Đồng nghĩa của excise

Alternative for excise

excises, excised, excising

Đồng nghĩa: excise tax, expunge, scratch, strike,


A tax levied on certain goods and commodities produced or sold within a country and on licences granted for certain activities
duty customs levy tariff tax toll impost mulct surcharge tithe customs duties import tax charge assessment dues fee imposition payment exaction rate tribute contribution taxation due burden price cost custom expense VAT income tax fiscal policy tax collection taxes revenue system monies tax policy tax system offering muster rates demand ransom subsidy gift homage laying taxes levying fare tab bill menu export tax price tag bill of fare liability cess fine brokerage salvage bite capitation giveaway towage proportional tax pork barrel figure amount damage ante outlay sum pay expenditure freight subscription debt expenses charges hire disbursement valuation quotation ticket fees tariffs debit levies obligation wage value worth allowance remuneration consideration estimate membership fee terms total asking price score retail budget selling price sticker tune appraisal appraisement monetary value bottom line face value poll tax tenth costs duties outgo protection kickback collection premium payments imposts investment arrearage spending tolls spend weight surtax setback out of pocket bounty rental squeeze payment required hire charge market price an arm and a leg import charges import taxes requisition extortion call claim request requirement token passage slug check book prize return reckoning wages transport cost ticket price passage money ticket money entrance fee salary emolument stipend handout commission percentage honorarium account reward compensation meed earnings recompense slice handle cut share juice take piece take-in chunk house rake-off end gravy piece of the action


To remove (a section) from a text or piece of music
delete erase blue-pencil cancel cross out cut efface eliminate expunge expurgate remove ax axe bowdlerise bowdlerize cross through scratch out scrub strike out blank out cut out dele edit out ink out kill score out scrap amputate destroy edit elide exscind exsect exterminate gut launder slash strike take out trim put a line through black out blot out blue pencil cut up knock off lop off scissor out stamp out wipe out X out give something the chop obliterate rub out eradicate clean up annihilate extirpate liquidate abolish root out sweep away snuff out squash get rid of scratch extinguish raze squelch annul drop omit X-out quash demolish trash do away with zap block out terminate rub exclude unpublish nullify redact sanitize withdraw disannul negate cancel out white out bleep decontaminate sterilize censor chop shed sterilise sanitise x out conceal suppress decimate waste purge abate torpedo off total nix put an end to remove all traces of finish wipe from the face of the earth wash out put paid to wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth finish off weed out shoot down subtract leave out crush uproot fade erode put down put a stop to cover over wipe off smooth away rub away wear away dispatch blank blot scrape off devastate score snip clean desolate wreck level stroke out cover sink obscure defeat smash ravage knock out wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high KO do in destroy root and branch take apart mark out rub off rule out Tippex out pass up end dissolve void repeal examine inspect overturn invalidate rescind ditch junk revoke red-pencil stop abrogate discard overthrow jettison throw out vitiate retract repudiate countermand discontinue subvert oversee prevent publication bleach revile blacklist make changes to criticise restrain amend refuse transmission gag repress purify review narrow make acceptable supervise communications restrict make cuts in criticize withhold delete parts of cork put the lid on drop the iron curtain abridge stifle control vacate dispense with avoid null dump deracinate strike down inhibit supersede disestablish undo roll back prohibit close down set aside call off put kibosh on bring to an end knock something on the head put the kibosh on


