Đồng nghĩa của stud

Alternative for stud

studs, studded, studding

Đồng nghĩa: constellate, dot, he-man, macho-man, rivet, scantling, stud poker, studhorse,


A person who is unfaithful to their spouse or romantic partner
adulterer cheater cheat Casanova womaniser womanizer Lothario philanderer lecher wolf seducer debauchee playboy rake profligate libertine lech Romeo ladykiller adulteress wanton rip reprobate fornicator goat deceiver rakehell sinner blood dissolute Don Juan two-timer skirt-chaser love cheat love rat gay dog unfaithful person satyr ladies' man lover lady-killer masher lothario gigolo lounge lizard flirt debaucher charmer roué heartbreaker skirt chaser swinger Prince Charming smooth operator woman chaser gallant tempter sensualist voluptuary loose-liver enticer trifler pervert dallier allurer admirer wooer beau paramour cad roue dirty old man lady's man lurer inveigler sybarite lecherous man DOM baiter solicitor lover-boy seductress boyfriend sex pest degenerate cruiser operator chaser backslider decadent perv hedonist deviate male lover lover boy man-eater playa paillard cyprian loose liver pickup artist PUA promiscuous person player sleaze serial dater suitor amorist swain inamorato courter valentine deviant epicure epicurean glutton pleasure seeker bon vivant bon viveur lascivious man dissolute man scoundrel rounder ravisher retrograde dissipater rascal ne'er-do-well wrongdoer troublemaker gastronome gourmand no-good nighthawk dissolute person good-for-nothing pleasure-lover deserter apostate weirdo old goat renegade turncoat sicko sleazeball perve relapser recidivist regressor reneger perverted person freak depraved person pleasuremonger pleasureseeker fallen angel repeater defector defaulter transgressor thrill-seeker pleasure-seeker pleasure lover


A small disc or knob sewn on to a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose or for decoration


A long, sturdy piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground
post column pole support pillar shaft stake panel picket stanchion upright newel prop mast pale paling palisade piling pylon rail rod stilt strut baluster bollard gatepost jamb pilaster standard milepost pedestal pier pile puncheon shore stave stock marker doorpost fencepost leg lightpost fence post upright support boundary marker finger post king post bar beam stick staff batten baton spar vertical truncheon crosspiece spike cane dowel end flagpole flagstaff plank buttress stay brace underpinning frame mounting reinforcement mount plinth tower bracket abutment spur base rest truss footing banister peg beanpole joist timber bannister bolster foundation foot stand cutwater cantilever girder obelisk holder substructure rack side bed caryatid monolith telamon herm underprop platform colonnade backing hold trestle railing rafter rib block bearing balustrade barrier guardrail shoring sprag mainstay shelf strengthener crutch board trivet tripod rostrum podium gripper cone door jamb trellis lintel subfloor spire a tall transmitter aerial wire tether stele peristyle sile minaret monument maypole cylinder totem handrail fixture bracer setting shroud joint trunk underpropping band arm boom skid guy splint sustainer lever strip support system groundwork cornerstone fulcrum stage slat billet dais substratum rampart scaffold foothold point d'appui sheth tribune device arch back medium bedding stiffener guide collar flotation means bulwark sustentation lining grandstand staging counter case gantry gird framework rails fence form structure fencing siding parapet hurdle boundary line

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