Đồng nghĩa của nerve racking

Tính từ

Intensely irritating or distressing to the nerves
tense anxious daunting difficult disquieting distressing fraught frightening nail-biting stressful trying worrisome worrying hairy agitating creepy distressful disturbing nervous restless scary uneasy unnerving unsettling aggravating alarming annoying anxious-making exasperating gut-wrenching harassing harrowing intimidating irksome irritating maddening menacing panicky taxing terrifying upsetting nerve-wracking perturbing troubling disconcerting dismaying troublesome concerning unpleasant tormenting painful bothersome traumatic awkward discomforting vexing embarrassing nasty agonizing uncomfortable severe vexatious tricky agonising exciting discomposing troublous nagging perplexing wearisome grave off-putting gloomy depressing charged disruptive shocking niggling inconvenient tiresome burdensome thorny problematic harrying apprehensive prickly sticky discommoding onerous discouraging startling sinister provoking foreboding ominous disagreeable pessimistic heartbreaking white-knuckle dreadful grievous deplorable heart-rending afflicting strained tragical confronting threatening uncertain intrusive impeding hard consequential laborious toilsome prophetic knife-edge antsy volatile jittery excruciating explosive uptight torturous demoralizing sad overwrought woeful tragic lamentable unfortunate chilling regrettable demoralising discomfiting dangerous heartrending hurtful saddening affecting afflictive terrible adrenaline-charged exhilarating horrifying ugly devastating roller-coaster heart-breaking flustering insecure bothering barro distracting fretful troubled cliffhanging dramatic emotionally charged edgy dithery nervy stressed worried twitchy agitated shattering extremely upsetting overwhelming scarring crushing savage racking torturing eerie taut rigid unrelaxed raging wrenching bleak thrilling emotionally exhausting emotionally depleting excited unquiet spooky queasy concerned queazy on edge pitiful poignant tearing soaring unlucky haunting fearful hazardous emotionally draining bad horrible horrendous unstable perilous dicey unsafe volcanic iffy inflammable serious delicate sensitive combustible highly charged touch-and-go critical awful objectionable horrific horrid monstrous humourless poor unsatisfactory execrable miserable pathetic icky stinking sober rotten unendurable distasteful anguished unappealing crummy offensive unpalatable abominable sombre unsavoury repellant uncool odious repellent wretched yukky cruel forbidding dismal grotty yucky hideous revolting loathsome sorrowful doleful hellacious lurid bitter macabre appalling disgusting nauseating unacceptable ghastly sedate atrocious displeasing foul godawful lousy beastly abysmal uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unhappy detestable nightmarish unpleasing unsavory mortifying harsh abhorrent dire vile humorless unbearable sickening obnoxious grim uninviting galling hostile extremely bad grisly grody repulsive gruesome gross repugnant undesirable solemn diabolical sour somber frightful nauseous mean

Tính từ

So difficult or taxing as to make one exhausted
grueling gruelling demanding exhausting hard taxing difficult grinding harsh punishing severe tiring trying arduous brutal crushing fatiguing stiff draining enervating laborious sapping strenuous wearying backbreaking back-breaking debilitating exacting fierce crippling relentless unsparing exigent harrowing hellish killing knackering murderous tough challenging testing excruciating rigorous onerous tortuous daunting burdensome insufferable bruising ponderous unforgiving torturous backbreaker painstaking rough wearisome unremitting intimidating agonising unbearable uphill troublesome tiresome immense intense formidable upstream laboured agonizing oppressive Herculean ominous hairy titanic operose unpleasant gargantuan shattering weighty distressing galling labored herculean jarring worksome vigorous grievous bothersome painful toilsome problematic depleting cumbersome dicey prohibitive awful really hard tough going problem moiling killer hazardous heavy easier said than done merciless high-impact slavish sticky mighty torturesome unendurable effortful tormenting not easy hard-won toilful rugged staggering drudgy stressful intolerable sweaty grim colossal unyielding tedious ambitious serious no picnic tall extreme energy-consuming vicious marathon cruel forbidding like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling difficile solemn thorny distressful unnerving very hard ferocious almighty impossible gigantic savage scabrous wearing uphill battle high-pressure discomforting

