Đồng nghĩa của fall apart at the seams


To go into decline
fail decline degenerate deteriorate diminish fade flag regress atrophy retrograde retrogress collapse depreciate disimprove ebb spoil droop sicken stagnate wither disintegrate dwindle fall languish waste crumble degrade rot slide vitiate debase debilitate sink weaken perish sag slip slump devolve lag lapse wilt go worsen decay dilapidate drop emaciate impair putrefy wane become debilitated go downhill go backwards become worse fall apart break down waste away get worse wear away go bad grow worse lose quality break up go to pot be in decline hit the skids fall to pieces go into decline go to pieces be on your last legs go down the toilet go to the dogs go down the tubes lessen go to rack and ruin fall off go to the pack descend decrease die faint relapse backslide abate recede falter pall die out lower tire melt away fade away grow weak come apart at the seams shrivel undermine pine succumb revert peter out taper off contract die away disappear shrink die down wizen slacken corrode subside skid dissolve lose it dry up melt suffer become limp be overcome die on vine be the worse for wear have a relapse suffer a relapse take a turn for the worse fall away drop off come apart at seams flounder go down go from bad to worse go pear-shaped erode nosedive decompensate weary die off drift tumble evaporate corrupt deprave reduce return injure adulterate alloy mar break go to seed become dilapidated run to seed pejorate be neglected grow less mummify dry be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage fall into disrepair lose courage hit rock bottom reach depths be worse for wear give out cave in desiccate let up remit come apart unravel moderate taper ease de-escalate relent constrict fold deflate blast blight shrivel up age become moribund get ill again get worse again moulder be slipping away fall ill catch something become ill become marcescent be in extremis be approaching death go wrong be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be about to die have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last come to an end retire trail ease off withdraw ratchet down drain away flow away phase down recidivate become stale tucker long hunger hanker yearn teeter ail brood despond slip back molder dangle bend wither away hang flop bow be taken ill be taken sick slide back fall back fizzle out stoop hang down knock out fag out go into a decline drift back conk out go soft drape be overtaken turn back go back to yawn sling slouch depress fall down settle lop lean suspend become fatigued get tired become tired grow tired lose one's strength become flaccid tire out let down wear out go mad go out of mind go bonkers crack have a breakdown become psychotic go off deep end have breakdown schizz out go nuts become demented go crazy crack up go off rocker flip out freak out lose control blow a fuse derange

Trái nghĩa của fall apart at the seams

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