Đồng nghĩa của evaporate

Alternative for evaporate

evaporates, evaporated, evaporating

Đồng nghĩa: disappear, fade away, vanish,


To vanish or disappear, especially gradually
disappear vanish dissolve fade evanesce melt dematerialize disperse end pass vaporise vaporize dissipate flee fly sink dispel cease to be cease to exist clear concentrate die out dry up evanish fizzle out parch pass away peter out weaken wear off be no more come to an end melt away fade away dwindle wane ebb diminish lessen subside wither die abate decrease tail off shrink decline taper off die away fail go away recede disintegrate droop drop contract stop go let up perish crumble grow less decay flag taper waste cease pall shrivel run out come to nothing fall off trail off slack off grow faint fall away waste away scatter check lower ease slump disassemble quell quiet degenerate depart reduce languish slacken wilt expire wear away deteriorate fall drop off give out narrow down die down be dispelled grow dim vanish into thin air collapse moderate clear out drain rebate come to a halt drop out of sight become smaller grow smaller break up curb settle dim trail away diffuse finish lighten terminate curtail elapse depreciate die off halt calm down run low restrain devaluate lose edge soften slow down wear down be destroyed exit discontinue lapse conclude withdraw close sag quit run dry break down emaciate lag be lost to view recede from view determine attenuate trail relent remit be lost to sight become obsolete become extinct melt into thin air become less de-escalate ratchet down drain away phase down break off dead-end blow over get smaller leave off wink out fade out pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth run its course wind up draw to a close erode falter slash ebb away lose intensity lose strength plummet plunge cut down modify tail away decrement rise lift be gone blur transpire thin out be engulfed ablate disband banish squander be over slip away fly by grow sterile become unproductive grow barren wizen faint mummify succumb allay drive away lose its effectiveness lose its effect lose courage cave in cease to yield be used up peter spread come to a halt end come to a an end constrict compress condense etiolate go south be done for wither away cease to be known leave no trace come to naught hush fold deliquesce grow feeble thin rarefy tire compact decompose become unimportant squeeze shorten tighten constringe deflate capsule capsulize pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud die on vine be invisible leave become invisible vanish from sight take in lose ground scrimp pass from sight dilapidate unmake fall through atrophy cease to be visible vanish off the face of the earth wind down be lost be exterminated go missing disappear from sight give way give in become weak be wiped out break into pieces go downhill be on the way out ease off fall short drop away dull slacken off rot regress dip cool off go down shrivel up sicken pine deplete worsen relax temper retrograde subdue settle down descend quieten be forgotten calm depress grow weak go into a decline ease up slip turn down moulder hang desiccate desist alleviate slow molder bedim pale downsize downscale retrocede darken become limp quieten down mitigate minimize become emaciated age nosedive cool become weaker minimise be abandoned minify devolve retire relapse grow weaker be neglected be disregarded fall down conk out wear out make less intense come to a stop tone down rachet down make faint level off set weary clear up fizzle peak lull dehydrate dehumidify swag loll give up sink into oblivion disappear slowly dry rescind shape elongate bate pine away assuage relieve weather still mollify extenuate abbreviate retrench flow away slake dampen volatilize dent phase out thin down take a nosedive close out numb end gradually blast blight retreat get less become shrunken totter impoverish cripple debase vitiate lose tremble limp go through the floor hit the floor make smaller become marcescent gutter become enfeebled become debilitated come down decelerate slack unlax coast become stale knock down pare down make less boil away bend dangle become indistinct become vague become blurred amputate impair cut crop clip abridge soft-pedal infrigidate freeze freshen ally frost flop bow lose spirit fall back pull out return back away drop back chill out cool it become shadowy cut back roll back slack up become confused stoop hang down move away go back retrogress mute back retract move back drape take the bite out take the sting out break lose significance decrease in importance pale into insignificance back off move further off sling slouch suspend lop lean draw away draw back flow back make dim become flaccid lose lustre stall take a turn for the worse have a relapse suffer a relapse get ill again get worse again tucker long hunger make less bright tire out let down hanker yearn malfunction teeter ail brood despond grow dull pack up go to pieces knock out go soft


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To expel or discharge, typically gas or light
exhale discharge emit emanate issue cast evolve expel irradiate radiate release shoot steam vent eject expire exsufflate breathe vaporise vaporize give off give out let out send forth send out throw out exude diffuse leak gush spew excrete jet erupt pour out disgorge void ooze shed secrete transmit pour evacuate spout cast out effuse belch vomit yield disembogue ejaculate squirt spew out give vent to spread produce beam spurt eruct empty pass output reek perspire send breathe out let off throw off extrude expend dispense flow spit spill outsend scatter stream drip speak expectorate purge broadcast ventilate distribute deposit strew sprinkle spray distil loose burst birth exit egress initiate distill rise force issue forth churn out extravasate sweat deliver pour forth break out fan exudate project eliminate dump remove hiccup irrupt gulp repeat posset puff out blow bend pinpoint aim direct throw hold train level head breathe forth cough up spew forth throw up spit out set spatter disseminate expel air bestow point express gleam glitter spread out air voice utter circulate proliferate afford illumine ramble propagate expand verbalize reveal beam out assert communicate articulate shoot out light up proclaim give forth smell of put verbalise escape declare give free rein to come out with give voice to bring into the open make public take out on find an outlet for give expression to provide escape drive out find expression for leach drain seep bleed weep percolate trickle strain transude well glow egest put out pump out flush out dispose relieve tingle thrill dribble filter give drop shine emerge emit liquid come out of overflow with overflow filtrate rupture boil hurl belch forth touch off be ejected explode burst out belch out burst forth go bang go off ray rush emit light give off light run course press press out force out squeeze out squeeze thrust out boot evict thrust drum out cascade flood surge demonstrate show display bucket roll deluge swoosh sloosh spring spill out lash inundate proceed drench sluice transfer chuck it down rill sheet exhibit kick out be a picture of generate bring about bring on effectuate create be the picture of convey well forth filter through flow out

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