Đồng nghĩa của quench

Alternative for quench

quenches, quenched, quenching

Đồng nghĩa: extinguish, put out, quell, squelch, stifle, stop, suppress,


To satisfy or fulfill, especially thirst
satisfy slake sate satiate fulfill fulfil gratify indulge meet appease content glut gorge fill feed assuage humor humour accommodate cater to pander to provide for surfeit cloy serve please fully satisfy gladden entertain comply with give in to relieve pacify fawn on take the edge off indulge to the full nauseate overfill stuff jade cater yield to favour favor pander overfeed sicken go along with go along give way to give in pall saturate overdose overindulge fill up feed to gills suit pleasure delight cheer comfort oblige exhilarate flatter feast warm elate amuse enliven gas satisfice enthrall glad enthral refresh animate capture rejoice captivate sell agree with make content tickle pink make happy give pleasure to buck up hit the spot make merry brighten up make someone feel good fill the bill do the trick give someone a kick give a buzz pamper spoil coddle regale thrill baby divert tickle cosset charm mollycoddle enchant treat cheer up delectate enrapture bow to fascinate dandle nurse feather-bed excite dote on make a fuss of pet bewitch titillate cocker benefit abet beguile appeal to wet-nurse spoon-feed overparent give someone pleasure wait on hand and foot wrap in cotton wool mollify placate soothe cram help weary hearten uplift entrance arride sustain suffice enamor allure attract honour reward honor facilitate absorb cuddle foster solace disport cherish caress nanny get one's kicks turn on cater for pique warm the cockles of the heart buoy up bring joy to give a lift go over big cater to your every whim do a kindness spoil rotten grab knock dead show consideration do someone's heart good take care of make much of do right by smile upon treat well show beneficence put yourself out for silence quieten still brighten disgust adapt to outfit reconcile revitalize overprotect revitalise recompense requite bloat nursemaid be a slave to fuss over wrap up in cotton wool minister to overeat eat warm the cockles of someone's heart kill with kindness be soft on make a fuss over overjoy make a hit do one proud wow tailer oneself to ravish send fondle groove be too much stall stodge yield bowl over please greatly tickle to death be the ticket make a hit with spare the rod be agreeable to interest fracture laugh it up treat to have a get-together party toss a party give a party nurture occupy mesmerize intrigue make somebody's day make someone glad make someone pleased distract convulse scratch prickle brush pat kittle irritate itch vellicate tingle touch transfix magnetize hook grip infatuate tantalize spellbind involve engross engage make laugh preoccupy recreate immerse hypnotize dazzle lure win over carry away seduce assist aid ecstasize slay inspire hold the attention of relax crack up stimulate inspirit tickle your fancy take put under a spell tantalise hypnotise magnetise mesmerise wile support nourish convenience supply victual cooperate with allow for meet the needs of meet the wants of do someone a favour be of service to lend a helping hand to lend a hand to do a good turn to give a leg up to find ways to help submit to bend over backwards for do someone a service fit in with defer to do someone a good turn provision board fatten prepare food for cook for make a meal for provide food for stock dish out provide with food give food to


To relieve or alleviate (a demand, desire or feeling)
relieve dull blunt reduce diminish lessen allay assuage deaden mitigate quell check sate damp still alleviate decrease slake attenuate lighten lower stifle cool smother overcome suppress extinguish curb take the edge off moderate appease satisfy abate subdue temper satiate tone down gratify muffle restrain soothe calm ease mollify palliate relax quieten compose soften lull help dampen dilute quiet modify pacify sweeten pour oil on take the sting out indulge fulfil fulfill keep in check kill lenify tranquilize fill tranquillize surfeit put an end to make nice put a stop to strangle slack refresh crumble loose relaxed disintegrate smooth weaken choke back contain withhold hold back fight back chill control discourage slacken ameliorate mute deter damp down placate address improve extenuate silence inhibit cauterize limit benumb numb dash blanket hold in gulp keep back stamp out soft-pedal take the bite out put a damper on cloud throw cold water on cauterise pour cold water on bottle up cushion cure settle heal de-escalate dwindle ebb salve taper remedy wane comfort make better subside drop remit shrink ease off decline treat minimize curtail taper off drop off fall minimise cut recede relent deplete wind down depress downscale impair doctor pall let up downsize die down die out repress slow phase down fall away ratchet down drain away mend die away defuse qualify balm rehabilitate peter out cut down ease up tail off calm down dispel nurse mellow rachet down resolve counteract stabilize succor stabilise contract degrade console fix dent solace erode restore medicate lullaby succour decrement becalm slash reassure make less dial down rehab scale down cut back settle down cool off roll back upraise attend to paralyse depreciate loosen banish cheer stop destroy anaesthetize fade rectify narrow quash aid eliminate paralyze anesthetize quieten down knock down modulate thin make smaller pad trim cripple support cease gentle remove unburden sink adjust commute assure pare cool out quiet down get rid of smooth over minify let up on better couch clip untrouble set right condole with pare down take a load off sort out make well bring down make cutbacks in take down trim back trim down mark down chill out step down treat successfully make whole buck up restore to health put to rights minister to make healthy take the sting out of detract from steady shorten mask take the edge off sth attend ration spare put at rest nourish wear away wear down diffuse hush dismiss dissipate dulcify shave excuse release euphemize iron out meliorate disempower drive away chase away put to rest square drive off sap conciliate reduce the force of fix up patch up make weaker shut down give solace to round down whittle down slack off propitiate disarm take sting out patch things up set up restore to normality ease up on admix play up to stroke slacken off ally water down reduce punishment transmogrify switch revamp descend terminate hebetate desensitise disable desensitize undermine obtund enfeeble debilitate embroider embellish rock to sleep lay back melt slip smooth down make less strict make less formal mince squelch take it easy take the edge put a lid on buffer fine tune make reasonable melt away tame discount prune subjugate make agreeable break monkey around with take the bite out of fall down absorb truncate abridge rise above come to a stop come to an end level off cut off choke off brighten dress up insulate buttress bolster seclude guard lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of make lighter demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover neutralize demilitarize amend axe punctuate vary cleanse liss interrupt dry up ax devaluate amortise downgrade slow down cast down reduce the effect of dose prevent break up assist amortize tighten disburden disencumber empty levitate take uplight change facilitate shift free jettison eradicate unload run down bring respite to make less painful bring an end to smooth out clear the air take the heat take load off make less intense put damper on incapacitate dim stun exhaust frustrate etherize chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure freeze retard gas deprive consume tire dope put the lid on solve reduce weight put off throw out pour out make something bearable correct drop away grow less encourage bring aid knock out lay out bring aid to right repair gladden pity put to sleep end hearten fortify put out of order commiserate with sympathize with cheer up give condolences to inspirit animate lift express sympathy to show compassion to express sympathy show fellow feeling to express sympathy for get to the bottom of do away with put right be the answer to set to rights be the solution to straighten out deal with


