Đồng nghĩa của wrecked

Alternative for wrecked

wrecks, wrecked, wrecking

Đồng nghĩa: demolish, destroy, devastate, dismantle, ravage, ruin,

Tính từ

Being under the influence of alcohol
intoxicated legless tanked-up bashed buzzed crocked drunk inebriated lit plastered sloshed stewed stoned tanked totaled wasted high juiced tipsy bombed blitzed smashed hammered sozzled blotto loaded ripped drunken befuddled zonked sottish tight canned pickled blasted steaming soused inebriate bladdered tiddly squiffy paralytic out of it lit up under the influence bevvied pie-eyed squiffed besotted woozy impaired rat-arsed fuddled potted merry stiff Brahms and Liszt wet fried slang blind cockeyed soaked oiled gassed stinking boozy drunk as a skunk looped flying three sheets to the wind mullered ratted gin-soaked lashed blind drunk dead drunk roaring drunk rolling drunk trolleyed slaughtered worse for drink tanked up worse for wear drunk as a lord tippling well oiled crapulous crapulent foxed sotted screwed bibulous wiped out ebriate half cut well away reeling cut fou trashed maudlin under the table incapable tired and emotional half seas over toping monged wired guttered stinko monged out steamed off your face cock-eyed full shickered shot out to it steamboats munted inked lekker two sheets to the wind pixilated ebrious ebriose strung out having had a skinful grogged up having had one over the eight as full as a goog as tight as a tick liquored up sauced kaylied langered dronkverdriet mashed broken boozed-up ossified stukkend in the bag crock swacked zoned elephants blatted sat stupefied babalas tripping boozed up drugged doped jacked groggy seeing double spaced feeling no pain spaced-out spaced out high as a kite on a trip demolished in your cups burned-out Adrian Quist delirious muddled flushed laced bacchic dazed blown-up euphoric hallucinating red-nosed glazed well-oiled happy gin-sodden on drugs geeked one over the eight the worse for drink hyped up hopped-up zonked-out charged up freaked out three sheets in the wind half-seas over in one's cups out of one's head out of one's skull out of one's box ruined boozing boozed unsober sloppy obliterated tied one on baked snockered lush cooked turned on mellow out of one's mind off one's head on a high irrigated unsteady intemperate drinking drunked up gone schnockered sodden beery out off one's head slightly drunk hard-drinking half-cut under the influence of intoxicating liquor under the weather half in the bag dead to the world half-crocked out of one's gourd feeling good hooched up off one's face narcotized comatose dopey benumbed floating unconscious coked insensible anaesthetized anesthetized drugged up junked-up knocked out blown away out of your mind polluted in faced blazed dead-drunk elevated addled drugged-out drunk as a fiddler plowed tiddled pixillated ploughed punchy full of well-being tozy-mozy bibacious alcoholic

