Đồng nghĩa của contradict

Alternative for contradict

contradicts, contradicted, contradicting

Đồng nghĩa: deny, dispute, oppose,

Trái nghĩa: acknowledge, admit, recognize,


To declare to be untrue
deny counter gainsay refute controvert negate negative dispute rebut disaffirm disallow disavow disclaim disconfirm disown oppose reject repudiate confute contravene impugn buck cancel confront counteract cross dare differ disprove question reverse traverse undermine withsay withspeak cancel out say the opposite of take on thumbs down call in question refuse to accept have bone to pick discredit invalidate debunk challenge shoot down explode shoot full of holes belie contest shoot down in flames quash give the lie to confound call into question expose show to be false falsify prove false break prove to be false drive a coach and horses through blow out of the water disagree with blow sky-high knock the bottom out of argue renounce demolish nullify make a nonsense of prove wrong resist retract oppugn disagree disacknowledge overthrow blow sky high debate bust abjure fight be at odds with take issue with declare untrue overturn forswear doubt query recant fly in the face of abnegate tear down object to quibble over protest against disbelieve destroy rebuff dissent from assail brush aside withstand combat puncture weaken defeat answer annul take back renege argue with deflate revoke abandon contend crush silence balk impeach squelch refuse go against welsh discard argue against wrangle pettifog forsake baulk worm out of find unfounded show up argue about blow up declare to be untrue set aside put down take a stand against give thumbs down to conflict with run counter to dismiss compromise overwhelm ruin annihilate naysay deceive prove unsound impune retort ridicule vanquish subvert respond hinder frustrate thwart obstruct backtalk call in discuss prove impossible put paid to pick holes in deflect impede cut down to size bring to naught knocks props out from under shut up efface undo neutralize work against throw out poke holes in render null and void repel check duel eschew convict evert parry top burn shoot holes in renig examine address moot knock props out knock bottom out of show in its true light backpedal altercate canvass bandy canvas give up drop out burn down dispose of reply to weasel out of wash hands of curb ban begrudge restrain exclude forgo taboo prevent block spurn sacrifice forbid go back on word contend over disinherit cast off pick a bone dissent against hammer away at quibble about put up argument differ with agitate against ditch drop cast aside call on enjoin from keep back not buy hold back pick an argument with prove to be wrong argue the pros and cons of show to be wrong bandy words concerning wonder about have an argument about zap smear attack blast slam traduce knock zing criticize tar trash withdraw cut off take exception to say no to turn thumbs down neutralise end relations with send packing stand in the way unsay recall turn your back on cut off without a penny wash your hands of refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize divorce oneself from have nothing more to do with criticise demur foreswear repeal relinquish apostatize diverge run down come down on swipe at skin alive cast doubt upon throw doubt on cast aspersions upon stick it to cut to shreds throw the book at pin on thumb nose at renege on dial back back down rescind backtrack abrogate back out back off weasel out countermand call back void eat one's words withcall go back on one's word object nonconcur disapprove rebel protest stickle vary disaccord discord shy divide decline dissent be at variance with withhold assent express disagreement express objection not ratify fail to agree with put up an argument say not a chance decline to support say no way break with say nothing doing refuse to support put up a fight express disagreement with desert abdicate shun leave surrender ignore jettison dump turn down neglect yield jilt discount oust throw over quit dispense with betray wash one's hands of disregard kick banish avoid walk out on blackball do away with scorn disdain have done with bin off give the elbow give someone the push give someone the air give someone the big E shut out cold-shoulder maroon turn defect tergiversate tergiverse cede run out on break up with waive veto abstain from ostracize go away from resign withdraw from repulse refrain from throw off snub leave off hand over ostracise cut excommunicate brush off hold off give someone the brush-off cast out swear off turn one's back on unfollow cut out of will refuse to have anything to do with absolve yourself eject force out get rid of throw away refuse to abide by refrain pack in jack in depart forget outcaste forego desist from junk scrub scrap axe shirk disgorge abort screw flee ax stop using escape blacklist prohibit stop having quitclaim vacate flee from disappear from fly from retire from bail on abscond from escape from cheat on blank put aside remit postpone defer pass deselect nix reprobate disfellowship give someone the go-by scoff at send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt give a wide berth to despise kick someone in the teeth have nothing to do with freeze out cut dead unfriend leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder back out on be disloyal to be gone from run away from take oneself off from set out from be unfaithful to bar debar embargo disprofess delay hold up remove grant table do without suspend reserve put off stay allow sign away shelve turn over prorogue fail divest stop proscribe overrule dishonor rat shed lay aside pass up default balk at flush dishonour cast disaffiliate bereave step down from deliver up step aside from bag it opt out bail out be against not accept exheridate evict deprive dispossess turn back on squash apostacize strand have no more truck with throw preclude kill censor outlaw cut out deprecate denigrate diminish declare null and void pass on give the thumbs down to disparage slight stave off fend off chuck leave behind leave flat depart from force back push back drive away beat back drive back foil leave high and dry leave stranded leave penniless rat on ward off fight off cut off without a cent toss over sell out tell someone to get lost look right through give the cold shoulder to sweep aside knock down force off stand up against beat off put to flight see off keep at bay turn away deter chase away give cold shoulder to thrust back keep off keep away keep at arm's length cool stand off turn back drive off kiss goodbye drift away take the oath take your leave of change one's tune show the door leave in the lurch