To extinguish a flame or fire
extinguish douse dowse smother stifle blanket choke quell put out dampen down snuff out suppress repress stamp out quash check curb destroy squelch subdue crush squash snuff abolish annihilate end kill put an end to overcome terminate put down crack down on defeat blow out restrain stop silence overpower hold back get rid of wipe out put a stop to nip in the bud beat out put the kibosh on beat frustrate thwart finish conquer demolish extirpate eradicate eliminate rout clobber contain swallow muffle overwhelm sink submerge pocket slap down clamp down on choke back bottle up hold in keep in check keep back dout out inhibit dampen stub out suffocate overthrow trample drown deaden gag vanquish restrict strangle control damp down blot out scotch shush weed out cork up sit on put the lid on fight back blow something out extinguish fire bridle scrunch trash squish detect crack down snow under turn out exterminate expunge put a lid on banish remove conceal withhold hide keep the lid on bite back compose shower shroud oppress cool cork bite one's lip rein collect simmer down heap button up hush up hamper hinder impede discontinue cow gulp back constrain prevent halt arrest triumph over clamp bottle dominate spike interrupt overturn bury stem interfere with drive underground trample on turn off switch off put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught hold down cut off keep inside block out beat down keep in mute quelch garrotte garrote put an stop to queer subjugate shut down obliterate cancel erase liquidate efface root out rub out black out sweep away clean up do away with delete zap take out axe ax excise raze decimate annul nullify waste scrub abate nix cross out blank out finish off invalidate abrogate total dispatch strike out blue pencil do in torpedo void dissolve repeal revoke rescind devastate wreck smash scrap disannul negate undo limit slaughter blue-pencil score out massacre cut ink out wipe from the face of the earth wash out put paid to cancel out wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth off knock off bring to an end cut out ruin discard vacate vitiate desolate withdraw retract repudiate countermand avoid null strike down roll back set aside give the chop dele scratch out trim scratch blow away X-out put a line through gut edit shoot down uproot ditch drop shatter pulverize dispense with vaporize nuke wrack call off cream reverse knock something on the head censor bowdlerize purge butcher slay knock out declare null and void obviate dismiss tear down elide KO strike neutralise curtail renege vaporise cast aside render null and void cover exsect dismantle ice gain mastery over pull down abort neutralize remove all traces of throttle recall edit out bowdlerise X out white out pulverise launder render invalid wipe break off censure kayo forget clamp down bring to screeching halt reject gain control over pour cold water on rein in throw cold water on obstruct put out of your mind block cast out phase out drive out get shot of stymie expurgate benothing wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high level mark out obscure ravage destroy root and branch take apart rub off master cut short strangle at birth cover up shade make dark obfuscate darken pass out batten keel over eclipse amputate exscind scissor out cut up lop off cross through slash lick smooth away erode cover over wear away fade rub away disclaim override declare invalid cry off make void backpedal back out of discharge disown exclude x out take back deny overrule black call abandon renounce recant stroke out lift abjure call back counterorder omit forswear force down grind down reduce bring someone to their knees break prostrate bear down on overmaster floor swamp whelm tame best put the stopper on regulate bring to a halt do for bring to a stop keep under control come down hard on surmount prevail over gain control of get the better of get a grip on win against veto countervail renig rebut counterbalance compensate forget it nig call all bets off confine offset counteract send to the gas chambers give someone the works ethnically cleanse murder send to kingdom come put to death terminate with extreme prejudice scrag top mow down end the life of bump off execute take the life of stiff polish off whack assassinate put to the sword cut down blow someone's brains out do to death croak smoke redact wipe off blank blot scrape off junk shed jettison throw out subvert chop dump deracinate supersede disestablish prohibit close down

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