Tính từ

Having fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, especially through neglect
dilapidated derelict decrepit deteriorated deteriorating battered damaged decayed decaying dingy dumpy ramshackle ruined rumpty rundown run down shabby slummy tattered uncared unmaintained bedraggled crumbling crumbly crummy destroyed impaired injured mangy marred mean old rickety seedy shambly tatterdemalion tatty tumbledown unkempt unsound grungy miserable neglected ratty scruffy shacky shaky tacky timeworn untended beat faded raunchy scrubby sleazy threadbare unimproved broken-down beat-up run-down worn-out badly maintained beaten up tumble-down uncared for uncared-for worn out beat up dog-eared fallen in falling apart falling to pieces in disrepair in ruins poorly maintained worse for wear down-at-the-heels gone to rack and ruin in a bad way on its last legs the worse for wear weather-beaten bombed-out fallen-in ill-maintained moth-eaten down-at-heel gone to seed rinky-dink seen better days used-up superannuated antiquated knocked around worn squalid ragged shoddy grotty down at heel raggedy ruinous scuzzy disintegrating frayed sorry insalubrious wretched poor disheveled dishevelled sordid untidy grubby broken in tatters tottering well worn torn tired fragile in rags holey falling apart at the seams filthy skanky depressed rough yucky ragtag scraggy dismal slovenly seamy having seen better days precarious rotten scungy sloppy messy disreputable worn to shreds raggedy-ass warby ripped in a state of disrepair unpleasant creaky creaking frazzled shaggy flimsy in bad condition collapsing in shreds patched poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes decomposing rotting rent in holes broken down on your last legs pitiful desolate cheap frowzy slipshod spoiled abandoned degenerated base paltry clapped out used crude unsafe insecure unsteady dodgy down-at-the-heel low poverty-stricken rugged overgrown breaking up caving in falling in unstable frail wobbly weak torn to pieces bad tawdry infirm rocky spoilt in ribbons faulty defective second-rate unhealthy withering nasty haggard disordered time-worn wild dirty in poor condition disfigured bare meager meagre breaking eroding busted slumlike trashy subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unprepossessing mouldering used up all the worse for wear low-class falling down dowdy slimy skeezy limp slum-like shredded under par below par coming apart at the seams out at elbows down and dirty forgotten unattended unloved historic overcrowded godforsaken underprivileged deprived beaten-up done clapped-out dateless hazardous perilous dangerous treacherous unweeded uncultivated wonky outworn teetery uncouth unkept worm-eaten ancient old-fashioned useless unusable weedgrown manky peaked shattered droopy wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted quavering shaking effete anile crippled insubstantial imperfect jerry-built feeble scroungy woebegone mediocre coming undone overused overworked unsavoury unsavory scabby dishonest crooked smirched substandard ordinary lousy well-read well-thumbed about to collapse about to break middling low-grade menial two-bit sad lined dinged totaled wizened rachitic wavering tottery unbalanced rattletrap geriatric cure pot low-rent rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy condemned fordone undone irreparable undid shot irremediable split decrepit. in ruins in bad repair out of condition unoccupiable unlivable tasteless gaudy vulgar blasted munted worn-down wrung out pegged out well-worn desultory unpressed unfinished contemptible kitsch showy garish hurt robbed plundered pillaged defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed flash Brummagem common loud about to fall apart down at the heel uninhabitable corroded naff flashy disintegrated crumbled outmoded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky gaunt drained unwell cheap and nasty pinched exhausted fatigued drawn in bad taste coarsened debauched raddled hollow-eyed malfunctioning inoperative washed out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks kaput down bust not working non-functioning dud not functioning finished duff knackered disorganized disorderly playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut done for conked out conked-out out of order jumbled disarrayed cluttered out of commission on the blink chaotic muddled on the fritz not in working order mussed tumbled rumpled mussy tousled confused disarranged messed littered in a state pell-mell disorganised messed up upside-down unruly topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess higgledy-piggledy

