Đồng nghĩa của operose

Alternative for operose

operose /'ɔpərous/
  • tính từ
    • tỉ mỉ, cần cù
    • đòi hỏi phải tỉ mỉ (công việc)


Wrought with, requiring, or evidencing a lot of labor
arduous hard laborious diligent industrious difficult strenuous tough demanding challenging heavy toilsome exacting gruelling taxing grueling formidable exhausting uphill rigorous backbreaking onerous rough effortful tiring fatiguing punishing severe herculean burdensome testing trying back-breaking moiling rugged knackering wearisome wearying killing killer sweaty stiff Herculean murderous labored harsh laboured hellacious tall painful toilful tiresome energy-consuming Augean troublesome pick-and-shovel wearing vigorous hairy thorny debilitating grinding tortuous hellish draining ponderous exigent sapping no picnic persnickety excruciating daunting torturous tedious fierce harrowing bruising stressful brutal bothersome unbearable crushing unsparing shattering depleting tough going painstaking unforgiving tricky weighty ambitious agonizing forbidding cumbersome oppressive intolerable problematic upstream intimidating unyielding unpleasant gargantuan agonising unremitting awkward really hard very hard serious relentless knotty mighty murder galling grievous immense extreme staggering colossal intense gigantic problematical distressing grim jarring solemn distressful mean irksome backbreaker uncomfortable titanic discomforting slavish difficile sticky worksome wicked physical steep unrelaxing Sisyphean energetic boring enervating immoderate hefty thoroughgoing hectic busy major protracted lengthy hardworking strained contrived artificial leaden tortured clumsy dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon cruel troubling unnerving impossible crippling high-pressure prohibitive problem ominous insufferable merciless tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous uphill battle forced affected overdone studied delicate inept unnatural overwrought maladroit complex complicated embarrassing ticklish nasty sensitive perplexing bewildering baffling elaborate intricate incomprehensible confounding convoluted mystifying puzzling prickly tricksy dodgy spiny touchy catchy touch-and-go barro stringent pressing imperious time-consuming austere spartan large order heavy sledding bitter inhuman searing hardhanded disturbing disagreeable worrying bad upsetting vexing hostile worrisome disquieting traumatic dire inconvenient vexatious fraught wretched bleak agitating annoying terrible depressing unsettling unfavourable foreboding sinister threatening grave unfavorable aggravating irritating disconcerting discouraging adverse gloomy frightening hurtful enervative nagging dark strict unfortunate perturbing dismaying dreadful troublous dangerous disruptive dismal provoking harassing alarming miserable discomposing frustrating pressured disadvantageous consequential tense exasperating violent frightful discommoding startling harmful woeful intrusive impeding injurious aggressive sad damaging calamitous disastrous turbulent regrettable monumental unrelenting horrible unreasonable anxious tragic horrendous wild impressive unlucky heartbreaking inhospitable unfriendly excessive stark rotten ghastly weary comfortless intractable foul vile creepy hopeless rowdy dour heartrending critical desolate detrimental inauspicious black unwelcome pessimistic ruinous prophetic uncertain unpropitious destructive ugly inimical menacing bold chaotic afflictive inopportune poor stormy grandiose daring horrid straitened heart-rending overwhelming fractious unkind unruly extravagant lamentable lofty appalling tumultuous undisciplined disorderly atrocious abominable riotous intemperate inclement unpromising unmanageable restless superincumbent untoward horrifying afflicting displeasing intensive cheerless pestilent hypercritical drudging distasteful unpalatable importunate lousy uneasy confronting cataclysmic flustering sombre large-scale deleterious disheartening catastrophic pernicious noxious bumpy joyless objectionable negative ruthless tragical chilling a stinker of a doleful nocuous somber troubled baneful unhealthy unwholesome anxiety-ridden deadly morose glum gray grey nightmarish morbid perilous messy prejudicial malefic malignant ill-fated undesirable mournful precarious huge exorbitant massive rumbustious prodigious unfair stretching prostrating withering searching powerful responsible punitive inexorable heart-pumping forceful heroic courageous Spartan bare-bones barren overburdening dogged drastic a nuisance uncharitable mammoth slow despotic domineering an imposition unjust nail-biting nervous nerve-wracking embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache careful thorough precise nit-picking shocking disappointing carking very difficult horrific exerting tight racking chastening no piece of cake tempestuous revolting loathsome niggling maddening infuriating execrable gruesome profound confused concentrated abstruse te recondite by the book fearsome plaguy pestiferous concerning pestilential grisly macabre terrifying unwelcoming pesky unsettled monstrous grotty charged pitiless oppressed impoverished poverty-stricken infestive ungovernable repressive sobering big considerable peracute significant life-threatening acute audacious beastly tickly discomfiting heightened frantic untimely hair-raising dreary grand intrepid dolorous from hell poignant active eventful frenzied frenetic lively undermining unsafe insidious lethal incendiary imperilling toxic subversive malicious imperiling unrealistic pretentious visionary itchy incommodious distressed scratchy unadvantageous deplorable causing discomfort ill-fitting yukky unhappy sour yucky uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory magnificent cursed jinxed improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible icky sore remorseless mortifying great cataclysmal fatal fanciful unreal full of problems beset by problems unsavoury offensive boisterous troublemaking hard-pressed lurid shadowy discommodious full of hardship doubtful ill-omened treacherous direful ill-boding parlous jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad animated madhouse tireless full furious bustling a bummer of a unlikely devastating damning uninviting gut-wrenching full on spirited action-packed raucous belligerent contumacious lawbreaking thuggish pugnacious unrestrained ill-timed infelicitous catastrophal far-fetched chill dreich murky sunless forlorn disconsolate drab darkening plutonian portentous lugubrious sullen tenebrous godforsaken saturnine drear lonesome depressive Cimmerian tenebrific elegiac cold sepulchral funereal lonely elegiacal cloudy evil two-fisted anarchic lawless fateful hard-hearted difficult to achieve melancholy radge too bad cancerous malign maleficent poisonous mischievous baleful iniquitous cantankerous reprobate nocent ill uncompromising perfectionist clamorous judgmental obstinate disapproving fussy dictatorial overbearing inflexible overexacting unamenable unaccommodating querulous insistent cavilling unbending hardheaded quibbling disparaging obdurate needy possessive hairsplitting caviling firm sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous stubborn unflinching demeaning cynical tyrannical carping censorious high-maintenance over-rigorous hard-line over-strict hard to please over-exacting fault-finding hard to satisfy over-censorious over-particular


