Đồng nghĩa của compulsive

Alternative for compulsive


Đồng nghĩa: determined, driven,

Tính từ

Irresistible or absorbing
gripping captivating compelling fascinating engrossing enthralling mesmerising mesmerizing spellbinding absorbing riveting entrancing hypnotic mesmeric unputdownable attention-grabbing exciting interesting thrilling totally absorbing intriguing engaging bewitching arresting alluring involving immersing consuming enticing appealing charming attractive magnetic transfixing preoccupying enchanting stimulating seductive entertaining beguiling very interesting amusing irresistible magical monopolizing delightful diverting monopolising hypnotizing hypnotising overwhelming all-consuming very exciting enrapturing dazzling winning readable action-packed seducing provoking memorable exhilarating tantalizing charismatic provocative curious inviting pleasing tantalising thought-provoking transporting obsessing controlling devouring besetting obsessive strong ardent powerful immoderate intense dominating addictive enjoyable distracting dramatic deep-seated fervid exhausting profound raging burning elfin fetching ravishing glamourous glamorous titillating delectable luring tempting striking impressive pleasant moving meaty vibrant exceptional breathtaking wonderful astonishing eventful unique newsworthy newsy portentous inspiring intoxicating stirring splashy relatable noteworthy envigorating trenchant marvellous galvanising marvelous electrifying fabulous topical eye-opening amazing prepossessing invigorating fine showy remarkable unboring piquant wondrous affecting emphatic vivid racy out of the ordinary galvanizing electric buzzworthy pleasurable rousing refreshing worthy of note spectacular fresh rewarding clever easy eloquent relaxing ingenious well-written smooth brilliant gratifying satisfying worthwhile well written easy to read worth reading lively colourful colorful agreeable lovely arousing eye-catching witty beautiful graphic fun spirited winsome suggestive juicy desirable sensational lurid sexy funny humorous scintillating droll picturesque chucklesome pretty unusual viral comical hilarious bonny likable taking romantic likeable good come-hither shareable spicy animated salacious sensual erotic pornographic teasing handsome nice cheering cute fair rich sexually arousing sexually exciting stunning characterful comely detailed wild evocative flamboyant cheerful gorgeous side-splitting priceless nubile luscious sultry beauteous fanciable bold hot smashing tasty gay spunky fantastic sensuous nice-looking mysterious sexual adorable beckoning bright dreamy aesthetic goodly sightly exotic seemly knockout bonnie esthetic strange fit likely extraordinary active imaginative effective well favoured pulchritudinous fantastical outlandish forceful highly coloured well-favored easy on the eye as pretty as a picture bizarro kinky challenging inspirational mind-blowing ensational puzzling scandalous scenic quaint heavenly risqué sparkling good-looking escapist fantasy endearing shock-horror sweet sirenic disarming siren orphic graceful salty dainty darling Orphean rapturous saucy lewd sexually stimulating lovable personable bootylicious hunky dear elegant delicate adorbs appetizing appetising trim dreamboat foxy lovesome eyeful dishy bijou quixotic nostalgic farcical picture-perfect drop-dead gorgeous mouth-watering to one's liking full of character immodest slinky indecent passionate indelicate shameless comic congenial recreative enthusiastic adventurous chivalrous raunchy coquettish amorous flirtatious steamy laughable jocular facetious joyful delicious happy festive full of life realistic clear distinctive ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful light-hearted groovy cool tarty poignant scream riot fun-filled gas restorative vigorous heated busy vivacious clubbable great novel whimsical rollicking gladdening merry lifelike encouraging cheeky heady different bizarre lucid joshing wacky jokey boffo gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy keen hectic frenetic visual telling faithful unforgettable authentic haunting be a ball peculiar sharp weird unconventional extravagant unfamiliar off-centre pictorial emotive delineated distinct outrageous energetic for grins cut up flashy graphical expressive eager formidable foreign-looking Bohemian avant-garde alternative theatrical definite offbeat snazzy gaudy true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic strenuous full out of the common external avant garde extrinsic extraneous far out way out off the wall peregrine from abroad outside bright-coloured too funny for words intellectual intelligent pizazzy glaring brightly coloured fancy pizzazzy bling smart garish jazzy lush ideal looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory cultured highbrowed cultivated serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow sophisticated heavyweight learned literary classical intellective special majestic admirable notable noticeable rare grand one and only standout uncommon singular unordinary golden glorious on fleek out of this world drawing attention

