Đồng nghĩa của clobber

Alternative for clobber

clobber /'klɔbə/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (từ lóng) đánh liên tục, đánh trúng liên tục, đánh bại hoàn toàn


To hit (someone) hard
hit punch strike thump slam slap smack bang beat hammer pound thrash bash batter cuff drub knock smash swat wallop belabor belabour belt biff bop clip clout hook pummelled pummel sock welt whack whip cane flog sucker-punch swipe lick slug bust crown tan whale deck dot floor lam rain blows on smite whomp bat bludgeon bob boff bonk box clap clock crack dong give someone a beating give someone a drubbing king-hit lay into nail paste quilt rap slog slosh tag thwack welly zap baste birch buffet give someone a good beating lace into lay one on pitch into swinge blast give someone a good drubbing give someone a hiding lambaste stick one on give someone a good hiding let someone have it beat the living daylights out of knock into the middle of next week pelt lash club whop rough up lather cudgel switch hide work over paddle lace maul whap whup thresh slate pommel lambast tromp fib curry assault bung up mess up punch out spank attack chin do tonk thud tap knock around pop light into blow beat up plug bump do over knock about jab skelp wham flail larrup chop ding break bruise maltreat ram beat up on punish let have it crash thrust drive abuse strap mug KO fill in flagellate mash trounce have a go at aim blows at pat forge draw sail into impel jump scud weigh into hit hard blip get stuck into cosh tear into lob give someone a hot bottom assail clump zonk catch drum flax duff someone up crush leather chastise hack poke kick in spike stroke haymaker fillip afflict duke bombard bam bushwhack thump on knock on defeat bear down injure hurt chip impair flay hang one on hit repeatedly mistreat fell roughhouse manhandle flatten level total wound set upon set about take out plant one impact impinge collide beat someone up scourge horsewhip put someone over one's knee make someone feel the back of one's hand swing trash uppercut contact conk kick stone pellet percuss brain dab blitz whang pick stripe plump stinger rain blows upon fustigate hit for six lash out land a punch cowhide rawhide slash blackjack let one have it sock it to someone box somebody's ears knock out ride roughshod let fly revile blister lay a finger on wipe slipper wreck deface mutilate brutalize mangle lacerate disable disfigure maim contuse brutalise cripple lame fall upon strike with a stick beat with a stick give a black eye dash against hit out malleate bump into connect with crash into box someone's ears physically attack swing at hit out at lash out at slap around come down on go for jump down one's throat pounce upon haul off on set on trim put over one's knee give someone a licking put someone over your knee whip someone's hide tan one's hide give somebody a hiding warm someone's bottom harm ill-treat let fly at turn on mishandle bully fall on persecute misuse molest ill-use kick around mess over round on treat badly pounce on handle roughly fly at damage castigate harass wax stab flap flutter oppress duff up torture treat roughly discipline push bullwhip penalize quirt terrorize thong strike out at wrong terrorise penalise dash thrash about victimize victimise flop take a strap to sic shake up aggress sick beset windmill besiege ferule jump on shove handle dig mar correct chasten descend on descend upon torment tan someone's hide go in on mark assault physically punish severely strike at ruin outrage lean on lunge jolt bash up tip butt slam into cut up give someone the works get at push around bang up jerk shake whisk knob finial saddlebow yerk charge storm raid rush wear out berate set at go at paddlewhack pitch give a hiding whirl strike out flail around prod break face sink dust someone's britches warm someone's seat take care of wave nudge plunge ambush beat to a pulp neglect put in the hospital overwhelm bean boot scorch excoriate scathe send backbite rip bother pull interfere with be violent toward beat the living daylights out of someone screw dump on do wrong give the shaft give black eye cook crucify martyr jostle hustle elbow invade run propel chop down paw give the cat o'nine tails knock cold battle peck lay about jackhammer stick inflict suffering on martyrize impale grill inflict pain on put on the rack be hurled pervert misapply misemploy profane prostitute roust palpate exploit knock block off turn to violence lay siege to twack desecrate corrupt bundle knock for a loop mismanage misappropriate slap lightly hit lightly strike lightly flap about beat about move erratically fire at go through run through blacken discolour spoil brand disfeature hassle needle hound pulverize do a number on zing make black and blue black pulverise discolor traumatize blemish immolate use demonize demonise bang into clash run into score traumatise scratch affect cut