Đồng nghĩa của orthodox

Alternative for orthodox

Đồng nghĩa: accepted, conventional, correct, customary, proper, traditional, usual,

Trái nghĩa: heathen,

Tính từ

Tending to favor the status quo and averse to change
traditional accepted established received approved conventional common popular conformist conservative correct mainstream normal proper recognised recognized regular authoritative customary official usual authorised authorized canonical doctrinal prevailing prevalent standard traditionalist acknowledged archconservative brassbound button-down buttoned-down die-hard familiar hidebound mossbacked old-fashioned old-line old-school ordinary paleoconservative reactionary standpat traditionalistic ultraconservative unheretical unoriginal unprogressive derivative kosher routine well established well-established admitted legitimate pious punctilious religious right rightful sanctioned sound square straight bien pensant in line straight arrow by the numbers according to the book general stock habitual typical expected average classical everyday accustomed characteristic commonplace classic universal set widespread representative current natural archetypal archetypical wonted unexceptional fitting suitable quintessential model bourgeois standardized inflexible ideal Tory fixed fogyish typic formal illiberal prototypical respectable fuddy-duddy emblematic indicative standardised befitting prescriptive fit exemplary matter-of-course middle-of-the-road ubiquitous prototypal time-honoured true stable predominant settled acceptable rightist firm confirmed unimaginative illustrative run-of-the-mill symbolic appropriate paradigmatic constant bog-standard strait-laced apt essential going comme il faut steady in keeping in character old hat suggestive archetypic long-established dyed-in-the-wool regulation patterned prototypic seemly de rigueur timid unchanging in a rut overall majority shared quiet sober guarded time-honored decent decorous fashionable redneck undaring obstinate uncreative controlled unchangeable fearful legal public right-wing becoming rife household vanilla stuffy genteel done unadventurous well-known standard-issue proverbial old guard holding to old line white bread not extreme hard hat chronic conforming right of center widely held lawful rigid diehard ruling polite stereotypical old proven refined uncompromising just prudent understood prosaic valid daily unremarkable predictable plain legit garden-variety warranted frequent allowed moral cut-and-dried cut-and-dry garden variety in circulation in vogue statutory blimpish historic due wide intolerant collective intransigent generic endorsed obscurantist nice fair fundamentalist pervasive broad reliable ritual retrogressive regressive counterrevolutionary widely used good boring dogmatic staple basic ultra-conservative individualistic mannerly old-style sensible quotidian careful parochial applicable licensed narrow-minded judicious safe prescribed workaday accredited stereotyped vulgar precise simple documented meet well-mannered de règle civilized OK virtuous stipulated common or garden comely permitted outdated ceremonious day-to-day honest agreed upon puritanical civilised well worn okay licenced Pooterish tried and true tried and tested stick-in-the-mud out-of-date on the level par for the course across the board by the book in force on the up and up lamestream favoured extensive central definitive convinced immovable philistine extremist unreconstructed undoubted uncontested undisputed unquestioned canonic core cautious textbook moderate agreed ethnocentric purist unenterprising imitable temperate dominant primary circumspect discerning net protocol in order plastic white-bread so-so grind favored great alt-right signature touted boilerplate presentational socially acceptable counter-revolutionary Birchite couth courtly unopposed passed okayed preferred stick in the mud discreet abiding favourite comfortable favorite done thing one-size-fits-all set in one's ways backward-looking medieval prehistoric mediaeval unreasonable unreceptive bigoted standard operating procedure playing it safe sop same old wont in the groove according to Hoyle acquired honored enduring immortal ageless mutual diplomatic stilted stiff stiff-necked starchy tralatitious apposite staid hackneyed derived suburban lasting timeless traditionary stodgy known inveterate inherent symptomatic consistent fogeyish tasteful dignified right stuff honoured congruous adopted intermutual embraced united commutual like renowned believed immemorial strict Biedermeier straight-laced small-town ceremonial of the old school historical anticipated foreseeable foreseen arrived at mass pukka presentable dependable in established usage entrenched formulaic distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic distinguishing declared recognizable identified perceived serious highbrow former ancestral right-leaning authentic memorable unforgettable ritualistic undying deathless dated native clichéd cliched realized remembered past certified national blanket communal overarching global joint outright out of the ark behind the times out of date heavy symphonic concert heavyweight authenticated realised recognisable professed deserved comprehensive rampant folk prior ancient true to form to be expected validated obedient to the right trustworthy right wing unquestioning astute merited only to be expected on the cards … all over true to type total sweeping epidemic nationwide societal wholesale verified familial family bygone widely recognized commonly accepted generally accepted deep-rooted ingrained compulsory signed sealed ratified wise sagacious intelligent lineal officially recognized bona fide rooted secure unshakable vested permanent signed and sealed ordered straight from the horse's mouth cleared decisive cathedral positive real decided conclusive ex cathedra definite and delivered ex officio narrow oral unwritten obligatory