throw cold water on bung up govern compose pour cold water on say nothing plug up hold one's tongue master impair withhold devitalize deny foil weed out hold eradicate discourage keep incapacitate stun unnerve bring to a stop break stupefy cauterize stultify humble abase bring to a halt tame buffer dumb queer upset control strictly gentle anaesthetize bolster circumvent bring to a standstill ice scupper deter plug clam cauterise ruin keep back anesthetize buttress dash intercept freeze counter baulk bottle up put damper on barricade crack down snow under catch get a grip on bear down on clot keep it down bung block up blockade fill up relax balk interfere with dry up get under control take the sting out cut short pull up gain mastery over stopper clam up hush-hush quiet down strike dumb hush one's mouth rein gum up turn down keep under control come down hard on chill sate scrunch trash squish dismiss reject censure stamp something out desensitize slake torpedo fetter best surmount dish trammel cork confine pillow dispatch cloud debrief overawe clamp down sedate brake delay prevail over chasten cool it dispel banish put an stop to bring to screeching halt modify dilute help satisfy daze narcotize obtund torpefy drug run down call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude hush up rise above lenify chill out calm down settle down dampen down insulate pad seclude guard win against surfeit sweeten suspend punish dispirit sap gain control over desensitise render insensitive dullen gain control of reduce the effect of tread trouble ail dishearten demoralize deject dismay make nice keep down bring to a close soak up pour oil on salve becalm lullaby mortify fix scrub sidetrack draw up drop brace bring up can fetch up shake sadden daunt enervate constrict measure slow down rule detain retain waive tread on obturate knock off put a brake on perturb chagrin bother weary distress debilitate wreck prostrate overmaster floor devastate swamp whelm obliterate cease stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet gunge up wring silt up noose quelch strangle weigh down demoralise bum out cast down refuse hold off on lay off keep hold of dim exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive consume tire dope resolve adjust let up simmer down slacken modulate comfort reconcile dispose console tune down balm solace ease up make up grind down cast a pall over staunch reclaim bust put on hold refuse to pay put on back burner put on ice put on the shelf blow away force down bring someone to their knees blot out pull in knock out lay out keep the lid on seal caulk water down put to sleep keep a lid on close out depreciate cut quieten down put out of order hold in check close off choke up stanch pack jam up shut off hold off neutralize forestall minimize make quiet ebb contravene obviate debar scuttle snooker invalidate derail minimise block off shut out stonewall discomfit repel nullify confound baffle de-escalate repulse undo spoil parry outwit rattle nobble checkmate manipulate manage organize systematize take the bite out ease off wind down blank neutralise counterplot disappoint cross make less intense methodize put a spoke in someone's wheel mess up take wind out of sails foul up cause setback screw up put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on upset one's apple cart louse up bring into line rule with a rod of iron keep a tight rein on systematise organise

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