Đồng nghĩa của cow

Alternative for cow

cows, cowed, cowing

Trái nghĩa: bull,


A fully grown female animal of a domesticated ox breed


To intimidate, especially by daunting the spirits or courage of
intimidate browbeat bully frighten scare terrorise terrorize bulldoze hector daunt blackjack awe dragoon unnerve bullyrag badger dismay bogart railroad disconcert tyrannise tyrannize overawe bludgeon subdue rattle faze petrify discomfit dishearten embarrass strong-arm mau-mau lean on pick on push around psych out turn on the heat threaten coerce terrify menace alarm harass pressurize torment pressurise spook bluster force pressure compel ruffle agitate persecute appall appal discourage oppress domineer hound startle perturb upset disquiet buffalo worry shake deter fluster steamroller use strong-arm tactics on disturb affright panic unsettle horrify harry constrain oblige chill shock impress demoralize subjugate fright discompose alarum nag overwhelm throw press push ride unhinge enforce overbear bother scarify distress demoralise put off shake up strike terror into ride roughshod over scare off throw off balance put the wind up scare to death scare the bejesus out of prevail on abash put the screws on unman annoy confound confuse bewilder stun tease heckle bait nonplus mistreat plague jolt trouble goad boss around boss about irritate pester drive abuse impel take aback discomfort stupefy despotize repel disburb astound stiff dominate brainwash make needle victimize hassle discombobulate influence hustle scare away flummox make nervous curdle the blood make teeth chatter put the fear of God into floor put heat on twist one's arm victimise walk heavy issue threats to get to chill to the bone make one's blood run cold make one's hair stand on end push about bring pressure to bear on fast-talk put pressure on act on press-gang work on use pressure on put into a flap throw into a tizz put someone off their stroke cause someone to lose their composure put the squeeze on force one's hand put under an obligation hog chivvy inhibit silly swagger frighten off scare the daylights out of twist someone's arm dispirit cajole strike terror in deject blind someone with something prod squeeze muscle sandbag obligate turn the screws on tighten the screws on fill with terror make things hot for someone inspire panic in make it hot for someone put the frighteners on frighten out of your wits amaze take your breath away persuade urge beset repress restrict hinder suppress concuss bounce shotgun disarm frustrate astonish perplex aggrieve maltreat tyrranize high pressure make an offer they can't refuse put the arm on distract uncalm undermine surprise weaken enfeeble sap enervate manhandle ride roughshod misuse overpower enthrall strike hotdog grandstand showboat dazzle enthral flabbergast make uneasy make anxious warn throw off bowl over set back taunt antagonize chivy mishandle torture brutalize brutalise baffle destabilize unbalance antagonise nettle vex give a turn mystify castigate irk blind destabilise put down be cruel to walk all over kick around play the heavy with treat harshly ill-use ill-treat mess over be brutal to snarl comminate fulminate blackmail admonish scowl caution forewarn growl exasperate anger venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard peeve flurry blow away knock your socks off discountenance rile bug aggravate stir lord it over affect nark make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers make threat threaten to kill make threats to pull the rug from under portend jeopardise gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye grate pique rasp gripe itch frost niggle get eat miff spite gall chafe put through the wringer put the chill on put out put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under whip around scare hell out of utter threats to stump rattle one's cage burn up furbelow abrade wind up get across fret hack off frill disrupt wear provoke excite throw into tizzy fuddle hold a gun to one's head shake fist at throw into panic scare stiff scare witless fill with fear freeze your blood give someone goose pimples get the wind up throw into a panic make one's flesh creep give one the creeps chill to the marrow scare the pants off throw into a fright give someone the heebie-jeebies scare someone out of their wits scare someone half to death scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk make someone jump out of their skin give a hard time bedevil nudge keep on at devil prompt heavy get at be on your back have it in for induce go on at incite breathe down someone's neck dog discriminate against molest be down on goose pursue have a down on put up to scold egg on drive up the wall henpeck peck at harp on at keep after insist require instigate pick at whip trigger attack sic give someone grief find fault with get on someone's back carp spur criticize encourage berate importune punish unfairly ramrod fuss motivate necessitate rag inspire criticise beat stress move mither wring bind key up exploit beleaguer find fault insist on grumble at try fleece carp at cause hunt single out order demand gnaw command rowel sound fire up bleed be on one's case burden bend someone's ear put the heat on give the business prey on drive round the twist drive round the bend impose on extort take advantage of be hostile to show antagonism to be against be set against disapprove of be prejudiced against keep at feel ill will towards bear a grudge towards show ill will towards give someone hell lean compress target harp on remind constrict condense squash sell politick shanghai come at work over rouse stimulate chide inflame prick sting challenge cavil tighten the screw on high-pressure have turn the screw on prevail upon have someone do something effect will stress out noodge jerk around burn macerate give a bad time despoil pain foray strain roust lash titillate jeer interrupt immolate use demonize work up scorn rib chaff demonise foment barrack boo shout down be on at someone punish repeatedly and unfairly crucify outrage injure expel wrong exile toy with fiddle with overcome anguish afflict besiege curse rack excruciate harrow agonize haze hiss charge occasion impose foist dis gibe ridicule hurt agonise punish break smite bone stack the deck have your knife into upbraid use duress on conscript use force on urge by force choke apply obtrude contract enjoin get the knife into stick the knife into be a nuisance to jibe at shout at exert force on beef grouse bear down yowl holler mutter grumble kvetch complain squeal bear hard on crab put screws to yammer wail moan put squeeze on caterwaul bring pressure to bear upon whine grump scream grouch repine kick pin down squawk inveigh whimper bellyache bleat murmur yaup croak put the bite on keen grizzle yawp whinge maunder be a pest to drive bananas butt in shout catcalls at make game of get in your hair be in someone's hair make fun of advise implore put through wringer promote egg moan at lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound beg advocate expedite moan on at keep complaining to inspan beseech solicit recommend bust someone's balls bust chops take it out on catch adjure propel manipulate entreat steamroll exhort cheat speed up try to persuade put the screws to swindle railroad into enslave pour it on dragoon into steamroller into push for treat unfairly step on suck dry play on walk over live off the backs of take for a ride put one over on rip off withhold rights from take advantage of somebody bulldoze into turn on appeal to sell one on exert influence on curdle preoccupy live off haunt depress load plunder feed on depredate seize consume live on kill devour tax raid weigh go to town on browbeat into bear down on be at yap at scratch around rag on search high heaven


