Đồng nghĩa của transmit

Alternative for transmit

transmits, transmitted, transmitting

Đồng nghĩa: dispatch, forward, send over, transfer,


To cause (something) to pass on from one person or place to another
transfer convey spread bear carry impart dispatch communicate disseminate pass on channel diffuse forward relay send take conduct give hand on mediate transfuse transport circulate radiate remit address bequeath break funnel instil instill issue mail route syphon siphon traject translate hand down put out broadcast post publish promulgate make known publicize distribute publicise proclaim disclose divulge announce reveal make public tell report ship move propagate bring deliver express direct declare advertise advertize consign air get across give out release present purvey ferry shift blazon cart put about haul freight relate herald trumpet tote enunciate pass flash blare annunciate placard sound blaze pack feed disperse pipe fetch relocate put across state lug truck propagandize propagandise recount bring to public attention get through share bring to public notice channelize bruit abroad put over canalize bruit about schlepp scatter supply guide leak unfold promote inform email run expose canalise airmail send out redirect spread around explain send off get out get around get about convoy cast repeat transplant dispense exchange proliferate drag displace stream set forth make understood make clear print spill preach import strew let out let on about shuttle hump out remove splash hand over spotlight advance send by post drum send on leak out spread about get round put in the post pack off be passed around put in the mail come out infect contaminate articulate send by e-mail suffuse beam bare unveil readdress locate support spread out dissipate dispel discover lead e-mail chauffeur pour filter blow puff pay settle square port ride unbosom blab retail gazette export shoulder piggyback patch wire instruct admit teach furnish provide peddle broadcast electronically show travel RT retweet heave connect sync bring in have printed blow wide open shoot televise stage telecast screen waft control shout from the rooftops put in print let it be known decree notify move across buck drop gossip put round tattle whisper heft schlep dispatch by post include display hand-carry get something over turn set aim level point go public with call endorse pronounce make official pass the word toot make the rounds move around concentrate focus get off bruit sow draw offer bandy about pass around tell all about carry across bill immortalise headline extol soft-sell skywrite immortalize spot press-agent billboard cry blazon abroad go the rounds noise abroad bring out send by mail allot commission refer assign bring into the open contact reach get send forth turn over celebrate hard sell make a pitch for put on the map write up play up drop off develop make payment of make payment upload share out make available switch splatter flourish renown inscribe depict describe boast sweep postmark mark administer hand out construe spell out bring home expound clear up clarify demystify demonstrate illuminate interpret get over explicate elucidate illustrate pass round pass out dispose of hand round dish out dole out deal out give away mention signify write suggest raise advise let on ring up