Cut out surgically
extract remove eradicate extirpate resect cut away cut off cut out snip out take out cease stop quit drop can discontinue end break halt break up break off eliminate shut off renounce delete isolate lay off sever give over ignore exclude exsect snub forgo carve overlook desist from marginalize leave off knock off oust usurp marginalise give up cut dead do without refrain from take away pack up pack in abandon finish abstain from desist terminate conclude kick suspend put an end to call a halt to eschew swear off relinquish dispense with put a stop to wind up let up avoid lay off of forsake forbear from bring to an end call it a day close interrupt go without elapse shun pass determine dead-end wink out pull the plug on pass up axe jack in steer clear of refuse cancel lapse ax expire belay ditch cut short abstain skip forswear call it quits withhold from abolish leave out have done with scrap go die keep from surcease bring to a halt give something a miss knock something on the head resist waive get off keep off get rid of withdraw decline refrain forbear pause check do away with curb give something the chop cut come to an end pack it in restrain from stay away from rein in shy from hold off forego resign from skip out on pass on deny yourself block bypass pull out of get out of reject nip something in the bud withhold get shut of omit obstruct complete disregard get shot of spurn intervene pass over hold back sacrifice abort call off abjure sit out come to a stop kick the habit sew up come to a halt quit cold part with say goodbye to scrub not continue be over dispose of wrap up come to a standstill take the cure nip in the bud bring to a stop kill leave alone kick over put the kibosh on give a rest draw to a close stand down from chuck not touch close off prevent give something up adjourn recess disrupt bring to end cut it out get on the wagon hang it up restrain oneself from prevent oneself from prevent yourself from not give in to cease to indulge in stop oneself from have nothing to do with back out of set aside lay aside give a wide berth to throw in the towel forlet stop trying bring to a close throw in the sponge neglect give a miss skim over achieve leave succeed interfere with cut into disturb break into endure dispense stop doing lie by spell rest surrender yield discard quash brush aside cede repudiate head off down tools stop work pass by resign abdicate disavow keep away from manage without intermit phase out dissolve bag it separate interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part shake off render needless abate bin dump resolve keep die away fizzle out fade away peter out annul close out consummate round out pull the plug round off get done wrap end up sunder ultimate put paid to shut down finish off wind down crown settle wind something up put the lid on switch off top off scratch turn your back on divorce rescind cry off withdraw from throw up eighty-six retire from revoke finish with dust off part from wipe out remit jilt shelve break with shake write off repeal forget about forfeit arrest impede frustrate starve sit on one's hands fast give the go by evade constrain stay neutral fence-sit not take sides stall bar stay hamper still catch hobble stem freeze staunch hesitate falter stumble be abandoned wiggle-waggle waver teeter immobilize come to a close be suspended close down blow the whistle on dither hold up put a sock in scruple bring to a standstill draw to a stand pull up draw up balance hang back wabble stand still stagger vacillate be broken off shilly-shally hold at bay whiffle put a cork in stem the flow immobilise bring to standstill come to rest bring up wobble limp fetch up tear out clip detach preclude shirk back off from sidestep dodge avert shrink from break the habit of check out from escape from kibosh call it quits on skirt surcease from


To completely destroy or devastate
raze demolish destroy level ruin flatten bulldoze extinguish pull down tear down wreck erase remove annihilate cream decimate delete desolate devastate efface expunge fell nuke obliterate pulverise pulverize shatter smash total unbuild vaporise vaporize waste wrack extirpate knock down wipe out batter bomb capsize crash do in dynamite lay waste overthrow overturn reduce scatter spill subvert topple undo unmake upset zap knock to pieces rub out blow down break down cast down mow down raze to the ground strike out tear up scratch out throw down wipe from the face of the earth exterminate eradicate abolish liquidate dismantle eliminate snuff out stamp out trash crush cancel kill defeat blot out clean up wipe off the map root out black out sweep away do away with bring down ravage wipe off the face of the earth take down finish off take out put paid to slaughter blow to bits disassemble squash quash blow up destruct break up dilapidate terminate overwhelm beat massacre torpedo take apart abate cut down put an end to get rid of hack down chop down blow away gut hew rout clear oust undermine depose unseat lick trounce butcher reduce to ruins supplant dethrone obscure disrupt finish lay waste to blow to pieces suppress disestablish dissolve murder purge conquer overpower scratch scrub off ink out score out cross out put a stop to tumble blank out block out invalidate knock off wash out put down wreak havoc on weed out shoot down KO bring about the downfall of wipe dispose of dispatch dust pull something down tear something down lower end mow devour bankrupt cool avenge torment let down rip down prang incinerate strike burn trim kayo nullify bring to an end check destabilize burn away damage beyond repair write off quell negate abrogate vitiate benothing annul take away put the lid on exsect uproot execute sabotage unsettle drive propel force thrust conceal cut out crack wolf wax break edit fade erode blue-pencil commit genocide kill off cut a swath through cover over gobble up smooth away cancel out rub away white out wear away impair weaken undercut damage wipe off map tear to pieces put in toilet supersede invert depress rebel reverse destabilise overcome master subdue displace defenestrate subjugate upend vanquish tip remove from power bring low overrun remove from office bring to ruin knock over blast ground floor saw down chop hammer nix ax cover cut sink axe cause to fall bowl down clear-fell knock to the ground clear-cut bring to the ground drub knock out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil remove all traces of blow sky-high destroy root and branch mark out rub off clobber paste pound thrash stuff whip defeat utterly crucify tank beat hollow shellac skunk own give someone a drubbing give someone a pasting blow out win a resounding victory over run rings around turn inside out wipe the floor with make mincemeat of take to the cleaners run rings round


To fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edit revise correct adapt check improve polish redraft rewrite condense emend rephrase rework censor copy-edit assemble cut modify redact reword abridge annotate rescript revamp shorten approve alter amend amplify analyse analyze assign blue-pencil butcher change compile compose delete discard draught draft feature fine-tune finish massage prepare prescribe proofread publish recalibrate rectify refine regulate rehash report retouch scrub splice style tighten trim clean up iron out boil down check over fix up fly speck go over make up set up strike out tidy up write over prepare for publication adjust update recast reform better redo upgrade reshape reorganize remodel reorganise touch up perfect vary enhance tweak develop redraw ameliorate repair help debug remake fix refashion redesign restyle reconstruct make over overhaul remedy look over hone elevate convert set right right red-pencil remould transform rejig temper metamorphose square go through fashion mend emendate remold progress mold tailor readjust modulate rearrange lift raise affect doctor mould turn around make adjustments to make alterations to boost cultivate clarify rebrand shape up straighten out pick up qualify transmute transfigure turn the corner put right shift evolve renovate redress meliorate enrich switch mutate morph revolutionize shape retool reorient customize translate reorder regenerate reorientate reconcile moderate diversify warp reconfigure revolutionise reconstitute turn alternate replace tamper with reshuffle transpose rejigger commute review make innovations permute interchange customise refurbish tune remap subedit reread examine give something the once-over advance rise heighten increase expurgate bowdlerize say differently bowdlerise augment sharpen purify recuperate fit cure suit condition make strides perk up take off make perfect bend paraphrase make improvements to put make make good sort out optimise optimize elaborate complete grow metastasize move metamorphize renew reclaim look through mark up copyedit remove errors check through rebuild transmogrify put differently XXX patch up clear up deal with consummate crown polish up transubstantiate alchemize diverge do over fiddle with make right pay dues set straight finish off express differently put another way put in other words metamorphosize redevelop get with it set the record straight clean up act put in order rehabilitate permutate denature refit recondition cook transfer pass realign transmutate transit turn over new leaf turn the tables stir up change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up put the finishing touches to put the final touches to compare scan scrutinize reexamine scrutinise launder fluctuate distort transition swing disguise flip-flop substitute vacillate swap veer displace pay one's dues make up for maintain strengthen beef up benefit mitigate reanimate vitalize bolster rehab revive save revitalise resurrect revitalize fine revivify remediate stimulate sustain facilitate ease restore fortify bone up brush up freshen up tamper order remix shuffle become different arrange make different put to rights resolve settle retrieve make better solve set to rights heal make amends for recompense dial back spruce up harmonize harmonise smarten modernize redeem compensate compensate for smarten up redecorate patch modernise straighten up beautify expiate atone for make reparation for make amends make restitution for refresh balance gussy up counteract service change for the better rejuvenate even up turn things around uplift promote tidy straighten pay for reinforce neaten make restitution make reparation sort work on see to atone appease requite bring up to code reenforce retread face-lift make tidy make recompense for make level tune up do penance make good for make redress for put on the right track put something to rights avenge conciliate reward furnish go straight do justice turn one around become aid make changes to fine tune phony up correct mid-course build on spell-check alleviate become better step up offset end attend to restitute transcend excel improve on bring around remove eliminate remaster groom dress up deck primp spiff provide appreciate further square up clean up one's act take care of forgive absolve excuse purge relieve diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel assuage forward fettle streamline get working cancel countercheck frustrate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater spruce jazz up brighten up doctor up re-create put back together restore to working order pay recompense for contemporize make as good as new do away with get to the bottom of be the answer to put an end to be the solution to embellish square things do penance for rationalize innovate re-equip level out balance out restore the balance even out answer rationalise finalize bring up to date propitiate work the bugs out of make redress pay the price say sorry make recompense redeem oneself absolve oneself take one's medicine apologise apologize pay the penalty finalise sleek practice practise slick mature round get the latest version of bring into the twenty-first century regularize equalize make improvement improve performance clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together mellow turn over a new leaf get it together uncurl regularise equalise unkink align restructure uncoil unbend set make straight make plumb put vertical even level smooth down put straight organise put perpendicular flatten untwist put upright organize unfold

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