Đồng nghĩa của lop

Alternative for lop

lop /lɔp/
  • danh từ
    • cành cây tỉa, cành cây xén xuống
      • lop and top; lop and crop: cành tỉa, cành xén
  • ngoại động từ
    • cắt cành, tỉa cành, xén cành
    • ((thường) + off) cắt đi, chặt đi
    • danh từ
      • sóng vỗ bập bềnh; tiếng sóng bập bềnh
      • nội động từ
        • vỗ bập bềnh (sóng)
        • thõng xuống, lòng thòng
        • (+ about) bước lê đi, lết đi, la cà
        • (như) lope


      To remove (something regarded as unnecessary or burdensome)
      chop cut clip crop hack prune trim sever detach dock pare slice snip hew saw curtail excise remove shorten truncate mow shear cut back cut down pare down lop off cut off bob shave nip poll slash chop off hack off cut short take off reduce pollard top snip off decrease diminish cleave barber separate abbreviate shrink abridge saw off contract skive amputate syncopate elide lessen dissever downsize shave off trim off nip off fell axe disconnect detruncate slit peel skin shape thin strip incise slim down tonsure telescope divide compress condense split retrench decorticate ax round down make shorter clip off cut shorter knock off whittle down chop up slice off boil down even up nip something off single gut decapitate skim foreshorten ream plane neaten cream slim whittle lower constrict pinch back gash sliver shingle nick narrow notch snick tidy up shred mince hash dice deflate make bare slice thin concentrate eliminate abscise remove surgically part dismember synopsize precis file off scrape off waste away tighten dwindle tear hew off shear off cube get shorter edit minimize put in a nutshell excerpt blue pencil make a long story short minimise take up turn up cut to the bone cut into rip break flay scrape excoriate cut away cut up rend carve scalp chop down snap whack hackle mangle fragment fleece strip off peel off crack bisect fray sunder rive bust disengage pare off curb restrict limit cut into pieces quarter abscind fractionate halve hack down inhibit halt minify restrain tighten up cramp control break off rein in cut into a bob saw down roll back rein back hold back put the brakes on get to meat put a restriction on put a limit on put in nutshell abate ease moderate drop de-escalate downscale lighten weaken quell summarize abstract taper attenuate depreciate depress temper epitomize summarise scale down deplete ebb decrement mitigate wind down digest dent check epitomise mark down alleviate tone down make cutbacks in knock down tail off encapsulate wane soften bring down decline devaluate précis blunt sink erode abort subside cut back on dilute impair peter out drop off modify make less dial down take the edge off ease off step down deaden terminate stop salami-slice degrade dampen allay end dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down shrivel let up fall off capsulize capsule taper off stop short whittle away phase down make reductions in slump fade settle waste dry up slow down outline cheapen wither palliate evaporate discount discontinue summate make smaller leave unfinished run low die down narrow down suspend damp finish sum economize downgrade economise inventory couch cushion stifle mollify devalue sum up mute undervalue subdue take down trim back trim down recede run down deduct freeze take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down become smaller stop dead call a halt phase out grow smaller fall away bring to an end put a stop to grow less drain quiet decay droop degenerate rebate ration mark off muffle tame scale something down undermine sap sketch soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away consolidate conflate disempower shelve adjust remit fall relent recap expurgate bowdlerize commute plummet plunge cut down on make fewer recapitulate give an abstract of give a summary of take out cut out retrench on reprise brief give a precis of give a digest of give a synopsis of give an outline of do away with get rid of bowdlerise cut something short put down reduce greatly demote get to the meat make weaker peter die out become less die away slacken off keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum minimalize reduce punishment swing shift play stress accent cut in price lower in price delete confine omit cause to fall ease up on bring to a premature end undersell lower the price of make cheaper put on sale make a résumé of wrap up make a outline of rationalize offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of subtract render worthless bring to an untimely end rationalise disgrade demerit drive down budget cut tune down roll down scale back trim away collapse compact squeeze smother suppress relieve still take in lose ground get smaller tranquilize calm cool placate tranquillize put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on soft-pedal interrupt quit postpone stop cold break short stop in full flow extenuate amortise cast down qualify amortize