To spread or pass on something such as a disease or a signal
give consign entrust commit transfer hand deliver trust delegate vest leave pass intrust confide repose commend recommend hand over turn over give over confer assign relinquish yield surrender relegate grant convey bestow bequeath present cede make over pass on endow offer will donate allot give up proffer sign over place charge accord impart allocate cough up provide hand down hand on abdicate give away tender invest fork out gift furnish commission award devolve devise demise contribute lend bestow on confer on apportion present with abandon provide with furnish with gift with let someone have render submit dispense put up come up with lay out refer task send lay down turn in devote resign bequest authorize dispatch volunteer vouchsafe hand out extend authorise legate pledge cast shell out chip in stump up advance afford kick in ante up pony up give out leave in one's will leave to supply with renounce fork up waive divert deliver up confine let go of render up pass down deposit engage redirect designate leave to by will lodge depute shift ordain move channel promise employ destine shunt supply appropriate lay alienate deed alien change reassign pitch in dish out pay throw in fund subsidize share sacrifice sponsor send on errand send on mission parcel out hold responsible for toss throw show grant to invest in settle pertain give to belong entrust to chuck exhibit distribute give a donation of part with purvey make a donation of dole out subscribe give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with patronise let store loan patronize aid command display come through mete sweeten the pot sweeten the kitty dower enrich subsidise exchange reach bung circulate forward extract expose allow to look after let out make trustee put into the hands of put into hands of stake unveil let have put in the hands of award to allocate to present to bless with contribute to impart to allot to donate to hand out to assign to endow with send on declare put forward pull out roll out bring out bring forward draw out bring to light produce slip bear trot out issue introduce proposition hold out stretch out bring put out provision serve make available outstretch bring about raise cite state reach out propose express ventilate throw up put on intimate allow moot lay on propound suggest broach free do air discharge disburse release carry bring up put forth table sell put at someone's disposal pose venture stock accommodate outreach hold forth deal in trade in stick out avail tempt with cater arrange concede forbear forgo forsake illustrate replenish put at disposal demonstrate relate demo postulate treat enter pitch adduce argue run by prescribe announce report launch lay aside expound stage act with raffle clear opine speculate advert conjecture exhort essay say deal preview file thrust out stretch place at disposal manifest prorate divvy portion posit evoke set before lot administer put on display put before the public let oneself in for dare to say deal out mete out deploy measure out represent organize free up have acquaint lavish handle market keep minister keep on hand have for sale keep in stock have a supply of stow away have available give an introduction make acquainted with get together fix up open to view acquaint with cater in organise return generate earn net bring to bear apply relate to draw a parallel come forward cater to realize fetch accrue create beget make occasion engender prompt catalyze effect spawn hold something out induce invoke effectuate breed work cause realise catalyse admit beam blossom bring in bring on pull in result in draw on haul in translate into gather in rake in pay out turn out bring forth give off sell for


To throw or give off (gas, light, etc.)
emit release discharge issue vent radiate emanate leak shed exhale eject exude ooze void effuse excrete secrete spew beam belch cast diffuse disgorge evolve expel expend expire extrude irradiate jet shoot spout ejaculate eruct evacuate output outsend reek spill spit breathe disembogue drip erupt expectorate gush pass perspire pour purge speak squirt vomit yield give out give off send forth send out cast out pour out spew out throw out breathe out let off give vent to show display exhibit demonstrate be the picture of be a picture of produce loose stream spurt spray throw off issue forth churn out manifest embody give forth let out utter send spit out spread empty flow escape shoot out put out come out with dispense voice exhaust express articulate pronounce exudate give irrupt ventilate deliver scatter burst deposit drive out declare distribute broadcast strew spew forth extravasate sprinkle illumine pour forth sprout smell of be emitted force make steam eliminate force out dislodge distil evaporate exsufflate vaporize vaporise hiccup gulp posset repeat initiate rise birth exit egress distill tingle breathe forth throw up cough up break out project thrill fan flush out air pinpoint throw hold train bend aim direct level head puff out blow verbalize reveal set spatter rupture boil hurl be ejected explode burst out belch out glow communicate assert bestow point disseminate belch forth touch off burst forth go bang go off expel air proclaim gleam glitter verbalise put spread out make public give free rein to give voice to bring into the open circulate proliferate ramble afford propagate expand find an outlet for give expression to find expression for take out on provide escape beam out light up vocalize sound vocalise