To diminish the confidence or courage of
discourage dishearten dispirit dismay depress daunt demoralise demoralize deject distress unnerve crush chill alarm abash dash unman trouble scare bother frustrate afflict vex awe confuse disappoint try appal appall overawe irk droop prostrate repress cast down make despondent weigh heavily on make downhearted psych out beat down dampen the spirits of break one's heart put a damper on cause to lose heart dampen someone's hopes take the wind out of your sails cause to lose hope shake dampen damp knock sideways knock for six sap undermine knock the stuffing out of throw sadden subdue enervate give someone the blues throw cold water on pour cold water on deter weaken desolate disincline make dejected disparage upset weigh down disturb bring low debilitate get down make someone fed up enfeeble devitalize rattle disconcert oppress disempower jumble deflate muddle unzip disorder disarrange nonplus disorganize discountenance snarl unglue embarrass cripple unsettle grieve get to blow up send up take apart blow out perturb torment ail drain weary haunt harrow burden aggrieve mortify take steam out bug faze drag abase beat darken dull run down reduce to tears make unhappy cast a gloom upon make sad humiliate indispose humble make dispirited make crestfallen make gloomy bum out turn off bring tears to your eyes make desolate cause suffering to keep under hang over harsh someone's mellow put down bring down dampen spirits break someone's spirit bear down make one's heart bleed dash hopes make someone's heart bleed break someone's heart throw a pall over worry chagrin beset nag confound lie heavy on plague let down petrify disenchant frighten prey on shock terrify horrify affright mess up lower stifle mar smother diminish pain floor curb harass hurt spoil shatter squash deaden gnaw at obsess devastate press cloud discomfort be a burden to be a burden on disillusion intimidate take over startle consternate panic terrorize shake up spook disgruntle alarum take control of put the wind up dash the hopes of perplex terrorise weigh on knock the wind out of harsh one's mellow make miserable lie down deplore suppress overwhelm subjugate break flatten cast a shadow squelch make blue drag down castrate geld dampen someone's spirit lessen inhibit restrain cast a gloom on overcome quell extinguish defeat overpower take the heart out of wreck ruin put into a funk lobotomize shame dump bear down on damp down desiccate press down on baffle balk dehydrate cast a pall over tax weigh stress strain inconvenience harsh disoblige incommode bedevil discompose wound blanket overcharge concern discomfit embitter displease prey on your mind jolt surprise sting take aback shatter the illusions of burst bubble stamp out hagride frazzle distemper distract undo unhinge exercise flurry fuss disquiet paralyse psych agitate derail agonize pother cause trouble to amaze sicken scandalize disgust insult outrage astound gall put off snafu foul up paralyze screw up flummox dumbfound give a turn throw into a tizzy fluster throw off balance weird out freak out mystify fill with consternation bewilder louse up puzzle muck up injure dish it out stick it to give it to dish out agonise underwhelm baulk scandalise hit hard break the heart of knock for a loop gross out scarify fright scare to death scare stiff scare the pants off fill with fear make one's hair stand on end scare the bejesus out of chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of throw into a panic scare someone out of their wits scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk


To punish (in order to bring about improvement in behavior, attitude, etc)
chasten humble humiliate subdue curb squash tame abase cheapen debase deflate degrade demean discipline discredit disgrace dishonour dishonor flatten foul lower mortify restrain shame sink smirch soften afflict check repress bring down bring low take down put down cut down to size put in one's place put someone in their place take down a peg or two crush quash own dispirit chagrin disconcert discourage dismay dishearten snub destroy belittle debunk dash puncture balloon knock down shoot down let down easy knock the stuffing out of kick in the teeth take the wind out of your sails let wind out of sails devalue embarrass abash bemean denigrate cast down take down a peg corrupt debauch tarnish disparage smear prostitute show up make someone eat crow pervert vitiate deprave subvert warp deteriorate bastardize poison lessen profane taint reduce canker discomfit diminish downgrade bastardise blot tear down reproach drag through the mud make a fool of put to shame make someone eat humble pie demoralize defame sully blemish slander derogate stigmatize stoop demote descend demoralise blacken besmear drag down defile run down lower the status of bring shame to censure stigmatise cause to lose face reflect badly on bring into disrepute make ashamed settle someone's hash give a black eye stain break subjugate besmirch injure expose slur attaint libel disfavor pull down ridicule disfavour reduce the status of drag through the mire bring shame upon give a bad name put in a bad light get the better of have the last laugh on show in a bad light bring shame on blame harm deign condescend damage depress undermine crawl demolish cripple brand scandalize debilitate disconsider disoblige depreciate devaluate betray cast a slur spot minimize undervalue control minimise disregard deride desecrate disrespect scandalise mock let down take apart dump on sell out silence overcome upset squelch be untrue to oneself beat down give a bad name to tar and feather lose face lower someone's status lower someone's dignity put away strike dumb make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed abandon one's principles succumb take to bits take to pieces make lose face pop one's balloon make eat dirt put one away bring down a peg make one feel small cut to the quick deny suppress force to eat humble pie fix someone's wagon lower oneself lower yourself debase oneself be reduced be reduced to demean oneself debase yourself punish slam pan blister wither rip discountenance confound confuse vanquish downplay get under control play down cause to feel small put out of countenance vilify malign calumniate brutalize soil dehumanize dehumanise brutalise insult mudsling compromise disesteem cut down cast aspersions on do a hatchet job on ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh destroy someone's credibility detract from bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation blacken someone's name


To disconcert someone with an unblinking face-to-face confrontation
face down browbeat confront intimidate outface overawe beard defy outstare brazen out face out stand up to stare down stare out hold your own stand your ground stay the course stick to your guns brave face outbrave brazen breast dare square up to face up to overcome look straight in the eye beat resist oppose tackle challenge face off withstand accost take on cope with meet head-on go up against endure bear meet take tolerate encounter scorn front outdare sustain stand deal with venture call one's bluff come up against fly in face of stand up against make my day come face to face with grapple with weather spurn disregard insult flout suffer threaten put up with handle provoke fight risk waylay cross take aside affront meet head on square off court swallow stomach stick fast hang tough ride out face with meet eyeball-to-eyeball prevail against go one-on-one live through stand fast be confronted by throw down the gauntlet at engage battle experience countenance eyeball play brace for submit to be drawn against abide make a stand brook allow contend with bit the bullet play against take the bull by the horns undergo stick out sit through urge cope bully denounce mock resign oneself to subject oneself to brave out go through bear the brunt of live out brace oneself for fly in the face of grin and bear sit and take it square off against be patient with approach assault attack detain laugh at muster courage nobble collar stop halt call out repel antagonize antagonise run the gauntlet step over the line knock chip off shoulder throw down gauntlet tell off disobey contemn rebel repulse stick ridicule deride gibe despise slight survive call someone's bluff take a stand against hold out against hurl defiance at treat with contempt put up a fight against hang on remain firm hold out persevere in the face of go the distance against stand firm hold the line against