mandatory necessary required condign competent justified earned broad-spectrum across-the-board broad-brush all-round all-around prejudiced percipient perceptive shrewd licit permissible allowable legalized admissible biased reasonable constitutional handed-down upright from the past outmoded old-world of yore socially obligatory a must called for au fait holding water requisite fly moralistic faithful tried-and-true ethical principled noble reputable twenty-four carat significant well deserved card-carrying in principle equitable well earned right-minded fanatical puritan jaundiced legalised intractable within the law conforming to accepted standards above board going by the rules small-minded accurate exact petty-minded close-minded hard-line set in your ways gentlemanly set in one's opinions fixed in one's views qualified felicitous pretty desired suited ladylike demure modest honourable sedate honorable courteous prim prudish priggish prissy dull humdrum mundane undistinguished pedestrian uneventful mediocre characterless a dime a dozen uninteresting plain vanilla unmemorable uninspired unexciting monotonous colourless banal indifferent nothing to write home about colorless persistent nondescript garden middling no great shakes uninspiring ornery trite recurring perennial long-lived lackluster lacklustre dreary tedious stale bland age-old continual repeated unnoteworthy recurrent continuing second-rate tame inbred long-standing tolerable passable not up to much homespun deep-seated drab medium ineradicable unmitigated inborn incurable nothing special repetitious stubborn lifelong unpretentious tired unvaried repetitive hacky forgettable unabating domestic lowly terrestrial jejune endemic ceaseless periodic inferior mean run-of-the-mine run-of-mine half-pie persisting tenacious continuous ever-present unyielding dime-a-dozen bog standard methodical certain insipid wearisome not much cop vintage protracted platitudinous unimpressive mechanical inconspicuous tiresome adequate ho-hum insignificant unvarying blah overused obvious corny homely humble slow nitty-gritty automatic nowhere long-lasting banausic determined existing fair-to-middling second-class intermediate ten a penny fairish not so hot scheduled present periodical straightforward nothing to get excited about defined ongoing taken for granted old-time perfect chosen absolute iterated cyclic reiterative numerous overworked median consummate nothing in style systematic prolonged seasoned preponderant regnant practical casual informal habituated in fashion fundamental incessant perpetual plebeian prosy ponderous worn out catholic all-embracing worldwide ecumenical numbing worn-out innate well known inconsequential arid leaden jading flat amateurish amateur satisfactory lingering dragging dusty monochromatic stupid dry mind-numbing run of the mill two a penny bush-league not bad O.K. timeworn fair to middling sustained middle of the road all right diurnal explicit pervading respected orderly diagnostic contemporary latest extant modern venerable seasonal long-drawn-out OB express gut default unspectacular what one would expect in-between usual thing long-winded dead ho hum big yawn time-worn overdone well-worn annoying irritating in use acquainted next trivial domiciliary famous notorious legendary famed given used mimetic samey unsophisticated reigning arranged specified cornball dime-store vexatious boresome mimic predetermined remaining serviceable profuse reiterated played out starch homey home lacking variety lacking variation imitative appointed no-frills anonymous workday local unimportant prearranged apish supported affirmed backed OK'd superabundant inevitable familiar tune boiler plate severe whitebread jake drawn-out spun-out haunting axiomatic self-evident useless circulating irrelevant paltry inconsiderable ultimate unmistakable hard-core deep bred-in-the-bone deep-set intrenched unavoidable inescapable slavish unending acute dangerous anaemic pointless immaterial piddling worthless random cyclical continued individual planned of choice in the habit of common variety matter-of-fact practised long-term addicting disciplined perfunctory practiced iterative supreme whatever meaningless reputed infamous not very good epigonous epigonic empty gray grey congenital irredeemable anemic recommended assigned cheap and commonplace superior assured commonest reoccurring dire alarming extreme grave peculiar canned out-and-out complete utter afoot predominating wearying drudging tiring weary at his best at its best at her best made official vouched for sworn radicated adamant non-specific indurated emulative ready-made of little importance of no consequence of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account businesslike rolling repeating successive blending into the background unpreventable ineluctable principal influential operative main preponderating special respective particular personal own distinct about never-ending thoroughgoing royal arrant thorough bromidic toneless lifeless treadmill dim monotone plodding methodic considerable in the air bruited about making the rounds doing the rounds in general use on everyone's lips going around talked of prime copybook oft repeated midway middle full specific generous tidy abundant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish medial mid dinki-di lusterless actual practicable yawn clean pabulum diddly zero irksome prose halfway intermediary readily available widely available unmistaken neutral midsized midmost midsize mediate identifying robot-like par unlimited pandemic celestial all all-over unrestricted stellar cosmic multinational planetary cosmopolitan diffuse all-inclusive empyrean worldly omnipresent whole astronomical medium-sized middle-sized matter-of- fact unnoticeable discriminating identifiable ample sufficient goodish intensive no big deal up to standard good enough pretty good most common most typical most usual most frequent