scar pinch scrape flaw stack the deck have a down on be down on have it in for make things hot for someone discriminate against punish unfairly get on someone's back give a hard time have your knife into pick on run over plough into crack into rear-end plow into come into collision cannon into pile up meet head-on knock into go into sideswipe crunch come into collision with impact with crack against smash into fender-bend barrel into smack into murder sentence get scalp recompense visit reprimand skin alive train incarcerate defrock dismiss tear down admonish skin fine immure rebuke mete out punishment to execute debar expel lecture blacklist drop on reprove exile slap someone's wrist bring someone to book teach someone a lesson bring to book make an example of give it to someone rap someone's knuckles give someone what for do in slap wrist rap knuckles attend to give the works throw the book at give a lesson to crack down on give a going over come down on like a ton of bricks give a going-over teach a lesson have someone's guts for garters


To comprehensively defeat
trounce rout thrash drub annihilate paste whip cream flatten shellac skunk wallop whomp bury smoke smother trim whup whop whap dust bomb tromp wax skin snow under blow away defeat crush beat overwhelm lick hammer demolish destroy wipe the floor with conquer subdue own murder best vanquish stuff make mincemeat of slaughter pound overcome crucify massacre overpower take to the cleaners worst pulverize beat hollow blow out quash marmalize run rings around quell triumph over tank pulverise master get the better of turn inside out bring someone to their knees defeat utterly blow out of the water subjugate give someone a drubbing prevail over walk all over overthrow surmount stop win against win a resounding victory over dispatch smash suppress overmatch upend overbear repress kill take get trash undo wipe out be victorious over thwart put down frustrate total slam walk over curb squash cane give someone a hiding finish give someone a pasting outdo put an end to get around do down put the kibosh on overrun flog extinguish stifle surpass reduce squelch outstrip lambaste humble outclass crack down on check knock out dominate bear down put a stop to break pommel gain a victory over top excel belt bludgeon maul thump put away end slog subject put paid to nip in the bud pacify do subordinate strike pip at the post devastate overturn scotch swamp torpedo throw ruin quench zap abolish trample terminate better upset outplay work over extirpate stamp out floor overshadow get rid of give a drubbing to triumph run rings round mess up gain mastery over batter shut down control put in the shade bash spank bust tame win over waste chasten bulldoze foil outmaneuver win outmanoeuvre subvert exceed drop eradicate transcend eclipse outrun deck beat up outshine tan cap give a hiding run circles around render incapable beat down trump render helpless render powerless outperform outgun edge out overtop outmatch KO tower over outdistance improve on go one better than put the lid on curtail hide obstruct scupper wreck thresh buffet leather hegemonize arrest pummel baste roll whale shatter curry down punish pummelled chastise prevail eliminate weed out hurdle stagger steamroll whack outwit blast immobilize sink whitewash shut out dish silence queer defeat heavily oppress immobilise slay edge blow get the upper hand take a stick to route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap obliterate outjump flax outflank butcher ambush confound checkmate rise above plow under cut to pieces wipe off map override get the upper hand over gain ascendancy over rough up bung up take care of grind down nose out be victorious take it all finish off mow down win a victory over run roughshod over overtake pass gain control of knock spots off slap down snuff out outpace outrank bring to ruin take to cleaners roll back bring to knees bring to their knees put to shame do better than put in their place clamp down on pwn improve upon pick apart negate varnish cut short strangle at birth cut off muller humiliate outsmart level raze unbuild eat alive raze to the ground turn something inside out steamroller settle halt block impede stamp something out defeat easily tear down pull down scrunch squish knock off weather survive knock the stuffing out of dispose of larrup demoralise astonish demoralize render speechless do in mop up take apart shock stun render outlive circumvent shake off overpass shame shoot ahead take down unseat outfight shoot down discomfit overmaster beat the pants off make a fool of get one up on gain the advantage over sit on knock for six knock over knock socks off come out on top of gain the upper hand over come out on top bridle succeed over enslave drive off put to flight beat back trample underfoot put to rout clean up on throw back in confusion blow out of water tower above