Đồng nghĩa của say no


To reject something
decline reject rebuff repudiate negate snub refuse deny turn down dismiss spurn nix pass negative reprobate disapprove deselect scorn throw out pass up balk at throw over disallow veto not budge on repulse hold back send off demur turn deaf ear to shun hold off jib at baulk at draw the line at turn away protest not care for brush off turn one's back on send one's regrets dispense with hold out protest at desist refuse to receive ignore give thumbs down to disdain repel not buy set aside shake one's head turn from demur at say no to withdraw knock back renounce abjure abandon give up avoid disregard forgo cold-shoulder relinquish disown abdicate resist give someone the brush-off forswear neglect cut surrender snout stiff-arm waive yield refrain from freeze out put down rebut give someone the go-by give the brush give the cold shoulder forsake disavow stave off retract beat off renege recant fend off abstain from disclaim put off cut dead look right through brush aside ward off tell someone where to get off cede steer clear of sacrifice eschew slight abnegate keep at bay drop pass on pass by keep at arm's length opt out shy from hand over not accept delay sneer at ostracize cast aside discourage cast off ostracise wash one's hands of turn your back on withgo miss forbear fight off deter check keep away rebuke parry oppose drive back put aside discard turn your nose up at keep at a distance do without kick push back keep off desert turn over desist from withhold from opt out of revoke send away sign away disinherit cut off give something a miss leave not hear of turn back send packing disacknowledge give the bum's rush have nothing to do with send to Coventry give the thumbs down to turn back on wash hands of give a wide berth to decide against avert deflect withhold sniff at turn aside hold at bay obstruct evade discount deny oneself let pass overlook skip stall filibuster not heed reluct miss out on let go by blank contemn jilt turn up one's nose look past act cool make unwelcome forego give a pain give the cold shoulder to give somebody the cold shoulder refuse admittance to give somebody the run-around shirk disgorge fail to take advantage of pass something up not take advantage of turn nose up at sneeze at scoff at treat with contempt look down on hold in contempt contradict vacate quitclaim stonewall step down from withdraw from bag it deliver up bail out step aside from gainsay resign refute disaffirm disconfirm refuse to take advantage of defer remit postpone look down one's nose at weasel out of go back on word renig welsh drop out impugn worm out of stay allow remove grant shelve table suspend prorogue reserve reverse rescind contravene bilk ditch give the thumbs down give the red light ban concede disprofess blacklist embargo fight dishonor rat turn default tergiversate banish flush oust dishonour cast defect apostatize tergiverse shed lay aside dump hold up bar stay clear of refuse to acknowledge divorce oneself from refuse to accept beat back force back confront drive away foil unsay foreswear repeal black blackball body-swerve stay shy of fight shy of keep away from not touch have no part in shrink from give a wide berth shy away from stand aloof from look right through someone keep your distance from shake off keep clear of have no part of recoil from give the runaround turn away from leave alone palm off have no more truck with wash your hands of be against break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of frustrate debar thrust back prevent duel dispute cool stand off traverse refrain abstain proscribe interdict prohibit outlaw put to flight see off drive off stay away from impose sanctions hold aloof from withhold patronage exclude place an embargo on ice out shut out strike boycott refuse to take part in knock down force off chase away give cold shoulder to stand up against reprove chide cross tell off lash out at put in one's place