Tính từ

Pertaining to a stereotype
stereotypical cliched clichéd conventional formulaic hackneyed stereotyped trite banal bathetic bromidic chain cliché common commonplace cornball corny drained dull exhausted familiar tune flat hokey jejune mildewed moth-eaten musty old hat ordinary overused overworked pedestrian platitudinal platitudinous prosaic ready-made routine run-of-the-mill set shopworn stale stereotypic stock threadbare timeworn tired uninspired unoriginal used-up vapid warmed-over well-worn worn worn-out unimaginative derivative hacky cliche hack played out well worn old hackney cobwebby obligatory predictable vanilla time-worn worn out boring truistic cliché-ridden hoary unvaried tedious uninteresting plain vanilla wearisome naff passé lifeless standard standardized inane conventionalized mass-produced typecast vieux jeu antiquated obsolete standardised unexceptional unadventurous unremarkable uninspiring worn thin formalistic usual workaday normal bog-standard quotidian ornery a dime a dozen samey garden variety humdrum lacking variation lacking variety everyday mundane dreary monotonous tiresome overdone uneventful repetitious mind-numbing ho-hum dime-store weariful characterless low-grade nondescript passable unexciting insipid so-so mediocre stupid facile nothing cornfed noplace pabulum tripe zero trivial square dumb nowhere bland blah ho hum dull as dishwater dry colourless colorless drab lacklustre tame lackluster stodgy heavy ponderous stuffy arid jading monochromatic tiring slow leaden wearying numbing drudging weary dusty undistinguished average sterile spiritless indifferent middle-of-the-road no great shakes nothing to write home about plodding unvarying mainstream customary not up to much unstimulating typical garden-variety repetitive familiar matter-of-fact common or garden uninventive featureless regular half-pie uncreative warmed-up out of date dry as dust unmemorable second-rate imitative forgettable not so hot barren as dry as dust middling plain out of the ark outdated outmoded day-to-day banausic old-fashioned deadly dreich defunct wishy-washy standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried OK passé copied derived dead plagiarized passionless anaemic terrestrial monochrome lowly nitty-gritty soporific fatiguing prosy run of the mill turgid bush-league lame anemic unentertaining unenjoyable stiff inferior yawnsome mean dullsville wooden plebeian dime-a-dozen draggy garden plagiarised not much cop dim lacking excitement lacking interest archaic nothing to get excited about plagiaristic second-hand big yawn non-innovative rehashed mawkish out-of-date old-hat feeble vacuous frayed cribbed fuddy-duddy fair soulless unchanging zestless humble mechanical medium heavy-going prevalent tolerable soul-destroying unspirited irksome unrelieved unsophisticated traditional past their sell-by date prolix laborious amateurish amateur dismal depressing bloodless deadening dull as ditchwater insignificant unnoteworthy formal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class white-bread monotone flavourless unappealing unanimated popular ten a penny plastic laboured deadly dull not very good labored flavorless cliché silly played-out old-chestnut old-saw unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn ineffective difficult modest unspecial homespun menial faded tarnished workday unpretentious serious unartistic simple over-serious phoned in gray grey sentimental kitschy cheesy mindless homely staple weak desolate past bent effete foetid fetid yesterday's out unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal unemotional factual clear unadorned uninterested tepid suburban unromantic deadpan overlong not bad empty crude meagre simplistic meager innocuous treadmill toneless gone off ancient mimetic boilerplate generic like a dinosaur raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze mimic general pedantic staid lustreless prevailing going basic current endless pallid limp verbose lined decrepit aged dated apish jake moderate torpid extinct slavish household accustomed weighty stilted established adequate ragged weathered broken-down rundown antediluvian family casual ubiquitous habitual domestic frequent informal epigonic epigonous antiseptic superannuated hard to digest heavy going wonted middle of the road nothing special canned outworn dog-eared shabby wrinkled undistinctive inoffensive fair-to-middling whitebread meh waterish nerdy wimpy milk-and-water sapless long-drawn-out tattered battered used emulative antwacky intermediate decent fairish cut and dried readily available widely available fair to middling of poor quality the worse for wear stereotype counterfeit proletarian lower-class widespread working-class ignoble unappetizing unpalatable inedible secondary low obvious matter-of-course starch natural unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable uniform savourless uninviting boiler plate off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable echoic baseborn low-class lowborn secondhand lumpen peasant low-life vulgar unwashed low-born prole low-ranking regimented copycat blue-singlet governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary evolved procured borrowed hereditary obtained acquired ancestral inferential subordinate cognate connate caused inferred of low birth coming from not original