Tính từ

Resulting from or acting from a compulsion
chronic inveterate obsessive persistent incorrigible incurable addicted addictive confirmed hardened hopeless irredeemable obsessional dependent habitual hooked pathological uncontrollable dyed-in-the-wool established seasoned bred-in-the-bone unreformable long-standing fixed besetting ingrained neurotic driven shameless committed regular impulsive long-established unashamed fanatical thorough complete thoroughgoing all-consuming unyielding set impenitent accustomed hard-core obstinate ineradicable deep-dyed through and through reprobate irrational unreasonable constant frequent unregenerate obdurate incessant recurrent clinical illogical unrepentant by habit unreasoning uncontrolled pathologic extreme utter congenital entrenched rooted settled deep firm perennial lifelong devout resolute true intrenched uncompromising devoted enduring indelible loyal staunch ardent unwavering proved fervent earnest faithful vehement dedicated immutable wholehearted stalwart steadfast fiery torrid intransigent longtime supreme unshakeable stubborn zealous inexorable unshakable diehard unapologetic consuming tormenting gripping haunting explicit definite staid inured habituated dominating sicker controlling excessive fanatic irresistible deep-seated well established deep-rooted hard-line deep-set red-hot die-hard well-established hard-shell firmly established bona fide card-carrying wackadoo wackadoodle inescapable fixated preoccupied unrelenting headstrong possessed infatuated inbred abiding lasting inborn tried continuing verified radical unswerving lingering tested long-lasting innate ceaseless ever-present continuous continual long-lived usual profound unfaltering out-and-out fundamental reliable dependable built-in inherent irremovable secure true blue inbuilt trustworthy genuine sure demonstrated unabating honest persisting permanent tried-and-true proven routine tenacious recurring unmitigated deeply felt absolute valid accepted basic protracted rigid abandoned full-bore uncontrite right-down arrant steady trusty subconscious embedded beyond hope mad keen instilled fast good infixed unchangeable through-and-through true-blue keen as mustard pious stanch full-fledged deep-down upright down-the-line sustained dutiful honourable honorable deeply ingrained allegiant out and out sincere experienced unforgettable ineffaceable long-l inannihilable irradicable worn prolonged long-drawn-out obscene pornographic X-rated irrepressible undying eternal longstanding fortified determined unwaivering slow dragging dyed-in-the wool implanted dug in set firm deep down remaining grounded callous indurated old sworn adamant radicated customary lodged in one's brain remorseless unremorseful unrepenting spun-out drawn-out endemic based on intractable unblushing to the core irreformable unabashed brazen intense irrecoverable unredeemable irretrievable unrecoverable unreformed irremediable conscienceless constitutional bad beyond redemption useless impossible recidivous uncorrectable beastly irreparable loser wicked recognized certified attested checked authentic heartfelt strong impassioned intrinsic not contrite undoubted upheld supported verifiable demonstrable establishable orthodox avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate burning conclusive integral ingrain hardwired essential constitutive natural native indigenous immanent hereditary enthusiastic heightened severe serious exceptional unfeigned keen extraordinary pure true-hearted recognised incorruptible patriotic truthful stirring inflamed warm rousing great grave solid righteous right straight responsible just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent brassbound calculable supportive right-minded in the blood indwelling in-built no lie conscientious on the up and up worthy truehearted veridical undistorted liege estimable high-principled up front scrupulous creditable square all right behind one tried and true tried and tested in good faith