Tính từ

Much troubled
distressed upset anxious distraught troubled afflicted agitated distracted tormented worried jittery miffed perturbed saddened shaky unhappy bothered bugged concerned discombobulated dragged exercised harassed peeved ripped shook spooked wired wretched all torn up antsy basket case bummed out bundle of nerves cut up disconsolate distrait fidgety hyper in a stew in a tizzy inconsolable jumpy shook up shot down strung out unconsolable unglued up the wall uptight miserable sad depressed dejected hurt despondent shaken ruffled disconcerted heavyhearted traumatized devastated broken heartbroken tortured dolorous melancholy desolate morose disquieted unnerved vexed sorrowful doleful bitter discomposed cheerless bereaved anguished flustered mournful grieving despairing weeping irked heartsick down rueful aflutter overwhelmed grieved hurting discountenanced plagued agonized mourning haunted pained gutted woeful crushed harrowed dolesome wounded sorrowing bewailing persecuted traumatised suffering bemoaning aching wailing agonised broken-hearted grief-stricken brokenhearted woebegone in pain angst-ridden heavy with grief racked with pain racked with suffering overcome with sorrow disturbed tense uneasy nervous edgy apprehensive overwrought rattled unsettled stressed hysterical ill at ease worked up frantic alarmed restless twitchy nervy dismayed unquiet frightened in a state fearful insecure fretful uncomfortable frenzied shocked scared dithery queasy het up on edge afraid stressy confused queazy annoyed excited thrown hung up fazed flurried beside oneself desperate hassled overstrung atwitter in a panic keyed up angsty hot and bothered in a flap fraught panicky goosey hinky wound up strained raving crazed terrified worried sick having kittens crazy hectic toey adrenalized horrified hysteric emotional high-strung overexcited muddled beset panic-stricken delirious nonplussed pressured discomfited beside yourself unzipped in a tizz strung up on tenterhooks daunted timid startled insane unbalanced in a flat spin taut excitable under pressure disappointed restive overactive heated timorous shattered wrought-up overcome irritated windy inconvenienced mad feverish aghast hot under the collar hag-ridden aroused highly strung harried affected skittish swivel-eyed embarrassed under stress angry all of a dither abashed flighty perplexed in a twitter worked-up in a cold sweat on pins and needles stressed out like a fish out of water irrational febrile irritable neurotic mortified at the end of your tether careful chagrined wild choked provoked fretting shy touchy shivery angered hounded stunned panic-struck beleaguered blue hard-pressed panicked verklempt trembling hyperactive berserk awkward angstful solicitous careworn spooky squirrelly broken up riled frenetic in a dither in a spin put out flummoxed deranged unscrewed hesitant in a sweat unhinged a wreck a bundle of nerves fuddled demented self-conscious pressurized in a twit in a state of agitation bewildered pressurised worried stiff floored all of a lather out of your mind out of place up against it under the cosh flipped out like a cat on a hot tin roof taken aback stressed-out out of one's mind in pieces with one's stomach in knots with one's heart in one's mouth with butterflies in one's stomach shell-shocked in shock undone trepidatious overemotional skittery sensitive brittle spasmodic weak histrionic fluttery emotive quaking dispirited inflamed mousy appalled fussy injured damaged strung-up horror-struck scary terrorized affrighted stirred up flapping asea easily frightened easily agitated emotionally charged moved unsteady clutched exacerbated puzzled displeased aggravated pestered overstretched falling apart impaired in a lather turbulent disorderly bricking oneself disorientated consumed all of a flutter wavering unpeaceful unrestful terrorised flushed intense in a bad way browbeaten galled chafed aquiver butterflies in stomach biting one's nails disoriented shaking in one's shoes intimidated fearsome suspicious cowardly terror-stricken discouraged frozen cowed funky faint-hearted blanched petrified disheartened offended fretted tearing one's hair out tied up in knots unreluctant dazed confounded hurried frayed rushed low strange unrelaxed in turmoil lost unsure tooshie hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited carried away at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself in a frenzy out of one's wit hunted freaked-out wound-up under a strain high keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent furious frazzled in disorder amazed throwing a wobbly emotionally defeated at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall at the end of one's rope raging fevered uncontrolled come apart psyched out steamed up caught off balance out of countenance shook-up at sea messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up thrown off balance in awe scared stiff run scared violent fierce maniacal rabid ferocious hot under collar all shook up zipped up hot juiced up at sixes and sevens knocked sideways nuts addled out of control berko cross complaining put out of countenance weird last-minute zonkers corybantic scared to death have cold feet fractious petulant put upon sick very upset knocked for six weirded out freaked out spazzed out wigged out testy querulous at your wits' end at wits' end at wit's end ill crabbed captious crotchety tetchy peevish on the rack grumpy short-tempered ill-natured bad-tempered irascible like a chicken with its head cut off bad disordered cranky splenetic out of sorts ill-tempered wrought up whining crabby grumbling ratty wreck snappish perverse contrary ornery caviling faultfinding carping huffy critical mean poorly cavilling shaking watchful dreading in suspense in a state of nerves a basket case sweating bullets shot to pieces like a cat on hot bricks having butterflies in the stomach

