Đồng nghĩa của tortured

Alternative for tortured

tortures, tortured, torturing

Đồng nghĩa: agonize, distress, harrow, inflame, pain, persecute, plague, torment,

Tính từ

Of an action that is difficult to perform
arduous artificial awkward contrived difficult forced laboured labored leaden strenuous tortuous ponderous strained clumsy overdone studied affected operose effortful overwrought weighty hard uphill inept stiff toilsome unnatural heavy maladroit demanding laborious exacting gruelling challenging taxing grueling tough onerous burdensome exhausting backbreaking rigorous severe trying rough herculean moiling tiring fatiguing testing punishing wearying formidable sweaty tall back-breaking hellacious Herculean knackering murderous wearisome killing rugged killer exigent Augean tiresome pick-and-shovel harsh grinding painful relentless excruciating wearing troublesome brutal draining hellish debilitating unbearable stressful toilful sapping energy-consuming tough going no picnic persnickety tedious vigorous irksome bruising serious unremitting torturous daunting oppressive slavish difficile shattering depleting slow cumbersome colossal boring enervating extreme uncomfortable agonizing harrowing intolerable agonising staggering bothersome fierce unsparing crushing worksome wicked physical Sisyphean overwhelming monumental no piece of cake mean mammoth protracted lengthy hardworking hectic busy dour dogged steep wretched exerting plodding murder dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy backbreaker immense upstream vicious marathon cruel forbidding troubling thorny unnerving impossible crippling high-pressure prohibitive really hard problem intimidating ominous insufferable hairy merciless titanic sticky mighty unpleasant gargantuan tormenting not easy unforgiving distressing grim unyielding galling ambitious jarring intense like getting blood out of a stone solemn painstaking distressful very hard ferocious almighty gigantic grievous savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting lumbering sluggish torpid leisurely dragging crawling unhurried

Tính từ

Experiencing extreme discomfort or discontent
anguished agonised agonized distressed grief-stricken sorrowful tormented wretched dolorous harrowed heartbroken miserable unhappy aching afflicted bemoaning bewailing bitter broken-hearted deploring desolate devastated doleful dolesome funeral grieving lamentable lugubrious mournful plaintive plangent regretful rueful sad sorrowing sorry suffering wailing weeping woeful wounded angst-ridden anxious brokenhearted despairing painful racked with pain racked with suffering cut up troubled racked disconsolate cheerless plagued haunted persecuted in pain depressed harassed dejected dismal despondent gloomy down melancholy hurt inconsolable heavyhearted heartsick saddened hurting woebegone pained careworn worried anxiety-ridden ground down hag-ridden worn down forlorn downcast glum crestfallen worn out low downhearted blue melancholic tragic depressive bad droopy sombre sullen solemn hangdog somber heartsore luckless joyless strained discontented dull destroyed ailing ruthful pathetic distressing down in the dumps low-spirited down in the mouth out of sorts bowed down on a downer fed up cast down distraught heartbreaking grievous upset pitiful harrowing pitiable shaken ruffled disconcerted traumatized broken morose disquieted unnerved vexed perturbed agitated discomposed bothered saddening upsetting distressful traumatic depressing heart-rending bereaved discombobulated flustered irked concerned uptight aflutter wrecked overwhelmed grieved discountenanced deplorable tragical tear-jerking regrettable heartrending unfortunate unlucky mourning gutted bugged shook crushed spooked piteous agonizing antsy jumpy unglued traumatised agonising disastrous unpleasant catastrophic grim calamitous cruel feeble disappointing paltry mean strung out bummed out shook up heavy with grief in a tizzy all torn up in a stew overcome with sorrow dispirited discouraged disheartened heavy-hearted tearful disappointed moody pessimistic in low spirits demoralized cheesed off chap-fallen brassed off demoralised teary in the dumps weepy hopeless oppressed dragged lachrymose chapfallen choked in the doldrums long-faced funereal defeatist mirthless down and out in the pits sick as a parrot dreary spiritless abject emotional wistful in tears morbid dismayed weighed down bleak down-hearted shot down grumpy bleeding saturnine sulky desperate tristful crying in despair sobbing cast-down displeased dour disgruntled as sick as a parrot weary sniveling black lamenting dolent crummy snivelling blubbering listless aggrieved comfortless sick at heart singing the blues in a blue funk surly pensive subdued taken down howling annoyed heavy suicidal disillusioned mopey daunted dispiriting dissatisfied low in spirits ripped elegiac sunk in gloom dysphoric disturbed ticked off teed off browned off blubbing peed off whimpering in grief in doldrums troubling dark torn up lonely sorry for yourself let down humourless bawling larmoyant sour close to tears on the verge of tears shamefaced enervated humorless churlish sepulchral flat shattered crabbed downbeat sapped defeated mopish broody bereft disenchanted adust down-in-the-mouth peeved piqued irritated abashed Eeyorish discontent sick exasperated cynical with a long face unconsolable resigned sheepish bummed-out frustrated sunk chagrined in sorrow in mourning damp unsatisfied overcome full of sorrow negative hacked off low-down in the toilet down in dumps crabby sick and tired greeting maudlin triste lacklustre dim deep languorous drab shadowy colorless tenebrous unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring gray colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre grey languid lifeless humdrum awful disturbing disquieting unamused sorry for oneself feel-bad apathetic very sad prostrated glowering scowling heart-sick lovesick sore burned contused undermined without energy mortified remorseful depressant dirgeful grouchy brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging dire dolorific afflictive in distress afflicting torn-up angry cross pining lowered bowed threnodic dirge-like emo godforsaken griefstricken off sluggish moping ugly in anguish taken aback deflated prostrate with grief have the blahs cringing browbeaten guilty cowed frantic fraught affected down in mouth hapless affecting bored tired unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy guilty-looking furtive discomfited elegiacal uneasy miffed no-win strabilious long-suffering self-indulgent self-absorbed wallowing beside oneself with grief in a state ashamed intimidated embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking feeling down full of gloom in a funk aghast beaten ill-humoured huffy helpless lost worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked can't win ill-humored cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless lonesome forsaken abandoned languished not a prayer in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blue funk friendless destitute uncared-for in a bad way looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sensitive teary-eyed mawkish with tears in one's eyes blubbery moist watery wet put out jaded narked wearied dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone at end of one's rope at the end of your tether nostalgic surfeited sated satiated blasé not best pleased in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes up to here self-pitying complaining disaffected fretful malcontent envious impatient querulous restless resentful malcontented picky griping kvetching grumbling ungratified out of joint sick to death fed up to the teeth with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth

Tính từ

Having thoughts occupied with unpleasant things or events that have happened or that may happen
worried anxious troubled upset nervous afraid concerned tense uneasy bothered disquieted distressed disturbed frightened perturbed apprehensive distracted distraught fearful fretting unquiet wired antsy fretful on edge overwrought stressed worried sick ill at ease quaking scared tormented trembling discomposed flustered hassled insecure restless strung out twitchy under stress uptight worked up anguished disconcerted edgy jittery jumpy nervy queasy queazy rattled spooked stressy unsettled vexed aflutter agitated alarmed beset discombobulated dithery fidgety flurried irked riled ruffled shaken toey angstful bugged goosey plagued uncomfortable angsty atwitter clutched hinky muddled overstrung solicitous spooky squirrelly unglued windy a wreck hung up in a flap in a sweat in a tizzy in a twitter keyed up on tenterhooks strung up a bundle of nerves beside oneself hot and bothered in a dither in a stew in a tizz in a twit shook up worried stiff all of a dither bricking oneself in a cold sweat in a state in a state of agitation having kittens het up on pins and needles all of a lather like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots shaking in one's shoes with one's heart in one's mouth with butterflies in one's stomach dismayed harassed afflicted asea pestered miffed confused mortified inconvenienced harried exacerbated aggravated puzzled harrowed provoked displeased pained annoyed chagrined perplexed terrified irritated put out beleaguered hounded pressured hard-pressed under pressure put upon up against it under the cosh self-conscious fraught embarrassed hag-ridden persecuted discomfited desperate distrait frayed careworn strained bewildered browbeaten nonplussed in turmoil like a fish out of water stressed out hunted at the end of one's tether restive impatient unrestful irritable palpitant suspicious wrung peevish irascible shaky all nerves on the qui vive worn out badgered with one's back to the wall awkward pressurized hurried rushed pressurised disorientated hesitant out of place at the end of one's rope with one's back up against the wall disoriented strange shy high-strung lost unrelaxed unsure hysterical frantic raving at wit's end mad wild haggard besieged downtrodden devastated frenzied crazed overcome worked-up hysteric shattered delirious terror-stricken stricken wrought-up verklempt deranged swivel-eyed nuts addled unzipped crazy thrown panic-stricken unscrewed beside yourself very upset in a panic at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off out of one's mind out of your mind preoccupied abstracted absent diverted vague inattentive absent-minded bemused engrossed distant faraway absorbed absentminded mystified befuddled fazed confounded sidetracked unfocused at sea miles away dreamy not with it driven to distraction