Tính từ

(in non-technical use) Abnormally sensitive, obsessive, or anxious
neurotic nervous anxious manic obsessive overanxious overwrought disturbed fixated irrational jumpy oversensitive phobic tense unstable abnormal hysterical nervy paranoid twitchy unhealthy highly strung hyper maladjusted stressy aberrant choked clutched deviant disordered disoriented distraught erratic fearful hysteric inhibited obsessed upset uptight wired basket case hung up nervous wreck bundle of nerves edgy jittery troubled excitable emotional agitated sensitive high-strung uneasy touchy fidgety restless worried apprehensive skittish temperamental on edge chippy insecure antsy unsettled fiery irritable queazy perturbed stressed brittle dithery queasy passionate hot-tempered easily upset irascible keyed up thin-skinned impatient het up quick-tempered overstrung hot-headed unquiet frightened scared aflutter hinky excited goosey atwitter adrenalized volatile hypersensitive worked up ill at ease panicky in a state deranged on tenterhooks unbalanced short-tempered frantic concerned spasmodic unhinged prickly wild disquieted shaky overexcited afraid tetchy defensive crazy feverish restive beside oneself tempestuous testy violent vehement umbrageous psychotic easily frightened easily agitated impetuous moody petulant agitable fierce ticklish in a tizzy on pins and needles easily offended distressed confused mad flighty frenzied skittery trepidatious distracted bothered crazed shy raving fluttery toey maniacal berserk susceptible uncontrolled discomposed mercurial curt strung out ill-adjusted hyperactive strained spooky swivel-eyed huffy snappy crabbed messed up screwed up mixed up impassioned intense high stiff peevish heated unnerved wound up rabid strung up rash overemotional tooshie easily hurt demonstrative overzealous crotchety impulsive in a twitter ornery volcanic blazing bad-tempered beside yourself ill-tempered in a cold sweat in a sweat explosive hotheaded melodramatic headstrong froward terrified flipped out like a cat on a hot tin roof willful prima donna-ish like a cat on hot bricks wilful on a short fuse in bad mood hot-blooded mean psychopathic self-justifying conservative stilted prim nerve-racking stressful nail-biting in suspense feeling anxious have cold feet alienated hyper-sensitive withdrawn nerves on edge strict conventional cautious easily affected insane on the defensive old-fashioned ardent demented lunatic captious querulous untogether estranged muddled fervent dysfunctional hasty critical demonic demoniacal unrealistic shaking trembling quaking spirited unfit hung-up maladapted fevered wrought up febrile hesitant fervid incandescent perfervid passional sectionable hyperexcitable hyperkinetic alarmed in a state of agitation squirrelly in a state of nerves windy torrid charged sulky in a stew suspicious doubtful foreboding mistrustful burning superheated religious warm dithyrambic sullen inflammable intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic quick alarmable uncertain weak in a flap bricking oneself having kittens in a tizz nutty freaky busy up flipped choleric angry frozen flaming all of a dither in a twit all of a lather grumpy morose all of a doodah over-emotional short-fuse red-hot warm-blooded lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden short fused offended cantankerous cross blowing hot and cold pretentious senile frowning saturnine sour crusty glum miserable moping mopish uncontrollable fiddle-footed dour crabby freaked out turned out hopped up emotionally confused unrestrained delirious splenetic mardy dejected piqued mopey waspish broody tender unrestrainable huffish blue mumpish wounded kittle mopy soft supersensitive vulnerable delusional maniac out of control distrait ill-humoured ill-humored convulsive berko delicate ultrasensitive irrepressible maddened turbulent driven to distraction raging incensed fuming frenetic possessed panic-stricken in a panic in a frenzy rampant seething furious desperate quick to take offence carried away very upset in a fit out of one's wits overactive hectic wrought-up freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up under a strain keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn worked-up unstrung tired spent timid taut throwing a wobbly angsty steamed up out of your mind fretful hot under collar all shook up spooked flurried at the end of your tether careful unglued timorous shivery mousy uncomfortable flustered ruffled fraught unrelaxed shaken tormented disconcerted dismayed shook up vexed discombobulated a bundle of nerves annoyed hot and bothered saddened unhappy self-conscious anguished irked harassed bugged sad unrestful cut up shocked unsure grieved hurt embarrassed afflicted rattled discountenanced irritated discomfited hassled plagued stressed out under stress all torn up awkward creepy bashful disappointed disconsolate retiring inconsolable pained irresolute gutted shook inconvenienced unsteady tortured beset perplexed bummed out like a fish out of water waiting for the axe to fall unsettling unnerving in a flat spin disturbing disquieting hairy waiting with bated breath distressful agitating startled despondent worrisome out of place distressing depressed grieving displeased heavyhearted sorrowful exercised unconfident wretched fretting mournful shrinking white-knuckled nerve-wracking doleful heartbroken cheerless quivering frazzled panic-struck down bereaved wrecked rueful thrown under pressure fazed miffed pressured desolate introverted angered fractious hot under the collar unruly provoked despairing heartsick fidgeting fitful low woeful up the wall broken-hearted brokenhearted unpeaceful aghast hurried angstful solicitous harried riled harrowed frayed shot to pieces woebegone unzipped a wreck broken up hag-ridden grief-stricken in turmoil emotionally charged put out worried stiff with one's stomach in knots with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth aroused twittering indecisive tentative fussy dithering wavering vacillating drawn swithering flushed histrionic disorientated caught up graceless overtaxed taxed peeved dragged ripped aquiver daunted frisky reserved faltering unnatural gauche exciting unreluctant all of a flutter bewildered unconsolable shot down hyped-up afire atingle hyperexcited blushing exasperated emotive trying sapped drained discomforted strange lost palpitant wrung falling apart strung-up straight unhip strait-laced agog eagerly difficult tricky rigid distrustful wreck moving moved shot all nerves on the qui vive asea zipped up hot juiced up diffident active transient wandering intermittent changeable itchy inconstant footloose roving sleepless nomadic bustling anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting fatigued lacking social skills tongue-tied all agog avid open-mouthed exacerbated puzzled chagrined aggravated mortified pestered white knuckled recalcitrant shaking in one's shoes concerning tearing one's hair out refractory tied up in knots butterflies in stomach biting one's nails self-doubting unassertive self-effacing forlorn disheartened with bated breath perverse obstinate stubborn unyielding watchful meek lacking confidence unforthcoming dreading melancholic discouraged heavy-hearted aggrieved downcast not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive terrorized in a spin fretted champing at the bit a basket case sweating bullets tossing and turning cowed hounded joyless tearful demoralised dispirited tristful down-hearted demoralized downhearted beleaguered vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised affrighted petrified verklempt having butterflies in the stomach browbeaten in disorder amazed terror-stricken abashed gloomy droopy sombre teary sorry crestfallen weepy sore hangdog heartsore cast down burned wistful somber contused pressurized touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out horror-struck scary horrified rushed ferocious at sixes and sevens uncool pressurised hunted chicken-hearted yellow numb chicken scared stiff rabbity sissy butterflies jellyfish in tears down in the mouth in grief down in the dumps in doldrums low-spirited in the dumps weird last-minute zonkers corybantic unscrewed hard-pressed at the end of one's tether with one's back up against the wall up against it under the cosh at the end of one's rope terrorised devastated traumatized broken melancholy bitter dolorous weirded out spazzed out at your wits' end wigged out at wits' end in fear and trepidation very scared pushing the panic button numb with fear weeping hurting wriggly squirmy mourning haunted crushed agonized dolesome wiggly sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching traumatised in pain heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain all wound up

