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Alternative for shorten

shortens, shortened, shortening

Trái nghĩa: lengthen,


Make or become shorter
abbreviate abridge curtail cut decrease diminish dock reduce trim lessen truncate condense contract shrink compress prune clip precis synopsize crop cut down elide make shorter syncopate downsize dwindle bob chop cut back cut short edit excerpt get shorter lop minimise minimize pare down retrench slash snip take up telescope blue pencil boil down turn up cut to the bone put in a nutshell make a long story short summarize abstract summarise epitomize pare digest epitomise shear encapsulate précis outline shave cut off lop off sum up nip poll remove recap lower constrict concentrate summate recapitulate narrow detach reprise brief pollard take off slim down mow sum wrap up chop off hack off restrict limit whittle down minify give a summary of curb capsulize inventory top sever compact drop sketch skive skim rein back moderate abate get to meat give a precis of give a synopsis of tighten give the main points of consolidate restrain shrivel capsule deflate round down amputate rein in hold back detruncate slice hew put in nutshell barber fleece downscale get to the meat mark down give an abstract of compile temper ease give an outline of cut shorter run down run through give main points shave off bring down even up nip off give the gist of cut back on trim off de-escalate ease up on conflate foreshorten disconnect zip dispense with deliver a blow to expurgate bowdlerize slim dissever squeeze abort hack bowdlerise stop short wither make smaller check economize economise take out cut out neaten shape constringe scrimp saw capture waste away give a digest of thin mark off record express excise review decapitate write a summary of groom make a outline of clip off slice off make a résumé of inhibit halt tighten up cramp control ream put down reduce greatly coppice shift swing modify play stress accent tidy up break off cream chop down nutshell retrograde cipher rehash roll back trim down thin out cypher decrement put the brakes on put a restriction on put a limit on axe give a rundown of make a summary of go over quell taper depreciate cut to bone file off scrape off gash ax eliminate confine omit delete incise nick slit lighten notch separate snick shred salami-slice let up phase out step down tail off make cutbacks in make reductions in whittle away depress snip off deplete saw off cut into impair weaken dent dilute make fewer knock down tone down wind down make less turn down cut down on tonsure disengage cut into a bob


