Đồng nghĩa của preoccupying

Alternative for preoccupying

preoccupy /pri:'ɔkjupai/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm bận tâm, làm bận trí, làm lo lắng
    • chiếm trước, giữ trước


(rare) Instigating the curiosity or attention of someone
interesting attracting appealing to drawing engrossing exciting fascinating intriguing tempting captivating entertaining enthralling luring snaring tantalizing titillating affecting amusing arousing distracting engaging gripping hooking perking up pleasing pulling touching mesmerising mesmerizing moving riveting rivetting tantalising turning on beguiling bemusing enchanting grabbing immersing piquing absorbing bewitching floating someone's boat lighting someone's fire occupying sitting up tickling someone's fancy arresting busying enwrapping involving holding diverting charming consuming monopolizing monopolising concerning employing obsessing catching up engulfing enrapturing dominating spellbinding throwing possessing entrancing fixating taking up holding the attention of taking control of catching haunting filling hypnotizing transfixing burying hypnotising tying up becoming an obsession with keeping busy delighting cheering overwhelming bedazzling committing capturing losing gaining seizing fixing alluring solacing magnetizing enmeshing miring inspiring connecting eating up wrapping tickling slaying soaking tickle to death binding magnetising holding in awe holding one's attention holding spellbound assimilating attending knocking dead impressing winning wrapping up keeping amused influencing arousing one's curiosity capturing one's imagination mattering to whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention catching one's eye eating someone up subjugating subjecting enslaving subduing absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in troubling worrying grabbing the attention of enticing holding attention using up killing wiling witching overcoming devouring enamouring plunging winning over disturbing inviting vamping knocking out tickling the fancy of enamoring putting under a spell sweeping off one's feet tickling pink sending wowing throwing oneself into engrossing oneself concentrating overburdening overpowering drowning sinking swamping eating away at overloading devoting bothering enlisting ruling associating implicating embroiling plaguing bedeviling tormenting bedevilling hounding using inculpating entangling enveloping participating linking entailing imputing utilizing securing utilising regaling besetting disporting holding your attention cornering hogging sewing up becoming lost upping on applying recreating infatuating preying on controlling harassing reserving grasping comforting elating making merry giving pleasure to gratifying humoring cracking up ecstasizing indulging inspiriting gladdening enlivening relaxing stimulating humouring satisfying having a grip on preying on your mind taking over having a hold on getting taking in adopting booking taking striking bagging seducing ravishing dazzling thrilling rapturing bowling over ensnaring transporting carrying away stirring persuading leading on amazing astounding inveigling stupefying stunning baiting awing aweing blowing away rousing overawing inflaming astonishing teasing dazing exhilarating decoying flooring coaxing intoxicating betraying soliciting staggering provoking wooing inducing rapping delectating catching the eye of sucking in electrifying cajoling compelling dumbfounding overjoying beckoning courting turning someone on pulling in sweeping off your feet steering whetting the appetite of appealing making a hit with making happy sweeping someone off their feet roping in coming on bringing in taking somebody's breath away contenting sparking whetting wakening pleasuring taking aback leaving speechless misleading elevating rejoicing deluding stirring up kindling blinding entrapping confusing tricking quickening giving someone a thrill doing it for someone getting going grooving trancing arriding fulfilling ensorcelling sending into raptures pleasing greatly taking someone's breath away giving someone a kick going over big drawing one's attention catching hold of making someone's mouth water sweeping off feet striking dumb taking your breath away rooting to the spot giving a buzz hitting the spot bewildering keeping maintaining getting someone going turning one's head turning one on agitating giving joy to giving great pleasure to giving someone a charge obtaining picking up sending into transports galvanizing charging scoring jubilating exulting glorying arousing the curiosity of arousing curiosity tickling your fancy tickling one's fancy leading freaking out calling prompting dragging training hitting on roping drawing in palpating grappling fracturing one panicking knocking 'em dead getting one's jollies put ting'em away breaking one up endearing blurring surprising eliciting calling forth bringing forth arguing into bringing around keeping up keeping alive switching on pumping up galvanising inclining deceiving trapping filling with delight exerting influence on catching someone's eye exerting a pull on giving the come-on to getting under someone's skin owning putting under magic spell forspeaking putting the whammy on voodooing casting a spell on putting horns on egging one on mousetrapping conning leading astray tolling touting shilling leading up garden path petrifying paralysing indicating signing summoning demanding commanding asking bidding befooling besotting halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing torturing having a get-together nurturing treating to laughing it up partying fracturing tossing a party giving a party refreshing sweeping you off your feet making a fool of palsying stopping in one's tracks rooting stopping dead riveting the attention of paralyzing stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks immobilising appeasing mollifying heartening uplifting firing interesting greatly animating converting placating taunting warming brightening up making content bringing joy to suiting making a hit with someone agreeing with giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks cheering up making someone feel good bucking up warming the cockles of the heart buoying up gladding giving a lift propitiating conciliating pacifying sweetening annoying thwarting badgering beleaguering pestering gnawing frustrating baffling harrying assuaging gentling keeping someone hanging on winding up making mouth water flirting with keeping hanging keeping hanging on putting off guard urging winning the affection of unarming convincing disarming setting at ease


