Đồng nghĩa của back down

Alternative for back down


To take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to
backtrack concede renege submit surrender yield abandon accede acquiesce admit back off back out backpedal baulk balk cancel climb down concede defeat cop out demur fink out give in recant recoil reconsider resign retreat withdraw accept defeat admit defeat back pedal beg off bow out cave in chicken out give ground give up go back on hold back pull back pull out take back wimp out eat humble pie admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement retract do a U-turn eat your words do an about-turn repudiate do an about-face welsh unsay recall renege on reverse row back change your mind about-face renounce abjure disavow revoke weasel out repeal rescind disclaim forswear abnegate foreswear eat one's words wiggle out shy from worm out get cold feet call off retrocede flip-flop change one's mind have second thoughts change do a volte-face double back withcall go back rethink sing a different song drop out scratch avoid lose your nerve funk out give way wuss out blow it off have no stomach for make concessions throw in the towel bottle it disown deny apologise dial back change opinion countermand think better of decide against recede have change of heart apologize draw back back out of change one's tune fall back abrogate eat crow turn back annul shift one's ground go into reverse forget it backtrack on do an about-turn on do a U-turn on bottle out turn yellow think better of something repossess reclaim crap out pike on capitulate admit that one is wrong retract one's words cop-out turn the tables back-pedal on alter amend set aside contradict apostatize call back relinquish void nullify worm out of forsake go back on one's word swallow one's words swallow move backwards turn tail back up drive back retire move backward back away regress drive backwards back move back go backward change your decision change one's attitude change one's plans retreat from withdraw from default on cry off pull out of fail to honour nig rule out eliminate reel in retrograde row back on exclude suspend take in chicken out of get cold feet about renig reject spurn eschew gainsay rebut refuse disaffirm disallow discard abdicate kick drop refute negate decline refrain negative shun sacrifice forgo disconfirm cast off cast aside rat on contravene refuse to acknowledge wash hands of disacknowledge dissociate from weasel out of go back on word impugn throw off dispense with forbear turn your back on divorce oneself from turn back on refuse to accept do away with pack in jack in abstain wash your hands of wash one's hands of turn one's back on abstain from refrain from break betray default disprofess welsh on tergiversate desert have no more truck with have done with resign from defect from opt out violate oath jump ship break your word break one's promise break a promise cop out of oppose disprove explode debunk contest discredit challenge declare untrue controvert counter rebuff quash invalidate dissent from disagree with confute curb ban take exception to begrudge call on say no to enjoin from shoot down in flames restrain taboo doubt prevent keep back disagree turn thumbs down disbelieve stand in the way block shoot down shoot full of holes not buy withsay forbid


Yield to someone or something
give way acquiesce admit defeat agree concur make concessions approve assent concede defeat defer give up accede capitulate cave in fall victim submit succumb surrender yield be conquered by be overcome by be overwhelmed by give in raise the white flag show the white flag throw in the sponge throw in the towel concede knuckle under relent quit bow budge fold climb down blink fall cede lay down your arms buckle under cry uncle be overcome wave the white flag give up the struggle accept defeat comply relinquish abandon resign crumble let go be beaten be overwhelmed go under lay down one's arms lay down arms put up white flag pack it in toss it in backpedal indulge stop deliver bend say uncle go down lay down hand over buckle come to terms eat crow go along with resign yourself roll over give yourself up pull out give give away the store bow to bow to something call it a day back out withdraw accept throw in your hand retreat fall in line be defeated give oneself over fold up break be conquered suffer defeat turn over abdicate cry quits turn in call it quits kowtow be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee surrender to resign oneself humble oneself cave give ground proffer lose despair desist tender cease waive present drop forswear collapse hand in bail out cut out leave off chicken out bow out be overthrown give oneself up fall to pieces be a casualty to lose one's position to be smitten by be taken by be overthrown by lie down pass into the hands of pass into enemy hands be destroyed by eat dirt fall victim to be defeated by be vanquished by be beaten by entrust consign leave knuckle forego play dead eat humble pie soften melt unbend weaken forbear do a U-turn have mercy come round become merciful slow sympathize have pity sympathise become lenient give quarter show pity show mercy be merciful concede something agree to something allow something admit something let happen die away lay back mellow out do an about-turn come around cool it lighten up give some slack change one's mind go easy on take a softer line change your mind let it happen ease up on


To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner
cop out bypass escape sidestep avoid dodge duck evade shirk shrink from skip skirt round skive abandon backpedal bilk cut decline desert duck-shove excuse funk quit rationalise rationalize renege renounce revoke run away from skive off steer clear of welsh withdraw back off back out back out of duck out of get out get out of have alibi pull out of slide out of use pretext weasel out wriggle out of give the slip pass on relay pass the buck elude shake scape finesse weasel out of get around shuffle out of shake off shun cop out of escape from skirt lose circumvent flee eschew body-swerve give the slip to neglect shy from ditch shuck outrun stay shy of slip through the net of run from stay away from fend off fly give the runaround break away from get away from pay no attention to give a wide berth shy leave behind slip away from slip turn one's back on find a way out of find a way round give a wide berth to frustrate double get away give somebody the slip be beyond throw off the scent slip through the net run around foil outwit thwart slip through someone's fingers miss shuffle off forget let slide not attend scrimshank take fright baulk at chicken out of turn tail recoil from wuss out flinch from leave undone slough off dog lose sight of play truant from cheat bob off bludge be lax about creep not attend to pay little attention to skimp on be remiss about lie down on job parry fence balk baffle lead on a merry chase sneak away baulk escape the clutches of end-run slip out keep distance brush off discount dance around disregard ignore overlook pussyfoot around tergiversate dispense with keep one's distance from be oblivious to turn your back on lay low from pay no mind unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to tune out shirk from take no notice of pay no heed to go around


