Đồng nghĩa của carry through

Alternative for carry through


To bring about or cause something to happen
effect achieve accomplish carry out conduct enact realise realize attain enforce execute implement bring off carry off launch engineer perform administer bring about organise organize perpetrate make fulfil complete fix consummate do cause effectuate bring administrate finalise finalize pull off generate initiate manage provoke put in place contrive create discharge fulfill produce succeed in arrange for call forth finish give rise to occasion bring to pass conclude originate render set up actuate engender precipitate start cause to happen cause to occur make happen wreak run kindle beget breed bring on catalyse catalyze draw on induce invoke prompt spawn work yield actualize begin put across result in translate into turn out turn the trick follow through with bring to fruition reach put through prosecute apply compass meet score clinch put into effect negotiate follow make good on put into action perfect put into practice establish observe commit wrap up live up to transact act upon hit make it get there get done chalk up clock up notch up sew up exercise honor secure procure impose act out obey acquire strike satisfy honour take care of take care of business deliver the goods deliver on abide by arrive at go through with put into operation polish off rack up round off top off be true to advance affect pursue keep act on trigger pass dispatch heed earn deal with land conquer seize carry to completion fill set off authorise bag bring forth acquit oneself of authorize come through put in force bear comply with adhere to keep to conform to crown follow through on make good do the trick bring to completion wind up be true be faithful do justice to nail it act in accordance with finish off be faithful to be as good as stick to put the finishing touches to put the final touches to do one proud succeed nail find stage tick swing present cut make work bring home the bacon hack refine polish actionize tackle follow up on stand by dispose of play out cap be engaged in ply put on go that route serve engage exact determine put over do the job sail through respond to operate work on exert process run with the ball do to a turn earn one's wings be done with inflict do to a T make short work of get out of the way reify start in on action take action on incarnate grasp employ enable make real bring to bear serve out bring into effect bring into play deal out legislate declare net wrest gain win snag ring up log materialize reorganise make concrete materialise reorganize corporealize draft decree promote reach the summit of put finishing touch on idealise bring to perfection idealize follow up follow out follow through provide the means for get someplace latch onto further form formulate make for keep faith with fulfill one's potential make hay make a reality lead to put it over put the tin lid on do a bang-up job provide make the grade gain fulfillment fulfill your potential bear out ratify sanction draught supply give draw up wage proclaim lay down engage in arrange approve furnish instigate play a part in drive be instrumental in dictate confirm spur dispense spark activate foment play a role in come across deliver have hand over impart drop come up with impel have a hand in encourage add to amount to culminate in elicit incite contribute to foster stimulate be a factor in stir up cultivate instil spark off push forward be conducive to arouse inspire set in motion introduce instill open the door for influence be responsible for end in trigger off kickoff touch off finish in draw out add up to have a part in make possible conduce to forward put in motion conduce oil the wheels of be at the bottom of whip up evoke have the effect of enkindle entail be the cause of help be partly responsible for bring out spell contribute close end stop terminate cease halt culminate lapse wrap elapse expire settle shutter quit discontinue break off scratch fold hang up scrub let up come to a conclusion bring to a conclusion bring to a close round up break up close out dead-end come to an end round out knock off come to a close leave off wink out bring to an end shut down set the seal on pack in develop hatch institute construct work up muster build work out compel forge inaugurate found fashion constitute assemble frame capture concoct wangle put together fabricate commence draw shape manoeuvre maneuver lead plan rouse bring in undertake motivate devise get fetch scheme conceive design force expedite practice practise take sow the seeds of obtain reap manufacture machinate garner craft bring into being make up cook up handle compose carry give birth to invent hammer out rig turn involve project erect plant knock together throw together open return excite propagate progenerate multiply bestow plot afford manipulate mastermind orchestrate start off concert accelerate use finagle pull tender stage-manage finesse terminate in annex conjure act inherit set in prepare leave annexe go through mean tap survive move be guilty of come by thrash out mold mould jockey angle piece put to work put to use be to blame for gather derive rake in pull in pay out confect drum up pick up play games piece together knock down put forth put up see through make it through cop come into possession of scrape together pull down fit together cast sort out get through capitalize on play on make use of wrangle bring into existence make the most of cobble up eke out lay out hit upon put into force be a source of undergo acquit issue sway break in break the ice pose dispose deposit objectify put into place transgress wax get up equal imply exhibit mediate dawn spring break appear arise press redound to be the origin of get something done necessitate grow into bring up result invite fire up get things rolling start the ball rolling risk source regulate unleash have as a consequence have as a result be behind symbolize represent portray put screws to run into push through vent embark on set down redound assume cost up and do symbolise install instal set blueprint summon magic engineer a way shift work it elaborate cogitate swing it find a way indulge visit express synthesize model be successful score a success merit deserve justify germinate knock up author gratify pay warrant pioneer knock out whip out sculpture cobble together rig up patch together synthesise brew structure rustle up churn out have an effect on bring to life give life accrue innovate carve out grind out wreck mete out make something appear produce as if by magic improvise excogitate think up proffer chart wield dream up lay on kick off crystallize take over resolve utilise exploit harness utilize respect uphold blossom beam offer admit becast vamp up trump up vamp sketch out set out strategize lay sketch lay plans diagram describe block out dope out delineate trace stir come to have clean up be in line for be entitled to be gainfully employed make it big profit sock bring home scare up make fast buck bring home the groceries be deserving of hustle be worthy of have a right to pay dues quicken accommodate prefabricate rear raise run up give vent to force upon cast about accede to be elevated to come into transpire redeem answer acknowledge adopt fudge together fix in position throw up agree haul in sell for gather in give off sanctify give free rein to deploy kick-start open up broker grab purchase seal start up glean access buy coincide with pay regard to fall in with cohere with measure up to tally with pass muster agree to assent to yield to cope with square with be good enough submit to be guided by be bound by be heedful of go along with fit the bill cooperate with act according to check with fill the bill goose-step to harmonize with accommodate to cut the mustard match up to perform according to cater to be in accordance with be loyal to chord with bargain crystallise pocket nab collect receive retrieve be given control transform treat get at save occupy beg borrow or steal gobble up blag recover hoard schlenter get your hands on scrape up salvage get hold of lay up lay hold of corral choose rule figure convert call upon name decide opt choreograph mobilize mount direct superintend call into play avail yourself of avail oneself of make ready see to alter encompass coordinate approach set about devote oneself to go about occupy oneself with get on with get busy with attempt work at be employed settle upon settle on optimise optimize adapt act with attend to recondition redress transition adjust change vary metamorphose repair perform on con doctor supervise mobilise scam cook upstage reach an agreement reach terms on come to terms on tie up button up shake hands on fix up pull strings pull wires put one over


