Đồng nghĩa của thought provoking


Interesting in a way that challenges one's beliefs, attitudes, or perspective
absorbing captivating challenging exciting fascinating gripping inspirational inspiring interesting intriguing provocative riveting stimulating inviting refreshing stirring rousing thrilling appealing moving arousing exhilarating electrifying breathtaking invigorating titillating energizing lively hair-raising envigorating bracing adrenalizing hectic spine-tingling energising enlivening intoxicating engaging entertaining compelling animating stimulative provoking restorative tonic motivating attention-grabbing encouraging galvanizing vitalizing galvanising quickening vivifying viral mind-blowing impressive motivational readable renewing reinvigorating innerving exhilarant roborant influential persuasive engrossing enthralling electric enchanting inspiriting impelling spirited striking curious uplifting affecting arresting shareable charged emotional affective meaningful beguiling inciting touching mesmerizing attractive alluring tantalizing diverting tantalising mesmerising soul-stirring amusing immersing involving consuming astonishing galvanic mind-boggling rip-roaring piquant kicky mind-bending heart-stopping exhilarative bewitching buzzworthy entrancing enticing hypnotising magnetic charismatic hypnotizing hypnotic delightful seductive charming memorable spellbinding vibrant triggering instigating awakening piquing compulsive unputdownable mesmeric instigative magical ensational reviving vital cordial rejuvenating puzzling irresistible impassioned enrapturing emotive heartening passionate transfixing delectable fetching winning ravishing glamourous glamorous dazzling seducing elfin luring very interesting tempting dynamic impactful dramatic enthusiastic vigorous poignant animated emotion-charged energetic exalting anthemic hearty sparkling exceptional noteworthy eye-opening remarkable vivid pleasing sexy exalté eventful splashy amazing out of the ordinary pleasurable worthy of note action-packed fine showy meaty wonderful unique newsy relatable marvelous fabulous prepossessing racy spectacular fresh preoccupying newsworthy portentous trenchant marvellous topical unboring wondrous emphatic giving one food for thought heady stunning overwhelming magnificent incredible sensational expressive profound stem-winding awe-inspiring intense startling heartfelt awesome fervent eloquent staggering significant eye-popping cheering out of this world powerful fiery wild astounding explosive fantastic stupendous brilliant deep mournful sincere gladdening beautiful sad grand doleful cheerful soulful inflammatory strong elevating heart-warming agitational heartrending ardent fervid tender heartbreaking complex complicated difficult baffling confusing shocking mind-altering exhilaratory cliffhanging knife-edge riotous exquisite jaw-dropping imposing amazeballs splendid glorious extraordinary eye-catching majestic monumental lavish luxurious influencing prompting galvanical brisk revitalizing potent sensitive elating hallucinogenic suspenseful laden revitalising pervaded permeated filled feeling giddy imbued suffused stirred fraught loaded full saturated animative deeply felt stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic warming tense nerve-racking boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat telling shaking trembling breathless sententious heart-stirring jolting adrenaline-fueled shivering quaking vibrating shuddering upsetting outstanding enriching inspirative improving buzzy volatile adrenalized frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging fab miraculous boss picturesque heart-rending tear-jerking power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable unforgettable zero cool battery operated insane cool surprising never to be forgotten gee-whizz excellent crazy unreal unbelievable enjoyable ridiculous far out terrific funny bad daring first-class primo divine momentous like wow swell hunky-dory super groovy dandy first-rate superb bold delicious stately massive pleasant humorous witty agreeable fun incendiary inflaming congenial recreative droll nice seditious hilarious chucklesome admirable insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic comical tremendous demagogic relaxing scream clever riot be a ball fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary extravagant transcendent phenomenal hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous eager vehement flaming contentious controversial excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous resplendent far-out notable sumptuous special fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated commanding prominent splendorous towering arrestive surpassing magnific seditionary great confounding perfect incitive sightly like a red rag to a bull fierce feverish frenzied heated burning warm messianic violent fanatical perfervid passional torrid glowing raging red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious tumultuous blazing uncontrollable hot-blooded impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure forceful stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened


Confronting or thought-provoking in nature
hard confronting challenging deep difficult hard-hitting reflective confrontational heavy profound provocative serious thoughtful weighty insightful intensive complex complicated puzzling confusing tricky confounding convoluted intricate bewildering incomprehensible perplexing mystifying baffling elaborate unfathomable impenetrable involved obscure unclear unintelligible abstract mind-bending recondite undecipherable inexplicable mind-boggling sophisticated labyrinthine knotty problematical detailed troublesome fancy esoteric vexing thorny entangled mystical mysterious abstruse paradoxical rambling tangled fathomless inscrutable beyond one's grasp hard to explain beyond comprehension opaque full of twists and turns hard to solve involuted gnarly involute above one's head fiddly over one's head enigmatic enigmatical advanced ambiguous unsolvable difficult to understand hazy cryptic byzantine tortuous arcane Byzantine labyrinthian hidden dark unaccountable baroque daedal problematic confused awkward occult tough complicate Gordian insoluble wildering mystic Delphic secret insolvable concealed serpentine ticklish murky jumbled impossible Daedalian cabalistic unknowable dense sibylline beyond one messy hermetic hermetical cabbalistic rarefied unanswerable uncanny unexplainable mazy little known interlaced equivocal elliptical taxing strange elliptic double-edged chaotic mixed up devious oracular weird oblique hard to understand disconcerting peculiar odd worrying funny formidable spiny demanding vague orphic acroamatic ramified inextricable befuddling nebulous unexplained winding misleading muddled fuliginous arduous cumbersome circuitous long-drawn-out drawn-out high-tech knotted mixed recherché maze-like ravelled as clear as mud indecipherable clear as mud impossible to understand unsolved raveled bamboozling surprising Daedalean sphinxlike hard to follow inaccessible hi-tech finicky metaphysical private frustrating bemusing perplexed inner daunting strenuous trying fiendish intense plotty long-winded hypermetric hairy magical curious subtle operose untold scrambled secretive cerebral intellectual ungraspable bizarre elite problem beyond understanding undiscoverable indiscernible contradictory inconsistent beyond you full of surprises insuperable unattainable hopeless unrealizable undoable mixed-up Greek to me kittle incognizable queer mysterial ineffable reticular effortful uphill terrible unresolvable muddling unnatural clear as dishwater devilish intertwined interwoven veiled high-level higher-level stealthy unknown blurring unsettling disorienting irreducible uncertain cagey subjective indirect roundabout unexcogitable muddlesome mistakable irresolvable extensive without a solution unresolved unable to be solved unconcluded radical indeterminate top-level devil of a sinuous twisted indefinite indistinct foggy ornate very devil of a dubious doubtful multifaceted multifarious variegated rococo heterogeneous nuanced obfuscated unstraightforward little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way amphibological nubilous tenebrous purblind imperceptive drastic overlong verbose deceptive lengthy can of worms cunning perverse difficult to follow sweeping thorough extreme revolutionary complete major

Trái nghĩa của thought provoking

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