outgo go beyond nip something in the bud baulk hinder stymie derail tyrannize colonize hose outrival restrain spoil scuttle be better than compel enthrall rule coerce underyoke force bring to heel shoot ahead of crack down slap about rule over tyrannise colonise enthral balk attack spike hit dash get a grip on hold sway hold sway over bring under the yoke kick around reel back in keep under thumb blank stretch shellack dumbfound overawe bring to an end take out gain control over bowl over shut off roll over lay one out lather defeat someone heavily cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat prostrate whelm daze amaze cope with get over astound stupefy get through endure stir bring down deal with take aback dazzle shake knock sideways impress topple surprise bewilder affect touch spellbind move come through resist withstand confuse solve flabbergast ride out awe oust strike dumb outlast depose startle dethrone negotiate distress resolve knock for a loop fascinate leave speechless bedazzle find a solution to find an answer to live through pull through hypnotize stand stand up to crack sweep someone off their feet knock down disturb sort out do away with baffle excite disconcert supplant brave dismay rock hypnotise dumfound razzle-dazzle suffer stick out thunderstrike find the answer to find the solution to break down win out paralyse be the victor bear up against numb abash shake up paralyze bring low take somebody's breath away carry the day keep down take the crown hold down put out get round govern succeed manage dispirit seize sap ride weaken persecute annex traumatize degrade command downgrade abuse outfox cow out-think nonplus handle blind appropriate defenestrate expose maltreat exterminate strangle unsettle outjockey occupy liquidate puzzle undermine surprize enervate dismantle outrage cripple enfeeble demote gain gain the victory finish first win through flummox deaden lower get to bear wrong abase fell capture traumatise blur come out ahead perturb take your breath away bemuse muddle petrify hit for six make it vaporize scourge be successful remove from power remove from office chagrin annexe treat make it through come through unscathed take off vaporise come first take the honours inhibit take over last out sit out bear down on cast down take someone's breath away trample on tyrannize over fake out stem prevail against bear the brunt of hit like a ton of bricks block out rule with an iron hand take possession of rule with a rod of iron contend with take the prize stick it out grapple with persist nullify enchant captivate regulate make emotional direct weather storm intimidate capsize turn over grind dislodge eject glitz get control of quelch ice greatly upset wear down climb vault over crest leap prevent disable unthrone uncrown blow someone's mind execute suffocate perplex be unstoppable by sweep off your feet make it past domineer over make it over unhorse psych smash down gobsmack befog benumb clamp down put an stop to bring to screeching halt assassinate befuddle disorder fuddle addle distract mystify dizzy take by surprise force down blot out dampen limit pour cold water on throttle rein in throw cold water on depress dwarf upstage incapacitate disrate impair mix up make speechless stop someone in their tracks discontinue impoverish remove throw for a loop outwear sweep lead displace ail deject trouble dishearten asphyxiate put lid on keep inside keep in put kibosh on drive underground interrupt bottle clamp hold in shush bring to naught psych out rub out bump off address expropriate field disestablish dissolve snow outvie cook see through pull out of it tough out make a comeback recover from live out pass through break through carry off take someone's life trip maneuver appal discourage sadden devitalize diminish daunt give the coup de grâce administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill manoeuvre horrify tip tumble purge tackle secure usurp gain on leave behind play offend revolt disgust bowl down throw down trip up set down throw to the ground rugby-tackle knock to the ground bring to the ground invade manipulate cause instability debilitate bother weary sicken nauseate scandalize fog acquire hack disquiet jolt agitate ravage demean choke get ahead of go one better draw away from leave standing gain a victory win hands down get last laugh take the cake gain mastery of debase repel desolate hijack pirate arrogate commandeer weigh down bum out dull damp down disgrace get further ahead of be head and shoulders above pull a fast one be one up on walk away from score points off be a cut above bring around tolerate brook swing mortify unnerve displease provoke discompose bring about the downfall of put out of action blow your mind sustain wear abide wrack gut dynamite crash confiscate jar appall cast a pall over put a damper on belittle submit antagonize anger explode smite nuke