Tính từ

Knobbly, rough, and twisted, especially with age
gnarled twisted knotted knotty bent contorted crooked gnarly knobbly knurled rough bumpy distorted lumpy nodular nodose nodulous deformed knobby rugged out of shape coarse irregular wry uneven awry misshapen malformed broken jagged ragged scraggy roughened pebbly pitted rutted rutty askew disfigured warped curved rocky stony buckled bowed mangled craggy shapeless holey holed perverted anamorphic cockeyed colored monstrous potholed wrenched corrugated humped hunched crippled thrawn indented notched scarred hilly protuberant nicked coloured marred misproportioned jaggy unlevel choppy mutilated misbegotten abnormal cragged asperous ridged disjointed not smooth cross-grained textured unsmooth harsh grooved scraggly mountainous striped raised gritty unfinished clumpy surfaced ribbed scabrous eroded marked dented furrowed shingly abrasive steep lump-filled hard precipitous chapped unpolished serrated gravelly rough-hewn coarse-grained denticulate sawtooth sharp broken up crude saw-edged full of lumps bony odd cut scored rock-bound thick knaggy bobbly pitty gouged not flat not level rolling undulating denticulated fragmented crenulate crenulated serrate crenated crenate serrulate dentate pointed barbed spiked scratched snaggy toothed rangy elevated sloping alpine spiky blemished riddled nubbly nubby curdy pockmarked pocky cleft rock-strewn bulging angular pointy clotted wrinkled eaten away curdled roughhewn chiseled chiselled leathery boulder-strewn grainy granular strong-featured chunky rough-textured congealed coagulated flinty solid lapidarian bouldered stonelike rockbound inflexible petrous petrified lithic rock-ribbed covered with lumps

Tính từ

In physical pain
hurt sore injured painful wounded aching bruised smarting throbbing afflicted battered beaten grazed hurting incapacitated scratched stinging burning cut disabled gashed impaired inflamed lacerated mangled marred pained tender weakened broken chafed damaged discoloured discolored gammy harmed reddened ruptured sensitive black-and-blue agonised agonized bleeding busted up crushed disfigured hit in pain mauled mutilated nicked scarred scraped shot stricken struck warped buffeted maimed handicapped crippled suffering affected achy stiff raw agonizing game afflictive excruciating troublesome nasty uncomfortable agonising hurtful fractured limp lame deformed crook knackered irritated bad delicate pounding twingeing gnawing searing tingling red tired harrowing grievous sharp severe abscessed nagging ulcerated upset offended maltreated abused irritating sickly vulnerable fragile distressing unpleasant vexatious difficult dismembered smashed shattered killing feeling tender smacked pounded feeling uncomfortable spoilt spoiled playing up giving someone gyp giving someone trouble ailing sick smitten on the sick list debilitated tingly distressed frail infirm prickly feeble smartful laborious biting piercing caustic weak enfeebled achy breaky physically challenged swollen acute arthritic intense shooting stabbing keen violent fierce penetrating exquisite gut-wrenching angry injurious hypersensitive oversensitive limping hobbling racking extreme exhausted weary halt insufferable unendurable unbearable torturous defective gimp sidelined gimpy shrewd cutting bitter footsore knifelike drilling paralyzing paralysing