Tính từ

Obsessively concerned with something
fanatical enthusiastic fervent obsessive passionate wild frenzied keen ardent dedicated devoted eager fixated immoderate infatuated obsessed burning extreme fervid mad over-enthusiastic crazy dotty frenetic gung-ho hooked nuts potty visionary zealous bigoted overenthusiastic passional perfervid rabid wackadoo wackadoodle addicted biased bugged contumacious credulous domineering erratic fanatic feverish fiery headstrong impassioned impulsive incorrigible monomaniacal obstinate opinionated partial possessed raving stubborn unruly violent willful high on nuts for turned on intense vehement excited avid earnest spirited fierce energetic committed wholehearted warm enthused voracious heated flaming strong torrid pumped red-hot lively raring emotional manic charged delirious hot-blooded impatient warm-blooded radical revolutionary juiced demonstrative hungry consuming desirous vigorous athirst blazing glowing extremist incandescent superheated antsy religious solicitous gung ho hot revolutionist forceful excessive animated devout frantic agog anxious deep great ultra thirsty obsessional over the top furious unrestrained profound uncontrollable powerful heartfelt restless stoked assiduous driven hearty hysterical geeked raging intemperate all-consuming deep-seated inflamed fevered vivacious hopped-up mad keen acute hepped up fond uncontrolled keen as mustard heightened ready ferocious steadfast overzealous willing true intent infatuated with interested devoted to ambitious gone on diligent greedy carried away enamored sprightly overwrought keyed up as keen as mustard sincere true blue ebullient hyperactive enamoured urgent yearning exhilarated severe fired up longing motivated exuberant loyal faithful staunch serious zestful hectic high-spirited in love concerned thrilling tumultuous very keen on exciting on fire addicted to swivel-eyed dutiful appetent psyched hooked on deeply felt pious amped true-blue smitten hopped up rebel terrible crazed drastic militant feeling nutty extraordinary absorbed exceptional diehard industrious angry stirred game itching hellacious preoccupied maniacal blistering heavy inordinate explosive conscientious warmblooded engaged distracted determined forcible thrilled daft sentimental steamed up enamored of afire purposeful pleased raw animate unfeigned hung up messianic titillated expressive enamoured of smitten with melodramatic constant single-minded ecstatic tender responsive stirring craving active hot for unqualified desperate resolute steady card-carrying hyper nervous impetuous potent covetous crazy about mad about bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast in love with good stanch breathless happy gotta have dying to ready and willing nuts about chomping at the bit raring to go inclined supportive disposed down-the-line given over to hopeful mighty wishing insatiable dying overpowering desiring engrossed involved rampant sexy titillating arousing intent on ravenous grasping acquisitive emphatic marked uproarious keen on occupied knee-deep temperamental avaricious rapacious penetrating piercing vivid allegiant untrammeled untrammelled nutso adoring big doting attentive intensified full prepossessed abject genuine entrenched habitual relentless in a frenzy overemotional emotive excitable susceptible towering exaggerated terrorist passionate about enthusiastic about clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud compelling ghastly almighty sensitive very excited honest hard-core rooted intrenched admiring adherent consecrated hard major rebellious subversive outrageous strident forthright insistent warmhearted jumping up and down pushy loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused exquisite mad on deep-rooted inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme grave full-throated concentrated pronounced berserk dreadful zealotic fired go-ahead wild-eyed itchy ripe fireball self-starting pyretic febrile unreasonable sentient verklempt sharp fearful mental ungovernable disorderly amenable restive hankering unreluctant pining glad fearsome significant silly thoroughgoing settled moving eloquent poignant high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened touchy-feely effervescent on the make vicious combative sweating intensive frightful high besetting nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about bred-in-the-bone confirmed excruciating critical stirred up high as a kite fraught dizzy coming on strong gripping tormenting neurotic haunting heavy-duty cut-throat dynamic flushed burning up febrific unchecked unbridled turbulent confused unbalanced fascinated dominating rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized OTT chaotic demented furibund distraught insane corybantic phrenetic wired confusing unscrewed tantalised zesty gaga wigged-out irresistible fixed controlling addictive turnt dependent outre gone outré outlandish beside oneself fond of sweet on very enthusiastic hot to trot inescapable pathological out of control weirded out fast and furious wigged out lost it stalwart far-out over-the-top champing at the bit full of beans unrelenting unyielding agitated in a lather aggressive proactive bullish banzai all out too much unwavering sworn out of bounds firm take-charge can-do through and through studious extremely enthusiastic pledged dependent on predisposed attached imbued accustomed hyped habituated dyed-in-the-wool overactive out-and-out single-hearted old faithful deep-dyed true to the end hard-working given to under the influence strung out given to abusing jonesing for prone to spaced out used to given to using in the habit of using jonesing on wedded to busy worked up in a tizzy high-strung like one possessed

Tính từ

Wanting or devouring great quantities of food
voracious gluttonous insatiable greedy prodigious rapacious ravenous unquenchable avid uncontrolled edacious hoggish hungry omnivorous piggish ravening swinish unappeasable eager enthusiastic esurient keen uncontrollable craving desirous wolfish devouring gannet-like gutsy insatiate covetous dog-hungry empty gorging grasping gross piggy sating starved starving very hungry starved to death avaricious predatory acquisitive gormandizing intemperate grabby selfish excessive wolflike gourmandizing gourmand gobbling guzzling close close-fisted grudging carnivorous gulping fierce ferocious savage self-indulgent peckish lupine famished unfed hollow hungering half-starved sharp-set dying of hunger faint from lack of food ready to eat a horse starving to death flying light could eat a horse having the munchies vicious plant ventripotent dirty filthy mean squalid brutish sordid unclean with eyes bigger than one's stomach insatiat never full rude crude undernourished malnourished vulturous exploitative vulturine menacing quenchless boorish underfed deprived of food prehensile pennypinching itchy parsimonious miserly penurious stingy tight tight-fisted unslakable inappeasable inextinguishable mercenary wanting importunate yearning desiring clamorous pressing urgent unsatisfiable insistent unsatisfied exigent crying limitless demanding have eyes bigger than one's stomach never satisfied consuming powerful intense flaming overwhelming lascivious lecherous leering wolfy lustful usurious marauding plundering materialistic moneygrubbing coveting preying extortionate unable to be satisfied money-grubbing annihilatory corrosive passionate murderous furious famishing food-deprived dying from hunger craving food faint from hunger got the munchies in a fasted state able to eat a horse feeling faint from hunger on empty stomach dying from lack of food with one's stomach thinking one's throat's cut