break up take control of get to grips with take in hand hold out against dishonor cheapen discredit scandalise antagonise electrify insult preempt blow to bits mutilate ravish spoliate blow sky-high maim blow to pieces blow up maraud bring home the bacon topscore deliver the goods reign overrule put up with deflate be impermeable to die hard against pop one's balloon hold out snub bemean make someone eat humble pie make someone eat crow hang tough dishonour bring down a peg be proof against cause to lose face cut down to size embarrass be impervious to take down a peg stay the course settle someone's hash foul persevere against make one feel small persist with put one away put someone in their place be resistant to smirch take down a peg or two make eat dirt force to eat humble pie cut to the quick give offence to throw a curve raise someone's eyebrows gross out shake out of your complacency give someone a turn hit like ton of bricks take the wind out of your sails completely surprise give a turn make someone's blood run cold set someone back on their heels be the winner edge the opposition achieve success take first prize beat the opposition pull it off reign supreme ill-treat lay claim to trick outthink overreach outslick fox imperil endanger exploit gain victory be first upset the opposition overwhelm the opposition achieve first place achieve mastery domineer prove carry treat harshly sink the opposition have hoodwink cheat con outgeneral gyp bamboozle dupe defraud jip hoax finagle juke goose outguess mislead swindle deceive gull make liable put in danger lay open put through encumber overload saddle beset be cruel to aggrieve press harass torture worry tyrranize harry hound strain handicap be brutal to plague annoy despotize torment vex tax gain ascendancy gain mastery prove superior finish in front win the day overcome the opposition make a clean sweep run circles around the opposition come in first defeat the opposition sweep the board toughen make out luck out be usual get there carry all before one go places be happening gain the palm exist generally move out pick on ride roughshod over put upon harden season weigh heavy upon put screws to put the squeeze on go great guns hit pay dirt erode coarsen acclimate make rings round end run put one over on figure out lead astray be cleverer than take in pull a fast one on steal a march on sweep over grow strong become toughened grow hardened


To find fault (with something)
criticise criticize censure condemn knock pan denounce blast disparage slam lambaste arraign attack pillory roast besmirch denigrate deprecate malign slate vilify castigate diss excoriate fault hammer slur chastise flame fustigate maul reprehend savage skewer trash bash carp chide crucify lash monster pummelled pummel reprobate rubbish bag blame decry dispraise objurgate rate reprimand reprove rip scathe slag slash sledge asperse denunciate derogate dis scorch blister fluff hit rap skin slog slug trim zap find fault with cut down disapprove of dress down nit-pick slag off bad-mouth complain about put down take down tear into cast aspersions on come down on find fault fulminate against lace into lay into nitpick about pick at pull apart pull to pieces animadvert on cut to bits inveigh against pick holes in pour scorn on rail against run down carp at cavil at cut up do a number on give bad press hit out at pick to pieces skin alive throw brickbats at vituperate against bag on give flak to have a go at jump on nag at give some stick to pass strictures upon give a bad press to throw shade harsh berate rebuke scold upbraid reproach admonish carpet take to task bawl out chew out lecture haul over the coals abuse revile tell off flay ream out vituperate lambast pitch into rag tear off a strip read the riot act remonstrate with keelhaul give someone a roasting call down tick off give someone a rocket give someone a dressing-down bollock give someone a rollicking give a talking-to give someone hell rant at rail at give someone a bollocking let someone have it give someone a telling-off pull up rap over the knuckles baste tongue-lash give someone an earful give someone what for belittle jaw wig assail give someone a mouthful give someone a wigging give someone a rating impugn score row defame give someone a caning give someone a row take to pieces slap down discredit belabor harangue depreciate give someone some stick belabour blow up diminish vilipend deride send someone away with a flea in their ear cane insult ridicule minimize scorn dismiss potshot rake over the coals slight discount dump on slander rail put on the mat do a hatchet job on trash-talk minimise ream play down talk down smear nag chasten cry down traduce tear a strip off poor-mouth execrate take apart scoff at judge speak ill of write off kiss off give a rocket shoot down calumniate light into stigmatize drag through the mud deplore detract