Đồng nghĩa của noose

Alternative for noose

nooses, noosed, noosing

Đồng nghĩa: lasso, rope, snare,


An adjustable loop of rope


A shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself, or something in this shape
loop twist circle coil ring bend round curve curl band hoop spiral twirl arc helix whorl circlet circuit zigzag convolution kink knot circumference hook eye wreath incurvation loophole oval eyelet turn corkscrew curlicue ringlet gyre bow lap undulation revolution wind orbit wheel gyration crook arch volute swirl volution meander angle oxbow curvature cycle curvation girdle turning scroll hairpin bend winding disc dog-leg corner cirque roundel compass annulus vortex whirl hairpin roll disk crescent horseshoe crimp frizz involution anfractuosity flexuosity halo circumvolution circulation wave lock braid twine spring bight warp flourish swerve ellipse ball zodiac globe orb bracelet screw inflection sinuosity belt camber inflexion rotation flexure half-moon meniscus hairpin turn meandering rink sash coiling sphere veer cincture quirk eddy whirlpool tier deviation deflection circumnavigation circling tour contortion gyrus bead tangle circumscription snaking serpentine sinuousness hank shift flection yaw tack bending entanglement furl wresting twisting wringing crispation swivel spin lace ribbon tendril wrenching torsion snake yank irregularity wrinkle distortion crinkle snarl crown thong aureole sickle-shape full turn sickle semicircle demilune lunula conveyor belt old moon convex figure new moon lune concave figure cresentoid horned moon drive belt fan belt trajectory sweep catenary hyperbola ogee vault parabola ambit chord rondure swell concavity contour incurvature bulge fork curving elbow intersection crotch swing dogleg joint cusp junction sharp bend detour drift convexity apex projection curling swoop edge divergence arching curvity shape point lean nook hunch swish course knee pivot pirouette hump flex recess niche portico doorway turnabout path circular line English flare notch obliquity circular section sharp turn hairpin curve curved structure hinge crutch ancon circle segment circular arc right angle circumgyration half turn crossroad crossways crossing carrefour change of direction apogee pattern perigee locus branch V Y ridge rim cloverleaf turn-off archway declination diversion divagation exit refraction divergency veering slew swerving straying aberration departure crossroads turnout dome span glance ricochet turning away turning aside rebound drawing away divarication bridge side road