Tính từ

Reasonable and convincing
cogent compelling conclusive convincing effective forceful strong efficacious impressive influential irresistible persuasive plausible potent powerful telling weighty authoritative credible eloquent reasoned unanswerable articulate clear coherent decisive forcible logical lucid methodical orderly rational reasonable relevant satisfying sound systematic urgent valid well founded apposite apt consequential consistent convictive fitting inducing justified meaningful momentous pertinent puissant satisfactory significant solid suasive well-grounded well reasoned well organized irrefutable incontrovertible undeniable reliable incontestable unassailable emphatic substantial insistent categorical unequivocal indisputable effectual unquestionable unmistakable definite certain indubitable definitive energetic clear-cut obvious vigorous positive evident beyond question beyond doubt absolute sure unarguable unambiguous moving firm irrefragable proven inarguable dynamic true unchallengeable striking aggressive final undebatable beyond dispute sensible believable assertive well-founded hard-hitting real demonstrable watertight justifiable plain self-evident accomplished congruent legit coercive undoubted accurate patent legitimate apodictic not in doubt perspicuous efficient commanding incisive trenchant vehement authentic impactful mighty beyond a shadow of a doubt marked realistic intelligent acceptable punchy transparent manifest commonsensical fair perceptive violent militant discerning kosher demonstrative necessary wise judicious active uncompromising holding water sober in-your-face inspiring assuasive touching open and shut motivating impelling alluring probable assured just swaying verifiable expressive vivid pithy robust intense clinching enterprising stringent electric lively ultimate high-powered masterful trustworthy straightforward genuine powerhouse airtight well grounded accepted gutsy pragmatic material acknowledged express pronounced analytical germane analytic consequent observable palpable uncontroversial inferential deducible discriminating imperious unconditional holding together pushy faithful coming on strong factual determined sure thing hard dependable decided bossy trusty fierce as plain as a pikestaff domineering ambitious staring one in the face dominant tough sharp bullish strenuous self-asserting important binding feisty good pivotal inspirational crucial verisimilar enthusiastic bold zestful sustainable compulsory likely defensible colourable great supportable animated motivational swayful viable grounded authoritarian workable passionate driving enticing seductive considerable imperative stimulating go-getting constraining elemental operative dramatic commonsense well-defined obligatory pushing bona fide capable graphic appropriate correct direct commonsensible deductive informed right critical establishable able infallible proper established purposeful levelheaded successful prudent fixed undisputable nailed-on stirring practical far-reaching actual ball of fire peremptory imposing distinct concrete well-reasoned well thought out no mistake not taking no for an answer able to hold water useful productive extensional juridicious subtle well-organized overpowering vivacious revealing unqualified cogitable admissible ratiocinative unshakable sweeping armed tenable sincere zappy devastating conspicuous settled inductive surefire uncontestable unequivocable well-established unimpeachable warrantable warranted drastic syllogistic true-to-life possible carrying conviction presumable believeable hopeful instrumental irreversible succinct terse winning formidable crystalline sufficient for sure no ifs and or buts well-proven salient open-and-shut veritable undoubtable galvanic joined-up rousing understandable dinkum rightful nailed down apparent open sure-fire provocative guiding affecting no two ways about it unappealable glib smooth-tongued silky slick silver-tongued smooth-talking pukka on the ball exciting contributory formative within the bounds of possibility inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling pointed unctuous smooth undisputed central controlling grand theatric graceful double-checked veridical unfabled honest frank blunt forthright unsparing hardline beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question charming acute straight-talking condemnatory encouraging fateful intuitive ingenious insightful audacious confident competent responsible animating monumental no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact virile take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch histrionical performant strongly worded upfront dynamical competitive stout urging propulsive impellent major zealous no holds barred all out pulling no punches resounding serious brassy not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder set confirmable predestined known provable guaranteed supreme ascertained unerring safe destined vital strong-willed one hundred per cent bludgeoning persistent intensive dictatorial spirited importunate autocratic salted away on ice detailed explicit pressurizing self-assertive overbearing high-handed arbitrary magnetic evocative dogmatic stressful relentless difficult demanding pushful pressured thrusting in the bag having down pat go-ahead zippy peppy tyrannical pictorial descriptive illustrative picturesque uninhibited high-pressure pressurising balanced sane maintainable defendable confirmed arguable astute shocking lurid rich startling colourful determinative despotic brusque fiery flamboyant full-blooded high-octane preferred advantageous visual delineated vindicable stable abrupt imperial magisterial summary brisk red-blooded ballsy tireless lusty flush spunky gingery sparky fit seemly sagacious beneficial suitable favorable applicable convenient gainful favourable best suggested worthwhile strategic expedient advisable helpful best suited timely desirable opportune presentable tactical recommended photographic well-drawn highly coloured uncorrupted intellectual attested tested have-a-go go-go indefatigable tyrannous willful arrogant autocratical lordly overweening wilful tyrannic well drawn comprehensible figurative well defined lifelike colorful full well delineated well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination precise intelligible charismatic play for keeps play hard ball energizing hyped-up activating full of vim and vigour go-getter vitalizing vibrant self-motivated full of life highpowered full of get-up-and-go full of beans energising well-advised well advised intolerant down-to-earth clear-headed severe obstinate rigorous finished matter-of-fact most likely most correct