Outlaw, prohibit an action
forbid ban prohibit proscribe outlaw disallow interdict exclude preclude veto debar hinder inhibit rule out bar enjoin criminalise criminalize make illegal block restrain stop cancel censor check deny deprive embargo forestall forfend freeze halt impede nix obstruct obviate oppose prevent restrict spike stymie taboo withhold declare taboo declare illegal hold up lock up shut down shut out put an end to put a stop to give the red light to give the thumbs down to put the chill on put the kibosh on reject refuse boycott thwart blackball dismiss quash estop eliminate except suppress suspend disapprove banish negate throw out ward off kill disqualify place an embargo on negative repudiate rebuff hamper counteract turn down deter pass on hold back arrest freeze out close out say no to count out revoke limit overrule decline black ostracize interrupt invalidate defeat squash curb counter declare ineligible nullify put down ostracise foil bate avert retard frustrate baulk hang up shoot down balk recant ward nip in the bud illegalize censure zing disentitle overturn circumvent disown pass by hamstring disclaim disavow reprobate blacklist discount pass up cool cork interfere with slow set aside pass discountenance keep out rule against fetter declare null and void disacknowledge baffle tie up encumber slow down handicap cramp begrudge expel repress cripple stifle keep lid on keep back hobble contravene crimp spurn knock back leave out put a brake on lock out stave off stand in the way of leave out in the cold condemn plug give the red light destroy sentence doom forbid to repulse place injunction on place an injunction on misdemeanorize felonize vote down avoid discard disfellowship redlight refuse admission to refuse entrance to give the cold shoulder to curse give the brush-off to abolish penalise penalize down close down ice out close up officially forbid quit discontinue cease deselect unfit gridlock burn cut dissent put paid to not consider close one's doors to forget about defend against chill intercept keep at bay turn aside stave head off fend off keep off dam hold off anticipate make it impossible for make it impracticable for make impossible make impracticable make something punishable not grant throw over give something a miss balk at give thumbs down to thumbs down throw away refuse permission to override exile bottle up box in jam up countermand reverse declare something a punishable offence incapacitate disable give thumbs down not go for put chill on abjure disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair paralyse weaken disenable omit throw put a lock on put a stopper in bring to screeching halt put half nelson on throw cold water on spoil disappoint contradict shut off gainsay pour cold water on disbar remove ignore oust bounce shut out of dash discourage eject evict scotch crush derail constrain refute confront snooker deny access to sideline disregard disclude occlude shackle bridle dissuade from discomfit neutralize beat checkmate not count refuse to admit miss out cut out crool foul up scupper banjax rebut disprove not make the cut cut off stonewall disrupt cramp one's style stump dash one's hope neutralise put the lid on annul outwit render null and void overcome lick screw up ruin upset the applecart conquer do for give the run around put out send to Coventry refuse admittance put an embargo on prevent from entering backpedal explode disaffirm debunk contest discredit retract challenge clog manacle hog-tie handcuff trammel dissuade short-circuit smother embarrass pass over drive out get rid of force out shut the door on rein in declare untrue controvert disconfirm dissent from faze bit reduce stall sandbag disagree with confute take back put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in throw a spanner in the works of hold down disbelieve shoot full of holes not buy withsay take exception to call on enjoin from shoot down in flames forgo doubt disagree turn thumbs down stand in the way sacrifice control delay contain confine cumber hold keep regulate subdue curtail stay detain silence keep in check muffle set back gag tie choke back diminish moderate get in the way of bork throw a monkey wrench in the works of bind choke swallow strangle interfere govern squelch get in the way keep under control straiten stem decrease muzzle fight back slow up constrict tame brake dampen keep the lid on put off stamp out extinguish lessen bite back circumscribe still conceal hem in delimit chain measure rule temper cut back pull in quell tie down sink deaden submerge catch damp down bog down pocket overpower keep within bounds decelerate crack down on choke off cork up clamp down on button up end dull hide rein cap throttle fix shush abstain entangle refrain forbear resist talk out of put a damper on keep a lid on shut in close off steer clear of stop oneself keep a tight rein on inconvenience quench damp warn sabotage pause crab intermit peg jam desist divert draw up disadvantage terminate shelve postpone disadvise burden pull up weigh down eschew fetch up cut short leash evade be a hindrance to quiet retardate bottle make late turn off block out rein back hold in check take down snuff out cramp someone's style put the brakes on slap down give a hard time break off give up keep down sit on deflate mute depress frighten incommode retain quelch discommode stultify staunch bottleneck wreck remit sidetrack master obscure deprecate shorten stunt slacken entrammel defer scare scare off demarcate bring up circumnavigate keep waiting bound bring to a standstill forswear escape barricade upset quieten impose limits on set limits on set sidestep skirt drop imprison mire abate close stuff deflect shrink hold off on lay off keep hold of loiter put back put on hold block up clog up blockade put the stopper on shun put a lid on cut down saddle with jail gaol put a limit on specify forsake put on back burner bring to an end put on ice congest stop up bung up demark contract cool down cool off define delimitate qualify keep secret drag one's feet clip someone's wings tether plug up put at a disadvantage back off pin down put away keep under wraps fight shy of resist the temptation to dummy up keep inside give a wide berth to swear off place at a disadvantage keep within limits throw a spanner in the works leave off jack in tie someone down tie-up straitjacket get out of inc mar overload bypass cause to wait cause to stay fight charge oppress bother debilitate protract clot waive blunt scrub brace can bilk offset buck prorogue rattle bottle something up net enmesh ensnare capture cover up prevent from making progress constipate disconcert prolong save let pre-empt help calm lower harsh make difficult incarcerate intern juke ditch take wind out of crash unsettle puzzle snag garrote garrotte put a crimp in tie one's hands forefend discipline get bogged down hold over gain control over gain mastery over entrap gum up knock off confound mystify keep control of not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of pick off affect disturb bite one's lip keep a rein on keep on a string nonplus put out of commission give disadvantage take out influence tamper lock in coop up fence in necessitate close in immure concuss shotgun louse up benumb blanket numb cauterize confuse mess up lag put the brakes on take out of play trouble conflict slacken pace flummox screen hush act like a wet blanket tongue-tie ice drag feet hold captive complicate seal caulk renounce stand fence tone down throw a spoke in the wheel of procrastinate reef embog mothball immobilize immobilise pigeonhole dead-end corner refuse to pay put on the shelf ration harness put straitjacket on fill up fill dry up shut up vanquish overthrow prescribe reserve throw monkey wrench in cauterise cloud allay come down on modify narrow cut down on enclose encircle send up inclose put a ceiling on surround prelimit keep tight rein on cow girdle impound direct hogtie guide choke up pack stanch play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel hang fire hesitate dawdle loaf falter bog flag poke back-water hit the brakes lose speed lose steam let down flaps wind down anchor it devitalize sap triumph over monkey with bung block off stand still pull back box up crack down overwhelm dominate bury annihilate clamp trample place a limit on finish dispense with kick do without come to a standstill stand off peter out not move keep in line bring under control have on a tight leash let up draw the line on mark off stopper throw a monkey wrench into drive underground trample on leave alone wrong dumb settle put lid on put kibosh on beat down bring to naught keep yourself hold out on keep under one's hat stop yourself hold out refuse to give clam up deduct hold on to keep to oneself fail to disclose clam take the pledge go on the wagon avoid doing sit out be temperate not touch have nothing to do with not do take the cure disfavour shake disfavor indispose treat harshly enfetter enchain gyve pinion do a disservice to tell against treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on bring to a stop intimidate daunt chain up clap secure cuff say nothing dock bring to a halt demoralize dishearten caution disincline forego put in irons clap in irons unnerve expostulate dehort counsel exhort remonstrate prick put in chains tie someone's hands belay truncate retrench demoralise make anxious make nervous caution against advise against warn off urge against persuade against withhold from keep from abstain from decline to restrain oneself refrain from restrain yourself go easy give over make worried throw off argue out of urge not to expostulate against advise not to chicken out persuade not to lean on pare down elide abbreviate lop trim syncopate chop abridge cry out against throw a wet blanket on minify tighten up crop clip slim down downsize slash boil down get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on steer clear internalize internalise black out