To block or clog up a space or opening
choke block clog obstruct occlude congest dam jam plug stop up bung clot constrict stuff bar close obturate stop bung up check clog up dam up die drown fill gibbet gum up halt kill plug up retard silt up squeeze stopper stunt suppress wring gunge up fill up impede seal block up pack hinder curb restrain inhibit cork restrict hold back shut off hamper stall prevent close off arrest interfere with delay slow repress cut off stem hold up slow down barricade blockade caulk stifle brake thwart cumber trammel stay fetter interrupt block off set back shut keep back muzzle close out handicap control detain stymie still curtail foil encumber gag postpone quiet squelch frustrate hamstring limit block out close up reduce retardate seal up shut up crimp get in the way of bottle up shut down bog down choke off put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of stand in the way of throw a monkey wrench in the works of cram silence ram confine decelerate stopple crowd staunch hush quieten shush seal off contain stick burden defer cramp bridle squash hold in slacken hobble pause clutter up constrain cripple shackle muffle baulk neutralize slow up deter withhold bottleneck put back moderate handcuff lessen decrease mire regulate shut out hold counteract baffle make airtight make watertight bring to screeching halt back off hog-tie take down rein in loiter neutralise balk fill in foul overfill hedge overcrowd cover glut leash tie entrammel secure cap overburden cloy derail protract remit shelve prorogue intermit put off stave off make late hold off on prolong hold over brim heap temper jam up intercept hold off choke up stanch charge load plaster paste enclose gum waterproof stonewall jam-pack lade top stuff up abate lag diminish bottle reef put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps cut down wind down cut back back-water qualify keep waiting hit the brakes lose speed procrastinate embog anchor it rein obscure throttle cut short catch terminate smother swallow ram in top off govern fight back repulse discourage put a spoke in someone's wheel pull in circumvent keep under control slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up keep a lid on draw up tame play for time bite back rebuff hold down choke back nip in the bud checkmate keep in check fetch up stem the flow of forestall oppose stick down prohibit manacle embarrass box in contravene debar short-circuit crab be a hindrance to bork throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works resist tie up get in the way louse up interfere censor cut out lock out mute quell extinguish settle dumb press wedge compress force thrust ice tongue-tie be quiet keep your trap shut quit chattering quieten down shut it can it hold your tongue fall silent put a sock in it stop talking soft-pedal be silent shoehorn crush sandwich clamp down on dry up crack down on dummy up crash drive tamp compact scrunch strangle squish hang up down hesitate let up loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog suspend disrupt reschedule adjourn put on hold keep avert put an end to put on the back burner put on ice freeze straiten scupper table interdict pigeonhole ward off weigh down mothball put over keep lid on lay on the table put on back burner take a rain check on put in cold storage lay over hold in abeyance counter discontinue disadvantage measure rule bind forbid avoid hem in respite extend defend against head off set aside hang fire put a stop to give rain check sabotage defeat ruin inconvenience preclude sandbag chain subdue evade overload faze circumscribe nullify circumnavigate oppress entangle bring up bit sidestep skirt imprison continue ward can steer clear of spoil gaol jail rule out keep in cramp one's style ease up lock up put at a disadvantage saddle with carry over keep within bounds cool off place at a disadvantage bring to an end keep in abeyance keep the lid on cool waive end straitjacket sink cause to wait cause to stay dissuade from impair debilitate withstand enmesh net ensnare capture dissuade quash snag prevent from making progress incommode lengthen drag your feet tie one's hands get bogged down sideline entrap discomfit rattle get out of taboo outlaw enjoin discommode bother tether disconcert fix scrub sidetrack drop brace slam on the brakes put paid to escape bypass beat give disadvantage take out put out of commission cease peg discipline dally temporise temporize overturn scotch make difficult set limits on impose limits on foul up screw up put on brakes put an stop to knock off give a rain check take a raincheck deflect chill obviate forfend keep at bay turn aside stave fend off keep off anticipate give a hard time stand fence put a limit on break off dampen incarcerate intern wreck put the stopper on stump ditch take wind out of upset outwit do for juke put the kibosh on unsettle harness disband dissolve prorogate recess cool down hold in check put aside keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on button up keep down box up keep in line tie down impound bring under control have on a tight leash sit on put away pin down pull back rein back guide direct crack down hogtie delimit ban lock in coop up fence in close in immure deny concuss shut in deprive shotgun disallow necessitate push back count out put in abeyance file lay off lay aside break up inactivate quit pink-slip call a halt to omit put on the shelf stand still come to a standstill not move stand off peter out wrong put half nelson on leave to another time treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to treat harshly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on go slower slack lose pace reduce speed lessen one's speed slam on the anchors slack up slacken off saddle screen complicate become slower monkey with make slower get slower reduce in speed lumber laden overtax weight freight stress strain tax overwhelm


To kill by suspension from a rope
hang lynch gibbet execute suicide string up execute by hanging hang by the neck send to the gibbet send to the scaffold put to death send to the gallows suspend by the neck kill slay assassinate murder do in knock off bump off dispatch slaughter snuff terminate liquidate eliminate croak ice top whack guillotine take out rub out strangle crucify massacre shoot neutralize behead waste electrocute decapitate off destroy garrotte exterminate stiff get finish smoke neutralise garrote put away scrag wipe out take the life of do away with do to death blow away butcher gas eradicate hit stone to death wax send to the chair send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad cut to pieces do for mow down polish off asphyxiate send to the electric chair dispose of neck stone erase annihilate decimate extirpate obliterate blackball fell down claim make away with nix shoot down wipe from the face of the earth suffocate carry off smite cause the death of sacrifice put down take someone's life immolate finish off cut down end the life of put to sleep zap murk blow someone's brains out take a life smother garotte defeat give someone the works cool blot out chill do extinguish knife abolish dust off terminate with extreme prejudice make swing fry bowstring purge carry out a sentence of death on snuff out get rid of gun down put to the sword end put an end to head blast grease vaporize take vaporise kill off send to the gas chambers decollate bag remove ruin devastate silence euthanize overwhelm expunge cancel take care of stretch out bring down bring to the block put paid to cut off the head of wipe off the face of the earth stamp out deep-six put out of its misery stab dust lop drop discard efface depopulate scratch sterilise exclude drag sterilize pot plug overcome kill in cold blood mass murder overpower rout see the back of clear away take down drag down worst ethnically cleanse send to kingdom come clean up root out black out sweep away stick mutilate torture mangle maim beat vanquish cut off somebody's head best pick off take off pump full of lead put a bullet in drive to the wall move in for the kill administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce wreck pulverize wrack cream nuke smash ravage desolate shatter raze total demolish commit genocide pull down lay waste cut a swath through wreak havoc on tear down pulverise put end to ax amputate axe truncate put on the block chop off one's head

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