(accede to) To agree to a demand, request, or treaty
accede accept allow grant approve acquiesce assent comply consent endorse engage okay permit recognise recognize undertake astipulate comply with comprobate relent agree to acquiesce to assent to cave in to consent to acquiesce in concede to relent to come round concur with cooperate with enter into go along with play ball come round to give blessing yield to back down to be game for defer to give in to give way to surrender to give the go-ahead give carte blanche give something the nod give the green light say yes throw in the towel roll over and play dead agree sanction yield concur accede to concede warrant subscribe authorize give in sign bless ratify authorise validate sign off on submit confirm countenance OK buy agree with succumb give the nod say yes to shake on approve of accredit submit to pass clear license capitulate knuckle under rubber-stamp give way licence defer conform to give the go-ahead to give the green light to give the thumbs up to say the word back support surrender formalize certify bow to approbate respect ditto finalize conform homologate seal accord yes obey admit bow abide by condone finalise formalise cave in say uncle give the OK to let pass toe the line thumbs up follow uphold authenticate affirm mandate advocate let tolerate adapt adjust accommodate embrace suffer brook second empower enable boost favour favor heed concur in subscribe to O.K. greenlight give someone leave cut a deal give one's permission give one's leave give one's approval to give permission humour go for abet take kindly to charter get behind humor have sanctify indulge pay homage fall in with vail set fold give permission for compromise go with the flow indemnify give something the thumbs up give your consent to give your blessing to give something the green light give something the go-ahead give the thumbs up vouchsafe give up roll over recommend make a deal reach a decision countersign initial bind make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up give go-ahead give thumbs-up afford with underwrite sign on toe the mark bow down to be guided by pay attention to play along with acknowledge champion change your mind establish truckle undersign believe in signature cosign see eye to eye entitle honour honor qualify kowtow knuckleunder cringe knuckle fawn buckle cave endure give someone authorization legalize legitimatize legitimate cause bend put John Hancock on be in agreement with give stamp of approval hold with legalise legitimatise grant the right leave green-light admit of privilege give your blessing franchise wink at blink at facilitate reconcile jibe observe be deferential give one's blessing to hoist the white flag go along stand by cry uncle give the nod to accept tacitly give one's consent to give one's assent to mind adhere to keep goose-step to take orders act in accordance with get into line do what one is told hold to answer do as you are told keep to do as one says play second fiddle live by do one's duty fulfill do what is expected come to heel hold fast stick to be ruled by get in line serve act upon do one's bidding play it by the book fulfil be loyal to respond espouse adopt pass on give one's stamp of approval to give five legitimize legitimise bear commission take put up with sustain stand stomach abide live with swallow decriminalize stand for hack decriminalise give vest regulate invest give permission to undergo make legal wear bide thole stick stick out sweat out bear with handle absorb meet pocket capacitate legislate enact endow give leave to vindicate ordain decree constitute justify grant permission to excuse go bestow receive withstand hear of be doing with give the stamp of approval to cope with provide codify formulate launder offer grant the right to give authority to confer clean up give power to give a blank cheque to give assent to weather brave sit still for entrust enter entertain vouch for tough out go through nod at give green light give the go-ahead for equip give authorization to help give access take in let in give thumbs up be big on aid delegate normalize pronounce lawful make merit normalise give the means to give the green light for give the right to award rate afford oblige pardon give approval to be big experience present carry call for qualify for sit and take it give authority be a justification for be a reason for explain away be a defence of allow for sit through bestow on offer grounds for give the go ahead to confer on bear the brunt of take on declare lawful unban regularize give leave for regularise confer a right to let someone have declare legal feel contract lend your name to harbour lodge shelter initiate house introduce harbor be authorised see be authorized fall for enfranchise sweat encourage charge grant authorization to grant authority to resist give consent to give the OK give one's seal of approval to grant leave to grant a permit to grant a licence to give a permit to give a licence to contract out commend free up give okay give the O.K. be subject to permit to allow to engage in stick with stand up to applaud invite cope sit tight hang in there hang in say the magic word face prepare assist understand invest with power give means to give the power to give someone the authority make eligible be in favour of give authority for conceive consider wait out confront smile on stomach something grace hand give the right give the okay to shoulder assume encounter vote in put into effect make into law legislate for lay down vote for grin and bear it consign have coming fit for absolve forgive set up condition ready vest in entrust to endow in grant to put in someone's hands arm consign to invest in give to confer a right exempt exonerate exculpate whitewash make allowances for laugh off accept apology for make allowance come to grips with ride out subject oneself to be faced with come up against live through resign oneself to submit oneself to grin and bear be forced to contend with meet with intromit rationalize acquit be in line for give the resources to make it possible for give the opportunity to provide the means to cede to favour with be grounds for rationalise ignore be good reason for entitle one to hear demand deserve add render string along let continue let stay let be let go require earn welcome stay the course enrol enlist supply entail necessitate register include pay furnish impart contribute allow to go make way for permit to pass allow entry give right of entry to allow to enter allow in give access to give admission to permit entry show in enroll usher in grant entrance to greet sign up account for turn a blind eye to do bring donate give ground for be worth be deserving of be entitled to be worthy of lay on one extend trust lend inject shark loan shark stake lend-lease hand out

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