Tính từ

Passionately motivated to achieve one's goals
driven ambitious determined motivated ardent assertive committed earnest resolute zealous dedicated industrious intent keen persevering persistent spirited tenacious unwavering avid compelled consumed dogged enterprising enthusiastic hungry inspired obsessed obstinate steadfast unbending uncompromising undaunted untiring unyielding active bent bold desirous eager fanatical fierce firm fixed immovable indefatigable mettlesome obdurate obsessive pertinacious possessed purposeful resolved set stalwart staunch striving strong thirsty unbendable undeviating unfaltering unrelenting unshakable unshakeable unshaken adamant forceful galvanised galvanized gutsy impelled indomitable monomaniacal plucky pushy ruthless serious steely stubborn unflagging unflinching vigorous aspiring energetic fixated induced insistent militant obsessional unhesitating besetting guided impulsive pushed steered go-getting hard-driving self-starting single-minded strong-minded strong-willed dead set goal-oriented bent upon hell-bent self-assertive full of determination urged on self-driven unswerving unswervable purposive decided inflexible deliberate relentless intransigent implacable brave courageous manful stout bulldog strenuous unflappable four-square wholehearted stout-hearted gritty unmovable valiant indurate stiff inexorable rock-ribbed perseverant steady unchanging grim constant true spunky meaning business hard tough rigid willful headstrong tireless mulish bullheaded pigheaded stiff-necked intractable self-willed hard-nosed perverse adamantine opinionated hardened aggressive wilful assiduous emphatic hardheaded decisive sure intense feisty unremitting ossified pat settled refractory inconvincible diligent positive self-opinionated solid intrepid lionhearted bound doughty dynamic iron-willed fearless recalcitrant definite certain vehement rigorous focused sedulous dead set on absolute confident strict game iron focussed powerful bloody-minded hardy patient daring heroic devoted unmalleable audacious gallant contumacious authoritative bent on passionate domineering dauntless hard-line unpersuadable unfailing bound and determined uncooperative contrary intensive demanding cussed unappeasable valorous stable balky hardline assured bull-headed enduring reliable importunate unqualified potent unequivocal genuine fiery conclusive defiant harsh go-ahead ballsy sturdy categorical resounding muscular high-spirited adventurous incompliant all-out concentrated full-blooded violent sound in-your-face set in stone conscientious severe unmanageable forcible stern do-or-die unreasonable impassioned remorseless diehard loyal stringent cantankerous robust hell-bent on dyed-in-the-wool hell-bent upon self-confident unambiguous uncompliant unassailable unafraid rugged imperious resilient dominant gutty cast-iron progressive pioneering in the bag hanging tough hard-working unalterable high-powered trustworthy die-hard have-a-go undeniable set in one's ways hard and fast insubordinate never-failing froward unquestionable stubborn as a mule unsparing commanding unvacillating deep driving bullish established locked in explicit pushing faithful definitive bolshie out fervent set on hard-hitting known clear nervy brassbound unswayable can-do unmistakable real thorough unwearied self-asserting dour abiding fast evident difficult indisputable sincere supreme immutable unchangeable inexhaustible guaranteed irrefutable lusty final infallible painstaking predestined destined dogmatic incontrovertible unshrinking hard-core awkward rebellious weariless indubitable competitive eager beaver unstoppable inveterate incontestable hopeful effective authoritarian merciless unadaptable flat self-assured pig-headed stouthearted ornery heroical bossy exacting hearty undauntable dependable power-hungry punchy self-possessed greathearted red-blooded direct pitiless Herculean complete hard-and-fast undoubted out-and-out on the make sustained plain no-nonsense demonstrable inarguable unfearful brick-wall incessant total unerring confirmable verifiable provable establishable ascertained safe trusty self-seeking undisputable full forward hell bent on occupied overbearing as game as Ned Kelly untoward thoroughgoing concerted peremptory laborious studious draconian animated lively ungovernable wayward salted away on ice sure thing having down pat ferocious express pressing restive responsible unrestrained unwearying inexpugnable cruel unfluctuating disobedient outright unconditional perky persisting furious dashing determinate influential good true-blue invariable radical gung ho sprightly consistent never-tiring unaccommodating unchallengeable extreme downright careful lion-hearted unforgiving brisk regular iron-fisted in earnest ironclad mean gladiatorial unvarying warlike high-pressure venturous intent on heavy-handed not giving an inch two-fisted clamorous persuasive scrappy absorbed engrossed obvious cross-grained convincing compelling attentive ball of fire pulling no punches power-loving determined to entreating high-reaching insistent on hard as nails standing one's ground exhaustive continuous exigent preoccupied concentrating invincible get up and go tried and true stop at nothing committed to the idea of deaf to reason tried and tested urgent immersed comprehensive unconquerable specified independent brassy undivided fervid unceasing defined precise unblinking stony unstinting oppressive burning hellbent meticulous obstreperous entire peppy jumping grind hyper determining blunt uncontrolled unbridled wild disciplinary unmitigated distinct tried tried-and-true hardworking undeterred unarguable close scrupulous minute engaged clamant frozen resourceful unstinted irrefragable unanswerable vital unsurpassable invulnerable manly virile renitent unlimited ultimate utter searching elaborate formidable accomplished zippy plugging alert busy bouncy combative snappy unalloyed unadulterated inescapable unmoved mule chivalrous serious-minded gingery profound dreadful unpermissive contentious entrenched peppery pushful thrawn whole-hearted heartfelt even uniform cutthroat unquestioning truculent daredevil imperative honest zesty bustling confirmed watertight wrapped up contrarious deep-dyed ineluctable well-founded secure tough-minded go-go cocksure bloodthirsty hopping inalterable invariant proven necessary doctrinaire unabated venturesome racy storming assaultive predetermined undismayed mean business vicious exquisite terrible undefeatable decreed stroppy all out dire opinionative compulsory death-or-glory carnivorous spartan prescribed hardhearted predictable exact standing pat unmodifiable beyond dispute irreversible narrow-minded flat-out herolike calculable frisky beyond doubt trustable antagonistic austere beyond question