Engrossing, that sustains someone's interest
absorbing captivating engrossing fascinating gripping interesting intriguing riveting spellbinding arresting compelling engaging enthralling enticing alluring bewitching enchanting seductive compulsive consuming entrancing exciting immersing involving overwhelming monopolising monopolizing thrilling unputdownable stimulating mesmerizing mesmerising all-consuming entertaining hypnotic beguiling mesmeric action-packed amusing diverting irresistible provoking obsessing controlling very interesting addictive distracting dramatic devouring besetting transfixing obsessive strong ardent powerful immoderate intense dominating deep-seated fervid exhausting profound raging burning appealing striking provocative curious impressive attention-grabbing stirring affecting thought-provoking exceptional noteworthy refreshing hypnotising magnetic inviting breathtaking charismatic intoxicating envigorating galvanising electrifying eye-opening hypnotizing attractive pleasing remarkable tantalising exhilarating vivid electric delightful memorable tantalizing astonishing eventful charming inspiring splashy amazing fine showy out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note vibrant wonderful unique marvellous marvelous fabulous prepossessing invigorating wondrous emphatic galvanizing magical moving meaty newsworthy newsy portentous relatable trenchant topical unboring piquant racy buzzworthy spectacular fresh pleasant lively tempting colourful glamorous colorful winning glamourous fetching agreeable enjoyable luring lovely arousing titillating readable elfin eye-catching witty beautiful graphic fun dazzling ravishing spirited winsome suggestive juicy desirable delectable sensational lurid sexy funny humorous scintillating droll picturesque chucklesome pretty unusual viral comical hilarious bonny likable relaxing gratifying taking romantic likeable good come-hither shareable spicy animated salacious sensual erotic pornographic teasing handsome nice cheering cute fair rich sexually arousing sexually exciting stunning characterful enrapturing comely detailed wild evocative flamboyant cheerful clever gorgeous side-splitting priceless nubile luscious sultry beauteous fanciable brilliant bold hot smashing tasty gay spunky fantastic sensuous nice-looking mysterious sexual seducing adorable beckoning bright dreamy aesthetic goodly sightly satisfying exotic eloquent seemly knockout bonnie esthetic strange fit likely extraordinary active imaginative effective well favoured pulchritudinous fantastical outlandish forceful highly coloured well-favored easy on the eye as pretty as a picture bizarro kinky challenging inspirational mind-blowing ensational puzzling scandalous scenic quaint transporting heavenly risqué sparkling good-looking escapist fantasy endearing very exciting shock-horror sweet sirenic disarming siren orphic graceful salty dainty darling Orphean rapturous saucy lewd sexually stimulating lovable personable bootylicious hunky totally absorbing dear elegant delicate adorbs appetizing appetising trim dreamboat foxy lovesome eyeful dishy bijou quixotic nostalgic farcical picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous mouth-watering to one's liking full of character immodest slinky indecent passionate indelicate shameless easy well-written worthwhile ingenious rewarding smooth comic congenial recreative enthusiastic adventurous chivalrous raunchy coquettish amorous flirtatious steamy laughable jocular facetious joyful delicious happy festive full of life realistic clear well written distinctive ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful light-hearted groovy cool tarty poignant scream riot fun-filled gas restorative vigorous heated busy vivacious clubbable great novel whimsical rollicking gladdening merry worth reading easy to read lifelike encouraging cheeky heady different bizarre lucid joshing wacky jokey boffo gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy keen hectic frenetic visual telling faithful unforgettable authentic haunting be a ball peculiar sharp weird unconventional extravagant unfamiliar off-centre pictorial emotive delineated distinct outrageous energetic for grins cut up flashy graphical expressive eager formidable foreign-looking Bohemian avant-garde alternative theatrical definite offbeat snazzy gaudy true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic strenuous full out of the common external avant garde extrinsic extraneous far out way out off the wall peregrine from abroad outside bright-coloured too funny for words intellectual intelligent pizazzy glaring brightly coloured fancy pizzazzy bling smart garish jazzy lush ideal looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory cultured highbrowed cultivated serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow sophisticated heavyweight learned literary classical intellective special majestic admirable notable noticeable rare grand one and only standout uncommon singular unordinary golden glorious on fleek out of this world drawing attention

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