Đồng nghĩa của sandbag

Alternative for sandbag

sandbag /'sændbæg/
  • ngoại động từ
    • xếp túi cát làm công sự
    • chặn (cửa sổ) bằng túi cát, bịt (lỗ hở) bằng túi cát
    • đánh quỵ bằng túi cát


To compel someone by legal, moral, or physical means to do something
force compel oblige pressure constrain impel coerce make press drive dragoon obligate impress muscle blackjack twist one's arm railroad pressurize bulldoze pressurise push browbeat strong-arm require put the screws on prevail on necessitate bully steamroller influence urge harass hound bludgeon hustle lean on bind intimidate squeeze put pressure on bring pressure to bear on put under an obligation put the squeeze on threaten brainwash goad badger nag enforce shotgun use pressure on induce demand concuss fast-talk menace work on command press-gang twist someone's arm use strong-arm tactics on restrict restrain harry pester prod persuade move bounce terrorize beset act on terrorise ramrod charge cause insist impose order blackmail put the heat on come at twist somebody's arm have someone do something tighten the screws on put the arm on turn on the heat hassle commit bother steamroll worry provoke tyrannize leave someone no option indebt astrict sell politick actuate kick breathe down someone's neck twist arm work over push around tyrannise dog wheedle cajole importune assail tighten the screw on put up to turn the screw on high-pressure prevail upon have hector impose on effect turn the screws on will apply pressure argue pressurize into coerce into plague oppress besiege talk sway make indebted bludgeon into browbeat into dragoon into bully into intimidate into terrorize into trouble torment vex insist on leave someone no option but to put the chill on make necessary crack down throw weight around overcome occasion foist choke use duress on burden apply conscript obtrude contract use force on enjoin urge by force exert force on bear down pin down bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on put the bite on bring pressure to bear upon fix emphasize to stress to set inculcate instil in instil drum into inculcate in instill stress establish ingrain in knock into din into bring home to drive into bring home get into head establish in someone's mind drive home fix deeply in someone's mind leave in no doubt hinder suppress repress cow high pressure force somebody's hand make an offer they can't refuse spur exact prompt propel thrust inflict motivate incite encourage inspire claim extract instigate solicit direct rouse stimulate bring trigger domineer send extort lead bullyrag exhort frighten bogart dictate call for promote request mau-mau expect requisition introduce effectuate key up express unload egg on land with push for take lumber someone with saddle with bear fire up spur on force upon instruct get convince challenge create stir nudge ask excite incline bluster wreak dispose engender beseech prick spark seek determine render levy steer invoke summon quest press for work stir up breed bring about result in burden someone with stipulate for cause to be clamor for cause to become whip up palm pass off lay inveigle draw tempt put palm off goose advise persecute wish bid beg leave pulp fob off implore need wrest adjure precipitate overbear overawe condition inflame buffalo crave postulate ordain predispose rally despotize produce prescribe whip turn sting rule generate entreat invigorate call animate arouse coax galvanize embolden mandate beget spawn galvanise envigorate enact enkindle inspirit activate decree carry out pick on strike do boss around catalyse catalyze authorize authorise clamour for call upon appeal for talk into pester for nag for translate into lay claim to give rise to badger for bring on contribute to lay down the law bay for petition for insist upon ask for shove throw place shanghai compress constrict condense squash catapult mobilize subjugate bring pressure upon reduce lean mobilise enthuse pitchfork intrude castigate scare terrify egg ride roughshod over subdue daunt put the frighteners on orient root boss about walk heavy ride roughshod commandeer forcefully persuade unnerve needle put through the wringer lord it over put heat on proclaim decide assert oneself ride awe ruffle admonish exert achieve accomplish pronounce roust sic lash titillate affright spook pull advocate expedite appall appal volunteer someone unwittingly pray for arrogate beg for apply for hit up supplicate hold out for sue for impetrate whistle for inquire about inspan recommend tell employ milk work up foment advance bring forth perform fulfill fulfil develop attain pull off foster