Tính từ

Unwavering in one's commitment
true-blue faithful loyal staunch dedicated devoted constant confirmed steadfast trusty dyed-in-the-wool steady card-carrying committed dependable firm stalwart unwavering devout down-the-line fast good pious reliable stanch true deep-dyed uncompromising unfaltering unswerving allegiant ardent die-hard dutiful genuine hard-core honest honorable honourable incorruptible patriotic sure tried tried-and-true trustworthy truthful upright behind one in good faith tried and tested tried and true resolute true blue righteous straight passionate just fervent ethical decent sincere virtuous conscientious scrupulous moral principled fervid zealous respectable keen earnest enthusiastic solid upstanding fanatical responsible wholehearted right enduring unfailing right-minded reputable stable high-principled square intense noble kosher true-hearted nice trusted proper impassioned unimpeachable immovable all right on the level mad keen avid fixed correct established pure worthy supportive trustable high-minded calculable moralistic inveterate saintly persistent strong unchanging attached vehement intent sworn single-minded liege deep secure hard-working out-and-out fair eager irreproachable clean red-hot blameless exemplary law-abiding equitable elevated stand-up never-failing up front deep-seated through and through unflinching unhesitating stubborn driven determined vigorous serious tenacious entrenched obdurate long-established inexorable long-standing deep-rooted profound heartfelt gung ho diehard perfervid unshakeable hardened pledged safe circumspect bound sound unqualified laudable meritorious praiseworthy guiltless conscionable fitting commendable incurable anti-corruption adherent sinless veracious humane impeccable immaculate keen as mustard legit aboveboard right-thinking on the up and up certain persevering resolved indomitable set settled stout purposeful redoubtable complete thoroughgoing thorough absolute utter obedient emotional fiery incorrigible rigid strict confiding believable loving affectionate close active flaming inflexible true to life admirable diligent unmovable unbending truehearted unrepentant full-bore unapologetic unashamed torrid burning tough straightforward bosom passional charged feverish abiding ingrained unquestioning lawful string along with sensible spirited boon lofty infallible right-down arrant adoring unbribable assiduous bred-in-the-bone hot-blooded heated unshakable instilled saintlike godly through-and-through deeply felt enthused infixed unchangeable angelic rightful clean-living hopped up studious morally correct full-fledged unfeigned pure as the driven snow fair-minded whiter than white squeaky-clean out and out tested squeaky clean well-established deeply ingrained deep-down impervious emphatic rational motivated reasonable hopeless unflappable on one's side durable unyielding morally right morally acceptable Christian engagé as thick as thieves inseparable rooted concerned attentive unmistakable effective stiff irrepressible undying dyed-in-the wool eternal beyond hope admiring consecrated predictable strong-minded set on dogged untiring obstinate bent decided gritty strong-willed bent on hardboiled buckled down daring sturdy embedded indelible ineradicable decisive positive careful incorrupt unequivocal fond big doting exuberant rabid as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end immutable fortified irremovable well established deep-set dug in set firm audacious forceful steamroller unafraid resilient nervy powerhouse uncorrupted above reproach on up and up above-board of good repute hanging tough bound and determined dead set on in the clear inculpable irreprehensible untarnished without reproach of excellent character self-righteous fly right level-headed straight-up foolproof above suspicion boy scout guaranteed rock solid always there as good as one's word to be trusted sure-fire worthy of trust tried and trusted mature down home full of integrity adamant changeless immobile veridical creditable undistorted estimable chaste recognized approved tried out fail-safe proven proved certified classic put to the test recognised time-honoured attested safe as houses demonstrated consistent used failsafe of principle impartial above board punctilious innocent seemly holy faultless magnanimous decorous distinguished spiritual chivalrous salt of the earth noble-minded gallant courteous no lie heightened severe immoderate powerful uncontrolled marked acute explosive inordinate intemperate heavy penetrating piercing inflamed vivid potent ferocious hopeful animated melodramatic hellacious excessive consuming blistering intensified furious wild warm feeling overemotional sentimental fierce emotive all-consuming excited dinkum traditional conformist conservative glowing demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious blazing ecstatic heart-and-soul goody-goody revering worshipping worshiping venerating pietistic frank candid observant raw upfront gotta have tender dying to hot for warmhearted hearty responsive forthright goody two-shoes chronic habitual open plain-spoken doctrinal to the core congenital of the true faith of the faith free-spoken round plainspoken meaning what one says real veritable literal truth-telling guileless outspoken unreserved ingenuous precise realistic like it is indefatigable unrelenting unflagging relentless pertinacious intransigent undaunted bold