To express an objection to what someone has said or done
protest object complain remonstrate demur disagree dissent expostulate disapprove oppose challenge denounce fulminate gripe inveigh kick rail dispute except resist revolt blast combat fight holler howl moan rebel squawk take exception express disapproval express opposition raise objections speak out take issue cry out express disagreement make a protest make a stand sound off make a stink voice disapproval be against make an objection take a stand inveigh against kick against kick up a fuss kick up a stink make a fuss thumbs down back-talk be displeased by put up a fight say no to take up the cudgels protest against take issue with kick up a stink about kick up a fuss about argue condemn criticize balk berate be in opposition to upbraid baulk raise objections to criticise speak up take a stand against object to cavil reprove express objections censure deprecate argue against complain about cavil at thunder lodge a protest lodge a protest against express disapproval of express disagreement with rail against stickle rant beef about gripe about scold fume make a fuss about castigate vituperate attack argue with disagree with make a protest to be an adversary of dislike be opposed scruple boggle fight your corner stand your ground reason dissuade express doubts admonish express doubt raise doubts reproach reprimand protest to complain to resent reprehend objurgate be offended by raise an objection take umbrage at take offence at demur at say your piece take offence take offense take umbrage fulminate against rage against thunder against take to task come out against take a dim view be put out expostulate about protest strongly at declaim against criticize severely remonstrate about bawl out jaw abuse revile vociferate objurate make a protest against complain vociferously about disagree violently with oppose strongly rate put up a fight against tongue-lash chew out make a stand against complain bitterly about whip speak out against kick up take great exception to rage differ grouse take exception to mind express objections to grumble remonstrate against quibble be in opposition beef disapprove of spurn have a problem quarrel with diverge draw the line kvetch grumble about have a problem with moan about grouse about nonconcur repudiate reject refuse renounce abjure rant about disesteem quibble about crab discommend discountenance draw the line at cross disavow execrate curse declaim vary disaccord discord shy divide decline contradict pettifog wrangle buck frown on kvetch about beg to differ storm decry excoriate flame vilify raise objection be displeased take on reprobate put down huff arraign disparage animadvert lambaste rave spout diss bluster be at variance with withhold assent quibble over express objection not ratify be at odds with fail to agree with put up an argument say not a chance decline to support say no way break with say nothing doing refuse to support fly in the face of denunciate tear into tangle with menace intimidate go-one-on-one mix it up with vociferate about mouth off about animadvert upon go on about swear at rant and rave

Trái nghĩa của say no

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