push about adjudge bring force to bear on make compulsory pick abet brew raise ferment scare the bejesus out of scare off bleed hold a gun to someone's head subject fine assess announce read the riot act put one's foot down declare lay down speed up try to persuade set on drive on procure put the screws to manipulate tell someone to volunteer wring warrant carry railroad into elicit impassion agitate for forward craze agitate taunt get to set off juice fan the fire root on psych further pour it on assign consign involve energize incentivize evoke steel task beckon steamroller into bulldoze into turn on subpoena appoint warn hearten impact exhilarate convert uplift empower vitalize entail sell on appeal to ransom shake bribe give orders to give orders give the order to call on call the shots give the command to put foot down give directions sweep condemn doom incentify refresh incentivise energise help exert influence on voluntell go to town on extort money from bear down on want mean hint to pump up cheer on pep up win over boost up suggest to unleash shake down suck behoove affect bias vent demand hush money from hold to ransom put the shake on give obtain bring round make willing impress on entice yield behove be grounds for subject to prevail kindle deliver administer indulge exercise bestow perpetrate visit execute gratify offload dump begin lead to look for lay on wreck end in draw on trigger off press out touch off make happen spark off mete out serve out squeeze out be the cause of give free rein to give vent to deal out leave no choice but to finagle shift on to compel to accept pull a fast one ram down one's throat thrust upon inflict upon get rid of sneak in insert fraudulently


To gain an advantage or profit by using unfair or deceitful methods
cheat con swindle defraud fleece bilk stiff sucker cozen trick deceive diddle gyp sting dupe victimise victimize rook do flimflam hustle skin hoodwink bleed screw mislead gaff fool bamboozle fiddle shortchange hose mulct squeeze stick hoax gull chisel short delude euchre ream skunk chouse thimblerig beguile scam pluck snooker nobble beat finagle exploit shaft have burn snow milk chicane bunco gouge illude rob sell goldbrick cross take rush fudge shuck trim belirt blench crib lirt rogue rip off double-cross take in shake down take advantage of take for a ride do in put one over on pull a swifty on pull a fast one on short-change stitch up lead up the garden path pull one's leg rope in do a number on jerk around double-deal sell down the river give someone a bum steer fast talk take out break the rules give bum steer screw over give the shaft take to the cleaners pull a fast one embezzle swizzle hornswoggle clip sharp steal sell a pup to do out of sell a bill of goods to dodge duck weasel stretch the rules hit below the belt caboodle pull something funny bend the rules stack the cards swizz cop out beat around the bush worm one's way out of slip out overcharge string along gazump play dirty extort bilk of frame gip set up pilfer outwit be sold a pup run a game on welsh jive sell a bill of goods pull fast one do number on sucker into do someone in the eye bluff humbug misinform betray juggle fake out misguide suck in spoof have on gammon buffalo catch kid overreach entrap outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outfox inveigle lead on circumvent manipulate outsmart do the dirty on seduce impose on two-time pull the wool over somebody's eyes fox let down wring ensnare befool fail disappoint outslick be disloyal to be unfaithful to outthink prey on play someone false soak sell out defeat lure stab in the back pull the wool over someone's eyes abuse fake sell a pup baffle juke use suck dry break faith with thwart make a fool of plunder lead astray wangle blackmail wheedle outjockey step out outplay play away outdo trap cuckold jockey catch out outguess top misuse disinform outgeneral finesse goose worst jip confuse cap bewilder lie mousetrap put on get the better of end run figure out play on foil walk all over pull the wool over one's eyes lead one down the garden path frustrate intimidate cajole despoil maneuver manoeuvre charge too much backstab be untrue to wrest force feign play sweet-talk take to cleaners tempt entice out-think enslave wrench impose upon bully lie to bait four-flush double deal distort pull something ill-treat walk over have someone on run rings round treat unfairly step on be cleverer than make rings round lead up garden path play for a sucker cash in on live off the backs of ill-use throw dust in someone's eyes pull wool over eyes play trick on withhold rights