Đồng nghĩa của renege

Alternative for renege

reneges, reneged, reneging, renegue, renegues, renegued, reneguing

Đồng nghĩa: go back on, renege on, renegue on, revoke,


Go back on a promise, undertaking, or contract
repudiate retract break abjure abnegate foreswear forswear recant renounce repeal unsay welsh withdraw default default on go back on back out of backtrack on fail to honour go back retreat from reverse take back welsh on withdraw from back out pull out of rat on cop out of do an about-face weasel out break one's promise break your word break a promise abandon backtrack renege on back down disavow cancel deny forsake recall disclaim backpedal drop out avoid pull out give up back off revoke rescind relinquish cop out retreat change your mind eat one's words reject surrender disown spurn call off withcall double back eat your words change one's mind do an about-turn do a U-turn have second thoughts betray change scratch resign back pedal worm out wiggle out shy from beg off yield get cold feet blow it off chicken out fink out eschew throw in the towel kick forgo drop annul apologize abrogate cry off countermand apologise reconsider refrain shun dispense with row back on row back forget it dial back pack in have change of heart change one's tune do a U-turn on break your promise do an about-turn on break one's word get out bottle out duck out lose your nerve welch renig climb down turn yellow give way wuss out have no stomach for think better of something make concessions wimp out bottle it funk out bow out back down on cop-out revisit turn back relent refuse abdicate nig eliminate retrograde exclude recede retrocede suspend gainsay retrace your steps concede decline rethink fail to honor go back on your word sacrifice amend alter reel in come around fall back take in rule out draw back come round throw off disaffirm disallow think better of turn the tables shift one's ground about-face set aside sing a different song flip-flop change opinion decide against back-pedal on forbear be unfaithful desert return revert apostatize abstain do away with jack in nullify contradict void wash your hands of wash one's hands of turn one's back on abstain from refrain from cast aside quit call back stop leave discontinue cease worm out of chicken out of halt end terminate go back on one's word have done with throw up retire from give notice finish with get cold feet about repossess reclaim eat crow eat humble pie


To renounce a legal claim to or responsibility for
disclaim renounce relinquish abandon repudiate abjure disavow disown abnegate forswear discard deny abdicate retract refuse revoke recant decline contravene give up cast off turn your back on divorce oneself from refuse to acknowledge wash hands of refuse to accept turn back on repeal recall negate cancel set aside rescind reverse invalidate quash annul abolish abrogate withdraw nullify countermand vacate obviate avoid void declare null and void override overrule disannul take back remove reject scrub obliterate null nix call back render invalid surrender wipe out strike down roll back rebut overturn disaffirm scrap drop waive dissolve undo make void dismantle backpedal lift abate cast aside go back on back out of eschew cede resign erase call abort veto forgo forsake dismiss counterorder renig expunge disregard suspend cry off vitiate renege on backtrack on terminate call off axe annihilate do away with torpedo kill rub out sign away ax render null and void hand over cancel out blue pencil put an end to stamp out take out unsay contradict dissociate from gainsay end make null and void pull the plug backwater wangle out X-out weasel out crawl out of forget refute negative disallow disconfirm ignore disobey dishonour discontinue welsh impugn disacknowledge dishonor break off stop neutralize counteract ditch chop dump refuse to fulfil countervail efface supersede deracinate subvert drop out nig zap scratch bring to naught call all bets off bring to an end confine wash out counterbalance restrict compensate neutralise squash limit offset trash forget it get rid of weasel out of worm out of cut discharge purge omit delete knock out give something the chop knock something on the head finish off do in edit black exclude censor go back on word elide dele yield ink out cross out declare invalid blot out blank out block out root out black out strike out x out blue-pencil stroke out sweep away put a line through edit out X out snuff out white out demit sacrifice step down from put aside defer remit spurn postpone step aside from put off neglect delay stay hold up leave allow dispense with refrain from grant shelve table do without turn down turn over prorogue hold off reserve oppose disprove dispute controvert contest counter discredit rebuff challenge disagree with call into question confute cut off shoot down explode shun desert debunk kick question resist traverse cross declare untrue disapprove swear off have nothing more to do with wash your hands of shoot down in flames shoot full of holes prove to be false show to be false betray query brush aside ban abstain argue disbelieve forbid disinherit apostatize break disprofess disdain dissent from doubt zing block refrain tergiversate contend crush desist from wash one's hands of debate squelch withsay throw out disagree pass up throw over taboo end relations with argue against have done with abstain from break with shut out say no to refuse to recognize have no more truck with blow sky high declare to be untrue steer clear of pass on put down keep back tear down pack in take issue with show up take a stand against fly in the face of give thumbs down to give the lie to belie withhold send packing argue with naysay withstand combat fight cut off without a penny prohibit jilt jettison confront dare withspeak buck undermine differ bar debar embargo scorn junk proscribe blackball turn one's back on give someone the big E give someone the air bin off give someone the push give the elbow excommunicate discount forbear stop using thumbs down call in question say the opposite of have bone to pick take on skip unfollow stop having examine address moot cold-shoulder throw preclude outlaw cop out resign from defect from pull out opt out violate oath rat on jump ship altercate answer canvass bandy cast out refuse to abide by give the thumbs down to canvas wrangle pettifog pick a bone dissent against quibble over pick an argument with prove to be wrong hammer away at argue the pros and cons of show to be wrong bandy words concerning prove wrong contend over quibble about prove false wonder about put up argument differ with argue about protest against have an argument about object to agitate against blow out of the water sit out withhold from pass by give something a miss part with leave out say goodbye to keep from cut out leave alone go without smear attack blast slam traduce knock oppugn impeach assail criticize tar silence convict evert expose parry top burn overthrow curb begrudge restrain prevent criticise elude burn down dispose of reply to take exception to call on enjoin from turn thumbs down stand in the way not buy hold back pass reprobate deselect shirk run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at escape dodge duck evade demur rat turn default balk at banish flush oust cast defect tergiverse shed lay aside shy finesse scape shake be against not accept fight shy of stay clear of not touch have nothing to do with let well enough alone get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of jack in give a wide berth to