      To cut or prune off as the top or extreme part of anything


      To kill or take the life of
      cut down assassinate clear fell strike down dispatch kill massacre slaughter slay murder butcher execute eliminate put to death exterminate liquidate mow down destroy annihilate terminate wipe out do in bump off take out waste smoke blow away ice whack off top stiff knock off rub out eradicate croak finish off do to death shoot down do away with cut to pieces erase decimate polish off take the life of end the life of scrag neutralize snuff put away neutralise dispose of get make away with cause the death of do for put down put to the sword extirpate snuff out zap put to sleep carry off hit finish put an end to give someone the works terminate with extreme prejudice get rid of send to the gas chambers obliterate down claim take someone's life wax silence abolish mutilate cancel kill off blackball nix guillotine grease blot out lynch take immolate deep-six end put end to take care of stretch out wipe off the face of the earth gun down expunge sweep away blow someone's brains out stamp out efface ethnically cleanse extinguish send to kingdom come clean up root out black out remove mass murder depopulate vaporise purge vaporize wipe from the face of the earth hang suffocate garrotte smite sacrifice crucify asphyxiate strangle garrote mangle stick defeat torture overwhelm maim beat vanquish shoot dust off chill cool put paid to dust ruin behead decapitate electrocute delete devastate euthanize nullify annul put out of its misery neck stab blast quell quash murk do knife smother garotte kill in cold blood demolish put a stop to overcome bowstring fry put someone out of their misery cause to die take a life wreck overpower rout smash gas raze worst ax abort overturn axe overthrow total shatter best desolate bring to an end wipe off the map pulverize send to the chair stone to death send to the gas chamber put before a firing squad send to the gibbet carry out a sentence of death on string up send to the electric chair cost nuke bring down wrack cream take off administer the coup de grâce give the coup de grâce drive to the wall move in for the kill wipe pulverise pull down tear down cause the sacrifice of lead to the end of cause the loss of result in the loss of clear up incapacitate mop up deal with excise account for cross out strike out score out redact blank out put out of action wipe off make an end of blue-pencil censor bowdlerize dele scratch out trim disannul cut negate X-out blank cancel out blue pencil withdraw remove all traces of put a line through gut cut out strike bowdlerise blot scrape off launder


      Bend or hang downwards limply
      droop sag sink drop slump wilt bend dangle fade flag bow flop hang languish wither decay decline emaciate fail go hang down lag stoop weaken diminish drape depress faint fall down lean settle sling slouch subside suspend tire waste away become flaccid become limp let down tire out wear out flap loll hang loosely bulge swell balloon incline swag depend bag trail fold nod beetle bend forward bend downward be pendent let droop be loose whip beat flutter flail slacken jerk wiggle toss topple teeter quiver stagger wave flounder totter hang limply fall limply collapse shrivel swing wane tumble fall deteriorate perish slip die dwindle ebb disintegrate waste wizen shrivel up plop dry degenerate hunch regress retrograde atrophy disimprove depreciate spoil slide crumble rot worsen devolve dry up flump lessen become marcescent age go downhill break down cave in be on your last legs plonk yourself plonk oneself plop oneself falter etiolate sit heavily dip weather curve down lounge sprawl evaporate disappear fall unevenly let fall melt grow less mummify succumb descend decrease grow weak place loosely shrink lose courage crouch loaf desiccate be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be breathing one's last be approaching death melt away give out constrict deflate blast blight contract be lazy become stale hang up hang out hook up lower oneself plank oneself plump oneself drop down plump yourself yield buckle distort founder warp give deform crumple retrogress sicken stagnate waver give way implode go out vitiate degrade debase debilitate lapse dilapidate impair putrefy become debilitated go backwards fall apart become worse get worse wear away grow worse go bad lose quality go to pot break up hit the skids be in decline fall to pieces go into decline go to pieces go down the toilet fall apart at the seams


      To walk or run with a spring in one's step
      hop bound jump skip spring bounce leap trip caper vault dance flit jig lollop lope frolic gambol prance hurdle pogo skitter step frisk cavort bob romp rollick curvet scamper capriole sport play clear run leap over jump over lark fly disport surmount canter saltate vault over leapfrog scoot cut capers overleap gallop revel buck cut loose bolt leapfrog over sail over kick up one's heels jump across dash pass over negotiate dart skip over horse around spring over fly over skim go over whoop it up fool around bound over hop over rock tiptoe graze skirr flee trot hippety-hop sweep ascend rise pole-vault cross jump up and down get over hoof it raise hell let loose carry on cut the rug go on a tear make one's way over cut a rug make it over stride hurtle lurch glance ricochet carom skedaddle pounce sky waltz jog swing spin make off whirl sway sprint slide wiggle play around launch kangaroo caracole roughhouse horseplay run lightly spring up and down leap up and down bob up and down rebound startle recreate dally toy skylark get past top traverse go above arise lunge strut jerk up and down cut up monkey around go places and do things tread lightly swagger riot carouse spree hippety hop parade sashay arch bend stalk let go make merry have fun jump up overarch curve span bow swank cut roister go up jive boogie mount over soar showboat peacock disco stomp mosh groove kibitz around mince tread flounce slam-dance show off party get down bop cut a caper scale foot it step it shake one's booty flicker flutter flick flitter flash zip flirt whisk whiz rush speed float fleet hover swoop hurry pass wing scud sail dip beetle

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      lop Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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