To make a law
establish legislate lay down constitute formulate ratify decree effect effectuate introduce pass enact institute sanction appoint dictate initiate ordain proclaim authorise authorize bring about come up with inaugurate induct instal install put in force put through set up usher in vote in make make into law practise practice order approve validate accept command implement rule impose legalize make law OK legalise fix steamroll execute transact accomplish set determine railroad endorse bring to bear put into practice bring into effect jam through railroad through give the go-ahead to vote favorably make laws get the floor give the seal of approval to give the OK to give the thumbs up to give the green light to prescribe permit put into effect pronounce license legitimate demand adopt promulgate decriminalize legitimize regulate legitimatize codify launder agree to decriminalise legitimatise legitimise licence enforce lay down the law clean up direct enjoin call mandate support commission certify warrant sign adjudge require oblige normalize pronounce lawful normalise give the stamp of approval to put your foot down requisition justify vindicate condone sustain foresay set down deal elect delegate bless nominate declare legal enact laws carry clear walk heavy deal with back establish laws constitutionalize undertake engage pass laws codify laws legislate for formulate laws ratify laws authenticate charge levy vouch for vote for make provision put laws in force enforce laws exact lay confirm acknowledge decide lay down laws put allow apply rubber-stamp give the green light give approval to say yes to give the thumbs up give the go-ahead give the OK admit fine clinch regularize countenance assess slap tax gather collect agree announce force declare constrain compel wreck wreak place clap saddle make legal arrange regularise underwrite strike say the word lay on carry out read the riot act settle on sign on shake on come to an agreement on agree on


To persist with a course of action
push on persist continue persevere abide hold up bide hold perseverate strive grind linger perdure prevail stay follow through be resolute be stubborn carry on keep at keep on keep up press ahead press on see through stick at be diligent be persistent follow up grind away hold on keep going see something through soldier on stay the course stick at it be pertinacious be tenacious go all the way go on go the distance go the limit hammer away hang in there hang on peg away plug away struggle on tough it out hold out leave no stone unturned not give up stay with something stick it out stick to your guns stop at nothing last remain endure survive live on run on live exist outlast stand stand up wear well be durable be left stay on run operate handle stay alive come through keep stay around cut it make the cut remain alive bear resist sustain withstand bear up weather chug away refuse to go away obtain stick around pursue repeat recur outlive cling on never say die tarry stick to be wear on be long lived ride out be timeless have no end hang around hang round wait last out rest stop dwell hang reside hover delay squat lodge hang about perch nest stay put bunk hang out hold the fort stay behind sit tight roost wait around standby extend perpetuate protract maintain proceed pass progress project take be protracted loiter stick settle stand firm die slowly cling to life pause await dally halt drag on remain behind sweat it out put down roots lag establish yourself outstay stay out establish oneself stand your ground hold fast be prolonged plough on sojourn bivouac stay over inhabit cling make camp hold over

Trái nghĩa của carry through

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