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Alternative for picturesque

picturesque /,piktʃə'resk/
  • tính từ
    • đẹp, đẹp như tranh; đáng vẽ nên tranh (phong cảnh...)
    • sinh động; nhiều hình ảnh (văn)

Tính từ

Giving clear and vividly explicit details
vivid graphic striking colourful delineated graphical pictorial visual impressive memorable arresting artistic chocolate-box colorful photographic pictographic pleasant symbolic detailed realistic lifelike clear rich lively expressive highly coloured stimulating dramatic interesting evocative scintillating faithful powerful fascinating filmic descriptive lucid telling stirring moving concrete precise strong distinct eloquent definite true-to-life animated unusual characterful distinctive imaginal painterly imagistic accurate minute exact cinematic explicit forceful illustrated illustrative uninhibited natural retentive naturalistic startling cogent shocking punchy lurid scenic representational well-drawn effective photogenic intense acute camera-friendly sketched engraved portrayed etched pictoric painted seen illustrational pictured marked-out outlined blocked-out diagrammatic traced depicted iconographic convincing unequivocal well drawn well defined incisive forcible perspicuous full well delineated compelling well expressed comprehensible intelligible figurative leaving nothing to the imagination affecting unforgettable haunting authentic sharp emotive active theatrical fresh crystal clear true to life sharply-etched near living photo-realistic three-dimensional naturalist true credible believable real bold bright exciting imaginative invigorating racy envigorating refreshing truthful enthusiastic vivacious dynamic zestful vigorous verisimilar veristic influential persuasive passionate factualistic real-life true-life kitchen-sink warts and all potent effectual aggressive great authoritative irresistible zappy in-your-face undistorted succinct terse pithy hard-hitting speaking representative factual original

Tính từ

Of, or relating to the ancient world or former times
old-world old-fashioned quaint archaic traditional antique courteous gentlemanly old oldfangled old-school old-time old-timey past retro retrograde vintage bygone ceremonious chivalrous classical courtly craft gallant old-style outdated outmoded charming gothic antiquated ingenious cute colonial enchanting pretty baroque Victorian Gothic affected ancient pleasing captivating artful appealing cunning twee attractive toytown sweet olde arty-crafty pleasantly old-fashioned olde worlde out-of-date dated obsolete outworn former superannuated obsolescent prehistoric out of date medieval antediluvian old-fangled anachronistic backward-looking mouldy creaky clunky behind the times mossy out unfashionable old hat out of fashion out of style mediaeval defunct old-fogeyish moldy moth-eaten fusty out of the ark crusted feudal square horse-and-buggy rinky-dink vieux jeu musty square-toed passé not with it frumpish frumpy behindhand conservative historic has-been antiquarian dead unhip passe olden demoded ancestral démodé fossilized not current folk heritage out-of-style back-number veteran primitive fossilised historical of the old school corny early time-honoured period nostalgic neolithic Noachian moribund prehistorical rusty kaputt kaput old style anachronous parachronistic tired superseded evocative overfamiliar last year's backwards backward Stone Age remote aged retrogressive of yesteryear back number elderly primeval primordial immemorial antwacky primaeval in period style old world classic enduring age-old ageless timeless past its sell-by date as old as the hills past one's sell-by date horse and buggy established button-down from the past traditionalistic buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked familial prior ultraconservative old-line unprogressive family long-established standpat reactionary lineal die-hard oral orthodox of yore brassbound unwritten paleoconservative archconservative handed-down old-hat unstylish neglected odd past it rococo dowdy disapproved extinct of old not modern grown old of olden days out of it

Tính từ

Having a twee picturesqueness
chocolate-box sentimental sloppy mushy corny soppy mawkish schmaltzy cloying drippy sugary saccharine sappy slushy maudlin gooey novelettish soupy sugarcoated spooney spoony fruity sticky wet twee pretty attractive romanticised romanticized lovey-dovey pretty-pretty soft-focus syrupy cutesy sickly icky cheesy romantic weepy treacly cornball over-sentimental sick-making tear-jerking toe-curling hokey overemotional sloshy gushy gushing bathetic three-hanky sweet nauseating sickening touching pathetic tender tearful nostalgic simpering jejune dewy-eyed oversweet inane emotional soapy effusive honeyed impressionable overacted demonstrative vapid affected softhearted passionate dreamy idealistic sobby tacky hearts-and-flowers insipid cute Mills-and-Boon three-hankie kitsch oversentimental sickly-sweet trite banal visionary moonstruck languishing rosewater sugar-coated quaint silly soft precious lachrymose loving affectionate sickly sweet soft-hearted fatuous hacky over-emotional cornpone kitschy dime-store self-pitying ingratiating melodramatic schlocky corn-fed candied choking campy warmed-over teary feeble bromidic disgusting bijou OTT dainty excessive unctuous over the top cloyingly sweet scenic charming pleasant appealing picture-postcard moving poignant affecting emotive heart-rending stirring tragic disturbing sad heart-warming evocative heartbreaking unreserved impressive unrestrained plaintive impactful heartrending sensitive exciting thrilling fulsome affective melting enthusiastic impassioned wistful poetic harrowing misty-eyed piteous pitiful upsetting extravagant ebullient rhapsodic expansive hagiographical lyrical adulatory lavish exuberant oleaginous hagiographic saddening over-effusive oily pitiable goo-goo over-enthusiastic expressive hyped up histrionic laid on with a trowel gentle over-the-top too much melancholy depressing namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane powerful overdone sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull uplifting dramatic soul-stirring haunting touchy miserable mournful wretched intense overenthusiastic visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions

Tính từ

Of or full of expression
expressive moving vivid poignant striking meaningful passionate suggestive artistic eloquent emotional graphic intense revealing significant stirring strong ardent charged descriptive energetic evocative indicative lively meaning powerful pregnant revelatory sympathetic telling allusive deeply felt demonstrative emphatic forcible imaginative indicating emotion indicating feeling inspired visionary alive animated articulate brilliant colourful colorful communicative dramatic easy-to-read full of emotion full of feeling indicating ingenious masterly mobile open pathetic pictorial pointed representative representing responsive sensitive showy signifying silver-tongued spirited stimulating tender thoughtful touching understanding warm affecting redolent speaking clear deep symbolic inspiring fervent creative fiery impassioned uninhibited forceful realistic cogent lifelike rich telltale touchy-feely impactful effusive feeling profound loving detailed heartfelt mournful reminiscent unreserved aesthetic sad intriguing evocatory gushing haunting unrestrained resonant fervid remindful weighty graceful visual delineated compelling affectionate convincing vehement esthetic sentimental lucid emotive enthusiastic impressive exciting sincere thrilling original approachable explicit beautiful forthcoming cuddly friendly elegant symptomatic fine inventive doleful tasteful stirred illustrative expansive uplifting soulful significative consequential unconstrained candid warmhearted vibrant poetic figurative influential definitive persuasive hot-blooded cultivated full cultured refined perceptive inspirational lovey-dovey zealous giving an inkling feverish vigorous flaming fanatical melodramatic sententious important graphical heated burning torrid impelling authoritative true to life passional inspiriting punchy distinct active glowing blazing upsetting heart-warming perfervid effective highly coloured definite incandescent superheated religious heartbreaking irresistible red-hot warm-blooded heart-rending rousing grand heartrending soul-stirring tragic tear-jerking high-powered hard-hitting evoking noticeable narrative sophisticated discerning connotative fluent loaded arty resonating impressionistic warming tactual tactile cheering cheerful gladdening resonant with remindful of seminal arousing anthemic encouraging calling up momentous fecund insinuative insinuatory tragicomic emotion-charged eager arresting excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant insinuating heartening instigative elevating enriching inspirative improving stunning gripping breathless provoking affective fierce wild faithful memorable unforgettable authentic frenzied decorative lovely stylish scintillating sharp provoking doubt ornamental exquisite messianic violent interesting fascinating raging tumultuous uncontrollable consuming elevated flowery sly enigmatic cunning hip theatrical fresh pleasing impulsive impetuous ungovernable true-to-life sharply-etched crystal clear steamed up high-pressure stimulated precipitate headlong hotblooded quickened attractive impish arch wise teasing mischievous playful efficient capable subtle aesthetically pleasing insightful able coherent knowing motivational authoritarian pivotal motivating swayful alluring masterful efficacious musical harmonious ideal rhythmical sublime sonorous mellow mellifluous rational reasoned pertinent sufficient successful dynamic temperamental plausible on the ball aggressive logical material charming mighty histrionical trenchant well-founded relevant well reasoned imposing satisfying credible puissant reasonable unanswerable direct theatric sound acute well founded performant powerhouse ringing illustrated purposeful bitter painful distressing excitable susceptible full-bodied melodious scenic representational storming flamboyant exuberant quick piteous pitiful dulcet fruity booming mellifluent pitiable disturbing saddening sorrowful sketched engraved portrayed pictoric painted illustrational blocked-out diagrammatic depicted etched seen pictured pictographic marked-out outlined traced iconographic heartwarming overcharged tempestuous roused effervescent vivacious zestful far-reaching harrowing wretched tearful miserable sentient verklempt ecstatic phat canorous bright rotund silvery zesty animate peppy vital blithe agonizing plaintive gut-wrenching shocking lurid startling perturbing agonising agitating nostalgic buoyant zippy bouncy high-spirited sparky photographic well-drawn well drawn perspicuous comprehensible well defined well delineated well expressed unequivocal precise incisive concrete intelligible leaving nothing to the imagination

Tính từ

Aesthetically pleasing
artistic beautiful fine aesthetic decorative elegant lovely stylish exquisite graceful ornamental tasteful creative pleasing attractive cultivated emotional expressive imaginative moving aesthetically pleasing subtle cultured dramatic esthetic grand harmonious ideal musical pictorial refined rhythmical stimulating sublime pretty handsome smart sophisticated classy luxurious fancy charming delicate majestic symbolic literary visual gorgeous fashionable polished comely discerning courtly swanky poetic vivid urbane chic enhancing schmick sensitive beautifying stately ornate plush nice striking ornamented arresting colourful pleasant colorful in good taste photographic pictographic appealing savory technical formal graphic glamorous artful inventive aesthetical discriminating high-quality expensive fastidious elevated figurative flowery graphical delineated restrained sculptural savoury upmarket ritzy coffee-table fit becoming fitting memorable impressive perceptive profound deep insightful arty swish glitzy written chocolate-box stunning drop-dead cute seemly good lovesome beauteous fetching bonny knockout taking fair ravishing goodly likely bonnie sightly spiffy quiet snazzy swank posh pure chaste unaffected gratifying rich classical precise unobtrusive splendiferous subdued uptown stylistic glossy well produced full of feeling printed published good-looking embellishing showy well-favored cosmetic adorning nonfunctional non-functional gingerbread furbishing florid dressy patterned festooned garnishing accessory elaborate heightening decorating decking for show scenic in print idyllic breathtaking setting off enchanting lush unsoiled luscious photogenic quaint as pretty as a picture opulent classic modish sumptuous dignified paradisiacal paradisiac paradisal paradisaical paradisaic distinguished dashing select choice suave noble decorous dainty rare ostentatious genteel affected debonair august superior high-class recherche aristocratic overdone stylized well-designed well-dressed a la mode well-bred

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picturesque Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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