Tính từ

Malfunctioning or not working well
on the blink inoperative broken defective faulty malfunctioning disabled down inoperable kaput busted nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating out shot bonkers haywire kaputt kerflooey spent broken-down not working not functioning playing up fallen apart out of commission in disrepair out of kilter out of order run-down in need of repair out of whack gone to pieces on the fritz on the shelf in the shop bust conked out knackered gone phut acting up gone haywire not in working order damaged unsound duff done for wonky non-functioning gone kaput unserviceable non-functional on its last legs out of service broken down dud finished imperfect unusable out of action out of use jiggered flawed useless up the spout ineffective ruined inactive impaired weak bad had it worn-out blemished cracked unworkable deformed buckled scratched warped torn shoddy deficient amiss worn out conked-out incapacitated given up the ghost incomplete jammed gone gone bust stopped working gone wrong on the bum packed up buggy failed done in old inoperational non-operational unoperational worthless crashed dilapidated not functional not in service not in operation not in use unavailable for use invalid valueless no good rumpty clapped out ineffectual in a state of disrepair dead off sunk done doomed nonactive hors de combat inefficacious null and void exhausted unsatisfactory coming unglued screwed up gone to pot feeble wracked coming unstuck sick seconds poor abnormal substandard injured unhealthy unreliable unfinished subnormal distorted chipped inconsistent unavailing idle fallible stopped smashed S U unavailable unproductive dysfunctional scrap doesn't work bootless unfunctional abortive in repair decommissioned unable to be used not operative non-active futile awry inefficient confusing silent turned off incorrect astray askew inappropriate problematic wrong not right unfit inferior unsellable second-rate unsaleable shabby below par partial limited crummy tenth-rate below standard immature lousy patchy undeveloped rubbish inexact ropy rudimentary sketchy disfigured not up to scratch inadequate minus junk vicious garbage lemon not up to snuff faultful low schlocky few bugs two-bit not much cop bottom-of-barrel marred

Tính từ

Certain to suffer death, failure, or a similarly negative outcome
doomed ill-fated cursed unlucky bedevilled condemned fated hapless hopeless ill-omened luckless star-crossed ill-starred unfortunate unhappy blighted dead done fey finished foredoomed jinxed kaput kaputt ruined sunk bedeviled bewitched convicted destined destroyed disaster-prone foreordained lost menaced overthrown overwhelmed predestined reprobate sentenced suppressed threatened undone unredeemed done for cut down dead duck thrown down under a curse in the cards kiss of death que sera sera unpropitious wretched inauspicious disastrous snakebitten snakebit adverse hard luck ominous unfavourable unfavorable infelicitous unsuccessful calamitous broken afflicted defeated out of luck fateful ruinous toast accursed disadvantageous miserable untoward shattered poor stricken troubled forsaken destitute unprosperous unpromising awkward in a bad way catastrophic wiped out inept forlorn misfortunate accident-prone desperate pained regrettable burdened inopportune lamentable deplorable washed up in trouble at an end anathematized on the rocks in flames dead in the water gloomy discouraging disheartening excommunicated detrimental untimely bleak black beaten baleful thwarted hexed devastated over woeful dire washed-up dashed in pieces in tatters in ashes in ruins in shreds sad sack ill-boding up the creek without a paddle down the tubes down for the count down the drain all washed up damaging unbecoming unsuitable inappropriate excommunicate infernal unholy disadvantaged ill-chosen unsanctified crushed censured faulted direful frustrated foiled bodeful sinistrous baneful uninviting clumsy killed condemned to hell deleterious creepy foreboding portentous doubtful devastating klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling for the high jump in deep water for it cataclysmic dubious off-putting unhopeful tragic fallen pitiful bringing bad luck desolate falling terrible pathetic pitiable harmful abject fatal dreadful destructive incorrigible irredeemable incurable worthless losing failing cataclysmal ravaging awful shocking injurious appalling grievous bad annihilatory horrible devastative dark damning irreclaimable irretrievable inveterate abortive sinister defunct smashed vulnerable aimless past hope past praying for alone cooked ended extinct gone woebegone voodooed loser through totaled floored jonah beyond recovery beyond hope bankrupt had it on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up out of business down and out exhausted drained spent empty liquidated poor fish over with behind the eightball down on one's luck past it played out done in wound up over the hill gone to the wall dead and buried