from undervalue do down rollick underrate give someone a bad press find lacking mock detract stigmatise disapprove blow up at jump down one's throat anathematize libel object to tear to shreds discipline underestimate trivialize slap on the wrist cavil yell at downgrade contemn tear down speak badly of marginalize call on the carpet slap someone's wrist get at deflate torment pooh-pooh marginalise blacken the name of oppose take someone to task throw mud at animadvert nitpick over sneer at trivialise speak evil of rip into take exception to rap someone over the knuckles fulminate demean punish accuse go on at take down a peg exprobate opprobriate call to account pick on needle check pass judgment come down hard on be against contradict bully treat lightly tear to pieces disdain disgrace deliver judgment adjudicate take issue with minify misprize lash out at sail into criticize severely hold cheap curse lay down the law proscribe thunder give a piece of one's mind reject take to the woodshed scourge rave at declaim inveigh degrade harass correct give opinion downplay whip caution lower lesson go for the jugular expostulate impeach monish jeer at tear apart mudsling bother object slap give something a battering argue with give something a bad press rage dispute talk to be critical of kick up a stink about throw the book at taunt express disapproval of make light of bring someone to book victimize controvert chew someone out lean on make fun of climb all over argue against let fly spread lies about slap someone on the wrist persecute tyrannize cut down to size lampoon brand bring into disrepute gainsay badmouth blacken the reputation of sully the reputation of tease frown on intimidate despise gripe about conduct a smear campaign against question give a bad name protest against be hostile to look askance at discriminate against remonstrate ostracise ostracize badger rant get angry with speak out goad protest charge beat nitpick call over the coals bait shellac jeer incriminate fume whine about carp about shout at indict tyrannise victimise moan about grouse about grouch about quibble about oppugn make a stand zing negate ride provoke rake demonize understate visit challenge prosecute bellyache about whinge about beef about get after demonise discommend offend jawbone complain dishonour discountenance blacken outrage sound off about laugh at laugh off mouth off about lash into downcry be down on criticize strongly vociferate go on about let have it expostulate about tax dishonor mortify take somebody to task humiliate sneer declaim against trounce kick up a fuss about dig sell short objurate strongly criticize call into question preach draw the line poor mouth speak to take a swipe at rag on slap on wrist rap on knuckles give a going over pooh pooh have a down on have it in for tell a thing or two come down on like a ton of bricks swipe at backstab assault jump all over make a fuss about cast a slur on affront give a hard time stick it to reprimand severely round on be malicious about be spiteful towards be unkind about abhor speak of with disfavour blacken the character of refute lash out detest bring under fire sling mud at hit out assault verbally satirize disagree with rebut be anti find unacceptable pile in satirise review unfavorably have a pop at start on start in backbite rebuff exprobrate take on make mincemeat of make short work of rip to shreds take give a tongue-lashing read out look askance pick apart heap cudgel smother strike threap squash squelch snap someone's head off jump on one's case bite someone's head off destroy rap someone's knuckles recriminate misrepresent devalue snipe at warn bring to book debase fry counsel adjure advise hold forth against sully recompense jump down someone's throat chew lessen devaluate cheapen compromise forewarn growl ding notice glue hoist spank skelp ferule mistreat caluminate voodoo cuss jinx mark down take away crush make little of frown rake over coals blacken someone's reputation show someone up slang pronounce name adjudge frame sour grapes speak back-bite gossip about take a dim view of snipe have words give tongue-lashing give somebody a piece of one's mind be in opposition to quarrel with take swipe at throw stones at humble clamor against spurn look down on think little of have words with weigh into severely reprimand give someone bondi rap across the knuckles shame snub comment negatively tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off jack up sit on sound off carp on go after get on burn one's ears explode lay on give comeuppance shoot full of holes cut to the quick criticize harshly keep after have someone on the carpet send up put away criticize hatefully cuss out give someone a carpeting eat out give a wigging give one hell have your knife in harry grumble at bedevil mete out punishment to make an example of rip up call to task point the finger at