valiant steely plucky undeviating tireless mettlesome courageous implacable brave unshaken insistent unremitting stout-hearted gutsy lionhearted willful doughty assertive intrepid spunky rock-ribbed manful full of determination fearless perseverant hard hard-line feisty ruthless confident patient hard-nosed grim heroic iron aggressive energetic ambitious indurate bulldog long-lasting purposive pushy headstrong bent upon gutty strenuous hardy deliberate iron-willed dauntless robust cast-iron focused industrious self-assertive unbendable high-spirited intractable stouthearted unceasing enterprising bullheaded inured pigheaded focussed pat game self-willed militant dead set valorous inexhaustible perdurable dynamic unvacillating do-or-die go-getting hell-bent on hell-bent upon explicit unswervable four-square unappeasable stiff-necked lasting compulsive greathearted heroical obsessed undauntable aspiring thirsty sedulous inspired unassailable desirous hungry invincible obsessive mulish meaning business extreme toughened sustained unconquerable rigorous definite stringent self-confident resistant dear out wilful valued unending permanent intimate balanced unwearied eager beaver unswayable uncompliant special cherished treasured self-starting hard-driving unsurpassable invulnerable intrenched goal-oriented weariless self-driven hell-bent lusty impregnable unstoppable long-lived bulletproof domineering assured undefeatable bombproof unshrinking forward unfluctuating unlimited perennial undeterred composed manly substantial even unvarying uniform poised importunate unerring continuing seasoned imperishable rugged persisting striving prevailing undismayed monomaniacal adventurous invariant never-tiring lion-hearted regular indestructible ballsy whole-hearted brassbound unmalleable well-built hardheaded perverse ossified opinionated adamantine inconvincible self-opinionated dominant self-assured progressive pioneering brick-wall inexpugnable strongly made well built can-do self-possessed unmoved refractory defiant unfearful hard and fast bona fide not giving an inch self-asserting built to last self-seeking get up and go power-hungry set in stone stand pat set in one's ways standing one's ground power-loving high-reaching direct firmly-based confidential unwearying unretiring reactionary traditionalist well-founded credible convinced ever-abiding unbeatable ultra-conservative unprogressive unblinking immoveable radical hellbent unintimidated perseverative serviceable hard-wearing hard-bitten familiar cohesive uninfluenced everlasting never-ending timeless perpetual fundamentalist high-powered undiscouraged time-hallowed go-to coherent obscene pornographic X-rated reverent well made possessive unforgetful imperturbable nerveless incessant Herculean competent copper-bottomed rocklike hidebound unadaptable prayerful exacting laborious unsinkable blinkered unaccommodating sagacious surviving blimpish equable pig-headed determinate in earnest unalterable immortal unwaivering untameable insurmountable insuperable hard-boiled stern ungiving competitive endless boundless going inalterable thrusting set in your ways recalcitrant not put off not discouraged impassable long-term time-honored age-old ancient cutthroat consumed compelled telelogical playing hard ball mean business calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone independent perceptive mean take charge carrying the load hang tough hard-and-fast have-a-go bloodthirsty unabated fogyish stick-in-the-mud intent on lifelong commanding possessed well balanced well-balanced in place in position warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy ceaseless continuous tough nut daredevil firm in spirit two-fisted tough-minded ironclad resourceful tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball continued plodding like a ball of fire on the make desiring success bullish good as one's word to be counted on capable galvanized impelled unstinting full unambiguous total categorical venturesome death-or-glory demanding ever-enduring impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable longtime full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke surefire can't-miss unfading continual imposing authoritative unquenchable bitter stony granite induced fixated obsessional never give up venturous unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided accustomed habituated staid controlling quiescent imprudent herolike chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised bottomless unalloyed unadulterated flawless overbearing imperious bossy sicker uncooperative hardline unpersuadable well constructed heavy-duty well-made made to last undiluted outright same delivering there come-through invariable difficult to keep down rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back as game as Ned Kelly collected convincing compelling undamaged best close-knit normal perfect entire authentic fullhearted stiffened hard-shell firmly established urged on counted on bloody-minded renitent persuasive well judged unimpaired seasonable unspoiled eatable timely unhurt influential fresh trenchant felicitous favourable expedient whole well timed motionless statuelike immalleable merciless self-reliant undecayed promising fit to eat unblemished well-timed uncontaminated intact hundred percent whole-souled cool-headed locked in without reservations favorable make good in good part make good on something