Tính từ

Made incapable of use or action
disabled handicapped learning-disabled paralysed wheelchair-using challenged crippled exceptional impaired lame paraplegic quadriplegic tetraplegic broken-down confined decrepit differently abled disarmed hamstrung helpless hemiplegic hurt incapable incapacitated infirm invalid laid-up maimed monoplegic out-of-action out-of-commission paralyzed paraparetic paretic powerless run-down sidelined stalled weakened worn-out wounded having a disability having learning difficulties having special needs physically challenged physically handicapped physically impaired having a mental disability with a disability injured debilitated out of action damaged harmed bedridden immobilized weak laid up immobilised sick bruised ailing deformed palsied game confined to bed hors de combat feeble paralytic out of commission sickly vulnerable housebound ill mutilated sore impotent unfit frail in hospital in the hospital enfeebled prostrate on the sick list flat on your back marred physically disabled limp halt unwell poorly broken immobile indisposed useless gammy mangled defective stiff dependent defenceless gimp spoiled hog-tied spoilt battered inactive weakly unable below par defenseless inert over a barrel suffering fragile beaten limping hobbling bad numb afflicted ill in bed undermined wornout tender off colour wheelchair-bound shaking trembling raw gimpy pained dead bedfast bedbound stricken smitten disadvantaged under the weather at a loss torpid nerveless unmoving crushed benumbed deterred restrained restricted encumbered foiled stymied blocked hampered impeded checked obstructed curbed balked limited burdened crook fractured diseased rheumatic spastic tremorous neurasthenic shaky arthritic sclerotic atonic cut knackered smashed scarred shattered flat on one's back insensible diplegic palsified baulked ruined destroyed mentally disabled exposed unprotected ineffective unguarded unresistant undefended abandoned susceptible incompetent ineffectual forlorn destitute stranded inadequate impuissant subject tied wide open inefficient up creek without paddle shiftless friendless basket-case forsaken open to attack pinned inexpert easily hurt easily destroyed unaided tapped out with hands tied tapped valetudinary valetudinarian handcuffed disenfranchised unarmed wishy-washy supine strengthless etiolated without power blank disfranchised gutless resistless chicken wimp passive down peaked not able in poor health with no say high and dry out of gas laid low

