Đồng nghĩa của unobjectionable

Alternative for unobjectionable

unobjectionable /'ʌnəb'dʤekʃnəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể phản đối, không thể bác; không chê trách được


Not objectionable
acceptable adequate admissible agreeable A-OK average big common cool copacetic decent delightful fair harmless hep hip hunky-dory innocuous inoffensive kosher large okay passable pleasant pleasing respectable standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional welcome all right peachy keen right on cooking with gas in the swim on the ball on the beam up to code up to snuff satisfactory unexceptionable fine reasonable OK tame good unoffending innocent fairish in order serviceable so-so up to scratch mild unremarkable moderate middling gentle appropriate goodish commensurate safe proper alright not bad competent anodyne jake innoxious good enough peaceable run-of-the-mill suitable palatable correct fitting fit peaceful sufficing comfortable fairly good neutral fair-to-middling up to standard up to par up to the mark bland benign commonplace white hurtless sound valid solid copasetic presentable plenty minimal vanilla satisfying pretty good quite good tickety-boo middle-of-the-road plain vanilla bog-standard insipid faultless beyond reproach irreproachable mediocre on the money on the mark spot on ordinary undistinguished medium indifferent non-provocative non-controversial flourishing fine and dandy as it should be able cromulent enough half-pie nothing to shout about nothing to write home about no great shakes providential fortunate prosperous useful lucky well happy bright convenient ample commensurable wholesome unprovocative uncontroversial assuaging assuasive appeasing abundant snug risk-free riskless unoffensive sufficiently good requisite proportionate completely understandable totally fine unmalicious uninjurious inobnoxious offenseless unhurtful congruous playful plentiful suited plenteous apposite apropos bounteous quiet retiring well-suited necessary fitted enow as much as is necessary aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful unintended well-intentioned unintentional humble unobtrusive non-injurious nonprovocative well-meant ducky non-aggressive non-combative non-violent calm friendly clean dull okey-dokey fair to middling allowable workaday apt rightful due not up to much substantial generous tidy moderately good becoming not too bad deserved right just condign merited not much cop opportune befitting felicitous applicable mean timely intermediate expedient O.K. meet bearable run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class second-rate just right considerable sizeable noticeable biggish significant goodly sizable appreciable marked worthwhile fair enough amateur amateurish modest everyday normal unimpeachable livable usual midway median uninspired unexciting middle midsize midsized groovy delighting cogent gratifying peachy fulfilling inconsequential inconsiderable limited easy not so hot advantageous perfect wealthy luxurious justified better than nothing propitious favourable opulent liberal elegant ideal golden promising auspicious obligatory warranted ripe seemly done equivalent corresponding affluent gracious desirable seasonable pertinent relevant comparable equitable worthy germane commodious comme il faut comely heaven-sent favorable well timed best cornucopian handy cut out for user friendly advisable in keeping fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street to the point in keeping with politic in character nice legit well-timed proportional equal bounden well-fixed well-situated well off correspondent consistent right and proper free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do compatible coextensive matching symmetrical in accord


Not exciting, adventurous, or controversial
tame boring dull uninteresting tedious monotonous flat humdrum dreary wearisome tiresome pedestrian drab dry insipid stale unexciting slow ponderous bland lifeless leaden heavy stodgy prosaic tiring jejune wearying uninspiring colorless vapid stuffy numbing uninspired jading old colourless arid drudging monochromatic weary dusty stupid spiritless feeble routine weak ordinary limp dead bloodless mediocre conventional inoffensive harmless mainstream safe diluted halfhearted ho-hum mind-numbing run-of-the-mill wishy-washy white-bread boiled down without punch neutral innocuous unexceptionable unremarkable commonplace anaemic antiseptic anemic anodyne unimaginative lacklustre lackluster characterless mundane tired trite sterile banal blah vacuous nothing lame torpid pallid plain vanilla wooden nondescript zestless draggy unanimated listless apathetic plodding flavorless flavourless prosy lustreless watery dim milk-and-water barren undistinguished inane half-hearted poor weariful zero inadequate matter-of-fact pabulum tasteless dull as dishwater driveling drivelling hackneyed pathetic workaday stiff enervated middle-of-the-road flat tire nowhere sluggish common or garden muted ho hum puny pale ineffectual ineffective factual non-stimulating everyday vacant mild etiolated vigourless lethargic pointless namby-pamby soulless unsentimental turgid beige laboured desiccated unimpassioned unpalatable languid unvarying unvaried unadorned monochrome unoriginal derivative unstimulating passive stilted subdued literal uneventful lusterless tepid dry as dust uninterested repetitious depressed mechanical labored lackadaisical languorous downcast banausic indifferent deadly dull lacking vitality samey dreich featureless passionless bromidic slothful plain vanilla as dry as dust lacking in vitality impotent powerless unmemorable inferior least Milquetoast sombre somber down-to-earth forced soul-destroying quotidian disinterested deadly static literal-minded no-nonsense unimpressive yawnsome earthbound unpoetic nitty-gritty terrestrial unemotional unvarnished unembellished clear lacking excitement lacking interest undistinctive heavy-going formal level-headed hard-headed deadpan cold hollow vigorless energyless unappealing waterish sapless nerdy wimpy pedantic staid thin watered-down emotionless expressionless inexpressive verbose fuddy-duddy mindless lacking energy unenergetic noncommittal hacky indistinctive faceless weighty two-dimensional unappetizing soft nebbish corny fatuous tenuous slight soporific laborious heavy going unexceptional unflavoured savorless unsavory savourless spent overlong unchanging bleak dowdy desolate hard to digest dull as ditchwater fatiguing prolix interminable dragging common dullsville mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze distasteful unseasoned unsavoury unpleasurable forgettable unenjoyable big yawn dismal endless long-drawn-out depressing lacking variety unentertaining uncreative average repetitive stark nameless without spice big zero half-pie bog-standard OK so-so monotone platitudinous truistic not so hot nothing to write home about no great shakes not up to much unenthusiastic droopy meek irresolute submissive melancholic melancholy dispirited unmoved despondent mopy dejected low spineless languishing unconcerned broken blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate downhearted sad drippy indecisive down in the dumps cast down down in the mouth