To give an account of
relate recount tell narrate describe report chronicle recite depict detail present convey impart portray rehearse share communicate delineate outline relay paint chart cite enumerate itemise itemize list particularise particularize repeat retail reveal spin unfold catalog catalogue disclose divulge express picture specify state retell sling spill track verbalise verbalize set forth run through speak about clue one in give an account of give the word run down shoot the breeze spill the beans spin a yarn break a story get off one's chest let one's hair down lay it on the line make known pass on announce mention declare proclaim spell out broadcast set out give explain publish enunciate articulate utter note make public expose reel off spread recapitulate say voice name promulgate show inform quote document air admit confess publicize publicise speak numerate represent let on uncover identify tick off summarize exhibit indicate display blab summarise testify pass circulate vent put forward give away illustrate recap instance talk give an account vocalize designate break pronounce discover assert denote leak address signify swap opinions trade vocalise interpret put into words suggest mouth give details advertise advertize let on about record put across bring out transfer get across characterize come out with give voice to expound unveil tabulate transfuse conduct unbosom advise exchange information compare notes define evoke rattle off sketch deliver exclaim elucidate account for affirm frame individuate clarify acknowledge render remark characterise clue in hand on betray aver let slip phrase individualise individualize point out sound word enounce spiel go public with avow talk about put forth blurt out evince chirp sound out be specific about give utterance to bring into the open throw out stipulate register expatiate discourse reiterate disseminate elaborate inventory rehash unmask uncloak bare echo iterate restate hold forth declaim epitomize trumpet give details of discuss notify number specialise fill in soliloquize regurgitate answer reply count exemplify specialize release unload open up keep posted tell of cover chime post din profess enact offer propose epitomise comment on say again out circumstantiate asseverate provide details character play back cry mumble raise break the news draw distinguish agree give out go over reproduce mutter spout put out attest yak gab manifest intimate whisper report on lay out put give the facts blurt maintain shout purport cough write up refer to intone pipe drawl jaw lip murmur translate squeal snitch allude to realise realize bring up tell all about blow the lid off blow the gaff blow wide open touch on spill your guts about let the cat out of the bag come out of the closet bring to light spill the beans about get off make clear pipe up with come out let the cat out of the bag about send trace follow descant voice-over monitor tell about sketch out log tell the story of let somebody in on imply run by again tell a story give a report of remark on graph sum figure enter tally decipher resolve explicate solve formulate put over mediate write review respond check off posit ventilate preach submit project perform image limn break silence add give voice comment flap run off count noses keep tabs couch propound herald blazon make manifest make obvious bespeak act ready give rundown chime in pitch set down give blow-by-blow slip take account of let out ring up get through clear up figure out dope out draft mirror draught design hint dramatize enlarge dramatise trickle transpire wire adumbrate cable rap observe burst out rejoin blabber get out take the lid off reenact test hone experiment trot out bring word on bring word communicate information speak publicly go through tweet instruct teach give a report give verbal account do your party piece class stamp brand style feature vouchsafe write about commentate on broadcast details of write an account of publish details of pigeonhole symbolise typify peg model personify categorize typecast symbolize classify let drop introduce mark constitute conjure up claim unfurl overshare squeal about open own paint in words give a description of charge enlighten apprise brief familiarize acquaint opine allege press give a rundown of give a account of emblematize personalise embody singularize instantiate personalize signalize peculiarize categorise signalise tab reference contend vouch protest plead chatter predicate avouch argue orate put in words testify to inform of advise of paint a word picture of get off your chest adduce level gossip familiarise verse clear weave provide details of give details on signal perorate swear modulate yammer read gas emphasize stress emphasise invoke catch up give the facts on allow notice drop embellish leave word call upon lay open tell on put before give facts wise up pop off concede grant advance prove confide require specificate promise pledge condition slot make engage bargain guarantee covenant specificize impose contract provide settle postulate arrange analyse analyze produce proffer recollect recall let in on spit it out own up confirm draw up own up to sing admit guilt self-declare dump on fess up self-disclose make clean breast of make a clean breast of weasel sound off 'fess up tell the truth accept blame unbosom oneself tip hand get something off your chest cop to open one's heart fink make a clean breast of it accept responsibility come clean make a clean breast self-respond humble oneself level with finger spill your guts plead guilty tell all blow rat on make a clean breast of things be completely honest self-report self-divulge spit out give evidence of advert to attest to be evidence of speak of touch upon quote chapter and verse call attention to make mention of make reference to pin down put down for lay down make a point lay finger on insist upon get down to brass tacks sweat details fly speck reprise duplicate replicate renew redo rerun reissue replay imitate reduplicate recrudesce reconstruct resay remake copy rework recast