Đồng nghĩa của disinherit

Alternative for disinherit

disinherit /'disin'herit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tước quyền thừa kế


To abandon or leave something or someone
renounce disown abandon forsake discard desert eschew apostatize defect dump tergiversate tergiverse turn quit shun apostacize cast off cut off give up cast aside throw over leave off throw off have nothing more to do with have done with divorce oneself from sell out toss over wash hands of walk out on wash your hands of reject repudiate disavow retract negative abjure disacknowledge turn your back on recant forswear reverse decline nix pass revoke refuse reprobate disapprove rescind deselect spurn rebuff disprofess shed cast dishonor lay aside demur throw out rat pass up banish default flush balk at oust dishonour turn down be against not accept break with deny have no more truck with wash one's hands of fly in the face of disclaim disallow rebut contradict disaffirm gainsay disconfirm refute negate ditch abnegate drop end relations with send packing refuse to acknowledge refuse to recognize cut off without a penny renege relinquish go back on rat on pull out withdraw abscond renege on leave revolt rebel depart go decamp cancel escape back out change sides go over run out turn coat shift ground go over the fence fall away from surrender divert change your mind betray abdicate defect from opt out cop out violate oath resign from jump ship dismiss unsay recall divorce foreswear repeal take back toss aside write off shrug off countermand backtrack welsh abrogate void nullify annul withcall dial back back down call back back off weasel out eat one's words worm out of go back on one's word turn traitor secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties change allegiances revolt against break faith be apostate take a walk


To give up a right, position, responsibility, or power
abdicate renounce relinquish surrender abnegate abandon abjure disown waive yield forgo cede forego forsake reject repudiate spurn avoid disgorge drop refuse shirk desert disclaim forswear leave quitclaim vacate give up hand over cast aside turn down withdraw from cast off deliver up step aside from step down from opt out turn one's back on bag it bail out resign sacrifice quit turn over sign away ditch eschew chuck disavow turn your back on dispense with dump lay down turn in resign from deny part with let go of forbear concede decline renege discard withdraw kick do without pack in cough up maroon refrain from leave behind abstain from break with wash hands of kiss goodbye walk out on set aside jack in deliver retract render abstain strand lose shed depart from refrain betray jilt give away jettison stand down from pull out of lay aside give swear off leave high and dry run out on leave in the lurch bin off forfeit put aside submit shun recant allow retire from scrap demit junk bow out of axe cast defer give in desist from dispose of renege on ax divorce oneself from back down cut loose drop out leave stranded throw over pass up walk away wash one's hands of have done with steer clear of say goodbye to back out of leave hanging give someone the big E separate oneself from walk away from let go take the oath break up with hang out to dry go without give someone the push throw something up bequeath offer provide terminate run away run away from transfer convey extend volunteer leave flat yield up make over give over sign off take your leave of go away from change one's tune give someone the air drift away show the door rat on give the elbow proffer release withgo spare prostitute unsay foreswear disallow repeal scrub gift walk out of stop using skip sacrifice something pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to disregard stop having do away with free remit postpone revoke elude resist neglect delay stay remove grant shelve table suspend prorogue reserve contravene escape dodge disdain duck evade gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape shake put off hold up hold off sit out withhold from pass by give something a miss pass on leave out keep from cut out leave alone refuse to acknowledge turn back on refuse to accept stay clear of fight shy of not touch have nothing to do with let well enough alone weasel out of get around have no truck with shy away from shuffle out of keep clear of give a wide berth to split kiss good-bye let pass stand down throw out throw away take the pledge quit cold turkey let go by drop like hot potato unload separate disaffiliate get rid of toss expel eighty-six fling bin pitch slough off exorcize exorcise toss out cashier deep-six retire apostatize chuck out eject heave trash shrug off retreat throw overboard shuck off hurl fling off get shot of throw on the scrapheap fling away slough get shut of chuck away lay by secede orphan break from disaffiliate from split with become independent defect from split from split off from pull out sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group have nothing more to do with separate from screw give up the ship flake out cop out let someone stew in their own juice leg it storm out fly the coop opt out of chicken out take a powder take a walk bow out capitulate bow relent succumb break fold buckle budge indulge give oneself over fall victim lay down arms fold up give way admit defeat be conquered suffer defeat be beaten accept defeat be overwhelmed throw in the towel cry quits climb down lay down your arms give up the struggle knuckle under throw in the sponge show the white flag come to terms cave in be overcome raise the white flag resign yourself concede defeat call it quits