Permitted given the place, situation or condition
allowed permitted acceptable admissible allowable permissible welcome accepted tolerable approved authorised authorized granted okay sanctioned tolerated endorsed kosher legitimate recognised recognized all right A-OK in order OK totally fine within accepted bounds unforbidden unprohibited legal lawful licensed licit licenced proper legalized warranted legit official legalised within the law valid above board rightful accredited certified right just constitutional established bona fide by the book appropriate statutory fair ratified passable genuine justified condign due sound justifiable confirmed on the up and up pukka excusable pardonable acknowledged consented suitable venial passed validated documented correct customary true satisfactory orthodox chartered canonical going by the rules on the level entitled signed and sealed statutable eligible sanctionable standard authentic binding regular admitted formal traditional honest fitting authenticated universal conventional authoritative upright contractual verified innocent protected enjoined decreed card-carrying ordained judged enforced ex cathedra real ordered agreed upon let favored conceded accorded registered qualified empowered okayed privileged sufferable favoured competent deserved merited commissioned bearable secured guaranteed assured sanctioned by law reasonable countenanced supportable tenable defensible sensible juridical decriminalised decriminalized ruled jurisprudent vested mandated jural judicial commanded warrantable legislated enacted legitimatized probable rational possible logical worthy likely pertinent concedable applicable relevant well founded sealed signed of right bonafide decided conclusive straight from the horse's mouth definite cleared decisive precise cathedral positive and delivered ex officio credible not unlikely not impossible received certifiable enabled undisputed actual usable veritable effective common normal unexpired agreed usual in force true-blue legally acceptable in effect legally binding proven supported time-honoured backed certain chosen affirmed OK'd known general characteristic familiar understood believed prevalent renowned prevailing popular recognizable identified stock stipulated perceived declared regulation made official vouched for predictable realized remembered accustomed professed realised recognisable widely recognized commonly accepted well-known generally accepted enforceable straight precedented de jure enforcible prescribed aboveboard sure enough apt befitting fit operational square active representative influential methodical current earned operative meet explicit fixed ceremonious in operation felicitous ceremonial requisite at play routine well deserved in use in execution well earned according to law effectual codified constituted sincere straightforward available democratic ensured strict upfront for real verifiable reliable trustworthy straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful pro forma by law accurate exact set regimented express orderly systematic right as rain telling the truth fair and square on the up-and-up desired becoming suited prudent pretty twenty-four carat holding water moralistic moral in principle virtuous ethical principled noble equitable right-minded ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual in accordance with the constitution de règle classic definitive stated standing tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted time-honored indicative classical magisterial best desirable decent well-deserved commanding sovereign imperial departmental executive supreme mandatory bureaucratic ruling administrative happy mainstream conservative conformist doctrinal traditionalist button-down unoriginal old-fashioned traditionalistic buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked ultraconservative old-line old-school unprogressive ordinary standpat reactionary die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative unheretical derivative well established well-established straight arrow in line religious according to the book pious punctilious by the numbers bien pensant most scholarly most reliable