full of life on the go tough nut to crack full of spirit desiring success dug in stand pat tough nut wrong-headed high-octane like a ball of fire not backward in coming forward on one's mettle having killer instinct writ in stone tyrannical beyond a shadow of a doubt proactive self-disciplined mature ended predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed repeated immoveable devout firmly-based professional bombproof realistic unintimidated not joking hardboiled buckled down stanch restless observant macho sworn pious mullish sedate sensible resistant sporting all exclusive enrapt whole uninfluenced stiffened cohesive masculine male unending unretiring unbeatable pleading noncompliant watchful unbudgeable perseverative coherent great redoubtable strapping iron-jawed unsentimental thrusting durable immalleable unthinking quick hasty snap undiscouraged beseeching begging possessive unforgetful mutinous self-motivated sagacious non-compliant unsinkable indelible ingrained irremovable arduous taxing forbidding illiberal sticky swashbuckling frightless ultra-careful uptight picky pounding mortal hard-headed pervicacious irrepressible mettled hidebound unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable impassive single-minded about firm about exhausting resolute about temerarious blinkered obstructive unhelpful unruly well-built butch Ramboesque unimpressible fit telelogical calculated impregnable adventuresome manifest patent stony-hearted unimpressionable heady unbreakable believing in oneself perceptive take charge employed working particular tied-up punctilious careerist impertinent bullhead unrepentant uncompassionate unemotional puritanical orped unfearing straight going all the way convinced in place in position airtight self-evident clinching cynical impavid undefeated brutal permanent quiescent continuing fireball continued plodding as stubborn as a mule imprudent chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous involved meaning what one says in for long haul nose to grindstone clear-sighted straight out set in your ways hard-shell locked-in firm in spirit unflexible crisp desperate immobile optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding wishful cold fish proof against persuasion untameable insurmountable bulletproof insuperable undebatable clear-cut steamroller self-respecting powerhouse pedantic religious fussy stuffy concrete fire-eating cool hard-bitten resolved to never give up operose obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about intent upon with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way tall in the saddle incontrollable rebel uncontrollable disobliging trying exasperating recusant riveted static ramrod playing hard ball crying reiterative monotonous keen as mustard agreed like bad penny cut-throat impassable thick-skinned toughened imposing not discouraged future possible prospective likely unmoving changeless deep-rooted long-standing deep-seated bred-in-the-bone rooted intrenched do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns hold the line arranged preset constructive formative creative developmental foundational seminal emulous not put off insistent about controlling be out for blood nose to the grindstone intensely competitive fiercely competitive dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced stick to guns set in concrete unquenchable bitter granite extremely motivated very motivated allotted prearranged not in doubt apodictic with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in enthralled vying arrogant longing tough as old boots disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave no going back quantified as tough as old boots obscene pornographic X-rated planned incommutable competing detailed in-depth like death and taxes effectual collected composed impatient dictatorial pontifical shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on carefree expectant endeavoring endeavouring poised determinant limited warring opposing oppositional stipulated still stated all-absorbing all-inclusive all-encompassing Type A upwardly mobile triumphant resisting ringing glaring significant stressed important solemn trenchant impressive pointed sober cogent accented unnatural mannered with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone high-handed intolerant arbitrary unwaivering prevailing seasoned one hundred per cent unreserved all-embracing methodical going opinioned not subject to change unrestricted no mistake self-reliant spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action magisterial small-minded malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful malign fractious crucial explosive ghastly sweeping blistering acute almighty heavy-duty excruciating fearsome heavy widespread frightful extensive hellacious fearful for a face sparkling cool-headed despotic fascistic high and mighty bigoted formal prejudiced one-sided egotistical dictative unbowed unfeigned undiluted warm exciting flourishing vivacious electrifying through-and-through accelerated speeded-up effervescent flamboyant alive dazzling authentic fullhearted happening airy stirring humming colourful zestful kinetic colorful animate buzzing vivid rousing decent upright spry coruscating bubbly stimulating astir sparky fresh thriving abuzz posed hang tough honorable unimpeachable honourable truthful reputable impeccable respectable righteous high-principled bouncing springy vibrating pert radiant sensitive breezy responsive determinative quarrelsome bellicose pugnacious abubble jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy vibrant jaunty spanking aboil highly motivated veracious incorrupt categoric full-scale gay belligerent chippy confrontational discordant brawly argumentative agonistic disputatious alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring full of beans full of vim and vigour bright and breezy full of pep full of get-up-and-go true-hearted plumb clean maximum consummate hundred percent whole-souled bona fide stark simple sheer arrant rank pure stone chirpy without reservations crashing deadly optimum dead very perfect unavoidable flip hot-tempered hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads hot have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for bodacious blank fair blooming unpreventable fated imminent preordained foreseeable impending expected ineludible ordained obligatory full-blown full-on fateful impreventable required unescapable cotton-picking straight-out mandatory foreordained doomed irrevocable natural ineliminable to be expected bound to happen in the cards irresistible without recourse sure to happen for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts inevasible inevitable all locked up to be anticipated certain to happen binding open and shut

