Đồng nghĩa của put out of action


Deprive of strength and vigour
devitalize weaken debilitate enervate sap enfeeble exhaust prostrate tire cripple drain overtax tax undermine fatigue jade overtire weary disable immobilise immobilize impair incapacitate indispose make feeble make weak paralyze paralyse bush etiolate frazzle knacker poop reduce shatter soften tire out wash out waste wear out whack disempower lay low render infirm torpefy destroy disembowel do in emasculate eviscerate exenterate knock out fag out wear to a frazzle take it out of unnerve deplete vitiate sap your strength take it out of one encumber hamper injure hinder hurt harm mar attenuate blunt extenuate unstrengthen confine to bed confine to a wheelchair tucker out wear down diminish erode wear outwear break bust kill burn out handicap ruin wither wreck depress harass overwork strain sink fail pain do up eat away sap the strength of unhinge wear someone out tucker sicken lessen lower subvert sap one's strength fell floor burden atrophy plague drop drowse level wear away down flag oppress fade glut weigh droop emaciate shrivel hamstring rob from shrink consume make tired cause ennui lose interest grow tired disarm overthrow mow defeat gnaw corrode knock down impoverish knock over mow down bowl over bowl down fold faint overburden overstrain wilt ennui collapse make powerless make weary dilute make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees bring low grow weary poop out give out peter out go stale put to sleep pull the teeth of make feebler reduce the power of water down remove the sting from deprive of force reduce the powers of


