Đồng nghĩa của bring to a conclusion


To carry out an action to the end
polish off complete finish accomplish conclude consummate achieve finalise finalize fulfil fulfill nail polish cap crown do effectuate execute perform settle complement realise realize end perfect actualize terminate add the final touch to add the finishing touch to bring to an end bring to fruition bring to maturity call it a day carry off carry out do thoroughly finish off get through go the limit go through with go whole hog make good make perfect make up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed round off round out set the seal on sew up sort out top off wind up wrap up clinch resolve tie up confirm decide work out put the finishing touches to ultimate stop cease determine wrap something up bring to a close answer figure out secure establish seal negotiate agree broker come to terms on reach terms on shake hands on put the icing on the cake hammer out shake hands firm up reach an agreement agree on complete the arrangements for thrash out close reach make put the final touches to climax effect bring about refine produce pull off bring off dispose of deal with put finishing touch on carry through put the finishing touch to engineer discharge improve culminate mop up arrange hone decide on fix arrive at attain choose revise copy-edit figure name cultivate take care of top it off touch up put the tin lid on clean up be a fitting climax to follow through with button up see to finish up erect excogitate form construct build go the distance process be through with sth dispatch idealise idealize transact string set up hash out fight through put the lid on bargain halt bag rule wrap can bring to perfection concert swing opt reach the summit of be done with settle on settle upon put into effect knock off put away turn around button down put lid on fold up call a day make short work of get out of the way set chalk up rack up log notch up ring up hit clock up designate cap off appoint cinch correct enhance pick assign select temper emend be the climax be the climax of be the culmination of embellish add the finishing touches to rewrite rephrase fine-tune nail down come to a decision about call the shots come to an agreement come to a conclusion make a decision come to a decision rescript edit elaborate sleek amend better practice practise slick mend mature brush up round elevate polish up tweak go over make improvement work on improve performance


To bring to an end
terminate end conclude finish close stop cease discontinue abort ax axe complete wind up break off expire lapse close out dead-end determine die elapse go halt pass quit round off round out wrap up belay abolish adjourn annul break up bring to an end cancel cut short desist dissolve drop eliminate extinguish leave off let up prorogate prorogue recess scratch scrub ultimate wink out wrap bring to a close cut off lay off put a stop to wind down bring to an untimely end put an end to run out come to an end pull the plug on finalize consummate discharge culminate accomplish settle clinch shutter finalise fold sew up top off finish off round up come to a conclusion knock off shut down get done come to a close carry out pack in carry through bring to fruition hang up set the seal on suspend call a halt to crown cap climax draw to a close bring to a halt abandon cut interrupt be over give up pack up call it a day put the lid on call it quits kill clear can disconnect withhold withdraw call off cut loose fold up button down be put to bed button up polish off put a lid on lead up to build up to reach a finale give something the chop knock something on the head cinch come to a head perfect tie up loose ends be through with come to the end close down finish up do end up liquidate clean up put the finishing touches to put the finishing touch to be a fitting climax to top it off put a period to draw to close put to bed bring down curtain relinquish delay forgo renounce forsake shelve postpone defer desist from stop trying cut out lay off of pull out of throw in the sponge pack it in get out of abstain from get off throw in the towel put the kibosh on forlet break stay check hold up sever put off lay aside put back put on ice bring to a standstill put in cold storage take a breather from put on a back burner

Trái nghĩa của bring to a conclusion

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