Động từ

Past tense for to physically destroy
destroyed demolished ruined smashed totalled totaled devastated sabotaged crashed shattered trashed broke brake broken vandalised vandalized annihilated creamed damaged decimated defaced desecrated desolated dismantled extinguished mangled marred nuked pulverised pulverized razed wasted wracked dilapidated impaired injured ravaged shipwrecked vaporised vaporized battered crippled effaced smashed up torpedoed undermined rubbed out broke up broken up did in done in pulled down took out taken out tore up teared up reduced to rubble took apart taken apart tore down torn down cracked up wracked up damaged beyond repair left in ruins ran onto the rocks run onto the rocks wrote off written off dashed to pieces piled up put out of commission spoiled spoilt hurt crushed wiped out levelled leveled upset harmed blighted disfigured obliterated despoiled vitiated laid waste weakened blasted mutilated wreaked havoc on blemished put paid to compromised tarnished gutted messed up defeated flattened maimed flawed disrupted wrought havoc endamaged dashed disabled crabbed put the kibosh on subverted exterminated overturned pillaged sacked bulldozed removed razed to the ground depredated crossed up spoliated bloodied fouled up scuppered knocked down put an end to squashed brought down put out of action killed overwhelmed reduced eradicated bombed burst stamped out nixed tainted sapped destabilized toppled unbuilt wrought havoc on defiled loused up cut debilitated erased devoured burned burnt prostrated plundered wound wounded destabilised exploded extirpated liquidated consumed ravished expunged abolished bruised scotched beat disfeatured sullied destructed put down diminished put a damper on incapacitated scarred wiped off the map undone undid left desolate distorted enfeebled brought to ruin snuffed out deformed blotted out scourged blew up blown up banjaxed canceled cancelled overcome laid waste to raided felled debased dynamited wiped off the face of the earth overthrown overthrew ruinated sank sunk sunken corrupted blotted eliminated slaughtered enervated swept away undercut zapped split corroded fragmented thwarted blown blew ransacked attenuated quashed dented brought to naught invalidated scratched exhausted finished off marauded impoverished axed put a stop to blunted pranged made a mess of depressed scathed butchered stained terminated deleted dished raped disassembled popped queered scorched lessened busted rooted out suppressed wrenched unsettled hindered botched broke down impeded blacked out cleaned up threatened depleted cracked separated foiled disintegrated blown to bits blew to bits shocked finished prejudiced wreaked havoc conquered contorted done for did for reduced to ruins nullified screwed up overpowered caused detriment to abated wiped from the face of the earth looted laid in ruins shot down knocked out jeopardized bankrupted rended rent mauled harried curbed devitalized lacerated abused ended robbed overcame teared dispatched fell poisoned struck disestablished inhibited slit cut about cruelled shivered incinerated discolored discoloured busted up tormented depopulated restrained tumbled besmirched jeopardised dirtied lowered dissolved hit twisted cost fractured squelched trounced subdued blown to pieces blew to pieces capsized excised smirched obscured touched interfered with blown away blew away drained knocked to pieces roughed up polluted quelled floored did away with done away with mucked up hamstrung hamstringed bashed bumped disorganized overmastered swamped whelmed oppressed detracted paralysed blew a hole in blown a hole in disempowered let down brought about the downfall of immobilized repressed paralyzed wiped off map cleaned out massacred waxed frustrated unmade softened abrogated annulled negated cast down checked stopped avoided inactivated brought to an end struck out restricted played merry hell with brast bursten split up pinioned shut out put the lid on unstrengthened cast gloom over set off cut up muzzled cut down disposed of cast a gloom upon put the stopper on cut a swath through hit for six rendered incapable kiboshed handicapped demoralised wiped hogtied unfitted unbraced immobilised snowed under hocked demoralized put in toilet broken down blown sky-high blew sky-high molested traumatized shook up shaken up hacked beaten thrown down threw down violated pulled to pieces pulled apart dusted dampened bombarded taken down took down gotten rid of got rid of shelled supplanted deteriorated attacked degraded smothered stifled deflated detonated cannonaded worsened avenged deposed unseated ousted dethroned afflicted chopped crumpled forestalled eroded strafed torn apart tore apart spent pounded pulled to bits rifled circumvented withered inconvenienced assaulted etiolated smitten smote smit smited pauperized dismissed torn tore befouled soiled havocked engulfed derailed prevented countered cramped annoyed opposed traumatised imploded stricken discredited