Động từ

Past tense for to cause great mental suffering to
tormented afflicted racked agonised agonized distressed harrowed pained plagued beset crucified troubled worried anguished bedeviled bedevilled besieged cursed curst excruciated persecuted mortified annoyed bothered disturbed irritated oppressed tried wrang wrung wringed wronged caused agony to caused suffering to gave someone grief given someone grief inflicted anguish on harassed hurt upset vexed vext harried pestered hassled wound wounded hounded irked perturbed strained burdened beleaguered badgered nagged bugged agitated grieved maltreated fretted stressed ill-treated haunted picked on mistreated gnawed at aggravated abused aggrieved cut to the quick disquieted discomposed teased ailed concerned needled dogged tyrannized saddened martyred rended rent provoked exasperated punished perplexed put down molested unsettled caused pain to tyrannised galled scourged hectored assailed victimized made miserable affected flustered fazed terrorized taxed rattled bullied injured disconcerted overwhelmed dismayed depressed cut up weighed down fussed victimised devastated terrorised put the squeeze on blighted lied heavy on pierced made wretched got to chafed caused anguish to pursued given a hard time gave a hard time discriminated against taunted crushed teared seared pushed around heckled nagged at got at alarmed discomforted weighed heavily on smote smit smited smitten stabbed weighed on flurried exercised frazzled unhinged distempered derailed hagrid made anxious caused discomfort to dominated lacerated suppressed freaked out weirded out stung rid rode ridden discommoded frustrated struck attacked gripped leaned on pushed about offended ribbed niggled possessed hurt deeply ridiculed visited convulsed pressed prest punished unfairly tested chaffed overcome importuned browbeat ragged moved preyed on discomfited goaded unnerved baited disheartened subjugated narked cast down devilled deviled beat ruffled killed had it in for cut put into a funk put a damper on domineered hazed displeased despaired affronted nettled scared gnawed distracted dissed harmed appalled angered infested discombobulated pushed had a down on alarumed enslaved got gotten to driven up the wall drove up the wall made uneasy overpowered frightened outraged tantalised tantalized caused anxiety to made things hot for someone put off treated harshly put screws to put a strain on hurt one's feelings tyrannized over walked all over put through wringer put upon hurt the feelings of torn tore hunted gotten at consumed disapproved of burned up burnt up hagridden hagrode beared a grudge towards felt ill will towards obsessed shattered caused pain ruined destroyed ravaged rocked buffeted buffetted gutted caused trouble to embarrassed dejected suffered from ached entangled hampered inflicted throbbed aggressed swamped engulfed excoriated guyed inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on stricken smarted mocked slighted insulted buttonholed suffered shaken shook wreaked imposed wrecked wrought dispirited lampooned scorned shocked disparaged scolded berated intimidated brought down jumped on one's case labored laboured mused festered overcame browbeaten chivvied devoured traumatized damaged scarred started in on subdued mithered sapped stretched exhausted drained straught wearied brought one down dampened spirits gibed wound up reviled recurred reproached immolated demonized used squirmed peeved discountenanced miffed made blue discouraged bummed out riled dragged down rankled hung over kept after tired stirred up bent someone's ear demonised gnawn gnew repressed thrown threw confounded excited touched caused disquiet to stirred slapped disrespected caused discomfort pinched menaced upbraided maddened preoccupied hacked off chastened made uncomfortable caused concern to niggled at razzed hegemonized mastered rankled with inconvenienced strapped indisposed pricked desolated gotten gat broke broken brake swallowed up thrilled roused spooked manhandled threatened cowed boned avenged exploited subjected twinged prickled undone undid come back to misust misused traumatised psyched out caused anxiety kept down constrained bit burnt inflamed dunned burned cramped played up hacked you off torn to pieces tore to pieces eaten at ate at dumped on rubbed salt in wound messed over made severe demands on ill-used played the heavy with got in the hair of ground down preyed on one's mind descended on ruled with an iron hand held sway over encumbered rode roughshod over got in your hair pushed buttons handicapped smothered saddled brought someone to their knees trampled underfoot overloaded trampled leaded someone a merry dance sweated out ticked off brutalised tired out stayed with trampled on aroused anxiety in brought under the yoke forced upon ruled with a rod of iron brought down on forced ruled got on the nerves of nicked made demands on made it tough for ruled over kicked around had your knife into brutalized despotized ridden roughshod over bruised played cat and mouse coerced mishandled beat down weighed heavy upon descended upon stacked the deck brought to heel held down showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards took taken oke aken befell befallen smort smorten teared at tore at broke one's heart broken one's heart beaten broke the heart of broken the heart of ate up eaten up overrode overridden overbore overborne worn wore gave a bad time given one the business given a bad time gave one the business came back to fell upon fallen on fell on fallen upon nit-picked threw off thrown off given the needle gave the needle given pain to gave pain to driven bananas drove bananas given offence to gave offence to wore out worn out beaten down overthrown overthrew got on your nerves driven round the bend drove round the bend gotten on your nerves taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of bitten did in shook up shaken up done in done a number on thrown off balance threw off balance did a number on taken the piss out of took the piss out of torn to shreds tore to shreds

Động từ

Past tense for to make or become bent or twisted out of shape
contorted distorted warped deformed misshaped screwed squinched twisted buckled gnarled disfigured malformed bended bent mangled damaged knotted injured marred impaired ruined spoilt spoiled mutilated crippled maimed blemished wrenched defaced skewed flawed curved winced battered bowed winded wound bent out of shape grimaced convoluted writhed detorted pretzeled pretzelled wrung wrested arched flexed wrinkled kinked brutalized deviated swerved crooked changed turned brutalised wrenched out of shape distorted the shape of made misshapen made crooked made curved become distorted become curved become deformed become crooked become misshapen writhen wrothe wringed wrang became deformed gone out of shape became misshapen went out of shape became curved became crooked became distorted crumpled collapsed yielded foundered tumbled folded imploded caved in arcked arced curled hooked angled deflected incurvated crimped wavered drooped gave given yold yolden coiled went gone gave way given way gone out went out inflected become warped made twisted made warped made bent become twisted become bent bulged crinkled looped crushed diverged swung slewed become contorted devoted made contorted addressed made distorted applied become malformed subsided made malformed made deformed veered redirected ricochetted drifted ricocheted detoured tilted made mangled become mangled wheeled whipped sidetracked zigzagged inclined diverted developed a kink developed a fold developed a wrinkle stretched careened leaned yawed stooped refracted verged leant pivoted wilted screwed up changed course changed direction altered course turned away slew became warped became bent became twisted became contorted became malformed became mangled angled off angled away

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