Tính từ

Of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion

Tính từ

Based on reason or good judgment
sound logical reasonable valid convincing solid analytic analytical authoritative cogent coherent consequent good prudent rational reliable sensible weighty credible plausible satisfactory satisfying sober telling thoughtful accepted accurate advisable commonsensical correct established exact faultless flawless impeccable intellectual just levelheaded precise profound recognised recognized responsible together true unassailable watertight cool right-minded right-thinking well-advised well founded well-founded well grounded well-grounded all there got it together holding up holding water standing up holding up in wash judicious reasoned wise practical justified justifiable legitimate informed effective realistic proper lucid intelligent acceptable firm commonsense sagacious defensible commonsensible supportable sane tenable discerning legit strong pragmatic compelling clear astute suitable shrewd sustainable trustworthy objective right expedient hard level-headed fit powerful well reasoned circumspect legal defendable appropriate genuine fair maintainable fitting understandable politic kosher grounded viable official persuasive dependable admissible workable perceptive authentic efficacious balanced consistent sage apt relevant lawful forceful worthwhile warranted effectual potent vindicable warrantable down-to-earth pertinent desirable useful influential advantageous matter-of-fact beneficial well-thought-out sanctioned rightful well-reasoned conclusive enlightened bona fide seemly discriminating systematic permissible normal well advised stable licit allowable able to hold water regular knowing well thought out methodical honest congruent proven helpful decent tactical deductive arguable acknowledged believable recommended authorized well organized perspicacious excusable suggested faithful orderly approved confirmed impressive gainful articulate definitive valuable meaningful organized insightful decisive upright canny forcible profitable organised straight authorised factual attested well far-sighted feasible real veritable allowed probable traditional possible recommendable ratiocinative condonable substantiated well-established best joined-up binding verified certified practicable usual validated common-sense productive sincere applicable truthful thinking cerebral significant sharp customary sapient perspicuous rigorous cognitive respectable germane familiar standard secure righteous contractual serviceable popular efficient fruitful well-thought-of discreet determinative successful trenchant above board necessary reputable highly regarded capable well-organized of good standing within the law of use operative hard-headed clear-cut unquestionable graceful bonafide estimable passable creditable learned preferable trusted dinkum attainable achievable tolerable actual permitted manageable mature indubitable pardonable doable commendable strict received likely respected corroborated veridical veracious usable having all one's marbles authenticated documented of good repute certain reasoning clever verifiable supported legalized worthy reflective constitutional striking irresistible sure impregnable philosophic common controlled eloquent statutory licensed favorable ordinary definite copper-bottomed unanswerable urgent undisputed well-informed stock dispassionate pukka conservative meticulous ordered no-nonsense unemotional clear-sighted clear-eyed conventional prevailing straightforward mathematical strategic considered favourable important opportune puissant considerate mainstream regulated canonical full of common sense thorough plain licenced legalised legally acceptable constructive routine virtuous rock-solid convenient traditionalistic old-fashioned scientific from the horse's mouth legally binding signed and sealed of help in effect in force of assistance adequate extensional juridicious deducible subtle