To reduce (a judicial sentence, especially a sentence of death) to another less severe one
commute curtail cut mitigate modify reduce attenuate lessen lighten limit adjust alleviate moderate remit decrease scale down soften reduce punishment ease soothe allay quiet mollify blunt weaken diminish assuage temper dull palliate check calm appease placate pacify abate extenuate subdue damp cushion relieve deaden dilute still quieten quell help sweeten lull tranquilize cool excuse tranquillize tone down reduce the force of take the edge off relax lower dampen restrain curb stifle settle slacken compose dwindle qualify suppress ameliorate control de-escalate minimize ebb repress modulate taper comfort lenify wane minimise subside ease off salve regulate gentle shrink soft-pedal taper off let up smother take the sting out mellow slake drop drop off relent decline ease up contain muffle wind down quench deplete play down depress impair cure downscale smooth recede tame die down fall contract extinguish pour oil on calm down downsize satisfy cool off buffer phase down rachet down ratchet down mute heal chill out water down slow cut down lullaby becalm defuse slack take the bite out damp down tail off pall loosen constrain balm settle down overcome degrade decrement dispel discount erode die out die away fall away drain away thin restrict dent hush cut back slash improve console resolve silence roll back dial down peter out make less conciliate dulcify propitiate dim make nice anaesthetize square unburden solace cool out slow down anesthetize stroke put an end to sate let up on downplay bridle inhibit depreciate govern sap absorb hold banish measure numb quash stop trim rule narrow keep adulterate undermine disempower pare counteract paralyse mend minify make smaller dissipate couch clip stabilize kill benumb fade sink destroy devaluate make light of remedy stabilise nurse doctor meliorate knock down bring down pad loose take down cheer reassure rein in cripple make cutbacks in trim back trim down mark down paralyze break pull in aid assist step down fix up disburden upraise facilitate free hold in patch things up quieten down quiet down freeze untrouble take it easy put the lid on play up to make better attend to smooth over pare down disarm ally make peace with get rid of lay back take a load off butter up smooth down pour cold water on rein slack off make up dampen down throw cold water on take the sting out of detract from steady ration address shade sober darken deepen cloud put at rest treat mask diffuse revise shave wear away wear down take the edge off sth prune satiate make weaker fill surfeit sugarcoat restore truncate abridge restraint take sting out trammel intern confine dismiss fix prettify gratify round down eliminate pipe down put a stop to flag go easy drive away chase away put to rest drive off whittle down admix sag ease up on enfeeble mince release simmer down reconcile dispose tune down gruntle obtund temperate transmogrify switch revamp reduce something content hold back protect against rectify win over constrict deflate rarefy disable vitiate offset debilitate enervate keep in check insulate buttress bolster seclude guard keep down squelch disintegrate refresh crumble relaxed make less strict make less formal infrigidate freshen frost keep under control subjugate defend against shield against fine tune make reasonable lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of crush assure stretch broaden demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover neutralize demilitarize meet halfway rise above monkey around with chasten fall off get less become less intense slacken off cut off choke off cease safeguard against reduce the effect of extend lace sophisticate embroider embellish make lighter support make less intense put damper on impose peace upon put down kiss and make up grease con clear the air with make peace restore harmony to bury the hatchet smooth someone's ruffled feathers pacificate iron out sort out put a damper on drop away grow less take the bite out of open brighten smooth out clear the air take the heat run interference for clear the way forward disengage speed up simplify promote make easier speed untighten expedite lift open the door further debase invalidate buck up condole with give solace to rock to sleep make agreeable patch up punctuate succor succour vary take the edge put a lid on liss interrupt disencumber empty levitate take remove uplight change shift jettison eradicate unload put to rights liberalize liberalise dress up prevent break up set right thin out bring respite to make less painful bring an end to make bearable conquer soften up cauterize free up reduce weight put off throw out pour out lick discipline take load off incapacitate stun exhaust frustrate etherize cauterise chloroform KO drown unnerve stupefy injure retard gas deprive consume tire dope make something bearable bring aid to bring aid humble cow reclaim bust knock out lay out put out of order put to sleep axe get the better of get a grip on dry up ax amortise downgrade cast down amortize tighten run down


To render comprehensible or understandable
make simpler abridge make easier make straightforward reduce to the bare bones simplify streamline explain clarify elucidate interpret construe explicate illustrate demystify demonstrate expound illuminate unriddle spell out clear up get across make plain analyse make easy draw a picture break down boil down cut the frills get to the meat order reduce put in a nutshell lay out break it down put one straight analyze get down to basics let daylight in facilitate clean up let sunlight in disinvolve make perfectly clear unscramble clean it up hit the high spots chasten cut down decipher make clear unfold describe unravel define decode untangle reveal translate gloss enlighten throw light on point out show annotate delineate disclose comment on tell shed light on put in plain English go into detail put across resolve render develop expand enucleate clear exemplify specify characterize detail explain in detail make explicit educate sort out diagram uncover characterise expose straighten out give the details of draw a picture of flesh out run over make obvious discourse comment set forth summarize expand on talk about give a commentary on explain in simple terms justify clue in draw a map of fill someone in throw light upon emphasize paraphrase reword summarise proclaim allegorize emphasise mark edify rephrase dilate amplify criticize appraise expatiate bring home sum up lay bare exhibit guide put into words disentangle defog express in words paint a picture report discuss communicate declare put in plain words give an explanation of spell it out brief shed light teach set the scene enunciate make intelligible get over show and tell point up illumine rationalize work out criticise convert inform instruct express rationalise settle restate recast cast light on give insight put in the picture give insight into formulate run down enlarge upon tell why explicitize give the big picture put into plain English explicitise highlight metaphrase transpose prove shed make simple clear the air about get something straight clear the air state in layman's language do into straighten up make see daylight expound on


To fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edit revise correct adapt check improve polish redraft rewrite condense emend rephrase rework censor copy-edit assemble cut modify redact reword abridge annotate rescript revamp approve alter amend amplify analyse analyze assign blue-pencil butcher change compile compose delete discard draught draft excise feature fine-tune finish massage prepare prescribe proofread publish recalibrate rectify refine regulate rehash report retouch scrub splice style tighten trim clean up iron out boil down check over fix up fly speck go over make up set up strike out tidy up write over prepare for publication adjust update recast reform better redo upgrade reshape reorganize remodel reorganise touch up perfect vary enhance tweak develop redraw ameliorate repair help debug remake fix refashion redesign restyle reconstruct make over overhaul remedy look over hone elevate convert set right right red-pencil remould transform rejig temper metamorphose square go through fashion mend emendate remold progress mold tailor readjust modulate rearrange lift raise affect doctor mould turn around make adjustments to make alterations to boost cultivate clarify rebrand shape up straighten out pick up qualify transmute transfigure turn the corner put right shift evolve renovate redress meliorate enrich switch mutate morph revolutionize shape retool reorient customize translate reorder regenerate reorientate reconcile moderate diversify warp reconfigure revolutionise reconstitute turn alternate replace tamper with reshuffle transpose rejigger commute review make innovations permute interchange customise refurbish tune remap subedit reread examine give something the once-over advance rise heighten increase expurgate bowdlerize say differently bowdlerise augment sharpen purify recuperate fit cure suit condition make strides perk up take off make perfect bend paraphrase make improvements to put make make good sort out optimise optimize elaborate complete grow metastasize move metamorphize renew reclaim look through mark up copyedit remove errors check through rebuild transmogrify put differently XXX patch up clear up deal with consummate crown polish up transubstantiate alchemize diverge do over fiddle with make right pay dues set straight finish off express differently put another way put in other words metamorphosize redevelop get with it set the record straight clean up act put in order rehabilitate permutate denature refit recondition cook transfer pass realign transmutate transit turn over new leaf turn the tables stir up change completely shift gears sing different tune switch over turn upside down do up put the finishing touches to put the final touches to compare scan scrutinize reexamine scrutinise launder fluctuate distort transition swing disguise flip-flop substitute vacillate swap veer displace pay one's dues make up for maintain strengthen beef up benefit mitigate reanimate vitalize bolster rehab revive save revitalise resurrect revitalize fine revivify remediate stimulate sustain facilitate ease restore fortify bone up brush up freshen up tamper order remix shuffle become different arrange make different put to rights resolve settle retrieve make better solve set to rights heal make amends for recompense dial back spruce up harmonize harmonise smarten modernize redeem compensate compensate for smarten up redecorate patch modernise straighten up beautify expiate atone for make reparation for make amends make restitution for refresh balance gussy up counteract service change for the better rejuvenate even up turn things around uplift promote tidy straighten pay for reinforce neaten make restitution make reparation sort work on see to atone appease requite bring up to code reenforce retread face-lift make tidy make recompense for make level tune up do penance make good for make redress for put on the right track put something to rights avenge conciliate reward furnish go straight do justice turn one around become aid make changes to fine tune phony up correct mid-course build on spell-check alleviate become better step up offset end attend to restitute transcend excel improve on bring around remove eliminate remaster groom dress up deck primp spiff provide appreciate further square up clean up one's act take care of forgive absolve excuse purge relieve diagnose untangle troubleshoot delouse unscramble unravel assuage forward fettle streamline get working cancel countercheck frustrate neutralise annul negate negative neutralize vindicate posh up make smarter tart up doll up make neater spruce jazz up brighten up doctor up re-create put back together restore to working order pay recompense for contemporize make as good as new do away with get to the bottom of be the answer to put an end to be the solution to embellish square things do penance for rationalize innovate re-equip level out balance out restore the balance even out answer rationalise finalize bring up to date propitiate work the bugs out of make redress pay the price say sorry make recompense redeem oneself absolve oneself take one's medicine apologise apologize pay the penalty finalise sleek practice practise slick mature round get the latest version of bring into the twenty-first century regularize equalize make improvement improve performance clean up your act pull your socks up get your act together mellow turn over a new leaf get it together uncurl regularise equalise unkink align restructure uncoil unbend set make straight make plumb put vertical even level smooth down put straight organise put perpendicular flatten untwist put upright organize unfold


