Đồng nghĩa của cast away


Abandoned or left to languish
lorn rejected vacant deserted discarded vacated forgotten forsaken derelict neglected empty jilted unoccupied godforsaken outcast shunned dropped dumped bereft left relinquished alone dissipated eliminated sidelined eighty-sixed pigeon-holed side-tracked cast aside given up passed up on the rocks left in the cold left in the lurch abandoned cast off left alone cast out stranded ditched forlorn ostracized ostracised given up on out of the window languishing disregarded wasted desolate uninhabited barren lonely bare solitary waste unpeopled desert unfrequented unpopulated depopulated infertile isolated untenanted dead sterile unproductive arid unused secluded wild uncultivated fallow unfruitful remote evacuated unvisited unfertile disused poor hardscrabble boney stark bony impoverished uncultivatable void bleak virgin unsettled dormant depleted unmanaged lifeless lonesome inhospitable dreary free dry ruined stagnant destroyed fruitless impotent idle uncultivable unvegetated nonreproductive harsh parched windswept dry as dust effete austere unbearing without life without living things drained untilled exhausted spent unfarmed rugged rough trackless undeveloped unplanted unploughed unplowed weakened companionless untouched uncivilized sapped reduced diminished enervated unseeded unsown resting denuded uncivilised untended unmaintained withdrawn estranged destitute devastated dismal sucked dry worn out played out used up unsocial unbefriended uncherished unattended renounced lone reclusive apart comfortless single troglodytic down homeless disconsolate tenantless unfriended by oneself uncouth left stranded

Trái nghĩa của cast away

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