mullered rattled flayed carved mashed slashed wreaked havoc with detracted from hashed slayed sliced clobbered euchred bodged foraged moved disturbed affected wrested stirred stript cooled pirated overrun stripped forayed preyed captured stymied trampled stunned dumbfounded seized torched disproved refuted splintered emptied made desolate barraged cracked down on reft reaved suspended absorbed blotched enveloped expended speckled perverted absorpt reversed superseded inverted rebelled chopped up costed soured chastened coloured chastised colored tired staggered impressed discontinued disbanded disgraced nicked harshed vanquished halted escaped prohibited evaded bypassed ignited maltreated gnawed spilled infected rotted rusted messed wronged scattered knocked spilt ceased dinged adjourned bended bent warped tweaked brought to nought subjugated knackered dazed dazzled uglified spellbound executed shaken shook bleached stabbed contaminated faded jammed dislocated made useless silenced staved off circumnavigated baulked obstructed stood in the way of made destitute bled dry counteracted stove off concluded snapped smattered fragmentized prorogued rescinded scrunched crunched repealed smashed to smithereens lamed nulled vacated voided disannulled indisposed snapt rived combusted scalded shot full of holes reduced to nothing brought to nothing banged up caused injury tampered with created chaos played mischief with tortured aggrieved grieved pained fouled piqued distressed caused the loss of caused the sacrifice of resulted in harm to handled roughly deactivated disenabled targeted targetted banged demeaned played out used up minimised minimized belittled wolfed ripped down wreaked havoc upon bowled over tagged made emotional mowed down played havoc with offed scrubbed cremated carbonised carbonized strangled headed off steered clear of warded off interdicted blitzed quelched defended against iced sidestepped held back deflected retarded skirted overshadowed crimped limited disunited torpefied scrapped wound up wore away worn away covered clamped benothinged murdered whittled away laid low scratched out leaded to the end of resulted in damage to eaten away ate away dumped on knocked the bottom out of kept lid on rendered speechless actioned rendered inoperative trammeled mined rolled back gobbled up committed genocide wound down clipped one's wings marked out scored out burnt to a crisp rendered void discharged knocked for six made unfit outwitted emasculated dug out brought someone to their knees knocked sideways struck down prevented from moving stumped tied severed washed out made inoperative subordinated prevented from working tunneled collapsed destroyed by fire crushed to smithereens dragged through the mud did mischief to shot postponed threw monkey wrench in loosed clamped down on bewildered hollowed out inked out barred stonewalled ditched killed off spiked rendered inactive faded out brought to a standstill disarmed ground down steamrollered closed down queered the pitch of got to made powerless run circles around puzzled brought a note of sadness to rendered powerless brought to a halt thrown monkey wrench in blocked out forced down confused resolved into KO'd slapped down arrested left speechless spray painted tunnelled dug disqualified held off hacked up surprised removed all traces of closed burned to a crisp trammelled knocked off balance stalled crossed out done mischief to juked poked full of holes chipped away confounded wiped off face of earth knocked off blocked averted swept someone off their feet grinded sandbagged downgraded ground destroyed root and branch rubbed off challenged reduced to ashes balked chipped away at misshaped blanked out took taken overran slew carven slitten corve slain burned away burnt away took to pieces took to bits taken to pieces taken to bits gotten out of got out of did harm to done harm to hitten hat did one in done one in thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into gnew gnawn disproven stung froze frozen blew down blown down rove blown out blew out riven lay low did damage to done damage to proven wrong proved wrong shotten stricken down taken away took away blued pencil drawn down drew down bore down on borne down on tore to pieces torn to pieces drew blood drawn blood took wind out of taken wind out of broken into pieces broke into pieces taken care of took care of drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of took aback ran circles around taken someone's breath away gotten to taken aback took someone's breath away struck at the foundations stricken at the foundations threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of worn wore blown apart blew apart gave the lie to given the lie to worn down wore down gone through been through went through burnt to the ground burned to the ground burned down burnt down burned up burnt up drove a coach and horses through driven a coach and horses through blew out of the water blown out of the water

