Đồng nghĩa của get done


To bring to completion
achieve effect accomplish complete finish do attain fulfil fulfill realize consummate effectuate realise perpetrate score pull off clinch sew up carry out carry off deliver on make good on carry through bring about bring off succeed in follow through with bring to fruition reach execute manage live up to make it nail it finalise wrap up rack up seize acquire follow through on notch up finalize perfect chalk up secure do one proud discharge prosecute clock up compass bring to completion land conquer satisfy engineer get there bear out make the grade fulfill your potential make good contrive enact gain fulfillment make happen produce perform conclude commit bag wrest do justice to fix keep faith with fulfill one's potential put the tin lid on make hay gain grasp honour strike meet put it over honor arrive at hit net latch onto negotiate take care of do a bang-up job put through be true to do the trick make win procure get someplace conduct snag earn nail actualize catalyze catalyse go through with finish off garner get obtain capture reap log ring up gather establish receive collect draw reify hook glean come by wangle nab collar cop knock down get hold of bring in have get your hands on come into possession of pull down go the distance find live up notch make it to assume inherit pick up derive incarnate pot swing scoop harvest make real carry be awarded be given clear advance walk off with build up annexe enlist come away with annex walk away with ameliorate make concrete materialize materialise reorganise corporealize make a reality reorganize take over succeed come into accede to be elevated to appropriate amass grab come to have access glom onto possess oneself of polish off


(of an event, action, or process) To come to an end or cease to occur
stop cease end finish come to an end come to a stop conclude draw to a close terminate be over close pause come to a close come to a halt come to a standstill complete wind up break off close out come to rest culminate desist discontinue draw to a halt fade away finish off halt peter out stop dead wind down wrap up close down collapse cool it cut short die die away die down die out elapse end up expire fizzle out let up pack it in pass reach a standstill run its course run out shut down stop in your tracks hold stand quit consummate lapse settle wrap break up sew up round off top off dead-end round out knock off leave off pack in bring to an end wink out dissolve drop axe resolve cancel call off scrap break annul abort abolish can belay relinquish sunder ax interrupt ultimate determine crown put an end to cut out cut off desist from give up lay off switch off put paid to shut off pack up dispose of call it a day pull the plug give over put a stop to call a halt to finalize get shut of nip in the bud knock something on the head put the lid on give the chop get shot of pull the plug on discharge accomplish clinch shutter finalise scratch fold scrub come to a conclusion round up carry out bring to a conclusion carry through bring to fruition hang up bring to a close set the seal on suspend abandon go check bring to a halt disappear vanish refrain from forgo arrest renounce adjourn withdraw call a halt curb kick call it quits cut dispense with surcease bring to a standstill achieve eliminate fade do lay off of eschew bring to a stop fulfill put to bed pass away cease to exist block put the kibosh on obstruct perform stem evaporate execute cap melt away ditch hold back fulfil forsake sort out become obsolete remove be no more do without polish off nail stay get rid of recess realize stall abstain abstain from forbear refrain actualize inhibit sever intermit impede do away with effectuate polish freeze suppress dump prevent evanish restrain leave dwindle avoid perfect carry off get through clear