To give an order contrary to (another order or wish), oppose (something)
gainsay challenge oppose impugn disagree with argue against go against be at variance with controvert defy resist dispute attack take issue with stand up to fly in the face of rebut object to argue with fight contest argue debate combat oppugn criticize quarrel with fight against put up a fight against be against be anti withstand be hostile to confront counter thwart criticise cross take on take exception to be in opposition to repel buck disapprove of battle struggle against deny take a stand against face down take issue call into question call in question fault censure condemn beat find fault with duel unseat shoot down kick against hold out against complain about knock cavil at find lacking betray carp at pick holes in backstab set one's face against vie against two-time sell out double-cross have bone to pick stab in the back take wind out of sails denounce query call out question refute impeach demur against inquire litigate rally against disprove demur about enquire come to blows with address be a dissenter from negate rebel against protest against remonstrate test throw down face off tackle accost investigate contend undermine feud with dissent from interrogate rival counterattack bar block check prevent face dislike hinder obstruct contend with take gainstay protest assail assault disapprove reverse dissent neutralise bombard withstay encounter expose neutralize disagree taunt speak out against strive against not countenance search out speak against frown at stand up and be counted against be in defiance of turn the tables take a stand run counter to set your face against object take exception lodge a protest against kick up a fuss about kick up a stink about express objections demur raise objections to gripe express disapproval of express disagreement with disparage except kick inveigh deprecate beef about gripe about make a fuss about sound off deplore resent oppose strongly nag pick at recriminate decry find fault rain complain vociferously about blame object strongly to denigrate squabble bicker frown upon animadvert be offended by take offence at raise an objection demur at take umbrage at slam slate rubbish belittle take offence come out against take umbrage take offense take a dim view be put out deride run down nitpick over do down pull to pieces slag off bad-mouth scoff at have a go at tear to shreds raise objections complain grouse express objections to express disagreement mind lodge a protest express disapproval cavil grumble moan remonstrate against quibble be in opposition beef spurn have a problem expostulate make a fuss draw the line have a problem with moan about kvetch grouse about grumble about rant about baulk discommend discountenance draw the line at balk disesteem quibble about disavow crab kvetch about beg to differ frown on make an objection rail against kick up a fuss tangle with make a stink kick up a stink go-one-on-one mix it up with raise objection be displeased


To express a different opinion


To exercise disbelief
disbelieve discredit discount doubt reject mistrust repudiate not accept suspect distrust negate not credit question challenge eschew not believe not buy scorn scout unbelieve give no credence to not swallow scoff at be incredulous of be suspicious of be unconvinced about have no confidence in have no faith in take with a pinch of salt take something with a pinch of salt misdoubt query dispute be wary of have reservations about smell a rat have suspicions about feel uneasy about wonder about cast doubt on impugn call in question misgive skepticize have doubts about disbelieve in misbelieve be chary of impeach contest oppugn have misgivings about be unsure about be unsure of regard with suspicion have qualms harbor suspicion give no credence be apprehensive of entertain doubts about call into question object to harbour reservations about raise doubts about harbour suspicions about raise objections to express suspicions about cast aspersions on express reservations about throw doubt on deny look askance at be sceptical of be suspicious be leery of take with a grain of salt ask grill quiz interrogate catechize inquire demand enquire inquire of knock probe test the waters hit up look into put out a feeler question fluctuate demur be undetermined be uncertain fear waver take dim view of vacillate shilly-shally read differently be in a quandary wonder at be puzzled insinuate imagine scruple surmise be dubious hesitate have one's doubts be curious wonder scruple over oppose controvert feel apprehensive about lack confidence in have reservations have hesitations about puzzle over cast doubt upon be skeptical of

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