Đồng nghĩa của ecclesiastic

Alternative for ecclesiastic


Trái nghĩa: laity,

Danh từ

A priest or member of the clergy
minister priest clergyman cleric divine parson churchman clergywoman pastor preacher vicar churchwoman reverend chaplain deacon dominie bishop father rector theologian clergyperson clerical clerk curate deaconess kirkman padre Bible-basher God-botherer josser abbot assistant curate man of God prelate Holy Joe sky pilot woman of God man of the cloth woman of the cloth evangelist rabbi minister of religion archbishop clergy holy man missionary pontiff shepherd pulpiteer father confessor cardinal imam monsignor sermonizer dean elder monk presbyter predicant member of the clergy philosopher scholar holy woman abbé curé theologist cassock primate pulpitarian abbey blackcoat ecclesiast confessor friar celebrant church official chief priest high priest lay preacher incumbent lama beneficiary clergyman/woman sacred holy venerable prior archdeacon diocesan lecturer church officer hierarch abbess dignitary parish priest vicegerent revivalist bible thumper the rev harp polisher turn-around collar devil dodger sky scout woman of god man of god apostle crusader proselytizer evangelical gospeller moralizer televangelist provost homilist evangelizer pulpiter preach hot gospeller proselytiser preacher man spreader of the faith churchperson person of God person of the cloth converter propagandist promoter herald messenger teacher campaigner missioner servant of God caretaker school chaplain army chaplain prison chaplain ordained minister assistant air force chaplain proctor principal headmaster member of clergy metropolitan military chaplain champion suffragan exarch coadjutor proponent advocate activist gospeler abba television evangelist circuit rider TV evangelist television preacher religious teacher

Danh từ

Leader of institution
dean principal director provost chief doyen elder faculty head head nestor senior administrator authority department head dignitary governor guide lead leader legislator pilot president President professor tack college head elder statesman head of department head of faculty university official chancellor rector headmaster headmistress warden master head teacher prex prexy vice chancellor superintendent executive official supervisor officer prepositus chair chairperson boss chairman head of school premier captain prez commander mistress éminence grise keeper jailer magistrate notable mentor starets gaoler moderator speaker prolocutor presider senior member leading light leading figure national leader important person figurehead wise old man POTUS controller manager preceptor prime minister commander in chief person in charge gaffer minister organizer agent proprietor chairwoman bureaucrat kingpin archon managing director administrant employer exec chief executive overseer bigwig judge mayor CEO functionary comptroller foreman commissioner baas consul producer honcho admin mandarin custodian inspector ambassador top dog head honcho organiser Mister Big person upstairs front office head man big wheel numero uno head person skipper superior ruler big cheese chieftain sherang foreperson boss man headman taskmaster sachem representative forewoman public servant office-holder big gun civil servant padrone conductor straw boss helmsman arbitrator jefe steward MD lord super owner manageress big shot office-bearer helmer monarch jack-in-office apparatchik officeholder brass higher-up big person line manager key player justice big kahuna government official high muckamuck zookeeper appointee sovereign taskperson dominator JP Justice of the Peace spokesperson wheel co ringleader entrepreneur slave driver number one fat cat servant chief executive officer big white chief office holder office bearer top brass convener curator chargehand king patron guru tsar prince ganger marshal grieve heavyweight VIP taskmistress patriarch industrialist presiding officer diplomat team leader overman commandant czar suzerain member of the board better government worker monitor introducer businessperson head woman suit supremo capitalist big noise lord and master tycoon general government employee public official public employee kahuna commanding officer pannikin boss pit boss Big Chief Big Daddy top banana business person accountant planner business manager financial officer bossman driver checker caretaker adviser player brass hat sitter examiner executive officer top person top woman top man handler viceroy overlord ariki induna maistry seneschal proconsul guv bailiff intendant regulator dictator headliner superior commander pusher ramrod liege incumbent panjandrum top brains secretary treasurer top cat overling courtier attendant spokesman gubernatorial leader doyenne coryphée senior manager senior administrator senior official employee coordinator management corporation establishment slavedriver outfit juice person committee member board member civil-service employee elected official chief of state director general Big Brother top drawer pedagog trainer matriarch pedagogue dogsbody minion lackey hierarchy big Chief big Daddy MC liege lord meal ticket organization administrator baron workers big cheese magnate mogul businessman businesswoman toastmaster master of ceremonies shop steward father of the chapel symposiarch mastermind financier CO C.O. headteacher don skip kingfish magnifico nabob millionaire billionaire grandee multimillionaire delegate envoy queen emperor referee chamberlain lion Napoleon big businessman zillionaire squillionaire potentate legate mediator princess commander-in-chief arbiter Mr Big emissary plenipotentiary intermediary captain of industry investor merchant prince top executive plutocrat chief officer broker aide lead-off person higher up C in C high priest high priestess point person peacemaker wealthy businessman C.-in-C. assistant counsellor torchbearer wealthy person big enchilada guv'nor big name counselor big hitter mover and shaker underling lieutenant subordinate pacifier liaison facilitator cabinet member M.C. go-between soother mitigator stabiliser alleviator stabilizer desk-jockey pencil-pusher politician government servant

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