Tính từ

Showing or feeling insecurity or uncertainty
on edge anxious edgy nervous tense uneasy troubled worried antsy jumpy jittery nervy perturbed upset uptight insecure unquiet queasy queazy restless agitated hinky aflutter fidgety dithery goosey atwitter unsettled restive hung up twitchy ill at ease keyed up wired apprehensive unstable excitable neurotic unnerved highly strung hysterical sensitive brittle skittish beside oneself excited feeling anxious high-strung hyper in suspense nail-biting nervous wreck overanxious stressful wound up het up bundle of nerves in a tizzy nerves on edge on tenterhooks disturbed uncomfortable disquieted bothered on pins and needles fretful self-conscious embarrassed discomfited discomposed awkward hesitant unsure shy strained unrelaxed unrestful stressy shaken uncertain out of place bashful retiring fazed suspicious impatient flustered irresolute wavering irritable alarmed fearful unruly tormented vexed dismayed perplexed shaky like a fish out of water fidgeting strung out active tossing and turning distressed turbulent unpeaceful sleepless in turmoil twittering tentative indecisive disorientated dithering vacillating curt stiff bewildered disoriented faltering inhibited unnatural gauche swithering stilted prim lost strange shrinking blushing disconcerted ruffled rattled shook up concerned confused unbalanced thrown disorderly withdrawn lacking social skills timid discomforted reserved tongue-tied introverted unconfident discombobulated distrustful all of a dither in a flap doubtful recalcitrant fractious refractory worked up overwrought ornery stubborn obstinate unyielding perverse fraught like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks champing at the bit harassed palpitant anguished afraid peevish irascible wrung footloose hurried transient spasmodic unsteady itchy inconstant wandering intermittent roving fitful nomadic bustling changeable on the qui vive all nerves wakeful insomniac attentive awake unsleeping watchful without sleep insomnolent wide-awake vigilant wide awake alert