obvious inferential holding together provident educated knowledgeable steady savvy calculating undistorted indisputable unadulterated uncounterfeited unfaked sterling up front original proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted conceivable imaginable operational realizable a good idea preferred unidealistic well informed operable trusty cautious synthetic infallible trustable collected deliberate harmonious mentally stable aware cognizant comprehensible intelligible accomplishable errorless colorable inerrant well-judged healthy compulsive based on hard data based on hard facts prosaic driveable safe experimental equitable loyal conforming careful empirical open calculable explicit stringent empiric within reach within reason accredited formal cast-iron unmistakable coercive salient propitious beneficent timely well-balanced unimpassioned cold confidential ratified well-expressed well-presented incisive apposite momentous inducing suasive consequential convictive considerable revealing marked serious-minded behooveful with both one's feet on the ground okay tolerated impartial certifiable effecting qualified accomplishing achieving fulfilling categorical assured showing great knowledge with great knowledge well presented well-structured thought through well expressed percipient moderate restrained temperate unprejudiced auspicious identified attentive conversant bearable endurable OK unequivocal unexcessive making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme realisable crucial straight-thinking explainable forgivable street-legal thought-out substantial of service to one's advantage in one's interest for the best of benefit endorsed unexpired best suited presentable au courant affordable sufferable brookable concedable well-defined well considered evenhanded fair-minded devastating conspicuous dead-on on-target letter-perfect spot-on in right mind well judged thinking twice farsighted playing safe hedging one's bets leery vigilant within the bounds of possibility within the realms of possibility within possibility remissible venial open to reason irrefutable based on good sense in one's right mind undoubted uncontested unquestioned natural canonic active functional not unlikely not impossible true-blue steady-going uncorrupted tested competent requisite enough by the book conformist moving impactful able roadworthy scholarly clear-headed sufficient doctrinal traditionalist prevalent prestigious on the ball aggressive exciting vehement punchy grand material charming mighty energetic histrionical imposing high-powered enthusiastic hard-hitting vivid dramatic direct theatric expressive acute emphatic performant powerhouse ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative circumstantiated honourable well established derivative counselable straight arrow pious by the numbers bien pensant in line religious according to the book admitted punctilious square excellent esteemed well balanced settled dyed-in-the-wool honoured principled inveterate time-honored of repute reputed well thought of irreproachable conscientious name well respected anti-corruption enforceable statutable set entrenched habitual fixed general straight from horse's mouth notable well known favored famous constant well-known renowned distinguished honorable prominent famed eminent high-ranking redoubted high-principled celebrated acclaimed honored illustrious accustomed ex cathedra wonted condign innocent protected precedented chartered de jure enjoined passed enforcible aboveboard due granted decreed card-carrying ordained judged prescribed enforced favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted expected universal classical typical long-established sure enough of good report in high favor salt of the earth historic classic on the level on the up and up deep-rooted widely used widespread ingrained old time-honoured old-style officially recognized rooted unshakable vested permanent most likely most correct