reshow ingeminate reoccur reform recur refashion go over again go through again run over run through again come again revert to play over show again read back sing same old song return to lay bare hip babble tattle demonstrate clue moot warn let know give expression to blare annunciate prime clothe illuminate educate flash insinuate make aware bring out into the open give the game away bring forward put in the picture give vent to give the lowdown coach train update spring blaze placard drill tip off edify broach get over cough up come clean about debate connote demystify pour out blow the gaff on unravel simplify run by untangle speak out unriddle point to shout from the rooftops make plain break down go into detail issue explain to unburden school breathe make familiar let fall make conversant prepare put about counsel habituate accustom to table insist ejaculate carry spell instruct in teach in educate in crack import hold guide initiate into school in indoctrinate in unearth bear squeak preconize burst out with grass go public on keep up to date get up to date give information to dish the dirt evidence construe take the wraps off warrant give the low-down fill in on clue in on gen up on blast dispatch noise abroad advocate purvey diagram give the gen about get together give the low-down on stand for put on to asservate blazon abroad mix speak up reassert allegate reaffirm make familiar with add up to talk of decode justify let cat out of the bag tip one's hand go into keep up to speed with put in the picture about make out give the details of split on give testimony put in plain English bear witness forward mail sign email grass on throw light on flesh out trust entrust fill-in alert term give up phonate bewray feed turn round chin go apprive go public disburden run with buzz nail debunk undress venture certify look let hair down blow the whistle open up on declare one's preferences propagate proliferate diffuse let it all hang out intonate inflect moan warble groan croon yodel canary emit blow something wide open show up mean give words to have one's say yell roar unburden oneself infer get one's tongue round intend vow move witness promote distribute unclothe hazard unload on spill to crack to give the skinny on give information spill all confide in give utterance give expression depose return serve speak coherently speak clearly run past volunteer validate continue propagandize bring into view wise to open your heart lay it on share a confidence bend an ear lay the gaff breathe a word of give the latest keep informed bring up-to-date smoke out give forth hand down bring in betoken blow the whistle on annotate shed light disentangle defog paint a picture unscramble make intelligible express in words spell it out set the scene put in plain words give an explanation of to make clear erupt flow extract matter hold up to view belt out disperse propagandise peddle supply furnish accede accept crack wide open tip turn in split stool tell tales inform on somebody recognize throw light upon draw a map of explain in simple terms fill someone in advert assent issue a statement about call give notice of drum chat converse illustrate with lay give as an example draw attention to excerpt appeal to remember give as example reminisce expose information appreciate put round make available tutor persist yield acquiesce go into details recognise concur get something off one's chest portend let anyone know of discipline ground spread around read out jabber change course go about alter course come about change direction say further continue to speak state further go on keep going wink be symptomatic of be a sign of amount to be an indication of be a symptom of flag up emerge spout out spew out gush out come spurt out accustom give the show away pass the word fill out insert write in complete write out bring to public attention bring to public notice open one's mouth carry on run off at mouth shout something from the rooftops season lesson direct indoctrinate upskill put wise bring up to date prep bring out into open put cards on table get out of system make aware of make known to apprise of prime on ground in disillusion disabuse habituate to train in coach in inure go on to say groom bring up to speed give details to gush shop brief as to intro give information about pilot inculcate initiate engineer brainwash lecture give lessons to steer lead naturalize adapt case prime in popularise adjust popularize use introduce to wont naturalise explain the situation to explain the circumstances to explicitize open someone's eyes describe the state of affairs to clue up on put wise to rat dish familiar with skilled in conversant with knowledgeable about instructed in proficient in informed about acquainted with correct disenchant highlight explicitise knock down fix up clue up about din something into drum into break it to give lessons break in give lessons in put someone through their paces utter suddenly run off at the mouth come forth reveal all get lowdown on get lay of land bring into common use awaken to bring into use get to know check out get in let down hair get to know about come to know break the ice become aware of become adept in get with it gain friendship let next to make used to gen up shed light on clear the air sort out draw a picture of straighten out clear the air about make simple get something straight make perfectly clear reason reveal information divulge information clue up call out cry out well informed about tell the facts abreast of apprised of give it up at home with undeceive urge have at sock it to one lace into rip dictate have bone to pick lock horns with defend gang up on vindicate let have it prescribe go at take on set to put up argument cross lay into zap jump on come at stick it to light into dispute fly in face of enjoin mix it up give somebody the lowdown supply with facts be honest with plugged into well up on genned up on au fait with au courant with in touch with no stranger to in the know about up to date with switched on to clued in on clued up on