Tính từ

Causing or creating excitement
exciting thrilling exhilarating gripping rousing stimulating dramatic electrifying enthralling inspiring intoxicating envigorating invigorating stirring compelling explosive moving riveting breathtaking intense powerful sensational shocking startling suspenseful arousing cliffhanging dynamic mind-blowing wild hair-raising knife-edge spine-tingling adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat electric exhilarative heart-stopping kicky mind-bending mind-boggling rip-roaring stem-winding galvanizing charged galvanising fascinating galvanic interesting provocative captivating impressive amazing emotional intriguing astonishing provoking absorbing striking arresting lively awesome energizing overwhelming remarkable spectacular stunning wonderful staggering inspirational refreshing affecting engaging animating engrossing energising astounding enchanting heady stimulative enlivening awe-inspiring spirited influential incredible encouraging touching inspiriting uplifting compulsive entrancing emotive energetic eye-popping spellbinding entertaining appealing brilliant unputdownable thought-provoking action-packed impassioned motivating challenging eye-opening wondrous soul-stirring extraordinary bewitching stupendous marvelous marvellous persuasive involving mesmerizing meaningful dazzling magnificent mesmerising poignant inciting important affective animated miraculous motivational significant immersing consuming momentous amusing hypnotic fabulous piquant imposing anthemic unbelievable mesmeric jaw-dropping passionate impelling glorious instigative noteworthy outstanding sparkling preoccupying bracing vitalizing out of this world irresistible memorable buzzworthy impactful enticing fantastic triggering tonic prodigious vivid effective great vigorous exhilarant witty sexy grand inflammatory charming instigating beguiling notable difficult emotion-charged vibrant restorative heartbreaking transfixing historic enthusiastic awakening piquing surprising delightful mind-altering exceptional monopolizing attention-grabbing clever diverting heart-rending heart-warming consequential vital tear-jerking alluring seductive superb excellent magnetic adrenalizing monopolising newsworthy forcible splendid fantastical tense inviting formidable pleasing gee-whizz tremendous emphatic majestic portentous massive vivifying exalting first-class first-rate out of the ordinary revitalizing hearty cheering addictive shock-horror controversial exhilaratory scintillating complex complicated baffling confusing puzzling brisk agitational sentimental phenomenal heartrending strong enjoyable quickening conspicuous signal heartening revitalising haunting stupefying inconceivable contentious fab readable racy fast-moving hallucinatory psychedelic riotous theatrical commanding sublime eye-catching special distinguished fresh bold pleasant profound fine cool pleasurable amazeballs stately royal topical awe-striking heart-stirring very interesting telling sensorial super material relevant expressive devastating monumental divine unique magical eventful suggestive towering resplendent theatric eloquent far out trenchant relaxing satisfying empyreal galvanical shareable viral fashionable trendy potent heart-pumping elating hallucinogenic edgy gladdening Hitchcockian ensational beautiful elevating giddy animative influencing prompting jolting seducing fast-paced better than expected exalté hectic titillating rejuvenating buzzy volatile adrenalized boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious sensitive laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated curious power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable very exciting obsessing all-consuming controlling bright salty spicy colourful totally absorbing superior reviving battery operated giving one food for thought adrenaline-fueled delicate up-tempo juicy ebullient charismatic hypnotizing tantalising hypnotising attractive blinding tender funny insane touchy healthful cordial fortifying salubrious rejuvenative rallying blissful splendorous heavenly effervescent coruscating vivacious meaty worthy of note unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing tantalizing showy breathless sententious colorful crazy unreal health-giving high strengthening healthy hyper esthetic upsetting highly impressive problematic awkward hot-button far-out like a dream come true unimaginable unheard-of fabled ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled glittering bad daring ridiculous deep primo like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy delicious lavish terrific luxurious humorous scandalous horrifying some aesthetic agreeable fun distracting heart-melting congenial recreative droll nice glinting glimmering smart sprightly heartwarming affectional renewing reinvigorating good accomplished hilarious chucklesome graphic climactic enormous skilled skilful consummate skillful admirable masterly comical high-octane essential serious paramount urgent front-page critical crucial far-reaching august easy worth reading well-written easy to read worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth huge harrowing tragic scream riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless crack ace world-class expert stellar lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing bodacious sudden noisy studied saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental unforgettable roborant breath-taking profuse shattering immense cracking crash-hot nifty sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy overcoming inordinate sweeping vast paralyzing astronomic very large crushing humongous paralysing dignified incendiary of note of substance wizard mean hokey inflaming yellow melodramatic indelible celebrated seditious terrifying frightening lovey-dovey shaking trembling famous catchy imperial portly heroic staid noble regal heroical magnific epic lofty grandiose gallant proud baronial solemn Homeric fiery crackerjack shivering quaking vibrating shuddering frantic exquisite large mad swinging boss insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic noticeable extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse marked X-rated salient colored three-hanky cherished lasting demagogic illustrious rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary something to write home about mega one for the book pretentious overblown big something else ominous distinctive unfading timeless hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous efficient well-done perpetual everlasting immortal renowned undying notorious eternal treasured capable convincing imperishable enduring not to be forgotten superlative never to be forgotten observable supreme blood-tingling seditionary incitive like a red rag to a bull zero cool able coherent cogent standout rememberable surpassing remembered roller-coaster white-knuckle plausible on the ball weighty aggressive rational logical vehement lucid punchy reasoned pertinent mighty histrionical sufficient well-founded articulate definitive well reasoned high-powered credible hard-hitting puissant reasonable authoritative unanswerable successful direct sound graceful acute performant clear powerhouse stamped on your memory fixed in the mind red-letter

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