Đồng nghĩa của cathedral

Alternative for cathedral


Đồng nghĩa: duomo,

Tính từ

Having the approval or authorization of an authority or public body
official authorised authorized approved sanctioned accredited authentic endorsed formal licenced licensed authoritative certified legitimate proper authenticated recognised recognized validated accepted documented true valid verified warranted lawful legal ratified sealed signed bona fide kosher allowed canonical cleared conclusive correct customary decided decisive definite established ex cathedra fitting okay ordered orthodox positive precise real rightful suitable and delivered ex officio signed and sealed straight from the horse's mouth conventional licit confirmed acknowledged binding regular effective qualified undisputed commissioned permitted agreed in effect in force legally binding appropriate right sound vouched for methodical applicable ascribed attributed empowered actual undoubted unquestioned uncontested influential appointed organized credited legit genuine determined received standard normal affirmed canonic acceptable usual prescribed traditional contractual legalized backed chosen operational explicit routine systematic institutional active OK'd bureaucratic regulated constitutional systematized legally acceptable exact legalised structured agreed upon current operative in operation systematised organised de règle at play in use in execution okayed ordinary stock countenanced effectual statutory natural discerning circumspect settled respectable pro forma procedural common required available deputed guaranteed recommended discreet establishment universal suggested bonafide set businesslike ready arranged deputized credible proven supported passed time-honoured certain permissible certifiable coherent societal orderly judicious ruled deputised usable veritable arrived at done classic definitive unexpired officially recognized made official stated democratic classical magisterial best standing true-blue elected indicative commanding sovereign within the law apt elective nominated imperial departmental executive supreme mandatory ruling administrative popular delegated mainstream regimented due accurate rigid representative of the people fit desired meet becoming suited prudent just befitting sensible felicitous pretty school most scholarly most reliable

Trái nghĩa của cathedral

cathedral Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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