Đồng nghĩa của wilt

Alternative for wilt

wilts, wilted, wilting

Đồng nghĩa: deteriorate, droop, dry up, fade, languish, pine, shrivel, wither,


To deplete, or be depleted, in physical strength or energy
fade diminish dwindle wane weaken ebb fail flag sink droop languish sag wither decay emaciate go lag lessen disappear evaporate collapse drop faint grow less melt mummify succumb waste waste away wizen lose courage break down cave in dry up give out melt away decline deteriorate slump degenerate fall rot crumble flop hang shrivel tire loll peter out go downhill atrophy worsen regress grow weak falter abate slip decrease subside perish taper off fall off tail off retrograde trail off fold recede devolve hang down bend disintegrate swag let up sicken dangle shrink die off retrogress fizzle out die pine bow depreciate lower slide spoil lean die away disimprove descend lop pall lapse give way fall down fade away die out tumble slacken fall apart get worse go down the toilet hit the skids etiolate wither away moulder remit lose strength stoop trail away degrade flap vitiate depress debase debilitate drape grow dim grow faint become emaciated sling molder shrivel up settle moderate yield go into a decline buckle thin trail teeter become debilitated give totter slouch taper fag out thin out founder crumple go to pieces die on vine contract die down become worse let down break up backslide topple implode grow worse hang loosely be neglected wear away fall away go bad fall to pieces go to pot fall apart at the seams go out erode peak nosedive be abandoned weary become marcescent pine away become shrunken drift be disregarded be forgotten become fatigued go to the dogs grow tired grow weary lose energy become enfeebled distort warp go down the tubes blow over ease off cool off deform incline reduce dim vanish depend waver dissolve flatline fall through be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last be approaching death nod beetle drop off ease de-escalate relent hunch lounge sprawl evanesce bend forward bend downward plummet wind down disperse stagnate come to grief be loose be pendent let droop come to nothing elongate drain close rescind bate shape ratchet down slacken off drain away phase down dematerialize fly flee flutter flail whip beat suspend thin down phase out crouch loaf be lazy hush quiet deliquesce grow feeble evanish attenuate rarefy clear become limp become flaccid dilapidate impair putrefy become unimportant tire out wear out hang limply toss fall limply jerk wave flounder wiggle stagger quiver go backwards shatter grind to a halt pass off fade out poop out tucker out slack off become less loud tucker long hunger hanker yearn fall in break ail brood despond vanish into thin air ease up come apart topple over break apart give in go down come down lose quality go into decline be on your last legs be in decline relapse minimize halt relax lose minimise impoverish tremble limp cripple knock out conk out go soft wear off lose spirit grow weaker slow down


To lose energy or become fatigued


To stop living
succumb die perish decease fall depart demise expire flatline croak part drop go pass end exit pass away pass on conk out check out peg out pop off kick off kick in step out give up the ghost cease to exist go under give up give way go down meet waterloo pack it in bite the dust kick the bucket buy it snuff it buy the farm depart this life cross the great divide meet one's maker cash in one's chips cease living go the way of all flesh go belly up shuffle off this mortal coil be no more go the way of the flesh be lost go to glory cark it breathe your last bite the big one pop your clogs collapse meet your maker kick it peg it go belly-up go bung hop the twig hop the stick meet one's end go to the great beyond go the way of the dinosaurs meet one's death faint be killed swoon cease drop dead flake out pass out relinquish life push up the daisies draw one's last breath go to one's last resting place rest in peace pass over be six feet under lose one's life keel over drop off fall unconscious turn up one's toes cross the Styx pop one's clogs lose consciousness go out black out farm buy the plot buy the ranch punch one's ticket kick in [slang] exterminate wane desist ruin abolish cash in cave decline invalidate meet one's Maker run through fold up go to one's reward shove off go to the wall go west vanish disappear push up daisies die a death waste be destroyed OD strike out up and die cash in chips run out call off all bets cool off buy a one-way ticket deep six be slain take your last breath lose life lose your life be a fatality meet your end be a casualty conk sack out go to sleep nod off zone out doze off go out like a light fall asleep suffocate drown suck the kumara go to meet one's maker breathe one's last go way of all flesh be taken lay down one's life hand in one's dinner pail sink down fall down die out die off become extinct peter out go to meet your maker fade away slip away fizzle out die unexpectedly fall dead die suddenly dwindle become rarer become less common pass into oblivion cease to be


