Đồng nghĩa của aerial

Alternative for aerial

Tính từ

Difficult for the mind to grasp
intangible impalpable abstract invisible airy ethereal incorporeal insubstantial non-physical untouchable bodiless dim disembodied immaterial unembodied vague elusive ghostly indefinite phantom shadowy spectral spiritual supernatural transcendental unbodied unearthly unreal wraithlike discarnate disincarnate evanescent phantasmal phantasmic unsubstantial abstruse eluding evading evasive hypothetical imperceptible imperceptible to the touch imponderable inappreciable indeterminate insensible rare slender slight unapparent uncertain unobservable unquantifiable unsure nonmaterial nonphysical formless metaphysical celestial incorporate apparitional spiritlike unfleshly asomatous dreamlike unworldly disbodied dreamy psychic subjective heavenly uncorporal imaginary illusory chimerical hallucinatory non-material discorporate uncorporeal not material fanciful indescribable indefinable imagined indistinct obscure unclear figmental non-existent illusive fancied delusive ghostlike visionary vaporous ephemeral inexistent illusionary infirm puny fly-by-night petty unsound idle false decrepit too little too late mystic rarefied otherworldly tenuous mystical numinous transcendent unphysical flimsy extramundane theoretical magical occult other-worldly magic intellectual conceptual philosophical speculative psychical inner supernal thin notional pure platonic refined academic recondite ideational theoretic conjectural unpractical mysterious inane psychological saintly wispy weightless unrealistic undescribable dainty volatile frail light frivolous fragile diaphanous suppositional conjectured putative suppositive nonconcrete impractical suppositious indiscernible unperceivable delicate imprecise fine nebulous star starry stellar hard to define unable to be touched hard to describe weird divine absent lacking mythical missing wanting fictional ideal devotional holy sacred preternatural gossamery dead defunct baseless empty gone blank negative legendary ungrounded departed groundless extinguished lost vacant perished void null extinct fundamental essential deep basic clairvoyant paranormal extrasensory profound high-flown esoteric universal remote astral cosmological starlike astronomical sidereal starly astrophysical stellular supernormal supersensory telepathic nonexistent oversubtle supersensual unexplained out-of-body spiritualistic with second sight telekinetic supersensible with a sixth sense supersensitive necromantic transmundane stargazing supramundane philosophic superhuman suprahuman ontological superior jesuitic eternal supermundane difficult supranatural passed on passed away few and far between null and void without foundation

Tính từ

Extremely tall, especially in comparison with the surroundings

Tính từ

Imaginary or illusory
unreal imaginary make-believe fabulous fanciful fictitious mythical chimerical false illusory imagined invented pretend fantastic made-up mock visionary ideal phantasmagoric dreamed-up legendary non-existent artificial chimeric fairy-tale fake fancied fantasied fantastical fictional hypothetical imaginal immaterial insubstantial intangible mythic nebulous notional phantasmal phantasmic phantom pretended seeming storybook theoretical dreamlike impalpable insincere ostensible phony phoney sham delusive fabled faux fictive figmental hallucinatory imitation incredible misleading nonexistent reachy replica reproduction romantic suppositious supposititious unbelievable unnatural unsubstantial weird out of this world extravagant far-fetched absurd preposterous curious ridiculous wild tall poetic imaginative capricious crackpot whimsical offbeat flakey fairy tale unlikely kinky shadowy flaky floating far out cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky hard to take pipe dream on cloud nine pie in the sky castles in the air idealized idealised utopian quixotic impractical unworkable idealistic pie-in-the-sky unrealistic idealist quixotical starry-eyed starry impracticable idyllic perfect unfeasible ivory-towered ultimate transcendental dreamy hopeful high-flown fantasy dream otherworldly lofty grandiose ambitious pretentious model supreme best head-in-the-clouds exemplary in the clouds out of touch with reality dream come true best possible optimistic exaggerated unpractical improbable Micawberish Panglossian airy perfectionist arcadian abstract naive impossible ideological unattainable Utopian unachievable flawless consummate mercurial imagal unearthly mental transcendent pure ivory-tower out-of-reach quintessential archetypal definitive copybook paradigmatic best-example absolute complete prototypical creative inventive inspired prescient insightful innovative far-sighted perceptive discerning penetrating ingenious intuitive enterprising clever shrewd resourceful sharp gifted wise talented speculative dreaming exalted unworldly astral introspective daydreaming musing noble abstracted delusory original radical prophetic with your head in the clouds

Danh từ

(chiefly Britain) A rod, wire, or other structure for receiving or transmitting radio or television signals

Danh từ

A move, as in dancing or skateboarding, involving one or both feet leaving the ground

Danh từ

A tall upright post on land, especially a flagpole or a television or radio transmitter

Danh từ

Football pass toward opponent's goal

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aerial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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