Steal, deprive
rob purloin steal take thieve appropriate loot pilfer abstract embezzle shoplift swipe filch liberate lift misappropriate nab pinch rip off run off with snitch abscond with carry off half-inch heist nick snaffle souvenir blag bone burglarise burglarize burgle clifty defalcate glom help oneself to knock off nobble peculate scrump snavel take for oneself whip crib hook run away with tief walk away with walk off with abscond bereave con cop despoil drain hijack knock over lose oust pickpocket relieve requisition rifle scrounge steal from strong-arm take off withhold take from pocket trouser nip snatch make off with plunder boost cabbage pillage poach walk go walkies make away with expropriate annex raid hold up swindle borrow remove annexe seize have one's fingers in the till ransack snare skim commandeer stick up arrogate pluck palm flog take over help yourself to siphon off help yourself defraud take possession of sequester bag jack sneak usurp assume spirit away have sticky fingers shop steal reave take illegally break in force an entry hustle snipe finger use rip-off acquire keep mooch thieve from gain possession of cart off dispossess of simulate derive obtain cheat mug prig kidnap abduct convert cozen withdraw smuggle rustle encroach hunt intrude ram-raid commit fraud put hand in cookie jar cheat one of defraud one of be light-fingered hold for ransom strip one of commit white-collar crime steal money have one's hand in the till line one's purse with defraud someone of line one's pockets with dip into the public purse impound sequestrate attach distrain repossess confisticate grab accroach preempt disseize poind hunt illegally fish illegally take away confiscate moonlight requisition glom on to possess oneself of