To astonish or shock (someone) so that they are temporarily unable to react
stun amaze astonish astound shock stupefy dumbfound flabbergast stagger startle confound floor bewilder confuse overcome overwhelm bowl over dumfound overpower rock surprise surprize thunderstrike shake up bemuse blow away fog hit muddle numb paralyse paralyze petrify take aback upset knock for six knock sideways bring around knock over strike dumb take someone's breath away hit like a ton of bricks daze nonplus disconcert throw perplex shake puzzle flummox dazzle dismay unnerve faze mystify baffle discompose stump take by surprise befuddle discombobulate appal awe leave open-mouthed devastate knock out stop someone in their tracks impress buffalo jolt appall disturb fox addle fuddle befog alarm strike leave aghast horrify crush shatter gravel knock the stuffing out of maze pose distress beat bamboozle wilder disorient vex move touch stir rattle distract bedazzle benumb make someone scratch their head knock for a loop be all Greek to catch off balance get muddy blow one's mind unsettle affect boggle overawe cause to be at a stand spellbind throw off balance render speechless perturb obfuscate traumatize frighten prostrate mix up electrify discomfit agitate traumatise scare boggle the mind blind fluster demoralize leave speechless take your breath away set someone thinking get to sweep someone off their feet whelm terrify overmaster fascinate swamp oppress disquiet hypnotize demoralise daunt abash scandalize panic intimidate spook bring up short chill snow under throw a curve disorientate excite frustrate blow someone's mind hypnotise throw off razzle-dazzle set someone back on their heels take somebody's breath away scandalise cow jar consternate affright immobilize scare witless transfix put one away fill with fear kill scare to death strike terror into mess with one's head knock over with feather greatly upset destroy elude ruffle spring something on immobilise grind down disarm throw into a tizzy worry scare stiff set thinking stymie frighten the life out of throw into a panic knock the stuffing out of someone freeze hit for six blur weaken enfeeble scare someone out of their wits put the wind up put the fear of God into scare the pants off scare the living daylights out of bother give a turn scare the bejesus out of throw into a blue funk take the wind out of your sails boggle the mind of go to one's head make someone's head spin embarrass put the wind up someone bedaze poleax gobsmack galvanize boggle someone's mind enchant captivate make someone's hair stand on end spring on galvanise besot take someone aback delight daydream moon make emotional make speechless put away break someone's heart stir up dizzy disorder ring someone's bell throw a curveball take breath away give a shock knock senseless fill with wonder fill with amazement wreck steamroller downgrade grind subordinate stick glitz metagrobolize discourage enthrall hotdog grandstand showboat enthral snow throw for a loop gather wool pipe dream defeat intoxicate inebriate make punchy sweep off your feet screw up dispirit dishearten get at throw for loop cause wonder unman ball up do in outrage strike with awe offend revolt disgust take one's breath away sicken nauseate deject exercise blind temporarily run circles around knock one's socks off be unbelievable blow one away knock socks off involve beset complicate thicken tangle repel encumber entangle jumble displease provoke unhinge muck thwart ravel baulk snarl up balk stumble muddy the waters mix you up terrorize scarify anger antagonize ride uncalm undermine needle sap enervate antagonise insult conquer fright alarum give offence to psych out put into a flap set back put someone off their stroke cause someone to lose their composure throw into a tizz incapacitate disable cripple hamstring frighten to death gross out paralyse with fear terrorise raise someone's eyebrows mortify completely surprise shake out of your complacency make your hair stand on end frighten someone out of their wits give someone goose pimples make one's flesh creep give one the creeps send into a cold sweat strike fear into make someone shake in their shoes fill with terror scare the life out of make your flesh creep scare the hell out of frighten the living daylights out of make your blood run cold frighten out of your wits scare the pants off of shame give someone a turn hit like ton of bricks humiliate make someone's blood run cold discountenance close stop dead deaden halt anesthetize anaesthetize lame palsy make inert shut down make nerveless bring to grinding halt arrest debilitate demolish chagrin demean discredit dishonour make self-conscious make uneasy make awkward make ashamed show up make uncomfortable own plague dishonor hang up irk make a monkey of tease put in a spot put in a hole put on the spot put out of countenance annoy let down bug give a bad time give a hard time catch one short scare silly sweep over put chill on obscure trouble flurry cloud distemper derange discomfort frazzle undo becloud put off concern make unclear ail fuss derail hagride weird out freak out depress foil irritate unbalance distort mess up convolute afflict disappoint foul up harass disarrange bedevil gall confuscate pique sadden make anxious snafu grieve intricate psych peeve pother set hurdles burn up pester disenchant confusticate make waves garble deter defy embroil disorganize disrupt destabilize make difficulties pain destabilise dement twist make difficult craze nark make more difficult make complex hurt turn hassle wound mire hack off fret be beyond miff torment muck up distract from indispose pull the rug from under make a scene pull the rug out from under tick off pick on muddle up lower dull stick it to mistake set one thinking snooker mull wonder profundicate scramble ruin escape outwit underwhelm dislocate subdue stop bully browbeat make nervous hinder make fretful down displace discommode rummage disarray pour cold water on throw cold water on put someone off gnaw at be too much for put at a loss catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares inconvenience cause to lose your bearings throw into confusion upset apple cart put someone off their stride bring someone up short chill off throw into uproar throw into disorder rouse badger arouse intrude tire interfere rock the boat get on someone's wick flip hurt somebody's feelings get someone bum out fire up wind up egg on get across turn on lay up flip out cramp give someone grief key up dash put off one's stroke surpass challenge disillusion complex sophisticate complexify disgruntle get in the way exceed withstand make a mess of render uncertain mislead misinform obnubilate madden repress clog interrelate fold interweave multiply elaborate impede combine make intricate open can of worms add fuel to fire make complicated handicap interfuse infold render unintelligible snag grate exasperate rile nettle aggravate fill with consternation louse up conceal misrepresent darken lead astray muddy up beggar crack unstring frenzy loco hide rasp persecute gripe itch frost eat spite chafe fuzz taint tarnish color equivocate colour falsify torture rack stress anguish curse try harry hound agonize fuzz up nag injure strain drive you out of your mind agonise strap aggrieve dog break tantalize nit-pick tantalise prick push desolate harrow martyr cloud the issue throw a veil over throw up smoke screen muddy the waters of eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched cause suffering to push buttons make it tough for weigh on cut up cause anguish to roil impose upon put out burn dissatisfy inflame niggle