Động từ

Past tense for to ruin or spoil completely
ruined spoiled spoilt undid undone shattered devastated disrupted ended marred blighted crushed dashed destroyed frustrated prevented quashed quelled scotched demolished sabotaged banjaxed dished nixed queered scuppered stymied blew blown cruelled did in done in euchred brought to an end fouled up loused up made a mess of messed up put an end to put a stop to screwed up played havoc with put paid to brought to naught made a hash of blew a hole in blown a hole in put the kibosh on put the lid on threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of upset smashed thwarted foiled torpedoed damaged impaired injured put at risk crippled undermined hampered hindered harmed put a damper on poisoned extinguished disturbed nullified neutralized obstructed blasted disordered disarranged disorganized wreaked havoc on annihilated interfered with unsettled mucked up defeated done for did for neutralised subverted eradicated threatened obliterated canceled out cancelled out rendered ineffective blocked abolished annulled hurt decimated mullered confused killed stopped vitiated botched scuttled jumbled stained tainted cast a shadow over cast a pall over offset deranged ballsed up derailed wrought havoc on wrought havoc put the skids under interrupted terminated mixed up attacked dispatched incapacitated ravaged eliminated reduced to nothing negated disabled bollixed aborted suppressed broke broken brake broke down intruded on darkened endangered overturned slowed retarded delayed held up impeded convulsed imperilled imperiled jeopardized clobbered toppled clouded slowed down turned upside-down discomposed squelched prejudiced caused turmoil in caused confusion in muddled disheveled dishevelled compromised bodged invalidated scarred touched tarnished blemished disarrayed mussed made of no use or value disfigured sunken sank sunk jeopardised tousled rumpled decayed afflicted disappointed trashed finished shuffled outmanoeuvred razed had abated outfoxed impoverished crazed unbuilt skinned outsmarted cramped overreached offsetted outmaneuvered crimped wracked nipped in the bud dislocated overwhelmed scrambled prohibited disjointed thrown into confusion threw into confusion thrown into disorder threw into disorder glitched up hashed made waves brought down worked against tumbled counteracted ruffled ceased halted confounded rummaged displaced interfered sealed the doom of misplaced turned topsy-turvy rained on someone's parade broke up broken up broken down thrown into disarray threw into disarray overthrew overthrown taken the shine off took the edge off took the shine off taken the edge off taken the enjoyment out of took the pleasure out of took the enjoyment out of taken the pleasure out of shaken shook thrown into chaos threw out thrown out threw into chaos hit baulked spiked balked hitten

Động từ

Past tense for to ruin something, especially through incompetence
mucked up bungled botched muffed flubbed ruined fluffed fumbled blew blown butchered bumbled mangled bobbled spoiled spoilt foozled boggled dubbed murdered booted mishandled mismanaged damaged screwed up messed up fouled up goofed up loused up made a mess of bollixed up ballsed up made a hash of made a muck of made a Horlicks of made a pig's ear of marred misconducted misdirected misgoverned bodged blundered muddled made a nonsense of managed badly maladministered misruled mutilated erred overlooked confounded gummed up bollixed put a spanner in the works failed mixed up stuffed up confused jumbled botched up done badly did badly hashed made a dog's dinner of misust misjudged misused patched jacked up messed misemployed misapplied destroyed muddled up perverted goofed floundered pulled a boner made a botch of distorted mended exploited misconstrued miscalculated prostituted fouled made a mistake miscomputed stumbled scuppered misconjectured done clumsily did clumsily did something badly done something badly fallen down fell down threw thrown slipped up boobed tripped dropped the ball misread made a boo-boo tripped up made a blunder made an error balled up went wrong gone wrong bollocksed up misunderstood misstated stumbled through misestimated gotten it wrong got it wrong put your foot in it mistaken mistook blew it blown it mispronounced said wrong got something wrong gotten something wrong misinterpreted snarled hashed up underestimated overestimated made a howler underrated undervalued overvalued overrated missed by a mile misreckoned disregarded dropped a clanger miscounted discounted got wrong gotten wrong tumbled disturbed disordered tangled misgauged snafued misconceived mismeasured misdeemed fudged mishit got things wrong fluffed something nodded slipped boo-booed dropped a brick made a bloomer missed made a hash of something bolloxed bolixed up bolloxed up bolixed gotten signals crossed got signals crossed misstepped missteped gone astray went astray made hash of queered loused veiled muffled misfielded grappled wasted squandered misapprehended careened miscarried blotted your copybook barked up the wrong tree estimated wrongly made a dog's breakfast snarled up miscued calculated wrongly made a false move made a mistake about lapsed made a slip made a faux pas lost deviated made a boner lost the handle errored made mistake made a pig's ear delivered badly muffed something up choked made a mess faltered got the wrong end of the stick gotten the wrong end of the stick threw away thrown away

Trái nghĩa của wrecked

wrecked Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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