To give, especially by way of a will after one's passing
will leave bequeath give transfer gift devise confer bequest disherit hand on legate pass on probate hand down make over settle on cut off grant demise transmit cede endow convey donate hand bestow pass turn over accord contribute vouchsafe surrender hand over relinquish entrust commit consign present offer yield impart furnish assign award pledge lend deliver give over leave in one's will part with let go of hand something on indue endue bless invest favour favor pass down delegate confide trust vest allot refer lease devolve deed repose recommend intrust commend apportion alien alienate give the right of give the title of provide proffer devote extend afford volunteer slip supply with chip in shell out pony up ante up kick in gift with cough up provide with put up let someone have lay out give away stump up furnish with present with fork out leave to bestow on confer on leave to by will supply hand out allocate pay render dish out dispense tender give up purvey distribute allow come up with advance designate sacrifice pitch in dedicate give out apply dole out provision reserve earmark produce make available sign over serve cast spend send bring pay up appropriate accommodate abdicate set throw endow with set aside issue equip give to relegate throw in concede fix up feed present to prepare consecrate add charge permit disburse direct put in lay on spare turn in lay down renounce pay out stake vest in submit arm expend grace resign abandon subscribe cater fork up lodge task save put forward lavish kit out appoint subsidize commission share inject register level subsidise place come through set by reach bear trot out award to hold out invest in come across with entrust to set apart give up to put out donate to stock shoot grant to remit lay dart fit out forfeit waive mete out get rid of rig out deal out sponsor enable prescribe make a donation of give a donation of empower arrange dower deal line up deliver up organize bind obligate concern mete occupy loan make with sweeten the pot enter put forth vow toss chuck accord to venture bung set down flash stretch out honour with store oblige ready make a donation depute lavish on let sweeten the kitty minister turn out allot to consign to assign to circulate make a contribution impart to make a gift of organise ration dispatch favour with do one's part show pass to administer decorate with fork over rustle up entrust with place at disposal send on hand out to cater to put in someone's hands prorate parcel out outfit accoutre hand round portion avail engage sign something over come across put at someone's disposal put at disposal make something over to someone club together do deduct forbear forgo forsake pay something out put settle up hand something over attorn release tempt someone with divert replenish credit make a contribution of give of stump something up lose reward provide for result in ante cede to yield to put oneself down for address redirect foot the bill decree bestow to pertain belong settle get it up feed the kitty pass the hat deposit unload channel record post file accede disseminate have a whip-round treat pin buckle get in the act restrict crown lay something on acquiesce give in lay aside free give out to extend to vouchsafe to shark lend-lease contribute to run by charge with sub pay in advance supply on credit bring forward change reassign invest with allocate to bless with buck let oneself in for fund render up send in speculate splurge defray the cost of giving honor authorize bend vote act with accommodate someone with outstretch fix put in the hands of gamble risk patronise aid patronize command ply loan shark disperse fit up begive pass around divvy up diffuse partition pass out sanction accredit qualify license entitle licence determine enrich impart with immolate deliver to saddle burden aim instate target ascribe implement plan give over to knock up knock together find whip up concoct lay on one buckle down warrant certify sink in pay for plough in pick up the tab offload dump allow to look after let out make trustee hand over to arrange for procure sell specify stipulate lot keep dish up nurse put into the hands of put into hands of foist authorise charter hypothecate fit bring forth line convey to transfer to decentralise decentralize place at someone's disposal lay at one's feet hold out to give an opportunity plate up set out ladle out indicate divide endow in ply with rig come with set up install instal raise attire stock up manage make up rig up array afford to distribute to bequeath to apportion to hallow enshrine sanctify spoon out let off drop off serve up back sign finance autograph ink pose stick out hold forth decide on give authority deal in commit to heap on hand to fob off be handed down palm off enhance begift cater in trade in underwrite reach out honor with render to exchange assemble get ready take care of indulge make scrape up put together cook occupy oneself concern oneself offer up forward include promise enrol second give money enroll buy contribute towards signature denote chip into make a subscription pitch into tack on add on sign up make a deal


To cease to have or retain something
lose expend squander waste blow burn deplete drain exhaust outlay spend burn up consume dispense with dissipate go through lay out run through shell out splurge suffer the loss of use up be deprived of burn through cough up discharge fritter away stop having throw away waste away dispossess divest fiddle away lavish misspend no longer have sacrifice trifle away spend like water misuse fritter blue be prodigal with spend recklessly make poor use of throw around like confetti pour down the drain be wasteful spend unwisely be wasteful with spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style scatter trifle frivol spend freely gamble away get through throw down the drain frivol away play ducks and drakes with spend money as if it grows on trees splash out cast away run-through finish sap spend as if it grows on trees spend as if there were no tomorrow pay out spend as if it were going out of style invest empty divert misemploy misapply ebb eat through wash up dump use run dry indulge oneself kiss goodbye devote spend money as if it were going out of fashion overspend liquidate idle dally fool away idle away be wastefully extravagant with pour something down the drain diddle away let money slip through one's fingers spend money as if it grew on trees chuck something down the drain prodigalize throw money around spring for pour money down the drain spend money like water throw money down the drain put out devour absorb draw down suck dry play out eat up employ bleed impoverish utilize milk utilise run out wear out bleed dry pass take up finish up kill beguile disburse pay dry up empty out swallow up give fork out dish out stump up ante up fill pony up occupy strain draw diminish dry eat go to waste bankrupt while away make use of take last of run down be wasted blow through run up go down the drain put in part with contribute throw donate spend foolishly fribble away wanton allocate fiddle exhaust one's supply of finish off gobble guzzle lay something out while laze loiter syphon siphon break bust tap shirk attenuate slash catheterize embezzle draw off get rid of pump out free from get last drop burn out filter off drop dole out have recourse to put to use dig into avail oneself of dispense fill up fill in abuse exploit misappropriate foot the bill throw money at void use fraudulently disperse dispel go be finished lapse put to wrong use be exhausted be fresh out be out of be cleaned out be used up have no more peter out

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