Đồng nghĩa của fairy tale


A children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands
fable legend myth yarn fantasy fiction Marchen Märchen romance fairy story folk story folk tale traditional story story tale narrative saga urban myth urban legend epic mythos account folklore lore parable tall tale fish story chronicle mythology adventure history tradition sketch allegory anecdote mythus apologue old chestnut reminiscence short story oral history tall story shaggy-dog story folk tradition old saw piece of fiction phantasy bestiary moral tale roman-fleuve sci-fi escapism horror soap opera relation recital episode gag firsthand account chestnut narration long and short of it incident report sword and sorcery science fiction novelette novella spiel prose sea story rigmarole potboiler song traveller's tale fabrication song and dance cock and bull story legendry cover cover story record chronology recitation explanation commentary novel description version detail portrayal recountal recounting conte book telling commentaries memoir biography autobiography drama news cliffhanger information statement fictional account interpretation delineation rehearsal chronicling rendition detailing storytelling depiction short novel relating describing blow by blow romp adventure story voice-over reading unfolding story telling piece paperback hardback bestseller blockbuster notion work of fiction yellowback pot boiler best-seller three-decker cliff-hanger moral old wives' tale fallacy superstition false knowledge superstitious belief false belief representation characterization rundown explication brief portrait vignette word picture rendering writeup declaration picture ABCs illustration presentment elucidation details portraiture monograph summarization evocation definition summary confession burble burbling palaver maundering overelaboration exposition item intelligence word gen info tidings advices lengthy story testimony lengthy explanation sequel nonfiction tragedy beat comedy banging on serial impression perspective side view take the whole picture the picture play by play run-down communiqué lowdown make


A fabricated story, especially one intended to deceive
lie fabrication untruth falsehood fib story falsity invention whopper prevarication falsification fable tale mendacity porky taradiddle tarradiddle canard fairy story trumped-up story fake news half-truth white lie piece of fiction made-up story tall story alternative fact tall tale terminological inexactitude cock and bull story porky pie pork pie cock-and-bull story angler's tale fiction yarn deception sham myth exaggeration flight of fancy barefaced lie pretence little white lie red herring departure from the truth figment of the imagination pretense rumour pretext misrepresentation bulldust rumor fantasy concoction deceit stratagem trickery ruse wile figment line dishonesty untruism forgery fake distortion dissimulation fish story song and dance delusion fallacy jazz untruthfulness inaccuracy hogwash illusion phantasy misinformation fraud disinformation perjury imagination misstatement fancy falseness fakery unreality gossip propaganda kidology shaggy-dog story fraudulence detraction unlikely story farfetched story fanciful tale unbelievable tale pishogue whisper remarkable story big lie equivocation spinach evasiveness crock false statement nancy story excuse half truth guile hyperbole evasion backbiting subterfuge fibbery cover-up feigning claptrap contrivance rigmarole spiel urban myth urban legend figment of one's imagination lies conspiracy theory economy with the truth opus artifact jive work artefact smoke scandal chestnut defamation clothesline false report misconception misbelief superstition hallucination error fallaciousness hypocrisy false notion mistaken belief hollowness apologue creation double-dealing duplicity erroneousness treachery fictitiousness inexactness deceptiveness unveracity cheating perfidy deceitfulness folk ballad fictitious story incorrectness spuriousness uncandidness insincerity disingenuousness speciousness daydreaming charade dream pretending play-acting playacting self-deception pretension disguise masquerade dreaming pretentiousness role-playing game make-believe pageant romancing coloring colouring sophistry slant lying cover inveracity fudging casuistry stonewall stall run-around adulteration mendaciousness chicanery stretch twist perversion spin mutilation twisting bunk fibbing amphibology sophism amphiboly shuffling waffle manipulation improvisation false light truthlessness con doctoring alteration tampering not a true picture trick double meaning cop out double entendre double talk quibbling routine guise persuasion mask semblance front dissembling two-timing one for the birds false excuse prepared speech doublespeak codology unreliability indirectness circumlocution false colors waffling flannel paltering calumny bias overstatement embellishment pussyfooting around weasel words beating about the bush misreporting misreport obfuscation slanting skew prejudice garbling travesty incredible story exaggerated story change tinkering false rumour false information debasement caricature fibs bending of the truth false trail legend novel romance nonsense BS misinterpretation imbalance baloney stretching fiddling changing equivocality creativity storytelling narration bum steer misleading information production oversubtleness narrative book hooey potboiler unrealism nonfiction literature anecdote drama cliff-hanger chimera creative writing casuistics quibbling subtlety ambiguity short stories best seller short story vision work of fiction figment of imagination works of fiction made up story work of imagination doubtfulness legalism rationalization rationalisation justification apparition daydream fantasm phantasm mirage conceit nonentity hedging song equivoque hedge euphemism imagining unsound reasoning twisting the facts specious reasoning overgeneral reasoning pipe dream bubble castle in the air nightmare chimaera tergiversation avoidance dodging elusion weasel word shunning escape eluding shirking ducking circumvention cunning cop-out shaking eschewal artifice out eschewing bypassing sidestepping go-by obliqueness bilking shift getting out of routine dodge fancy footwork ditch finding a way round quibble equivocating fugivity fugiviteness slip evading skirting stonewalling