To shorten (clothes or fabric)


To confine or keep within certain limits
restrict limit confine regulate circumscribe bound cap contain control fix hamper moderate curb demarcate ration specify bind chain constrain constrict contract decrease define delimit delimitate demark diminish encircle enclose hold down inclose inhibit modify narrow prelimit qualify reduce repress restrain shrink surround temper tether impose limits on set limits on bottle up clip someone's wings cool down cut down on hang up hold back keep under control keep within bounds pin down put away send up shut in come down on hem in keep within limits put on ice put a ceiling on keep a tight rein on check suppress hinder bridle hold keep in check impede stifle tame smother trammel stop straiten subdue hold in measure govern prevent rein in keep cork cool gag pull in keep back keep the lid on keep down cramp peg terminate monitor quell fetter set obstruct rein rule strangle muffle kill delineate squelch choke back simmer down crack down compose mark out shut down handicap calm stamp out arrest imprison concentrate corner interfere with collect intern quash bar freeze squash jail curtail still retard quiet coop up tie down detain modulate lock up crack down on focus muzzle gaol close in put the brakes on mark off establish put an end to keep an eye on clamp down on adjust keep lid on hamstring settle hobble damp down soothe silence guide direct immure keep in line tie swallow deaden quelch hold in check set the limits clamp down box up mitigate keep a lid on sink pocket submerge girdle extinguish incarcerate deter impound put a brake on withhold quench overpower hog-tie shush slow down put an stop to choke cool off not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put half nelson on tone down fight back button up bite back take tough action stymie halt determine set a limit on put a stop to come down hard on ease mark encumber slow relieve zero in center on fix on environ encompass bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself cover up trap collar keep secret entrap left out mothball immobilize immobilise thwart describe clarify censor gain mastery over gain control over outline discipline frustrate baulk shackle entrammel nail down put a limit on hold up conceal box in cut back suffocate ban lock in deny concuss fence in deprive shotgun disallow necessitate balk bring to screeching halt keep tight rein on tie up stem the flow of hide accost snuff dry up hush dummy up ice quieten shut up tongue-tie manage dampen cork up shower oppress put out bite one's lip hush up shroud heap cramp someone's style leash bit harness administer confront waylay prescribe overlook methodize debar isolate adapt organize systematize stay stem rein back hogtie allocate reconcile narrow down centre on keep in pinpoint localise center localize centre police administrate legislate crush sit on pull back stake out place a limit on pacify allay bring under control coordinate standardize palliate destroy have on a tight leash supervise mince mellow damp soften relax break draw the line on re-collect master temperate balance superintend mute oversee steward preside over garrote garrotte rally tranquilize inspect lull recover play down cool out meet halfway soft-pedal keep tabs on stop from spreading systematise standardise pace organise get tough on tighten up on come down on like a ton of bricks get tough take severe measures against come down heavily on take stern measures against commit jug budget conserve tranquillize hold prisoner put in prison send to prison save take into custody send down hold captive book bastille slough railroad put into detention clap in irons put inside put in chains send up the river throw in jail bang up keep under lock and key throw book at take away put behind bars put under lock and key limit to a fixed amount restrict the consumption of

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