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Free from anxiety or doubt
secure reliable assured dependable solid certain settled calculable confident definite established fixed good sound steady sure safe steadfast able absolute carefree conclusive hopeful resolute responsible sanguine trustable trustworthy trusty unanxious undoubtful determined easy shoo-in tried true well-founded nailed down tried and tested tried and true tried-and-true in the bag strong firm stable staunch unwavering unfailing invulnerable faithful constant unassailable sturdy loyal reinforced protected guaranteed durable unswerving bulletproof impregnable indestructible unbreakable covered stout infallible well-built strengthened enduring foolproof robust unerring unfaltering stalwart honourable honorable confirmed armored honest proven sure-fire fast long-lasting reputable armoured fail-safe substantial well-made recognized true-blue fortified tested steel-clad indubitable invincible lasting recognised airtight positive toughened hardened inured impenetrable unhesitating unattackable approved imperishable upright clear never-failing impassible goofproof doubtless hardy unyielding tough heavy-duty resistant defensible committed effective steely unshakeable decided sealed irrefutable proved devoted perdurable unshakable certified faultless permanent set unquestionable dedicated convinced impervious well-established rock-solid surefire categorical heavy undoubted vigorous satisfied attested hard trusted deep-rooted decisive persuaded sensible well fortified cast-iron well-constructed inviolable conscientious virtuous ethical concrete immovable assertive cocksure implicit righteous fortress-like pious devout straight consistent down-the-line bombproof classic always there hard as nails failsafe allegiant ardent liege tried and trusted questionless in no doubt armor-plated time-honoured free from doubt safe as houses up front reliant safeguarded tenable creditworthy shielded straightforward bold predictable credible resilient redoubtable hard-working ironclad heavily clad steel-plated watertight flawless perfect efficacious holdable immutable unchangeable inexpugnable sterling rigid poised composed inflexible stiff idiot-proof never failing protectable defendable built to last strongly made made to last balanced equable demonstrated compelling used long-lived long-standing well balanced well-balanced tried out put to the test impermeable powerful cogent forceful holding the unwavering view having no doubt easy in one's mind secure in one's belief believing undoubting valid having no questions about self-confident undoubtable unshaken in one's belief mighty thick dense hard-wearing potent able to be protected influential unpierceable impassable important dutiful pure true-hearted knockabout cohesive indisputable undeniable unambiguous inevitable unequivocal puncture-proof unshaken unvacillating right just moral decent stanch sincere nice significant unmistakable irrevocable incontrovertible genuine palpable authoritative well protected principled truthful unimpeachable incorruptible closed waterproof tight supportive right-minded forcible well-defined mature obvious confirmable verifiable real patent manifest stormproof storm-resistant well defended energetic hermetic everlasting well-armed well-protected flourishing seasoned hard-bitten worthy truehearted veridical scrupulous creditable wholehearted all right undistorted estimable high-principled square saintly stark determinate incontestable demonstrable close murky unpiercable hermetically sealed compact strapping level-headed competent transparent accurate inerrant convincing precise unqualified no lie on the up and up tightly packed ensured fly right straight-up above suspicion boy scout on the level rock solid as good as one's word to be trusted worthy of trust true blue down home full of integrity rocklike clear in your mind hale sinewy active capable muscular big tenacious athletic rugged hearty as sure as eggs is eggs can't-miss puissant copper-bottomed impeccable clinched in fine feather able-bodied go-to carrying the load nailed-on good as one's word to be counted on insured racked pronounced clear-cut cinched nailed on traditional accepted beyond doubt made certain absolutely certain sewed up on ice orthodox official dyed-in-the-wool inveterate usual customary time-honored common normal entrenched habitual general prevailing accustomed familiar wonted popular expected routine universal classical regular typical long-established acknowledged historic conventional mainstream acceptable widely used widespread ingrained standard traditionalistic stock rooted old old-fashioned sanctioned vested old-style officially recognized upstanding noble respectable high-minded fair fervent proper law-abiding zealous earnest persistent passionate blameless stand-up unchanging fanatical fervid uncompromising equitable stubborn laudable patriotic single-minded exemplary conscionable unflinching enthusiastic obdurate keen admirable serious deep correct inexorable irreproachable immaculate unrelenting undeviating hard-core kosher anti-corruption deep-dyed intense strict vehement intent impartial persevering unbending sinless guiltless adamant purposeful moralistic intransigent obstinate strong-willed praiseworthy meritorious complete angelic commendable unflagging bound authentic card-carrying impassioned dogged thorough brave squeaky clean clean courageous indefatigable elevated innocent thoroughgoing chivalrous abiding spirited respected indomitable bona fide insistent