Existing only in the realms of one's imagination
fanciful fantastic fabulous imaginary unreal romantic extravagant mythical ideal absurd fancied far-fetched made-up make-believe preposterous unbelievable visionary chimerical curious illusory legendary ridiculous wild chimeric fairy-tale fantasied fantastical fictional fictitious imaginal imaginative imagined invented mythic notional phantasmal phantasmic phantom poetic pretend tall capricious crackpot whimsical aerial dreamlike far out fictive flaky flakey floating incredible kinky offbeat shadowy suppositious unlikely blue sky cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take pipe dream on cloud nine castles in the air out of this world pie in the sky idealized idealised utopian quixotic impractical unworkable idealistic pie-in-the-sky unrealistic idealist quixotical starry-eyed starry theoretical hypothetical impracticable idyllic perfect unfeasible ivory-towered ultimate transcendental dreamy hopeful high-flown fantasy dream otherworldly lofty grandiose ambitious pretentious model supreme best head-in-the-clouds exemplary in the clouds out of touch with reality dream come true best possible optimistic exaggerated unpractical improbable Micawberish Panglossian airy perfectionist arcadian abstract naive impossible ideological false mock unattainable phantasmagoric non-existent dreamed-up Utopian unachievable intangible immaterial fake insubstantial seeming storybook nebulous pretended artificial sham insincere ostensible impalpable phoney flawless consummate mercurial imagal figmental reachy fabled unsubstantial unnatural supposititious weird hallucinatory replica nonexistent faux misleading phony imitation delusive reproduction unearthly mental transcendent pure ivory-tower out-of-reach quintessential archetypal definitive copybook paradigmatic best-example absolute complete prototypical creative inventive inspired prescient insightful innovative far-sighted perceptive discerning penetrating ingenious intuitive enterprising clever shrewd resourceful sharp gifted wise talented speculative dreaming exalted unworldly astral introspective daydreaming musing noble abstracted delusory original radical prophetic with your head in the clouds