from steal a march on do someone dirty jiggle fraud rip-off surcharge dispossess impose pigeon molest penalise punish penalize baulk fine balk forfeit extract filch ruin grift stump pauperize impoverish dust defy harass hound outperform heist expel fix strong-arm pretend put the screws to extortion pad overtax nick give away rat on suck the life out of elude rebel against disobey belie sham trip up sway contrive steer evade coax throw hook falsify cuck cheat on impress blag terrorize attack pick on challenge wind up best overcome take for cross up bleed dry lead somebody down the garden path lead down the garden path be a Judas to bias play a jest on play a prank on play a joke on murphy go one better than flam play a trick on play joke on beat out of take for ride make a sucker of split pass off psych out pull wool over misdirect cuckoldize play a practical joke on play-act con out of enchant entrance charm attract pull someone's leg gaslight play for a fool dump on prey upon play upon misstate prevaricate mock hypnotize woo bewitch dazzle blind mesmerize captivate spellbind hocus-pocus be inconstant to play games with win over terrorise doublespeak misrepresent tear from bleed someone of something soft-soap steal someone blind rook out of pervert bunk propagandize fabricate decoy allure solicit entangle enmesh propagandise butter up play games stage-manage pull strings pull wires hypnotise mesmerise shave put on the wrong track put on an act cover up wrong steer put on false front bait and switch double-talk give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put up smoke screen give the wrong impression horn put horns on hornify twist around your little finger exact crowd swag graft boodle loot oppress be unfaithful mistreat patronise capitalize on profit from treat lightly take liberties with trifle with maltreat leverage trade on control play with target patronize use for one's own ends coerce go back on be disloyal hack machinate rig be dishonest give the business rack affect doctor engineer influence demand ice secure pinch get obtain mastermind cook worm something out of someone put the bite on someone for blackmail someone for hold up obtain under duress obtain by force put screws to obtain by threats make pay through nose obtain by threat put the arm on game interfere with find a loophole in tinker with fudge with fiddle with exploit a loophole in tamper with


To impede the work or ability of, especially intending to cause failure
obstruct hinder impede hamper inhibit block check curb restrain frustrate encumber restrict handicap trammel fetter cramp shackle retard delay hamstring halt hobble bar forestall limit manacle handcuff balk baulk embarrass stall interrupt slow derail prohibit cumber stay bridle stonewall bork interfere sabotage crab throttle obscure screen complicate hold up hold back interfere with hog-tie short-circuit slow down tie up hang up put a brake on stand in the way of get in the way get in the way of weigh down monkey with stop prevent arrest discourage constrain repress suppress foil dissuade clog deter quash smother stymie thwart stifle debar forbid rein in outlaw faze bit avert reduce taboo enjoin ward interdict withhold hold in put an end to hold down keep in put on brakes put an stop to nip in the bud stem the flow of throw a spanner in the works of control contain confine keep back hold cripple keep regulate baffle subdue curtail preclude detain bottle up silence put a stop to muffle set back gag crimp ban freeze keep in check shut out choke back disrupt tie oppose disallow moderate diminish proscribe squash throw a monkey wrench in the works of bind choke counteract swallow kill strangle circumvent govern squelch cut off keep under control straiten stem shut down discontinue exclude scupper muzzle rule out defeat stave off fight back slow up ward off cork constrict tame brake ruin spoil decrease cramp one's style nullify suspend keep the lid on avoid obviate overcome tie down stamp out crush extinguish veto hold off lessen bite back head off circumscribe forfend still counter dampen conceal hem in delimit shut off deny scotch chain measure rule embargo pull in quell cool intercept criminalize sink deaden submerge put the kibosh on make illegal catch bog down pocket overpower criminalise keep within bounds decelerate crack down on choke off throw cold water on cork up clamp down on impair button up keep lid on pour cold water on end hide neutralize rein cap temper damp down fix shush abstain cease entangle conquer neutralise refrain stump cut back forbear resist fend off dam cramp someone's style defend against