Đồng nghĩa của vest

Alternative for vest

vests, vested, vesting

Đồng nghĩa: enthrone, invest, robe, singlet, undershirt, waistcoat,


To confer or bestow (power, authority, property, etc.) on someone
commend commit confide consign delegate deliver endow entrust give hand intrust leave lodge pass place recommend repose transfer transmit trust lay assign belong bestow bestow on confer on devolve entrust to furnish give over give to grant to hand over invest in pertain settle turn over put in the hands of confer relegate relinquish grant charge cede allocate allot convey surrender yield commission invest give up apportion pass on abdicate put sign over refer authorize bequeath authorise cast make over abandon render appoint apply task present designate send turn in lay down cough up resign burden appropriate hand down dispatch saddle hand on renounce give away proffer tender divert redirect fork up waive dispense fork out confine deliver up will channel depute toss throw let go of render up deposit submit engage set chuck alienate alien change reassign deed shunt remit shift offer ordain move issue reach bung exchange give custody of leave with give custody give free rein deposit with direct pin employ destine promise circulate forward parcel out send on errand hold responsible for send on mission impose send on let someone have devote level leave to put in charge of patronise advance let patronize aid store loan lend command instate aim ascribe target encumber exact allow to look after let out put into hands of make trustee put into the hands of assess fine tax levy inflict part with dish out forgo sacrifice shell out lay out drop pay provide pony up ante up hand out concede come across with pay up sign away distribute fork over forsake pay out dole out disburse give in come up with deal out abjure abnegate supply forfeit produce mete out donate quit give out lay aside contribute lose step down from step aside from turn down forswear disclaim prorate hand in portion reject make with chip in stump up put aside allow spurn refuse do without capitulate spend expend fold feed give way let go back down opt out cast off administer throw in the towel share quitclaim throw in the sponge defer bail out demit settle up forbear foot the bill pass round dispense with set aside pass out hand round communicate kick in pitch in come across repudiate pull out bow succumb desert withdraw set down shed dump discard award abalienate vouchsafe relent budge defray the cost of disown impart knuckle under cave in concede defeat forego vacate bag it say goodbye to divide send out dispose of climb down withgo be deprived of disseminate be stripped of pay for go without renege pass up cast aside share out mete yield up admit defeat divvy pay with disgorge give back turn over to sign something over put in extend volunteer shell something out release give over to find gift make something over to someone stump something up outlay decline deny put down finish with let fall free club together vest in give into the custody of give into the care of unload give into the charge of avoid turn back on disinherit withdraw from shirk spare leave behind betray sacrifice something kiss goodbye prostitute eschew kiss goodbye to stand down from separate oneself from divorce oneself from wash your hands of sign off make a contribution make a donation handball escalate retire leave in the lurch step down sell out leave holding the bag leave high and dry decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off divide out partition measure give with lot return offer back devise demise attorn have a whip-round show terminate exhibit neglect delay hold up remove table suspend postpone reserve put off stay disregard refrain from shelve prorogue hold off give oneself over fall victim fold up suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits break show the white flag come to terms be overcome indulge resign yourself lay down arms be conquered be beaten give up the struggle buckle raise the white flag call it quits display lose out on blink expose extract broadcast let off drop off unveil acquiesce repeat spread scoop dish up ladle serve spoon serve up deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up declare stop cry uncle buckle under despair collapse leave off desist cut out cease chicken out bow out comply accord remise give and take carry relay publish make known retail stream retweet RT provide use of be generous with send forth allow use of ditch fulfil achieve carry out make good on discharge implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light drop out kiss good-bye stand down swear off cut loose let pass take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey let go by drop like hot potato


To bestow legal or official authority to
authorise authorize empower license commission warrant qualify accredit certify enable licence invest charter sanction entitle permit privilege give authority to recognize charge delegate approve entrust allow endorse capacitate recognise OK give power to grant appoint mandate endow let ratify validate rubber-stamp vouch for legitimize give permission to okay legitimise grant the right to give permission give someone the authority give the OK to give the thumbs up to give the go-ahead to give the green light to pass enfranchise give a certificate to give a diploma to be authorised legalise confer a right to countenance consent legalize be authorized give the green light say the word give the go-ahead give authority give the word task consign ordain give a right to trust induct equip install commit intrust instate inaugurate franchise deputize instruct dispatch command bid initiate grant authority to grant authorization to give authorization to deputise champion support back favour favor confide to grant leave to suffer give a licence to grant permission to give leave to grant a licence to give a permit to grant a permit to give the right to crown guarantee recommend promote depute advocate give approval to enthrone anoint give the means to invest with power give means to give the power to give a blank cheque to give the stamp of approval to seat consecrate establish baptize certificate honour honor provide adopt bequeath baptise instal swear in put the seal of approval on admit to office agree to consent to assent to accede to approve of have give something the nod admit of acquiesce in grant the right give the nod concede give consent to give someone leave clear accept sign off on tolerate green-light cause give one's assent to brook give one's blessing to greenlight admit condone acquiesce humour buy accede abet humor bless sign sanctify indulge go for shake on say yes let pass thumbs up formalize take kindly to homologate confirm finalize approbate finalise give the thumbs up formalise give the seal of approval to affirm give the OK make second rate make eligible give something the thumbs up give something the green light say yes to give something the go-ahead concur with go along with give the right give have coming fit for qualify for give the O.K. free up be big give okay live with sit still for say the magic word confer a right endure give someone authorization legitimatize legitimate be in line for hear of legitimatise boost concur leave agree facilitate acquiesce to wink at blink at give carte blanche give your blessing give permission for concede to give the green light for


To dress in (especially fine) clothes
clothe dress array attire habit invest outfit robe apparel caparison garb rig costume drape bedizen accoutre rig out swathe bedeck deck out enrobe enwrap fit out garment get up gown suit toilet turn out vesture cover deck get ready trick out trick up accouter bedrape breech coat dandify disguise dizen doll up don do up dress up dud endow endue equip fit guise habilitate jacket livery mantle primp raiment spruce tog put clothes on trap out bundle up suit up tog out tog up clad wear slip on slip into put on gear tart up decorate kit out adorn embellish beautify prettify slick wrap change furbelow gussy up supply dude up dress in put on evening dress wear formal clothes get into clothe oneself in change one's clothes clothe yourself in getup harness revamp titivate overdress improve smarten preen prink furnish with spiff up fix up spruce up get dressed dress oneself rig up dog out apparel oneself attire oneself be clothed in have on draw on be dressed in wrap oneself in get on cover oneself in clothe oneself provision trim ornament grace festoon arm garland garnish fit up set up refit furnish gird kit up hang wreathe fancify emblaze blazon do emboss enrich enhance bejewel bedight engarland fancy up pretty up glitz up appoint set off do out rig oneself out in doll oneself up in get dressed in pull on tog oneself out in pour oneself into throw on change into climb into deck oneself out in fling on tog oneself up in array oneself in dress oneself in accoutre oneself in smarten up tidy groom spiff brush smooth admire arrange plume glamorize trig pretty glamorise prepare fig up clean neaten clean up make neat slip put in order glam up put on best clothes redecorate sneak sleek prim wash gild slink dress up to the nines creep dress to kill make attractive gentrify make pretty comb freshen prank fuss give something a facelift put on your gladrags put on your best bib and tucker fuss over freshen up get dressed up be in full fig trig up prink up


A sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, worn over a shirt, and often as part of a suit


An athletic shirt or a similarly cut undershirt

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