Having or imbued with supernatural powers, attributes or qualities
magic enchanted magical powerful special charmed mysterious mystic bewitched enchanting supernatural thaumaturgic wizardly entranced numinous occult spellbound weird dreamlike Druidical exquisite fairylike fairy-tale miraculous necromantic perfect sorcerous thaumaturgical charming entrancing beautiful captivating heavenly idyllic bewitching enthralling alluring lovely mesmerizing delightful mesmerising fascinating attractive spellbinding divine glorious sublime gorgeous beguiling dreamy magnetic seductive hypnotic intoxicating mesmeric inviting enticing picturesque endearing prepossessing pleasing pretty taking romantic wonderful appealing irresistible superb magnificent intriguing engaging heady mind-blowing charismatic too good to be true conjuring fiendish paranormal mystical preternatural transcendental unearthly spiritual mythical possessed uncanny psychic other-worldly supernormal unnatural otherworldly ensorcelled under a spell eerie metaphysical arcane secret supranatural spiritualistic spectral transmundane ghostly transcendent orphic imaginary legendary superhuman dark cabbalistic shamanistic hidden extramundane witchlike unaccountable phenomenal shadowy black oracular voodoo esoteric unknowable clairvoyant spooky nonrational abstruse cabalistic anagogic unusual mystifying abnormal non-rational bizarre inscrutable fabled fabulous make-believe astrological alchemistic quixotic telestic mysterial visionary religious ineffable hermetical extrasensory hypernormal inexplicable phantom unbelievable supersensory telepathic unworldly telekinetic mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable ghostlike fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane celestial rare obscure concealed unrevealed extraordinary superior supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive immaterial inner stargazing with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight strange creepy odd queer eldritch cryptic far-out grotesque spookish freaky unreal eery haunting witching haunted parapsychological awful dreadful ominous rum horrific ghastly fearful flakey awe-inspiring uncouth oddball whacko flaky out of the ordinary supernal tranced runic demoniac diabolic


Inspiring wonder or amazement
wonderful astonishing amazing extraordinary incredible wondrous astounding awesome breathtaking remarkable awe-inspiring enthralling exciting glorious blissful captivating charming divine dramatic enchanting heavenly magical majestic marvellous marvelous miraculous prodigious special spectacular splendorous staggering startling stunning stupendous sublime thrilling tremendous unique beguiling bewitching dream-filled empyreal enlightening enlivening ethereal eye-opening eye-popping fabled fairy-tale fairytale-like fantastical far out far-out fascinating heart-stopping envigorating invigorating jaw-dropping mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling out of the ordinary out of this world portentous resplendent sensorial stimulating striking unbelievable unheard-of unimaginable like a dream come true fabulous surprising awful sensational impressive phenomenal fantastic magnificent overwhelming great terrific brilliant splendid grand outstanding stirring exhilarating excellent superb super amazeballs stupefying monumental electrifying monstrous rousing inspiring intoxicating galvanizing unreal humbling exhilarative charged galvanic electric inconceivable moving imposing kicky intense huge enormous massive vast immense colossal gigantic galvanising exceptional mammoth unusual mighty hair-raising gargantuan unprecedented uncommon giant rip-roaring unparalleled humongous mega titanic mountainous elephantine heavy jumbo monster stellar whopping astronomical cosmic astronomic bumper herculean Brobdingnagian whacking oversized humungous leviathan supersize gigantesque cyclopean cosmical walloping pharaonic oceanic fab heroic beautiful supersized strange heroical galactic vasty planetary Himalayan unheard of superior super-duper king-sized king-size pleasing dazzling king size awe-striking hallucinatory psychedelic mind-altering good bad utmost out-of-this-world state-of-the-art preternatural weird bizarre outlandish positive confounding formidable theatrical singular superlative something else rare surpassing royal what heart-stirring all that and a bag of chips unusually good providential joyous better than expected wicked notable spine-tingling noteworthy cherished touching perfect superhuman inexplicable unaccountable ridiculous far-fetched absurd crazy mad wild first-rate first-class gee-whizz freakish wonderworking anomalous supermundane numinous supranatural the what great promising too good to be true the utmost challenging complex complicated baffling confusing difficult puzzling inordinate large substantial sizeable considerable flabbergasting abnormal fantabulous immeasurable ginormous profuse towering mortal big copious ominous gross

Trái nghĩa của fairy tale

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