Đồng nghĩa của acquit

Alternative for acquit

acquits, acquitted, acquitting

Đồng nghĩa: absolve, cleanse, discharge, excuse, forgive, pardon,

Trái nghĩa: arrest, capture, catch,


To set free, release or discharge from an obligation, duty, liability, burden, or from an accusation or charge
accomplish discharge do effect execute implement perform achieve complete effectuate fulfill fulfil bring about bring off carry out pull off meet satisfy fill keep answer obey honor heed honour redeem stick to comply with adhere to make good keep faith with keep to hold to be faithful to abide by observe conform to follow act in accordance with make good on respect stand by respond to follow through with live up to be true to uphold defer to embrace act upon assent to be in accordance with submit to yield to act according to cooperate with fall in with match acquiesce to be in conformity with agree with act on accord to stick with live by take heed of do as told toe the line carry through stick by go along with pay heed to go through with fall in line with hold mind sanctify acknowledge accord with be in agreement with agree to be bound by pay attention to adopt cope with bear out match up to put into effect make it through be true be as good as get through be faithful see through measure up to accept consent to bow to concede to follow orders concur with accede to equal fit handle come up to suffice gratify measure up tie occupy regard consecrate officiate engage distribute dispatch assign take notice of take up have regard to action reach consummate affect accommodate serve realize apply attain nail administer actualize realise perfect actionize enforce goose-step to harmonize with do justice to tally with make the grade coincide with follow through on pass muster pay regard to be guided by square with be good enough check with perform according to carry off put into action deliver on be heedful of fill the bill accommodate to cut the mustard cater to fit the bill cohere with bring to completion be loyal to put into practice follow up on put into operation chord with


Pay off


To pay out, usually from a public fund or treasury
disburse spend pay expend give outlay drop splurge donate contribute blow dispense defray deal lay out shell out pay out part with fork out ante up cough up pony up dish out stump up dole out foot the bill put out hand out give out lash out spend money come up with invest hand over put up lavish squander remit put in pay up fork over fork up render dissipate waste splash out spring for chip in advance pledge foot blue stake spring pay for kick in pay down plunk down distribute devote use up lend shell something out supply furnish lay something out up pay something out fritter away out allocate settle knock down come through venture endow grant gift speculate gamble risk offer spend like water throw around like confetti pitch in sink in pick up the tab plough in throw down the drain pour down the drain ante throw money at spend money as if it grows on trees spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of fashion spend money as if it were going out of style front up relinquish deliver surrender give up cede bestow yield turn over come across with make with sacrifice provide transfer settle up entrust commit transmit pass assign afford leave defray the cost of pass on let someone have produce allow come across spare stump something up dedicate consecrate forgo forfeit offer up set aside lay down turn in lose delegate depute consign convey offload dump alienate foist decentralise get rid of hand down fob off devolve pass to decentralize sign over let go of hand on be handed down hand to pass down give to palm off make over present accord hand bequeath share impart bequest volunteer sponsor award throw in fund subsidize confer proffer extend give a donation of make a donation of purvey give away subscribe gift with mete dower tender provide with enrich sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty subsidise furnish with present with

Trái nghĩa của acquit

acquit Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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