Đồng nghĩa của moulder

Alternative for moulder

Đồng nghĩa: decompose, molder, rot,


To deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
languish fade flag weaken decline decay wilt wither fail sink deteriorate droop dwindle diminish sag ebb lag emaciate go rot waste sicken faint pine tucker hunger long hanker yearn ail brood despond teeter go downhill waste away grow weak wither away fade away fizzle out go to pieces knock out go into a decline conk out go soft die on vine degenerate atrophy become dilapidated fall into decay crumble go to seed go to pot go down the toilet go to the dogs go to rack and ruin break down run to seed shrink wane perish shrivel up become emaciated be abandoned thin disappear be forgotten be disregarded be neglected wear away devolve regress worsen descend retrograde deprave demoralise disimprove debase warp debauch turn demoralize stain pervert molder drop fall lessen slump collapse tire slip falter depreciate decrease degrade debilitate retrogress disintegrate recede slide lower lapse shrivel peter out become worse get worse hang melt away hit the skids abate spoil subside stagnate die die away pall die out succumb fall apart die down go backwards go bad be in decline fall off drop off go down the tubes loll swag drain deplete evaporate weary dissolve grow less contract wizen impair give out become limp dry up grow worse taper off lose strength melt slacken skid lose quality poop out drain away wear out fall to pieces fall away be the worse for wear be on your last legs erode ebb away nosedive backslide die off peak mummify etiolate suffer lose courage become fatigued grow tired grow weary lose energy grow feeble dry cave in pine away injure adulterate go to the pack be worse for wear alloy corrode lose it mar break undermine be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage tucker out let up remit exhaust moderate taper ease de-escalate relent be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be breathing one's last be approaching death desiccate enervate prostrate constrict fold deflate blast blight age dangle bend come to an end retire trail ease off withdraw ratchet down flow away phase down overtire poop become marcescent bush flop bow wear become stale stoop hang down disable drape bore bedraggle fizzle sling slouch depress fall down settle lop lean suspend jade vitiate burn out wear down become flaccid tire out let down dilapidate putrefy become debilitated break up vanish dissipate dim go into decline attenuate fall apart at the seams plummet disperse gutter reduce go down wind down become less become weak go away grow dim tail off wear off


Live or spend a period of time in a dull, inactive, unchallenging way
vegetate idle languish loaf stagnate laze lounge loll slouch be inactive degenerate deteriorate do nothing exist laze about laze around lounge about loaf about loaf around loll about loll around lollygag lounge around slouch about slouch around slummock decay hang about hang around hang round hibernate mooch about mooch around veg out weaken bat about bat around bat back and forth bum around go to seed kill time pass time sit around be inert go to pot twiddle thumbs fritter while slack dawdle dally dillydally skive chill lazy potter bum loiter bludge drone footle hang out sit back kick back fool around while away take it easy mark time waste time bob off fanny about goof off fritter away lay on one's oars hack around sit back and do nothing rest on your oars slow down kick around kick your heels molder relax dilly-dally linger mooch mope trifle tarry stall creep drift putter delay saunter lag goldbrick drag diddle crawl procrastinate poke lallygag shilly-shally mess around goof around lie around wait horse around moon bat potter around fritter away time put off fiddle around drag your feet doss skulk trail malinger shirk flag fiddle straggle stay vacillate amble droop plod dither futz pause be indolent stooge take your time lie about while away the time mess about get no place fast be idle do nothing much decline fribble unwind stroll doodle play wander hesitate hover slacken be slow shuffle clown stagger putter around monkey around falter potter about hang fire fall behind while away time bask potter round fritter time away stand still beat the meat pass the time idle away time fill in time fool about not keep pace sit on one's hands consume time idle away the hours amuse oneself chill out lie dormant while away hours muck about knock around not lift a finger be slothful take one's time be unoccupied come to a halt fiddle about act the fool spin one's wheels play around fart around stand around grind to a halt lag behind lie recline hang daydream veg remain haunt frequent neglect lie down on job sprawl meander dodge do nothing in particular chillax twiddle lark rest be long be tardy be dilatory stooge around piddle around while away the hours piddle about mosey be lazy fool away shamble ramble halt go slowly slough dabble lurk traipse slack off bunk off hang loose temporize stonewall take a breather put your feet up take five take a break puddle mosey around temporise totter filibuster piddle evade dream put off doing something stay put use delaying tactics let the grass grow under one's feet hang on play for time play a waiting game hold back be indecisive wait around hum and haw buy time futz around scrimshank hang back wag fall back decrease drop fail diminish shirk one's duties let down take things easy wane trail behind drag behind ebb gold-brick be remiss be negligent slow retard tail inch hobble trudge tool move slowly limp jelly toddle diddle-daddle rust rot bring up the rear play truant skive off fall fester fall off inch along drop behind be behind drop back slow up shlep along scrounge around dodge the column play hookey lose strength trammel become stagnant stultify constipate be sluggish stifle warm a chair play the wag evade one's duty swing the lead sit on one's butt lie fallow not move go stale go bad go rancid go off

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