To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner
cop out bypass escape sidestep avoid dodge duck evade shirk shrink from skip skirt round skive abandon backpedal bilk cut decline desert duck-shove excuse funk quit rationalise rationalize renounce revoke run away from skive off steer clear of welsh withdraw back down back off back out back out of duck out of get out get out of have alibi pull out of slide out of use pretext weasel out wriggle out of give the slip circumvent cop out of get around elude skirt finesse shake beat shortcut find a way round go around scape weasel out of shuffle out of shun parry body-swerve tergiversate outmaneuver pay no attention to outmanoeuvre neglect disregard ignore eschew dance around shy from pussyfoot around fence outflank fudge turn your back on pussyfoot fend off find a way out of get round give a wide berth to juke take no notice of weasel shake off turn one's back on pass on relay give something a miss tergiverse get away from short-circuit deviate from go around the barn burke take back road wink at depart from blink at brush off skip out on ditch put the move on pass the buck discount overlook outwit foil thwart dispense with overcome end-run find a way around stymie get past give the slip to keep one's distance from be oblivious to lay low from pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out shirk from pay no heed to take fright baulk at chicken out of turn tail recoil from wuss out flinch from escape from hedge not pay not give a straight answer to prevaricate baulk beat around bush waffle be equivocal about beg the question beat about the bush about stonewall be evasive about balk flannel equivocate quibble about avoid answering shut eyes to run off run away elope abscond flee miss shuffle off forget let slide not attend scrimshank leave undone dog play truant from cheat bludge creep skimp on slough off lose sight of bob off be lax about not attend to pay little attention to be remiss about lie down on job


To avoid providing a clear answer or statement
weasel hedge equivocate waffle tergiversate fudge pussyfoot dodge duck sidestep circumvent elude shirk baulk balk eschew shuck flee welsh get around cop out hem and haw lay low put off slip out sneak away tap dance beat around the bush give the runaround dance around an issue worm one's way out of prevaricate vacillate evade flannel beat about the bush avoid fence shilly-shally be non-committal parry questions evade the issue hum and haw sit on the fence quibble stall be evasive tergiverse stonewall dodge the issue fudge the issue blow hot and cold duck the question shuffle parry skirt bypass temporize hesitate falsify escape temporise be vague mince words flip-flop pussyfoot around shuffle about avoid the issue duck the issue skirt round be noncommittal get out of find a way round beg the question pass the buck cop a plea sidestep the issue misrepresent fake shift ground about ramble skirt the issue play it close to the vest waver be ambiguous palter cavil not pay not give a straight answer to fend off cop out of beat around bush be equivocal about beat about the bush about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering jive con lie adumbrate double-talk fib stall for time run around cover up straddle the fence tell white lie give run around cloud the issue skip beat shortcut body-swerve steer clear of skip out on dance around shake ditch give a wide berth to juke give the slip put the move on go around shake off hedge one's bets shuffle around give the run around mince one's words be indecisive shift dither deceive gloss over fabricate feint baffle maneuver foil contest outwit manoeuvre change yo-yo invent distort misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie fight off phony up put on stretch the truth play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away blather blandish blarney beguile change one's mind give a false colour to use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk fudge and mudge back and fill euphemize tapdance bargain haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade


The act of recanting or something recanted
recantation abjuration denial disavowal renouncement renunciation repudiation retractation retraction withdrawal abnegation about-face abrogation annulment apostasy backpedalling backpedaling backtracking contradiction contraversion disclaimer disowning forswearing gainsaying negation nullification palinode recall reneging renouncing reversal revocation unsaying volte-face rejection abandonment rescission self-denial eschewal disclamation giving up casting aside revulsion desertion forsaking discarding abstention rebuttal disallowance disconfirmation denegation refrainment avoidance refutation disclaiming backdown relinquishment casting off disapproval rebuff dissent refusal veto nonacceptance turndown declination brush-off nix prohibition dismissal cold shoulder refutal disaffirmation adjuration disproof negative defiance nay dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating repulse refusing controversion refraining counterstatement confutation no protestation proscription opposite abstaining noncommittal thumbs down no way antithesis spurning opposition denunciation knock-back pass disfavor knockback regrets snub nonconsent discountenancing statement abnegation statement ban noncompliance disfavour interdiction exclusion repulsion writ declension forbidding enjoinment disaffirmance countering traversal abdication surrender contravention cancellation cancelation dispute conflict brushoff choice withholding the elbow rider criterion clause prerequisite qualification condition provision disassociation stipulation proviso specification requirement dissociation demurral non-acceptance reverse contrary declinature inverse negative response kick in the teeth converse lack absence antonym want deficiency disacknowledgement neutralization counterpart negatory nonexistence blank neutralisation turning down refusal to acknowledge forget it

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