Forcibly put an end to
suppress subdue crush quell conquer quash stop overpower extinguish repress squash check defeat stamp out overthrow put down vanquish discontinue end inhibit quench silence squelch arrest clamp down on crack down on halt terminate triumph over abolish annihilate bottle bury clamp destroy dominate interrupt kill overcome overturn overwhelm put out shush slap down snuff out spike stem trample drive underground trample on block out cut off hold down hold in keep in keep inside put an end to sit on beat down bring to naught put kibosh on put lid on put the lid on stifle curb restrain control thwart put a stop to nip in the bud put the kibosh on restrict hold back frustrate contain obstruct block subjugate prevent impede bridle limit hinder oppress scotch beat choke get rid of wipe out constrain regulate close smother discipline finish bar shut down deaden clobber keep in check still clog rein in curtail slow stymie tone down put paid to govern moderate stop up choke off demolish master bring to an end hamper extirpate lick clog up eliminate rout plug up gag quieten soften reduce keep under control plug muzzle stay stall occlude throttle do for barricade jam dam congest stuff close up put the stopper on get the better of blockade block up hold up retard stopper bung up withhold mitigate censor mollify order dull deny temper foil hold settle eradicate tranquilize hush quiet lessen mute mellow muffle bring to a stop abate bring to a halt tame put a lid on queer circumvent bring to a standstill ice scupper dampen keep the lid on keep down ruin tranquillize tongue-tie intercept counter baulk caulk crack down snow under catch shut up get a grip on keep a lid on banish clot bung fill close out fill up dummy up balk control strictly regiment interfere with weed out close off choke up shut off get under control block off pull up gain mastery over keep a tight rein on blot out gum up come down hard on scrunch trash squish dismiss reject censure torpedo stultify fetter best soothe dish trammel cork assuage confine allay surmount appease exterminate ease expunge keep under dispatch palliate clamp down dumb brake remove clam lull dry up bottle up put an stop to bring to screeching halt prevail over run down call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude delay alleviate gain control over pour cold water on throw cold water on rein back blunt win against tread suspend gain control of chasten bring to a close cut short say nothing detain retain measure dispel punish abase wreck prostrate overmaster floor devastate swamp whelm rule tread on keep fix scrub sidetrack draw up freeze drop brace bring up can fetch up constrict rise above break obliterate calm keep back cease quelch strangle slow down obturate knock off put a brake on mortify pacify stunt die squeeze dam up gibbet drown gunge up wring silt up noose grind down refuse hold off on lay off damp gentle diminish humble blow away force down bring someone to their knees bear down on reclaim bust put on hold refuse to pay put on ice pull in staunch water down manipulate manage organize systematize quieten down seal hold in check methodize stanch pack jam up hold off mask bring into line rule with a rod of iron systematise organise neutralize forestall shut out stonewall contravene obviate debar scuttle snooker invalidate derail discomfit repel nullify upset deter confound baffle damp down repulse undo spoil parry outwit rattle nobble dash checkmate clam up pipe down quiet down make quiet strike dumb hush one's mouth decrease the volume hold your tongue hush-hush blank neutralise counterplot disappoint cross put a spoke in someone's wheel mess up take wind out of sails foul up cause setback screw up upset the applecart put end to stand in the way of put the mockers on louse up