To cause to become tired, weary or fatigued
tire exhaust fatigue weary drain enervate debilitate sap wear out enfeeble frazzle jade overtax overtire prostrate tax whack bush devitalize knacker wash out break bust etiolate harass incapacitate kill outwear poop shatter soften tire out waste weaken wear do in knock out burn out collapse do up ennui fail faint fold overburden overstrain overwork pain sink strain tucker out fag out give out go stale grow weary peter out poop out wear to a frazzle put to sleep wear down take it out of disable cripple undermine tucker immobilize paralyse deplete paralyze lay low immobilise indispose impair overextend conk out flag torpefy make weak make feeble overdo drop attenuate reduce diminish droop destroy blunt put out of action bankrupt overexert draw overfatigue run ragged handicap unnerve erode defeat depress vitiate emasculate bedraggle languish sag fizzle succumb wither ruin wreck make weary take it out of one eviscerate render infirm make tired sap the strength of eat away overload exploit suck dry impoverish use up unhinge beat make sleepy burden take exasperate plague disempower sicken shag out drowse overdrive disembowel exenterate drain of energy oppress fade glut weigh root lessen lower subvert wipe out nearly kill cause ennui grow tired sap your strength wear on get the better of wear oneself to a shadow run into the ground bore encumber injure hinder hurt harm extenuate hamper mar wear oneself to a frazzle atrophy lose interest unstrengthen wear away sap one's strength rob from emaciate shrivel fell confine to bed confine to a wheelchair floor run out of steam run down get tired become drained break down stress out become exhausted shrink consume level corrode gnaw down hamstring disarm overthrow mow knock down knock over mow down bowl over bowl down make powerless make helpless make impotent bring someone to their knees bring low damage spoil sabotage lame maim compromise decrease threaten impede mutilate numb mangle disqualify take out deaden benumb disfigure dilute destabilize deface batter unfit total thwart foul up hock destabilise water down dull invalidate obtund deteriorate render powerless disrupt tarnish blemish blight bloody crab flaw endamage debase cross up devaluate deactivate temper calm rough up mess up thin abate prejudice torpedo assuage inactivate shake palsy halt soothe demolish kibosh unbrace muzzle pinion hogtie be detrimental to foil freeze disenable put out of commission shoot down render incapable put the kibosh on take the edge off throw monkey wrench in arrest wear someone out bonk sideline dismember dislimb stifle hit the wall hobble have a bad effect on hog-tie clip wings lay up make lame jeopardize pull the rug out from under stop jam undo ravage be prejudicial to be deleterious to drive a nail into the coffin of be disadvantageous to dampen clamp wheel-clamp afflict taint trash wound annihilate dismantle corrupt crush contract tie prevent from moving bring to a standstill render inoperative make inoperative prevent from working action render inactive bring to a halt shock blast inconvenience scorch smash minimize undercut detract belittle make feebler minimise demean restrict make unfit spike interfere with jeopardise screw up detract from shake up smash up louse up muck up cool chip away allay moderate muffle botch cause detriment to do harm to wreak havoc on reduce the power of deprive of force whittle away mollify sate appease relieve slake damp alleviate cauterize ease mine dig demoralise frustrate tunnel demoralize dent sandbag challenge constrict adulterate deflate mitigate rarefy lighten dissipate offset tone down throw a monkey wrench into drag through the mud clip one's wings dig out chip away at knock the bottom out of throw a monkey wrench in the works of queer the pitch of poke full of holes hollow out throw a spanner in the works of reduce the powers of pull the teeth of remove the sting from hebetate desensitise cauterise desensitize put a damper on defuse appall transfix bemuse daze close stop dead stun anesthetize petrify astound anaesthetize stupefy make inert shut down make nerveless daunt bring to grinding halt nonplus appal worsen disband deescalate remove the fuse from skin subdue neutralise render defenseless strip make safe subjugate occupy make harmless neutralize unarm ding queer devalue cheapen tweak lose strength make useless

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