(of a person) Tending to work with diligence and commitment
hardworking diligent committed conscientious dedicated driven assiduous dogged earnest industrious sedulous tireless unflagging untiring busy indefatigable intent laborious persevering persistent pertinacious tenacious zealous active bustling persisting steadfast studious unrelenting eager faithful rigorous hard-working eager beaver painstaking engaged employed working determined involved steady purposeful careful attentive meticulous punctilious particular thorough exacting heedful ball of fire constant tied-up occupied hopping with one's nose to the grindstone with one's shoulder to the wheel slogging plugging swotty plodding scrupulous fussy strict accurate ultra-careful religious correct exact close minute searching pedantic elaborate demanding fastidious methodical finicky persnickety punctual precise strenuous loving perfectionist nice picky conscionable at work on the go on the job hard at work keen unremitting resolute unwavering engrossed detailed thoroughgoing unswerving preoccupied absorbed immersed pernickety nitpicking cautious hard-pressed observant tied up busy as a bee by the book by the numbers wrapped up in harness at it hanging tough on the hop rushed off your feet hard at it unwearied circumstantial grinding whiz microscopic fussbudget stickler stickling duteous aggressive white-glove dotting the i's crossing the t's nit-picky restless bold enterprising ambitious wholehearted passionate upright reliable tough complete dependable assertive intense unavailable overloaded energetic dynamic productive snowed playing safe hanging in mathematical daring forceful militant radical vigorous spirited taken walking on eggs minding p's and q's heart and soul into deliberate jumping have a prior engagement on the move up to one's ears tied down have one's hands full on assignment have a previous engagement busy as a beaver with a customer exhaustive judicious orderly provident hair-splitting stiff finical stiff-necked proper ceremonious stilted formal decorous starchy thoughtful full circumspect intensive overnice solid prim regardful concerned selfdisciplined chary discreet in full swing overconscientious overscrupulous polite civil seemly formalistic courteous conventional in-depth interested going to great lengths right on good eye staunch utilized focused on utilised unyielding perseverant unfaltering relentless too much on plate head over heels clocked up on the trot unfailing undeviating unflinching grim unstoppable focused perseverative implacable patient hired operating laboring inked signed labouring selected insistent never-tiring never give up unappeasable dead set focussed tough nut stout-hearted on board in place on duty in use in collar plugging away in a job on the payroll

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