realise cease to be have done with cry off blow over put a lid on run down withdraw from retire from get out of quash hold up discard hinder evanesce prorogue rescind repeal lift complement revoke pull up curtail ignore thwart shake shelve phase out intervene exit depart ebb kill become invalid become extinct wane stifle add the final touch to make good go whole hog go the limit add the finishing touch to make perfect go through with bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on become void tie up disconnect disperse subdue interfere with withhold bite the dust stop short liquidate fold up button down put a period to do for wear off forbear from escape from bring to an untimely end finish with keep from withhold from kick the habit put the stopper on quit cold say goodbye to take care of clean up stop oneself from blow off swear off give a rest restrain oneself from cut it out throw up not continue disappear from the face of the earth kick over climax keep nullify bin disrupt junk bring call recall top quell transpire cinch yield resign wrap-up forswear disturb extinguish be at an end follow through succeed dispatch subside not do immobilize turn back fly by fail draw to close deactivate immobilise stop midstream perish be put to bed cut loose button up relieve forlet result slip away bring down curtain be no longer valid call a stop to down tools stop work head off abate get on the wagon hang it up take the cure bar knock it off die off staunch run your term cut into break into spell rest tie up loose ends be through with come to the end finish up raise resist the temptation to hold back from jack in play out carve isolate exclude extirpate usurp delete snub exsect marginalize extract overlook oust excise close off bring to end turn out shut renege back out pull out of throw in the towel throw in the sponge get off stop trying go cold turkey go away recede clear up retreat drop out deal with go by back off quit cold turkey delay give notice turn out to be go dead postpone limit trail off tail off take out marginalise cut dead take away stop doing lie by leave alone put the finishing touches to hamper slow disjoin dissever separate interpose disunite part melt be brought to an end put a sock in restrict blow the whistle on put a cork in put lid on put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to mop up call a day top it off put into effect put the tin lid on put away wither away dematerialize retard go south be done for cease to be known leave no trace come to naught pass into oblivion baulk catch still suspend proceedings vaporize sell out contain stop cold break short shun fly dissipate sink flee repress remit forfeit stop in full flow fix sidetrack draw up balk brace bring up fetch up refuse divorce jilt sacrifice dispel close the door on terminate the account close the books be suspended be put on hold reject slow down forego abjure leave unfinished dry up concentrate vaporise parch weaken bring to a premature end regulate throttle put a brake on bag it stamp out clamp down on crack down on fight take a breather take a break rise take five oppose part with resign from part from turn your back on eighty-six dust off break with write off wipe out forget about counter defy withstand resist prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in go without keep off tackle confront frustrate oppugn war repel combat buck battle against desert escape vacate bail strive against struggle against make a stand against bring to an end to cope with put up a fight against be gone from be done with brush off bail from go away from drop out of clear out from depart from bow out of check out from break off with walk out of walk out on disappear from run along from cast aside take off from move from abscond from cast off step aside from exit from set out from absent oneself from