aboveboard relentless emphatic implacable profound morally correct deep-seated right-thinking squeaky-clean out-and-out rock-ribbed through and through unfeigned bred-in-the-bone undaunted knightly heartfelt sworn attached adherent reasonable resolved pertinacious unquestioning avid lofty even venerable valiant strong-minded unstained bulldog plucky chaste circumspect lawful courteous mettlesome gritty strenuous diehard assiduous diligent fair-minded uncorrupted fitting invariable incorrigible untiring red-hot incurable noble-minded stout-hearted same behind one equal conservative die-hard above board spunky incorrupt mad keen clean-living unadulterated pure as the driven snow through-and-through dead set on meaning business reverent unalloyed rational natural driven undiluted unlimited torrid intrenched great intrepid true to life warm untarnished unvarying revering fiery daring utter bosom veracious venerating unflappable gallant magnanimous supreme boon obedient forthright chronic legit objective continuous unprejudiced unbiased unbribable confiding loving affectionate indelible pledged direct purposive unfluctuating inculpable ineradicable whole-hearted humane godly saintlike deliberate punctilious uniform deserving unapologetic unashamed unmovable eager homogeneous wholesome of principle benevolent explicit dinkum perseverant holy spiritual of good repute manful all-consuming compulsive string along with indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan disinterested on the up-and-up orderly well-mannered candid indurate gutsy dispassionate hard-line distinguished persisting unbendable unalterable instilled adoring goody-goody self-righteous infixed whiter than white four-square well established hell-bent on fair and square bent on bent upon out and out deeply ingrained deep-down do-or-die deep-set full-fledged salt of the earth hell-bent upon unswervable humble uncontrived unpretentious fundamentalist sane attentive concerned religious believable prayerful discreet admiring consecrated adult immobile changeless inseparable definitive abject burning acute God-fearing patient quality upfront on one's side in good faith Christian heightened severe extraordinary extreme exceptional consuming seemly full of determination grim godlike philanthropic matchless peerless charitable philanthropical rightful perfervid morally right morally acceptable full-bore unrepentant tireless as thick as thieves arrant right-down sedulous decorous capable of being trusted worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic stirring excessive inflamed rousing grave endless boundless heroic valorous chivalric importunate stiff-necked to the core keen as mustard congenital impersonal doting rabid fond exuberant embedded audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse unafraid inexhaustible coherent deeply felt refined purified principal main favorite greathearted gentlemanly high lordly sublime on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square goody two-shoes irremovable excellent valuable worthwhile possessive mulish unforgetful pristine veritable ceaseless fine dapper alright unmarred unobjectionable clean-cut esteemed lily-white highly regarded inoffensive precious applaudable model thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual exact neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded legitimate unfading undying continual justifiable justified invaluable hanging tough bound and determined courtly honored dug in set firm of good report A-1 first-class anti-discrimination non-discriminatory studious intemerate conformist bottomless intimate honoured favourite gentlemanlike manly great-hearted quixotic well grounded from the horse's mouth unmixed unstinting full total unreserved observant right-hand delivering there eternal come-through continuing virginal uncolored nondiscriminatory maidenly unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided sheer single-hearted old faithful virgin modest dominant in earnest unmalleable raw out unsullied domineering true to the end going bent counted on undefiled outright doctrinal true to type as keen as mustard given over to stainless spotless unblemished entire fullhearted perennial lifelong hard-and-fast guileless unspoilt unaffected tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on hang tough stand pat quickest shortest linear 24-carat celibate continent vestal white unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted impenitent irredeemable unreformable obsessive longtime kind obliging similar static helpful neighbourly habituated staid of the true faith of the faith accommodating lily white wide-eyed sustained identical unvaried matching equivalent invariant sicker generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable hundred percent whole-souled above reproach agreeable indulgent kindly unselfish amicable civil comradely altruistic benign sympathetic monotonous pure as driven snow babe in woods G-rated wet behind ears sociable polite pleasant without reservations ordered fated irreversible unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb symmetrical unbroken systematic consonant level undiversified of a piece compatible methodical smooth monolithic genial regardful peaceable companionable mannerly well-disposed neighborly well mannered well-brought-up beeline straight line straight ahead bee-line not crooked horizontal hard-shell firmly established irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character

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