Đồng nghĩa của slap down


To browbeat or reprimand someone harshly, usually in front of other people
admonish reprimand reproach scold rebuke browbeat deflate tell off take to task tick off put down put someone in their place take down a peg or two have a go at berate chide upbraid censure chastise reprove lambaste criticize dress down bawl out haul over the coals lay into carpet read the riot act let someone have it chew out criticise castigate remonstrate with pull up lace into rate pitch into trim give a talking-to give someone an earful give someone a telling-off give someone hell give someone a dressing-down give someone a roasting give someone a rollicking objurgate give a rocket rap over the knuckles call down give someone a mouthful give someone a wigging give someone what for give someone a bollocking tear off a strip give someone a rating rap rag keelhaul blast reprehend monster bollock give someone a caning ream out give someone a row lecture wig row come down on give someone some stick send someone away with a flea in their ear blow up put on the mat tear into rail against lambast tongue-lash rail at blame baste flay rant at score jaw hammer condemn slap on the wrist denounce jump on call on the carpet check nag slate blow up at slap someone's wrist go on at flame jump down one's throat take to the woodshed chasten ream abuse caution find fault with rake over the coals diss talk to monish rail vituperate give a piece of one's mind yell at discipline pummel draw the line revile reprobate attack give a going over tell a thing or two excoriate lash rap on knuckles trounce rip pummelled bring to book lesson slap on wrist light into speak to strongly criticize climb all over come down hard on lean on ferule rake over coals lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give the dickens accuse bag pan knock skin denunciate zap oppose carp on sound off go after fry jawbone tear apart rake slam potshot belabour rap someone the knuckles bash scathe assail drag over the coals belabor trash criticize severely lay out savage harangue scorch give someone a carpeting eat out slang blister criticize hatefully tear a strip off shout at cuss out give one hell jump all over chew mete out punishment to criticize strongly be hard on rag on tear down teach a lesson make an example of pick on visit call to account harass find fault give a hard time take down a peg exprobate take down get after get on burn one's ears adjure come down on like a ton of bricks correct warn counsel throw the book at speak give someone stick advise objurate preach have someone on the carpet disparage asperse give the business vilify cavil recriminate lay down the law expostulate keep after threap taunt slag off fulminate against roast inveigh against denigrate pillory bad-mouth rip into rubbish crucify punish malign run down rave at smear fulminate skewer impugn slash cut up cast aspersions on insult call over the coals slander curse decry calumniate traduce complain protest defame arraign besmirch slur remonstrate fault slag dis dispraise deprecate pull apart derogate vituperate against pull to pieces let fly disapprove penalize cane lam into discredit rollick growl libel wade into contemn lash out at declaim let fly at scorn object carp at stigmatize scourge rant sail into maul backbite swear at execrate pour scorn on take to pieces penalise hit out at express disapproval of ostracise ostracize stigmatise kick inveigh animadvert on take apart declaim against give some stick to kick up a fuss about take issue with kick up a stink about reprimand severely deal with round on exprobrate sort out brand lampoon moralise moralize attask lash out set upon rank on give going-over dress-down ridicule satirize rap knuckles dishonor dishonour disgrace cudgel slap deride shellac strike smother hit proscribe tear to pieces give piece of mind satirise criticize harshly cavil at disapprove of give tongue-lashing have words with have words reject lay on give comeuppance give a tongue-lashing rap across the knuckles severely reprimand tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off bring to account lash into nitpick about call to task point the finger deplore sledge throw brickbats at blacken someone's reputation cast a slur on anathematize explode argue with belittle slight give flak to pick holes in give the devil prosecute bag on give a bad press to animadvert judge rebuff incriminate give someone a bad press impeach show up give something a bad press indict charge with offend have your knife in burst out give an injunction to give someone a ticking-off minimize discount read out look askance pick apart afflict repress soften try suppress subjugate keep nothing back erupt with anger persecute oppress make a protest to tuck into dig into assault have a word with talk with ride zing hose injure miscall minimise be rude to call names do a number on blow off cut down cut to the quick dump on give a black eye trash-talk give vent to one's emotions lose one's temper with give free rein to one's emotions thunder against rage against expostulate about protest strongly at remonstrate about challenge vilipend thunder make a fuss about make a stand against object to raise objections to vociferate make a protest against fume complain vociferously about disagree violently with oppose strongly put up a fight against kick against complain bitterly about whip take a stand against speak out against kick up take great exception to rile grumble moan whine grouch gripe fuss grizzle whinge beef grouse crab wail caterwaul cry grump scream repine carp bellyache bleat keen cry down tie into beat up on holler mutter kvetch squeal yammer storm squawk whimper murmur rage croak yawp maunder bark at yowl yelp yap bawl yaup grouch about have at kick up a fuss bellyache about take exception work over crack down on complain vehemently about beef about sound off about


