Đồng nghĩa của come again

Động từ

To perform or utter repeatedly
iterate repeat reiterate recapitulate rehearse restate recap chime din emphasise emphasize go over ingeminate redo reprise retell say again do again go over again go through again run through again echo resay rehash play back quote ditto recite renew reissue reproduce refashion rerun replay recast read back return to run over play over sing same old song duplicate replicate relate rework imitate recrudesce reconstruct reduplicate copy remake reshow reform reoccur recur revert to belabour show again reaffirm regurgitate double-check recheck belabor rewarn do over harp on dwell on revert back to go over and over hammer away at parrot review reecho recall trot out run through mimic summarize ape summarise go through reel off impersonate repeat back churn out recount epitomize list rephrase enumerate outline revise digest abstract synopsize brief encapsulate sum up discuss paraphrase say mirror play again chant resemble second redouble mime boil down wrap up epitomise copycat repeat mechanically repeat mindlessly explain cover produce reexpress trot something out come out with listen to again extract excerpt parody derive take reminisce perseverate recollect backtrack go back over rebroadcast misquote re-echo reuse rewrite change retrace ring react reflect do like rebound make like vibrate rubber-stamp go like parallel respond rearrange alter reshuffle go back to rejig state differently detail describe write a critique rip judge zap rave run down evaluate take down study examine read through swipe at skin alive slam assess correct bad-mouth pan trash put down inspect weigh knock give one's opinion reedit tell make over itemize specify delineate narrate name present reword give tick off numerate depict report chart chronicle act catalogue ready spell out set out state again catalog experiment rattle off reenact test itemise hone go over same ground go the same round

Trái nghĩa của come again

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