Tính từ

Exhilarating or exciting
intoxicating exciting thrilling exhilarating stimulating heady inspiring rousing stirring electrifying galvanising galvanizing envigorating invigorating mind-blowing breathtaking charged electric exhilarative galvanic hair-raising heart-stopping kicky mind-bending mind-boggling powerful rip-roaring strong potent sexy elating enchanting enthralling exhilarant eye-popping fascinating hallucinogenic mind-altering provocative moving gripping energizing lively arousing energising spine-tingling dramatic overwhelming refreshing challenging emotional animating thought-provoking bracing tonic inspiriting interesting appealing titillating spirited amazing riveting adrenalizing hectic restorative inspirational dynamic wonderful astonishing stunning energetic sensational stem-winding anthemic magnificent enlivening intoxicant renewing reinvigorating innerving roborant startling incredible emotive impassioned stimulative passionate animated inebriating stiff hard astounding staggering striking spectacular impressive motivating provoking stupendous concentrated emotion-charged spirituous soul-stirring awesome fabulous wondrous awe-inspiring full captivating uplifting exalting explosive shocking intense action-packed piquant cliffhanging vigorous knife-edge complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling fantastic encouraging brilliant enthusiastic hearty wild memorable beautiful eye-opening awakening jaw-dropping amazeballs out of this world galvanical efficacious effective inflammatory spiritous agitational intriguing brisk sparkling entertaining imbued suffused fraught laden loaded saturated pervaded permeated filled heartrending heartbreaking stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic compelling vitalizing exalté suspenseful giving one food for thought ripping boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious nerve-racking revitalizing cheering gladdening heart-stirring stimulant tense edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged shaking trembling outstanding arresting shivering quaking vibrating shuddering remarkable picturesque dazzling adrenaline-fueled giddy revitalising quickening animative elevating exhilaratory frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful fab large miraculous boss mad splendid marvelous unforgettable glorious unique grand jolting marvellous motivational affecting surprising zero cool full-bodied lusty plush rich muscular big robust eye-catching never to be forgotten gee-whizz volatile buzzy adrenalized heartening persuasive impactful power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven absorbing electrical electronic rechargeable influential poignant impelling vinous alcoholic instigating affective touching instigative vibrant triggering inciting meaningful piquing battery operated aromatic pungent spicy extraordinary prodigious phenomenal unbelievable tremendous sublime imposing unimaginable exceptional uncommon notable portentous fantastical unusual rare unheard of noteworthy majestic great terrific awful magical noticeable conspicuous attractive bold vivid implausible impossible singular improbable marked bewitching superb engaging vivifying outlandish out of the ordinary huge immense unthinkable humbling far-fetched charming attention-grabbing unreal formidable lovely unutterable pronounced unspeakable bodacious noisy commanding emphatic prominent blinding stellar untold ridiculous ineffable divine awe-striking confounding unlikely unthought of incomprehensible climactic melodramatic sensorial beyond belief sudden empyreal enormous massive histrionic vast pleasing monumental scenic bizarre theatrical pretty smashing showy unparalleled weird unprecedented flabbergasting indescribable inordinate absurd unconvincing dramaturgical graphic kenspeckle distinctive flamboyant grabby splashy catchy fairytale-like superlative bewildering considerable surpassing substantial buzzworthy colourful shock-horror abnormal colorful incredulous unimagined humongous unconceivable unusually good super strange extravagant splendorous salient profuse towering doubtful uncompelling special pointed dramaturgic astronomic far-out unheard-of heavenly hard to swallow incogitable ethereal sultry too good to be true undreamed of theatric beyond the realm of reason histrionical expressive farcical comic reviving cordial rejuvenating vital shareable viral dreamlike charmed spellbinding splendent ensational readable superhuman fine crazy something else supreme observable cherished perfect sensitive bright better than expected warm radiant unco the sensuous difficult to believe supernatural shattering blissful hot high glaring gleaming definite unsettling unnerving disturbing disquieting inapprehensible undreamed-of unordinary unknowable left-field jarring dumbfounding dumfounding blindsiding panoramic devastating sharp biting resplendent far out fabled beguiling enlightening fairy-tale dream-filled high-octane enigmatic sensory not understandable full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams sweeping like a dream come true studied dynamite utmost radical fat titantic scandalous horrifying overcoming paralyzing very large crushing paralysing breath-taking some imaginative chimeric romantic whimsical out there romanesque glamourous glamorous surpassing belief too much exceeding extraordinaire especial peculiar odd atypical preternatural unwonted aberrated aberrant freak uncustomary anomalous sensual supercalifragilisticexpialidocious inexpressible deviating chimerical illusory mammoth colossal gigantic tragic thespian legendary outrageous lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing rad extra special mighty indefinable weird and wonderful obvious gorgeous manifest sensationalist significant screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny gargantuan undefinable incommunicable out-of-this-world uncommunicable inenarrable nameless yellow historic momentous newsworthy giant sizeable beyond description beggaring description beyond words top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams pretty as a picture easy on the eye monstrous mega signal tabloid vulgar coloured rough excessive livid coarse X-rated colored transcendental untellable deep holy sacred celestial ideal transcendent spiritual empyrean can't miss it oceanic cosmic pharaonic gigantesque planetary leviathan vasty super-duper walloping king-size titanic galactic humungous fantabulous heroic Brobdingnagian bumper supersize cosmical whopping jumbo cyclopean monster whacking heroical mountainous elephantine Himalayan supersized oversized astronomical herculean king-sized too sacred for words immeasurable ginormous copious king size mortal ominous gross idyllic questionable artistic pleasant preposterous photographic lush pictographic fanciful aesthetic pictorial luscious as pretty as a picture symbolic decorative unsoiled photogenic quaint dubious unrealistic esthetic tall fishy untenable labored laboured unsubstantial strained insupposable uncredible highly unlikely paradisiacal paradisal paradisaical paradisaic paradisiac rings phony hard to believe hard to take scarcely credible not able to hold water out of the question cock and bull cock-and-bull not in the least likely

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