Đồng nghĩa của be remiss about


To fail to care for or pay attention to
neglect overlook disregard ignore discount forget abandon bypass overpass shirk skip dismiss forsake avoid contemn defer desert discard omit pretermit depreciate elide evade miss overleap postpone procrastinate reject scant underestimate leave undone pass over be lax about gloss over let pass not attend to pay no attention to pay no heed to pay no mind set aside skimp on brush aside brush off fail to look after leave alone let go let slide lose sight of not care for procrastinate over shrug off take no notice of think little of not care pass up pay little attention to slur over tune out turn a deaf ear to turn your back on be careless be derelict be indifferent fail to care for fail to provide for live with not trouble oneself be irresponsible be negligent be remiss laugh off be remiss in keep at arm's length make light of throw to the winds trifle with keep one's distance fail to remember look the other way have nothing to do with not remember turn one's back on slight turn a blind eye to fail pass by forfeit forego give up leave out leave forgo waive whitewash condone excuse fail to take advantage of dispense with wink at blink at paper over surrender blow yield decline renounce eschew spurn pass unheed remit connive unmind lose out on let slip drop the ball dodge take no account of gloze over put aside shut eyes to do without turn a blind eye skip over squander shun sidestep escape duck relinquish refuse elude turn down drop cede shake botch forgive pardon lose get around run away from let something slide get out of funk duck-shove weasel out of wriggle out of finesse scape cut miss out on quit slough off delay minimize cop out of fail to take fail to grasp be oblivious to sacrifice duck out of shuffle out of turn back on shelve minimise push aside fail to notice let go of put off pooh-pooh give something a miss leave be pass on play down trip up fail to spot hold off write off let ride not choose close the eyes to waste skirt blow off deny oneself cushion lose track of dance around shy from blank not take into consideration leave something undone blink pussyfoot around tergiversate skirt round disbelieve let go by let something go downhill avoid considering close one's eyes to not dwell on concede fritter away expend withgo cold-shoulder throw away keep one's distance from fend off go around shake off give the slip to lay low from leave out of account let off easy send to Coventry brush away turn a deaf ear connive at undersell dispel doubt steer clear of give a miss skim over let something go to seed cut out lay aside take with a pinch of salt give no credence to pass something up shirk from blow it fail to exploit misheed reschedule exclude never mind look through let it go take no notice turn blind eye pay no mind to turn deaf ear shut your eyes to close your eyes to not take into account bury one's head in sand antedate resign abjure abdicate put on hold mothball put on back burner take a rain check on hold off on put on ice give rain check put on the back burner precede antecede preexist predate disclaim hand over stay hold up disown allow remove refrain from grant sign away table turn over suspend prorogue renege reserve refrain pay no attention fail to see let fall between the cracks fail to observe look past leave out of consideration leave unnoticed slip up on abstain from go without belittle flout trivialize trivialise stop thinking about blank over put behind you erase from your mind put out of your mind cock a snook at scoff at refuse to acknowledge wave aside think no more of sweep aside forget about have no time for shuffle off body-swerve not attend shrink from scrimshank mislay misplace play truant from creep parry dog cheat bludge slide out of fence miscarry muff blunder flub avert bob off skive off fail to seize fall short of fail at lie down on job snub repudiate give the cold shoulder scorn rebuff disdain cast aside blackball blacklist ostracize despise freeze out ostracise give someone the brush-off shut out disparage downplay boycott disapprove repulse repel nix reprobate knock back give someone the go-by cut dead give the cold shoulder to negative deselect say no to baulk at put out of one's mind hand someone the frozen mitt not buy throw out have done with balk at pay no heed leave out in the cold sail by walk by make a joke of sweep something aside laugh something off tolerate circumvent treat lightly soft-pedal debar wink coldshoulder dissimulate take no heed of joke about treat as unimportant de-emphasize bilk keep away from keep clear of leave in the cold circumnavigate hack override deal rapidly with treat with contempt pour cold water on throw cold water on trample on withhold from desist from give the thumbs down to not accept not heed not take advantage of stay away from hide from leave behind make allowances for let someone off with let something ride deliberately ignore ride roughshod over close your eyes be oblivious pretend not to notice sink cut someone cold close one's mind to reckon without banish work around defy deny cancel do away with abolish disrespect scout relegate consign to oblivion disobey disesteem vilipend put to one side fail to anticipate dispose of put a stop to render needless disfavour disfavor have contempt for have no use for skirt around deprecate denigrate diminish put an end to get rid of knock something on the head fail to take account of discredit fail to mention skate over fail to deal with elope run away abscond flee kiss off put away laugh away run off refuse to have anything to do with wash your hands of absolve yourself tell someone to get lost look right through someone negate withdraw turn deaf ear to turn from jib at protest hold out turn away refuse to receive throw over not budge on demur send off send one's regrets protest at desist demur at hold back draw the line at say no give thumbs down to shake one's head jilt excommunicate veto abnegate disfellowship burn unfollow unfriend put down cast out break with cut off give a wide berth to swear off give the elbow leave off give someone the big E give someone the air kick in the teeth have nothing more to do with bin off give someone the push

Trái nghĩa của be remiss about

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