rank on moralise give going-over give piece of mind moralize run something down show up charge with point finger at hang something on blow whistle on thumbs down on pin it on take dim view of not go for burst out throw shade at teach someone a lesson be hard on lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give the dickens talk something down think wrong not support frown upon give a black eye put a whammy on expose to ridicule give the devil send up the river lay at one's door take a dig at to denigrate put hooks in give someone stick hold up to shame dig into tuck into keep nothing back erupt with anger single out discourse orate perorate express strong disapproval of not believe in think badly of express disapprobation of express disapprobation let fly at lam into set upon disfavour disfavor remonstrate against express a poor opinion of disesteem be hostile towards protest strongly thunder against rage against storm raise an query protest strongly at remonstrate about rant about make a protest mouth off penalize hold someone to blame complain to spout bluster huff rave flog thrash scarify drub penalise lose one's temper with give vent to one's emotions give free rein to one's emotions hold someone responsible hold accountable pass on make a stand against raise objections to kick make a protest against complain vociferously about oppose strongly complain bitterly about speak out against kick up disagree violently with put up a fight against kick against take a stand against take great exception to contravene traverse doubt negative resist disaffirm break contest cross disavow deny tar take a stand menace criminate animadvert upon vociferate about heckle hassle chaff swear at debate argue hold at fault lay charges against try have the law on bring to trial bring charges against bring a charge against bring a case against prefer charges against inculpate put on trial take to court rib guy haze rant and rave gibe gibe at twit rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out domineer pester hector cast doubt upon cut to shreds cast aspersions upon throw doubt on pin on thumb nose at make sport of scout poke fun at flout jab quiz tantalise twitter rally tantalize lout take the piss out of niggle hound dog irritate browbeat fuss bug declare unsafe declare unfit be on at punish repeatedly and unfairly henpeck peck at wound pique vex displease take issue irk hurt disrespect gall anger disgruntle annoy rankle scandalize disgust distress put put out upset give a zinger confront ruffle someone's feathers scandalise hit where one lives give the cold shoulder make someone's hackles rise put someone's back up raise someone's hackles


Articles of clothing
clothes clothing garments attire dress gear threads wear duds outfit togs apparel costume garb habiliments habit raiment turnout vestments wardrobe costumery finery garms get-up kit rags rig rigging rig-out toggery vestiary vesture wearables weeds articles of clothing articles of dress glad rags array uniform ensemble regalia suit getup habiliment rigout schmutter robes livery trappings vestment drag garment covering things guise robe strip equipment gown fashion frock drapes habits accoutrements outfits drapery equipage accouterment feathers disguise sportswear trousseau caparison tog civvies accouterments shift skirt bib and tucker Sunday best dry goods rig out dud apparatus implements raiments accoutrement trapping regimentals casual bedclothes work formal baggage camouflage cover attirement cassock chasuble tunic orale alb surplice style mode coat national dress pinafore muumuu drape toga smock article of clothing item of clothing item of dress whistle riding clothes riding dress evening clothes frippery panoply tuxedo overclothes underclothes mufti tailleur tatters set of clothes trouser suit gray flannel whistle and flute dress suit hand-me-downs full feather commode armoire dresser chiffonier trunk costumes ensembles suits buffet bureau chest collection of clothes formals feather gaiety gayety best bravery best clothes best gear morning dress dress uniform Sunday best trappings full dress fancy dress evening dress elaborate clothes ceremonial dress best bib and tucker gowns attires get-ups uniforms frocks clobbers vestures kits arrays wardrobes togas riggings rigs vestiaries getups muumuus guises skirts regalias turnouts colours cassocks albs smocks tunics colors veils shrouds cloaks personal attire pinafores effects aprons stripes khaki OD chasubles surplices cinctures amices hoods stoles olive drab monkey suit coordinated outfit fine clothes covers items of clothing liveries shawls mantles capotes capes wraps manteaus cocktail dresses nightshirts wedding dresses ball gowns nightdresses nightgowns wrappers dolmans negligee kimonos bathrobes peignoirs housecoats robes de chambre dressing gowns djellabas kanzus dishdashas


Personal belongings or equipment