Achieve, gain
rack up score achieve attain gain make bag chalk up hit log notch up win amass clock up get record register ring up tally succeed in making accomplish accumulate acquire actualize collect do earn knock up obtain produce reach realise realize turn in carry out wind up secure procure land come by garner bring in net pick up reap snag draw receive get hold of capture grab pull off knock down pull down fulfil hook clinch fulfill get your hands on cop have grasp gather consummate be given nab wangle carry latch onto arrive at come to have come into possession of possess oneself of appropriate collar effectuate manage access carry off bring about take bring to fruition wrap up execute come into buy come in for complete take possession of take receipt of engineer purchase build up glean swing lock up carry through bring off perform establish finish conclude clear scoop derive get one's mitts on find effect touch be awarded perpetrate get to walk off with sew up come away with get possession of deliver on make good on polish off succeed in conquer live up to make it rise to nail it scare up climb to annexe win possession of make it to strike perfect do one proud annex walk away with satisfy follow through with get there mark up accept cover go adopt assume clean up glom onto reify snap up claim clock hustle catch corral bring make a profit return locate total notch lay hands on search out come up with be presented with have conferred on one possess hold retain enjoy own tie up command bear out finalise make the grade make good enact gain fulfillment make happen fulfill your potential contrive finalize guarantee cinch ice ensure make sure make sure of assure guaranty give security insure gain on overtake run to move to come to amount to pot harvest advance enlist ameliorate commit wrest do justice to fix keep faith with put the tin lid on honour meet discharge prosecute take care of do a bang-up job get someplace fulfill one's potential make hay seize follow through on put it over honor negotiate compass put through be true to do the trick bring to completion conduct inherit implement cause succeed engender catalyze create catalyse administer settle generate enforce induce prompt beget spawn invoke breed transact yield crown work occasion put into effect give rise to work out result in apply round off top off nail bring on cap translate into put into practice finish off go through with sort out set the seal on bring to pass polish act out end provoke thrash out hammer out initiate render round out draw on put into action set up go through deal with terminate organize bring forth wreak complement undertake originate arrange close get through observe precipitate begin bring to an end affect bring to a conclusion add the final touch to add the finishing touch to put to bed organise form dispatch act upon promote trigger kindle lead to pass impose come through determine develop be responsible for take care of business process launch foster put into operation introduce put in force start knock off administrate engage in go whole hog go the limit call it a day make perfect bring to maturity do thoroughly put the last touches on make up put the finishing touches on put in place materialize call forth incarnate act on operate cause to occur cause to happen inflict actionize exercise ultimate incite tackle follow up on follow through action make real materialise rule carry to completion ratify sanction make concrete acquit oneself of act deliver the goods wrap serve authorize put the final touches to set off inspire settle on be guilty of end in button up sail through bear contribute to enkindle stir up spark off endorse run with the ball be to blame for button down authorise put finishing touch on put the finishing touches to touch off whip up institute draw up put together stand by work up pass muster bring into being make short work of bring to bear bring into effect undergo go the distance acquit pull pursue maneuver manoeuvre follow make work employ enable bring home the bacon refine expedite stage work on idealise idealize tick discover feel for be behind present cut transgress hack get something done be successful start in on take action on score a success dispose of follow up follow out provide the means for accelerate force up and do fix up abide by can reorganise reorganize corporealize ply practice practise be done with play out be engaged in take over muster hatch conjure found engage exact put on reach the summit of bring to perfection snare go that route appear resolve sow the seeds of multiply get up inaugurate come at exert put over do the job push through accede to arise get out of the way do to a turn end up make attain mop up top it off put away earn one's wings commence put lid on fold up put the finishing touch to call a day make a reality dawn further agree handle sign arrive be elevated to do to a T make for spring break forge show up turn around serve out bring into play turn up deal out seal broker shape construct be finish up be placed come in come out bargain hash out decide on fetch represent symbolize pocket retrieve see to choose confirm figure build ace objectify save blag recover hoard schlenter salvage occupy instigate play a part in carry on portray craft get at make use of scrape together drum up scrape up beg borrow or steal lay up lay hold of gobble up concert opt name decide drive be instrumental in do business pass muster in gain a pass in pass with flying colors meet the requirements of come up to snuff in be successful in come up to scratch in scrape through stop spur place TCB symbolise arrange for settle upon keep spark activate foment play a role in set in cease obey impel have a hand in encourage add to culminate in elicit stimulate be a factor in grind out carve out halt ordain order respect uphold reach an agreement reach terms on come to terms on actuate culminate cultivate instil push forward be conducive to arouse set in motion instill open the door for influence decree legislate bring to life give life accommodate fill run trigger off kickoff finish in draw out add up to have a part in make possible conduce to forward put in motion conduce oil the wheels of be at the bottom of evoke have the effect of entail be the cause of help be partly responsible for bring out spell contribute lapse approve answer redeem acknowledge shake hands on elapse expire turn the trick turn out put across validate shutter quit discontinue sanctify scratch fold scrub comply with legalize proclaim constitute lay down break off come to a conclusion round up break up close out come to an end come to a close shut down act in accordance with coincide with pay regard to cooperate with act according to fall in with cohere with measure up to adhere to tally with agree to check with assent to fill the bill yield to goose-step to cope with harmonize with be faithful to square with be good enough accommodate to cut the mustard match up to submit to be guided by perform according to be bound by be heedful of go along with cater to fit the bill be in accordance with respond to be loyal to conform to chord with OK make law approach attempt work at set about devote oneself to go about be employed occupy oneself with get on with get busy with let up dead-end pack in leave off wink out vote in legalise give the seal of approval to set give the green light to get the floor give the thumbs up to dictate make laws make into law vote favorably appoint steamroll jam through give the go-ahead to give the OK to formulate railroad railroad through hang up bring to a close

Trái nghĩa của get done

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