spike put off put down lock up keep a lid on shut in close off put a damper on steer clear of dull stop oneself keep a tight rein on inconvenience bring to screeching halt quench damp pause intermit peg snooker dash jam censor desist destroy draw up disadvantage terminate forgo shelve postpone burden pull up beat eschew put paid to fetch up cut short leash refuse overturn evade be a hindrance to chill abjure estop retardate quiet cancel quit bottle make late block out close up box in put the lid on rein back hold in check jam up take down do for snuff out put the brakes on slap down give a hard time break off give up keep down sit on deflate place an embargo on mute depress incommode retain quelch discommode stultify staunch bottleneck wreck remit master shorten stunt slacken checkmate entrammel defer demarcate bring up circumnavigate keep waiting bound bring to a standstill deprive contravene divert forswear tie someone's hands escape barricade upset quieten impose limits on set limits on set discomfit reject sidestep skirt blackball drop imprison mire abate close out disqualify occlude close stuff deflect nix shrink negate hold off on lay off keep hold of loiter put back put on hold block up clog up blockade put the stopper on banish boycott shun put a lid on cut down saddle with jail gaol put a limit on specify turn aside forsake put on back burner outwit declare illegal bring to an end put on ice congest stop up bung up annul demark foul up contract cool down cool off screw up define delimitate qualify keep secret drag one's feet clip someone's wings put out tether turn off plug up put at a disadvantage back off pin down put away give the run around keep under wraps fight shy of resist the temptation to dummy up keep inside give a wide berth to swear off put half nelson on place at a disadvantage keep within limits throw a spanner in the works pass up leave off jack in tie-up straitjacket get out of dissuade from inc mar overload bypass cause to wait cause to stay fight charge oppress bother debilitate protract clot waive disappoint blunt sidetrack scrub brace can bilk offset buck prorogue rattle bottle something up net enmesh ensnare capture cover up prevent from making progress constipate disconcert prolong sideline calm lower harsh make difficult incarcerate intern juke ditch take wind out of crash unsettle puzzle snag garrote garrotte put a crimp in tie one's hands forefend condemn discipline get bogged down hold over gain control over gain mastery over entrap gum up knock off confound mystify repulse rebuff keep control of keep at bay stave keep off anticipate not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of pick off affect disturb drag feet hold captive bite one's lip confront keep a rein on keep on a string nonplus put out of commission give disadvantage take out influence tamper black save let pre-empt help forbid to lock in coop up fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun plug louse up benumb blanket numb cauterize confuse mess up lag put the brakes on take out of play trouble conflict slacken pace flummox put straitjacket on hush tongue-tie ice crool banjax place injunction on place an injunction on disadvise scare seal caulk throw monkey wrench in put a stopper in put chill on pass on put a lock on zing gridlock renounce stand fence tone down throw a spoke in the wheel of procrastinate reef embog mothball immobilize immobilise pigeonhole dead-end corner refuse to pay put on the shelf lick ration harness fill up fill censure dry up shut up vanquish overthrow prescribe reserve cauterise cloud allay come down on close down declare ineligible modify narrow cut down on pass by enclose encircle illegalize send up inclose put a ceiling on ice out curse surround prelimit officially forbid make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for render null and void dash one's hope upset the applecart hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke talk out of act like a wet blanket keep tight rein on cow girdle impound direct hogtie guide choke up pack stanch play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel hang fire except eliminate back-water hit the brakes lose speed lose steam let down flaps wind down anchor it devitalize sap weaken make impracticable triumph over shake indispose ostracize bung block off stand still pull back box up crack down overwhelm dominate bury annihilate abolish clamp trample place a limit on finish dispense with kick do without let up come to a standstill stand off peter out not move override ostracise exile keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash draw the line on mark off stopper throw a monkey wrench into drive underground trample on leave alone wrong dumb settle put lid on put kibosh on beat down bring to naught enfetter enchain gyve pinion keep yourself hold out on keep under one's hat stop yourself hold out refuse to give clam up deduct hold on to keep to oneself fail to disclose clam take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out pass be temperate not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure freeze out chain up clap secure cuff treat harshly count out declare taboo shut out of do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on bring to a stop say no say nothing dock bring to a halt put in irons clap in irons forego put in chains give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to cut decline omit belay truncate retrench withhold from keep from sacrifice abstain from decline to restrain oneself refrain from restrain yourself go easy give over pare down elide abbreviate lop trim syncopate chop abridge minify tighten up crop clip slim down downsize slash boil down get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on steer clear internalize internalise black out


Lessen the effectiveness, power, or ability of, especially gradually or insidiously
undermine weaken sabotage subvert threaten damage hurt impair compromise disable injure cripple diminish reduce ruin sap enfeeble hinder impede mar spoil botch shake debilitate disempower eat away whittle away attenuate blunt challenge corrode demoralise demoralize dent destabilise destabilize dig emasculate foil foul up frustrate mine soften thwart torpedo tunnel wear wreck dig out drag through the mud hollow out chip away at clip one's wings queer the pitch of poke full of holes knock the bottom out of put the kibosh on throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of harm destroy vitiate lessen blemish break blight tarnish erode disrupt decrease enervate deface disfigure debase flaw endamage crab crush corrupt bloody taint ravage cross up water down devitalize dilute smash sully invalidate shatter prejudice shrink wound deplete cut impoverish jeopardize undercut lower besmirch take the edge off wear away undo demolish thin trash devastate temper annihilate defile dismantle jeopardise total mess up be detrimental to abate gut blot cause detriment to unsettle consume deteriorate degrade curb check limit devalue etiolate moderate pervert mitigate contract wither rough up adulterate devaluate tire shock interfere with incapacitate queer stain waste discolour discolor desecrate infect scorch batter constrict dirty calm vandalize have a bad effect on smash up louse up muck up mangle raze assuage do harm to wreak havoc on smirch be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to soothe ease vandalise crack be deleterious to play havoc with drive a nail into the coffin of knock sap the strength of gnaw use up blacken whittle crool bruise influence lead astray pull the rug out from under scotch endanger scupper imperil upset cost prostrate minimize minimise detract demean belittle dislocate dim have a negative effect on atrophy bodge blow soil befoul chip away dilapidate cause the sacrifice of result in harm to cause the loss of warp debauch deprave manipulate put at risk distort blotch speckle drain emaciate exhaust shrivel result in damage to lead to the end of nick mutilate rob from wear down knock off balance wrench touch afflict depress disturb curtail lighten deflate dissipate rarefy extenuate offset handle roughly strike at the foundations wear out blast inconvenience prune set a bad example extend lace sophisticate disfeature excavate numb dull bleach scratch play merry hell with abuse fade tear bang up stab lacerate scathe maltreat do damage to wrong maim split cause injury pollute rust rot contaminate burn disintegrate tamper with dump on do mischief to deaden dampen infringe encroach on screw up detract from shake up take out downsize narrow restrict downscale make feebler pare down cut down cut back retrench burrow hollow gouge make feeble put out of commission throw a monkey wrench into put out of action cool thin out worsen allay muffle reduce the power of deprive of force knock down make weaker de-escalate soften up cut away slake mollify benumb damp sate pull the teeth of appease alleviate cauterize remove the sting from relieve reduce the powers of place a limit on tone down hebetate desensitise cauterise obtund put a damper on desensitize unfit ding disqualify tweak cheapen gouge out cut out lose strength make useless

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