stuff things gear belongings tackle possessions paraphernalia effects impedimenta trappings kit accoutrements bits and pieces appurtenances baggage accouterments bits and bobs equipment gubbins goods junk property chattels luggage odds and ends rig movables goods and chattels accessories traps personal effects materials apparatus personal possessions equipage personal property odds and sods rubbish tools dunnage implements utensils personalty plunder material outfit worldly goods hardware possession materiel appliances regalia holdings duds moveables furnishings supplies instruments articles furniture valuables assets fixtures machinery habiliments encumbrances miscellaneous articles provisions gadgetry fittings gadgets resources amenities accessory setup necessary rigging accouterment contrivances appointments trek kit and kaboodle box of tricks bags and baggage objects items trimmings ornamentation adornments obstruction array impediments hook appliance line personal belongings bag and baggage stock estate packages mess belonging bells and whistles wealth personal possession bags garments togs garms clothes personal effect province settlement tangibles tricks chattel accoutrement asset real estate devices contraptions attachments miscellaneous shebang store facilities accompaniments provisioning appurtenance armamentarium thing moveable movable effect holding instrument contraption means harness supply habiliment device implement machine gadget tool gizmo utensil mechanism contrivance gimmick plant system widget fixture doohickey machines fitting structure aid furnishing engine doodad stores agent whatchamacallit convenience trapping piece of equipment turnout cabinetwork thingamajig set extras conveniences appointment beds chairs tables cabinets fitments feature décor jigger collection units invention decor household goods gimcrack whatsis labour-saving device components mechanics black box gears necessaries medium thingamabob motor whatsit construction mod con moving parts waldo fixed object wares munitions provision arms fitment armory matériel enginery technology trimming doodads armoury facility works appendage component attachment aids cogs staple unit appendages bag pack selection suitcase container satchel assortment ironmongery clubber entities incidentals additions adjuncts set of tools tools of the trade wherewithal vehicle installation plumbing kitchenware ironware metalware housewares fasteners agency dingus doobry gismo doodah silverware ware knife tableware fork bits spoon weapon thingo bitzer doojigger tool of the trade household furnishings dingbat amenity resort piece of apparatus creation Rube Goldberg invention piece of hardware article whatnot arrangement resource makeshift house fittings stool commode couch sideboard bookcase sofa davenport hutch highboy cabinet bed wardrobe chest desk counter dresser table chair cupboard buffet bureau movable property generator transformer piston cylinder turbine power train petrol engine diesel engine gasoline engine electric motor internal combustion engine what's under the hood


A hard or repeated hit or strike
bang blow hit smack thump knock punch whack wallop belt thwack clout crack cuff sock slap bash box rap clip stroke buffet slug biff swipe welt smash swat hook pound bat bop spank slam bust lash chop lick hack stinger stripe pelt fillip haymaker wham larrup dab clap thud plump beat whop whap poke switch douse pick bump slosh whomp boff whale lam dong clump tan strike crash tap bonk shock impact shot pat slog paste butt fisticuff swing roundhouse whammy uppercut zinger bell-ringer one-two punch thunderclap pop blast report boom whump snap ding collision glance zap plunk clash kick hiding thrashing drubbing lambasting flourish smite stump drub lambaste nail thrash thunder burst peal jab explosion clang pounding clonk sound jolt roar clunk skelp clomp detonation rumble fist plug reverberation concussion stomp blare beating jar thrust loud noise din noise conk roaring echoing tonk dot clobbering touch howl thrumming nudge drumming discharge prod hard hit hammering banging crackle knocking percussion bellow racket stamp smashing clatter sharp noise clattering explosive noise dig attack lunge whang whiplash assault spanking prang blip potch percuss quilt striking head-butt battering brush click clink cut knockout blindside KO tick hitting brunt shove straight elbow echo gunshot jostle throb plop flump knuckle sandwich stoush body blow king-hit thunderbolt pummel pummelled one-two jog lollop hammer tunk roll crump loud sound clangour rat-tat-tat rat-tat flash of lightning crash of thunder clap of thunder clangor shoulder wail ram stab honk push hoot dig in the ribs trumpet toot blaring clamour scream screech resound clamor resounding crashing resonance thundering blasting barrage drumfire cannonade re-echoing

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