To completely destroy or devastate
smash destroy ruin wreck demolish shatter devastate total blast blight crush dash overturn annihilate banjax cream decimate desolate extinguish nix nuke raze scotch torpedo vaporise vaporize waste wrack defeat dish overthrow queer scupper topple trash trounce destruct disrupt slaughter tumble break up lay waste put paid to rub out tear down wipe out blow a hole in bring to naught do in lay in ruins pull down put out of commission do for put the kibosh on write off pulverize ravage pulverise spoil damage mar break obliterate impair level sabotage deface desecrate undo wreak havoc on injure dismantle mess up flatten harm blow cripple eradicate batter disfigure exterminate knock down undermine kill remove mangle abolish sink despoil blow up thwart bulldoze take out crash erase raze to the ground vitiate screw up expunge louse up foul up efface extirpate vandalize eliminate hurt mutilate overwhelm unbuild compromise upset vandalise dilapidate put an end to foil quash stamp out liquidate bring down squash gut leave in ruins maim bomb blemish weaken wipe off the map take apart flaw endamage zap snuff out frustrate crab hinder cancel spoliate terminate blow to pieces subvert blow to bits disable leave desolate smash up finish off stymie incapacitate explode break down euchre wipe off the face of the earth ravish scourge botch delete cruel fell dynamite burst wound root out blot out sweep away prejudice defile make a mess of bloody muck up do away with end bring to ruin sack devour pillage blow sky-high cross up depredate poison neutralize prang stop disassemble black out clean up pop ruinate tarnish blow away taint burn neutralise butcher abate bruise corrupt finish cut mangulate reduce corrode bring to an end put a stop to play havoc with dent dispatch put the lid on attack plunder reduce to ruins wipe from the face of the earth hamper throw down nullify lay waste to quell threaten prevent cancel out block render ineffective annul suppress obstruct clobber reduce to nothing deform muller squelch bust up jeopardize fragment smite torment overcome fracture interfere with bust massacre bodge sully beat put at risk impoverish split scar scathe shiver disintegrate maul smirch distort lacerate obscure crool shock sap wax tear jeopardise be detrimental to excise scorch contort knock to pieces crack shake up disfeature debase blot tear up scratch do mischief to reduce to rubble raid cause detriment to ax crack up wrack up off play merry hell with wipe off map wash out put down strike out throw a monkey wrench in the works of dash to pieces get rid of damage beyond repair axe throw a spanner in the works of wipe dispose of bump bash negate dust kick in avenge splinter chasten chastise bankrupt cool make of no use or value detonate lower scuttle incinerate strike conquer rape depopulate endanger take rupture destabilize derail imperil rip down nick besmirch mess bring about the downfall of maraud empty make desolate shipwreck wreak havoc with rattle crumble burn away prohibit check wrench take down let down ransack pull apart pull to pieces wolf deteriorate debilitate diminish invalidate nip in the bud halt cease counteract execute handle roughly be the ruination of spray paint break off cut out take away make useless be a blot on the landscape disgrace put a damper on afflict depress impede devitalize enervate bring to nought tear to pieces put in toilet gobble up take care of lay low put the skids under be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to inconvenience wither enfeeble unmake capsize spill scatter dump on be the ruin of seal the doom of commit genocide cut a swath through kill off cut down rend take to bits pull to bits take to pieces be the end of be deleterious to do one in rough up detract from destabilise consume deplete run onto the rocks pile up hack interrupt mow down scratch out blow down cast down skin crimp have craze overreach outmaneuver outmanoeuvre outfox cramp outsmart offset throw a monkey wrench into do harm to bombard balls up havoc work against make waves prostrate trample overrun shell scrub take something apart ink out knock out cross out blank out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil KO mark out score out cover knock off block out remove all traces of shoot down destroy root and branch rub off discredit bring to nothing cannonade wreak havoc upon clean out chop crumple refute disprove rain on someone's parade strafe pound wreak havoc stain assault prove wrong bollix abuse maltreat infect rot dirty knock discolour gnaw wrong rust discolor abort carve slay cut about hash slit twist separate mash slice chop up flay tear apart slash blitzkrieg bleach pollute contaminate fade stab barrage shoot full of holes give the lie to wear away cause injury bang up tamper with hit intrude on do damage to drive a nail into the coffin of drive a coach and horses through benothing target blow out of the water blitz knacker pique aggrieve foul grieve torture pain distress sting draw blood cut up hack up

Trái nghĩa của put out of action

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