To move, usually over long distances
travel journey go tour cross voyage traverse trek move roam cover proceed rove cruise globetrot peregrinate backpack hike progress range ride tramp walk circumnavigate course follow navigate perambulate ramble roll track transit wander cut across explore hop jaunt junket migrate sail scour take a trip wend go round move round overnight pass over proceed along cover ground get through go riding knock around make your way pass through set forth set out wend your way go into orbit make a journey make one's way take a boat take a plane take a train drift pass traipse meander gallivant knock about drive advance float stray depart trip travel over march pilgrimage galavant glide push on stroll fly run journey over fare do negotiate bat coast hit the road bridge emigrate go along pace motor go across maunder journey across saunter go walkabout prowl continue amble hie travel across mooch gad shift gad about cycle go through get kick around travel through range over remove head transition forge ahead jet be carried quit speed trudge transmigrate stravaig go on a trip sweep flow leave shuttle trog straggle circumambulate push travel along travel around span stump immigrate trundle move along steer bike exodus be conveyed bum get on press on move on go off move forward go on run through bum around transport go forward move abroad go over circuit safari process scramble barnstorm itinerate wayfare relocate crawl trot gallop spin go on an excursion globe trot go places swan mosey slide steam go on an expedition slog resettle climb wend one's way forge ply streel vagabond stream pedal footslog keep on flit skim swim tromp plod trek around tool yomp automobile waft shoot journey through sightsee in hoof tread through hover tread truck intersect move onward globe-trot put behind one set off tramp over come along transverse press forward carry on plow on move ahead move away make your way across make headway leg it go ahead be borne plough on crack on move out move over hang hang about hang around bat around go from place to place repair run around venture go on a journey travel about go on a excursion whirl bowl run over wander over go hither and thither back-pack skip search reconnoitre encompass reconnoiter go around cut pootle tootle take Shanks's pony go on foot hoof it strike operate work fan velocipede tread across move through proceed through move across foot trail spread through be transported direct one's footsteps move towards hit the trail follow one's nose make circuit sail over voyage over voyage across sail across voyage through cruise through push forward trek through shuffle dance step bounce leap make one's way across play come stay on go forth progress towards push ahead work one's way struggle along get going keep moving get ahead visit jump sprint scamper scurry scuttle bolt jog quarter crisscross bisect decussate nomadize transfer stroke be on the move be on the trail travel round gain ground work towards edge make progress make inroads into march on gather way keep going spring approach coach escape bus race road-trip take off bustle gig cab thwart pivot make a regular journey swing holiday in holiday vacation voyage around sightsee get across ride out drag get along tour in evacuate defect roam in wander through journey round rove through trek round move onwards travel in look round take in tour around look around move around move about potter breeze go on the road go on an excursion in go on a trip through blow past pass by move overseas betake oneself go on safari go on a tour waltz canter sit jockey decamp look at run by travel by car ride by car run out toddle slip bob leave your country start a new life stop in go by car take in the sights of find one's way pick one's way wind one's way split travel on wheels wash move house pack your bags change house go away change address pull up stakes up sticks change residence change jobs passage be supported boat move gently slip along smooth along tread water hitch a ride thumb a ride ferry set sail take a sea trip ride the waves go boating go sailing travel by boat go yachting take a boat trip ship out take a cruise take a sailing trip

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