Danh từ

A person who believes, especially regarding religion
believer convert proselyte protagonist worshiper worshipper adherent advocate apostle devotee disciple follower religionist supporter upholder zealot acceptor canonist doctrinaire dogmatist fan freak neophyte bhakta prophet adherent of devotee of disciple of follower of supporter of upholder of worshipper in religious person born-again votary fanatic admirer partisan groupie booster champion enthusiast defender buff backer pupil aficionado fiend rooter promoter addict sectary acolyte proponent participant partizan epigone votarist cohort friend apologist junkie habitué liegeman nut lover patron hanger-on member amateur exponent fancier sponsor witness bug hound henchman stalwart janissary maniac crusader gospeler advocator hierophant espouser herald expounder gospeller paladin campaigner tub-thumper student celebrant white knight true believer high priest learner attendant member of congregation satellite catechumen attender servant companion chela pursuivant helper pioneer propagandist spokesman sycophant pundit spokesperson sustainer connoisseur afficionado sucker savant junky habitue head nerd monomaniac fool ham ninja fundi aficionada jock bum eccentric prosumer votarient churchgoer idealist adorer sympathiser accessory sympathizer one who is into assistant cat ally sidekick minion representative lackey endorser bolsterer standard-bearer toady retainer well-wisher page squire vindicator torch-bearer seconder pillar support suspender paraclete guardian bearer brace abider pleader warden escort martyr protector speaker card-carrying member counsellor reformer missionary activist stooge bootlicker protege client parasite vassal plugger proposer partygoer counselor camp follower partyer partier speaker for battler for spokeswoman for spokesperson for spokesman for fighter for crusader for campaigner for reveler reveller celebrator roisterer merrymaker power user one of the cognoscenti a great one for spokeswoman propagator converter messenger sectator scholar subordinate aide underling deputy partner gofer abettor accomplice right-hand man flunky collaborator right-hand woman colleague secretary flunkey backup associate helpmate apprentice coadjutor adjunct help appointee coadjutant man Friday girl Friday adjutant right-hand person fellow worker aid temp conformist dependant myrmidon subject auxiliary menial temporary worker mate sheep junior second confederate gal Friday abetter peon comrade body man paraprofessional valet dogsbody copycat traditionalist hireling skivvy inferior footman slave wingman fawner helpmeet lieutenant crony number two second fiddle lemming second in command manservant domestic succorer fellow reliever bedfellow yes man man insider serf batman scrub houseman henchwoman understudy cooperator aider delegate fellow traveler subsidiary novice second stringer understrapper personal assistant subaltern second string third string liege patriot soldier factotum steward voter teammate workmate Jeeves daily coworker servitor scullion convertee slavey loyalist co-worker novitiate imitator hobnobber compeer compatriot suck-up fellow traveller quisling conspirator fraternizer upstart little guy small potato squirt second banana lightweight proxy substitute sub vice depute gopher new believer running mate benefactor beginner trainee dependent poodle running dog stand-in P.A. aide-de-camp fill-in surrogate hired help hired hand second-in-command relief PA groveler apple-polisher flatterer pawn assenter doormat brownnose brownnoser kowtower puppet hand consociate pal stall confrere subscriber partition segment portion section part affiliate heavy bodyguard butler joiner equerry minder guide life member founder member usher shadow maid maidservant nurse yes-person waiter concierge orderly employee baby sitter alarm clock lady in waiting bird dog hatchet man hatchet woman

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