Having good morals
clean virtuous good honourable righteous honest honorable moral noble pure respectable decent dignified ethical exemplary just principled upright upstanding wholesome chaste decorous estimable immaculate impeccable innocent irreproachable unimpeachable blameless celibate guiltless incorruptible irreprehensible modest moralistic proper redoubtable reputable seemly angelic sinless undefiled G-rated high-minded high-principled morally correct pure as the driven snow right-minded vestal whiter than white clean-living squeaky clean scrupulous clean-cut lily-white incorrupt esteemed uncorrupted law-abiding unerring dapper admirable alright unmarred true inoffensive highly regarded goody-goody precious right distinguished nice self-righteous straight respected all right virginal unblemished virgin unsullied spotless worthy correct squeaky-clean stainless saintly demure elevated kosher inculpable flawless maidenly unaffected equitable above reproach untarnished anti-corruption right-thinking perfect maiden laudable meritorious unstained unwed untainted praiseworthy trustworthy lofty faultless lawful conscientious unmarried self-denying self-restrained abstinent unspotted saintlike godly simple unbribable white fair continent prudish faithful fitting square humane pious clear true blue unspoilt whole sensible beyond reproach uncontaminated apple-pie commendable ideal model intact accurate quiet refined elegant conscionable exact precise restrained austere inexperienced neat impotent intemerate controlled monogamous subdued seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible rightful stand-up exquisite beyond criticism errorless on target above suspicion polite unpolluted platonic responsible unquestionable rectitudinous unsoiled sober discreet Christian unassailable professional morally right morally acceptable unwemmed chase holy ritually pure apropos severe coy favoring obedient balanced dutiful sound incorrupted unchallengeable in good taste delicate cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved sanctimonious rational edifying uplifting reasonable reliable dependable favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly unexceptionable improving non-erotic non-violent guileless straightforward proud nunlike unblighted unprofaned inviolate beyond question beyond suspicion error-free fair-minded copybook classic meticulous lily white wide-eyed sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane normal practical open-faced together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic safe commonsensical blooming without fault foolproof without blemish wet behind ears free of sin right on on the nail on the mark bang on supreme spot on crimeless unguilty just so textbook on the button babe in woods all there pure as driven snow hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink cleanhanded ten aces infallible A-okay note-perfect as pure as the driven snow fleckless unflawed legit true-blue in the clear on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character


Useful or functional for a particular purpose
good effective helpful advantageous beneficial constructive productive profitable suitable acceptable appropriate convenient decent desirable favourable favorable fitting fruitful healthy proper respectable satisfying usable utilisable utilizable approving brave comestible common consumable edible fit fit for human consumption fit to be eaten meet right safe to eat versatile all right ample apt auspicious becoming benefic benignant commendatory commending conformable congruous favouring favoring healthful hygienic needed opportune propitious protean salubrious salutary seemly serviceable tolerable toward wholesome useful applicable felicitous happy befitting expedient timely fitted fortunate lucky relevant beneficent pertinent kindly apposite friendly seasonable providential just benign suited valuable worthwhile pretty apropos correct germane well-timed functional practical ideal rightful promising adequate encouraging of use satisfactory heaven-sent fair well timed rewarding to the point fortuitous gainful qualified handy worthy comme il faut due golden conducive win-win ripe in keeping welcome perfect lucrative deserved of service equitable economic successful moneymaking nice decorous employable valid benevolent ready significant requisite to the purpose paying remunerative pat of benefit material related condign useable capable practicable reasonable well-suited exploitable fat juicy money-spinning adapted feasible operative available going sufficient pleasing tailor-made kosher right on on the nose on the button justified charitable informative well-chosen able flukey fluky connected prosperous bright efficacious thriving serendipitous generous prepared profit-making pleasant behooveful deserving equipped powerful furthersome conforming workable accessible compatible correspondent well-paying merited commodious telling running current just right sweet equal competent operable appurtenant preferable of assistance enough ad rem financially rewarding well paid expendable unused wieldy exhaustible adaptable utile open instrumental subservient spot on good enough made to order legit excellent cut out for in the black at hand at disposal in order healing hopeful timeous fairy-tale well disposed harmonious sensible blessed moderate warm clement conformed reconciled accommodated agreeable accommodating commercial illuminating enriching cheering pleasureful flattering gratifying pleasurable reassuring workaday good for one belonging judicious for-profit renumerative inspired comfortable good for you merciful dexter smiling ordinary utilitarian everyday neat choice well suited matched working just what was ordered that's the ticket obligatory warranted gentle casual incidental enviable accidental well chosen well spent done utility cut out strategic joyous well put well expressed convincing high-income right and proper bounden effectual comely best of value operational disposable functioning potent behooving beseeming relative linked applicatory associable congruent correlated consistent salient money-making well-paid great well judged full of promise applied ultrapractical applicative actionable contributive user friendly fit for purpose up to standard swell in character up to snuff advisable righteous right up someone's street in keeping with politic okay copacetic presentable altruistic to your advantage for the best humanitarian in one's interests kind bankable cost-effective high-paying facilitative apropos of on target having direct bearing on having to do with viable optimal just the thing big-hearted booming flourishing fatness in running order up and running at your disposal operating ready for use available for use fit for use in working order invaluable just what the doctor ordered the very thing just what one needs wonderful just the job active efficient what the doctor ordered according to Hoyle set disposed cost effective of help forceful decisive determinative conclusive sound forcible crying out meaningful meritorious -worthy instructive paid rich lush substantial fructuous going concern paid off very productive dominant superior commanding important favoured dominating privileged preferred favored fine more desirable most desirable

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