To forcefully or violently subdue
quash quell suppress repress squelch subdue crush squash silence snuff out clamp down on crack down on put down sit on extinguish check stamp out put an end to overcome stop kill put a stop to conquer stifle nip in the bud defeat end curb thwart annihilate abolish terminate inhibit arrest overwhelm put the lid on put the kibosh on overpower destroy quench frustrate control vanquish get rid of halt wipe out shut down beat overthrow finish extirpate demolish rout clobber queer deaden put out rein in trample on subjugate cut off snow under scotch block out stem eliminate censure dismiss reject put an stop to torpedo clamp down bring to screeching halt crack down hinder throttle throw cold water on limit pour cold water on gain mastery over gain control over scupper bring to an end dish put paid to keep down choke off settle abate say nothing censor clam dumb cut short close up dull scrunch trash squish restrain quelch wreck reduce force down bring someone to their knees obliterate oppress break swamp blot out prostrate bear down on overmaster whelm ice blow away ruin grind down strangle floor devastate bridle constrain contain master govern keep the lid on hold in check lessen moderate get under control smother tone down hold back quieten down lick mellow keep in check damp soften keep a lid on diminish discontinue cow triumph over drive underground trample clamp put lid on hold in put kibosh on bring to naught hold down bottle dominate spike shush interrupt keep inside overturn beat down bury keep in ease mitigate allay temper soothe relieve assuage mollify alleviate palliate decrease calm lighten dampen cool weaken relax still quiet take the edge off restrict blunt lull attenuate appease tranquilize lower pacify cushion regulate tranquillize quieten tame placate keep a tight rein on damp down compose prevent muffle dilute keep under control keep measure mute hold curtail pull in help ebb sweeten impede soft-pedal de-escalate ease off gag satisfy rule modify choke back gentle lenify hamper keep back take the sting out sink fade remit muzzle extenuate smooth slacken decline taper dwindle dispel retard slake shrink rein back slow calm down bite back drop off taper off take the bite out modulate phase down pour oil on ratchet down tail off dim play down stymie turn down wane subside sober conciliate darken recover interfere with rein keep in line cut recede confine minimize propitiate drop simmer down put the brakes on relent direct cork banish chill out benumb deter guide delimit ameliorate fall downscale discipline disarm depress withhold bottle up pall freeze comfort keep within bounds minimise slack put damper on let up drop away die down die out die away buffer wind down make less intense cut back cool down take a load off decelerate fight back keep lid on fall away cool out button up cut down cool off drain away peter out hush paralyze paralyse numb mask address improve qualify pocket submerge swallow commute anaesthetize fill surfeit dissipate excuse sate satiate shade deepen cloud keep control of cork up anesthetize put a lid on hog-tie put half nelson on re-collect desist make nice drive away chase away put to rest square drive off garrote garrotte reduce the force of adjust monitor cap obstruct keep on a string gruntle obtund mince gratify collect block temperate keep it down decrease the volume pipe down become weaker cool it fade away come to an end unlax coast impair cauterize rally corner inspect steady sabotage foil peg trammel bedim entrammel fetter incapacitate stun exhaust cauterise drown stupefy injure tire nix disrupt set limits on impose limits on soberize knock out meet halfway loose disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed put a limit on trim ration contract box in dip keep tight rein on stem the flow of slow down tie up strangle at birth decrement humour reconcile pale stabilize minify narrow shave pare slash content humor settle down win over round down make cutbacks in pare down resolve pad whittle down demilitarise dial down bring down take down save trim back neutralise smooth out step down cripple rescue clear the air couch stabilise trim down scale down mark down roll back neutralize defuse take the heat clip demilitarize depreciate make peace with throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of brighten make dim make faint make less bright make lighter quiet down determine decide salve cure counteract deplete downsize handicap punctuate succor succour console vary solace leash bit harness sway liss straiten debar form condition dictate influence aid break up assist gaol detain jail impound circumscribe imprison stay hogtie rise above affect disburden disencumber empty levitate take remove upraise uplight shape change facilitate mould shift free jettison thin eradicate unload unburden bring an end to bring aid to let up on make something bearable bring respite to bring aid take load off put a brake on alter touch underlie put a damper on box up tie down lock up put away pin down pull back hem in predispose reduce weight directionalize dispose put off throw out pour out mold act on incline make less work on shepherd bring under control impact on exert influence on rachet down grow less have on a tight leash have an effect on get the better of have an impact on be a factor in

Trái nghĩa của slap down

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