To make less powerful or intense, thereby easier to control
tame control curb restrain check bridle contain constrain regulate inhibit govern subdue repress hold suppress measure rule keep moderate conquer calm overcome mitigate temper lick discipline soften pacify mellow mollify tranquillize tranquilize gentle humble mute bust reclaim rein in pull in tone down get the better of water down get a grip on stifle restrict limit keep in check master quell hold back hold in keep under control keep a tight rein on cool hinder smother bottle up still confine hamper trammel beat retard rein keep a lid on keep the lid on withhold hold down soothe quiet arrest impede frustrate modulate curtail cork bring under control gain mastery over bite back choke back compose keep back keep lid on defeat vanquish best solve quash stop lull allay thwart prevail over freeze muzzle intern direct bar relax squelch guide prevent put the brakes on simmer down keep in line imprison straiten stem muffle delimit stay gag deter relieve hold in check gaol jail triumph over rein back shut in hem in hog-tie soft-pedal keep within bounds lock up fight back put a brake on keep down put half nelson on cool off stem the flow of slow down manage ease keep control of subjugate cork up keep on a string gain control over get over bring into line find an answer to lay down the law to someone find a solution to get under control get control of deal with strangle settle re-collect peg adjust monitor cap entrammel fetter collect halt rally inspect corner recover put a limit on box in cool down bring to screeching halt button up cut back keep tight rein on tie up damp down delay obstruct set limits on impose limits on chain stall foil hamstring baulk hold up neutralize pause constrict incarcerate cramp cut short block catch reduce terminate swallow interrupt staunch bottleneck counteract repulse discourage choke put a spoke in someone's wheel interfere with circumvent slacken pace brake bring to a standstill pull up draw up play for time rebuff stand in the way of nip in the bud neutralise checkmate fetch up ban bind lock in deny concuss coop up fence in deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk decide determine placate appease sway palliate mince deaden damp break form influence condition dictate assuage conciliate propitiate temperate handicap dampen affect shape mould leash bit harness modify alter touch underlie debar silence content predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on dispose shepherd detain impound circumscribe kill hogtie impact on exert influence on keep in be a factor in have an effect on play down cool out meet halfway sit on box up put away pin down pull back tie down have on a tight leash crack down calm down quieten crush disarm ameliorate surmount have an impact on chasten dispatch put down stroke grease dulcify con qualify sweeten square pacificate clobber dominate make peace with squash smooth over impose peace upon restore harmony to fix up butter up bury the hatchet kiss and make up take the edge off smooth someone's ruffled feathers lay back clear the air with make peace put the lid on win against crack down on stamp out put the kibosh on gain control of stymie encumber slow shackle clog hobble handcuff manacle embarrass forestall short-circuit prohibit cumber oppose head off hang up stave off avert intercept ward off put a stop to interdict bring up shut out cut off baffle resist dam stonewall bork put an end to derail tie cripple fend off get in the way of shut down get in the way avoid throw a spanner in the works of set back obviate shut off sink submerge hold off conceal pocket throw a monkey wrench in the works of preclude forbid suspend forfend disrupt decrease diminish quench counter evade discontinue close off crimp rule out lessen fix put off slow up bog down decelerate outlaw interfere jam close divert defend against hide overpower stop up clog up scupper sidestep cease plug up entangle choke off ward skirt turn aside plug keep at bay proscribe stanch barricade steer clear of cramp one's style put a lid on slacken occlude blockade postpone inconvenience exclude dodge withstand congest block up stopper stuff close out extinguish enjoin retardate shush stunt escape eschew bung up pick off desist weigh down refuse clamp down on put an stop to nullify come to a standstill gulp back caulk sabotage set sandbag fence crab obscure duck close up mire ostracize block out incommode defer screen disturb bottle loiter discommode censor shelve choke up remit block off faze immobilize make illegal fill up fill impair bung immobilise quelch suffocate burden jam up shun intermit weaken put back embargo hush disadvantage save ostracise taboo clot be a hindrance to abstain forgo pre-empt help bypass tie someone's hands repel forbear chill estop cover up circumnavigate defend quit cramp someone's style hold off on stand still shake keep secret place a limit on take down let up back off drown turn off lose speed oppress gum up spoil come to a halt throw cold water on put a damper on keep off saddle with come to a stop drag your feet bite one's lip pour cold water on steer clear give up make late fight off give a hard time keep from happening anticipate end straitjacket seal hang on hold the fort resist attack fight net enmesh ensnare capture cushion pack come down hard on snag mothball demarcate entrap scotch act against cross indispose dissuade destroy gulp tether sidetrack scrub drop brace can bound keep feeling inside oneself debilitate overload contravene boycott blacklist discomfit rattle protract veto knock off retain disconcert park garrote garrotte prorogue prevent from making progress inc charge bother tie one's hands stave specify demark prescribe put on brakes hold over prolong keep a rein on hold captive clip someone's wings put the brakes on take out of play define delimitate girdle bring to an end louse up set a limit on foul up screw up lag abate get bogged down snuff put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in sideline narrow down not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of make difficult slam on the brakes ease up bring an end to criminalize elude put out hush up heap shower shroud throw a spanner in the works throw a spoke in the wheel of put a ceiling on procrastinate reef embog arrive put at a disadvantage disqualify blackball except eliminate tamper throttle keep within limits lay off hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke confuse put out of commission place at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out complicate hold the line trouble conflict erode reject cancel nix spike draw the line on mark off obturate override exile back-water cut down keep waiting lose steam wind down anchor it tongue-tie ice declare taboo criminalise undermine dam up gibbet gunge up wring shut out of noose die squeeze count out freeze out silt up put on hold refuse to pay put on ice give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no hit the brakes let down flaps let get there draw to a halt haul up reach a standstill refrain from make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for monkey with damage compromise stand push back reply beat off defend yourself retaliate put up a fight riposte enfetter enchain gyve pinion draw to a stand come to rest disadvise scare miss make impracticable alleviate lullaby dummy up dry up shut up refrain chain up clap secure cuff bulwark guard deflect becalm salve parry head off at pass infringe cover fend talk out of internalize cut in take away comfort reassure balm fall internalise put in irons clap in irons stand off peter out not move cheat withhold from stay away from deny oneself make up for shake off break the habit of skip out on kick get around shrink from renounce keep from shirk desist from stay away get out of abstain from restrain from counterbalance skip do without shy from leave off negate forbear from rock to sleep take the sting out take it easy chill out settle down quiet down ease off take the edge encroach on safeguard against secure against protect against shield against act like a wet blanket abjure forswear put in chains stand up for guard against skirt round defend oneself against keep at arm's length forsake keep under wraps keep inside black out clamp down come down on take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on stop oneself


Talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect
bluster rant boast swagger brag bully crow fulminate huff rave roar spout storm thunder vaunt bray bulldoze domineer hector roister badger blow brazen bridle bristle browbeat complain gloat harangue intimidate protest puff rage strut swell threaten vapour vapor waft yap be overbearing lord it show off talk big ride the high horse shoot off one's mouth gasconade exult swank bull blow your own horn congratulate oneself skite blow your own trumpet showboat grandstand flaunt flourish big-note oneself aggrandize pat oneself on the back flatter oneself sing your own praises rodomontade triumph glory parade exaggerate preen oneself prate blow hard cock-a-doodle-doo lay it on thick give oneself airs attract attention blow smoke give a good account of yourself trumpet posture pose mouth hotdog jive shuck exult in fake con advertize advertise put on airs shoot one's mouth off fly your own kite hyperbolize declare proclaim overstate speak for Buncombe shoot the bull disclose talk boastingly sling shovel shoot preen psych divulge reveal be proud of congratulate oneself on rejoice attitudinize sound off pride yourself on hug oneself hot-dog delight pontificate sweep peacock swashbuckle sway lord saunter brandish flounce brag about revel strike a pose make a spectacle of cop an attitude swagger around advertize oneself put on an act strike an attitude draw attention to oneself self-glorify behave affectedly crow about show and tell draw attention to joy put on look big exuberate parade one's wares play to the gallery kvell play to the crowd jubilate take delight in kick up one's heels glory in be smug pride oneself gurgle cackle call whoop babble gas triumph over rub it in impress play to the cheap seats masquerade prance be ostentatious hot dog flaunt it affect skylark display playact pass off put up a front act up name-drop perform play up ham it up toot one's own horn ham up play to audience put on side swash make one's presence felt make a splash make your presence felt draw attention to itself get noticed turn heads be vain act esteem extol acclaim revere feign celebrate profess pretend disguise yourself make believe play the part of sham impersonate purport assume an attitude take off as make out like exhibit flash promote laud hype push make a show do something for effect pass for fake it try to attract attention do a bit give oneself airs about show off about make much of gloat over boast about

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