Đồng nghĩa của spiritual

Alternative for spiritual


Đồng nghĩa: holy, religious, sacred,

Trái nghĩa: material, temporal,

Tính từ

Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things
incorporeal ethereal immaterial metaphysical intangible nonmaterial other-worldly psychic extramundane inner mystical non-material psychical psychological transcendent unworldly bodiless formless insubstantial mystic nonphysical numinous unbodied unsubstantial airy asomatous discarnate disembodied ghostly heavenly otherworldly platonic pure rarefied refined saintly supernal unfleshly unphysical supernatural spectral unearthly impalpable wraithlike celestial phantom unembodied transcendental phantasmal dreamy phantasmic aerial shadowy unreal disincarnate dreamlike imponderable insensible incorporate apparitional spiritlike disbodied chimerical uncorporal subjective abstract preternatural ghostlike discorporate visionary non-physical extraterrestrial empyreal fey imaginary illusory religious hallucinatory vampiric fanciful untouchable wraithy spooky eerie vague abstruse hypothetical imperceptible to the touch slender astral fantastical sublime non-materialistic airy-fairy uncorporeal spiritualistic invisible paranormal nonmaterialistic daydreaming daydreamy supersensory fantastic dim indefinite elusive star starry stellar evanescent not material indeterminate uncertain unobservable inappreciable eluding evading rare unapparent unsure imperceptible slight evasive unquantifiable alien weird strange wondrous out of this world theoretical indescribable indefinable too good for this world imagined indistinct obscure unclear figmental non-existent illusive fancied delusive intellectual vaporous philosophical speculative ideal ephemeral illusionary inexistent conceptual notional fly-by-night unsound infirm puny petty idle false decrepit fundamental essential recondite basic deep remote astronomical cosmological sidereal starlike starly astrophysical stellular esoteric theoretic ideational profound high-flown universal too little too late oversubtle academic unpractical jesuitic supramundane eternal philosophic supermundane superhuman suprahuman difficult conjectural supranatural ontological superior

Tính từ

Characterised by prayer, devout, reverent
prayerful devout religious supplicant supplicating pious godly pleading beseeching soliciting saintly entreating righteous imploring sainted suppliant supplicatory faithful reverent devoted saintlike virtuous divine good pure moral believing dedicated devotional angelic blessed pietistic sanctified innocent spotless unworldly consecrated upright hallowed perfect chaste clean faultless glorified godlike humble immaculate just pietistical revered sacrosanct seraphic sublime uncorrupt undefiled untainted venerable venerated god-fearing holy God-fearing sacred sinless dutiful churchgoing ethical orthodox blameless upstanding worthy irreproachable guiltless ecclesiastical sacral unprofane honest decent principled blest consecrate noble honourable uncorrupted law-abiding honorable beatified right exalted respectable straight true ordained canonized high-minded heavenly nice exemplary scrupulous stand-up right-minded meritorious sacramental laudable conscientious praiseworthy noble-minded squeaky-clean canonised trustworthy supernatural commendable all right fair deified anti-corruption adored equitable stainless beatific moralizing reverential smug born-again clerical moralising priestly worshipped set apart among the angels worshiped charitable punctilious reserved philanthropical messianic impartial matchless philanthropic creditable deserving peerless special seraph theological full of good works goody-goody immortal theistic enshrined inviolable eternal anointed numinous solemn devoted to God dedicated to God reverenced proper moralistic conscionable incorruptible seemly truthful reputable chivalrous aboveboard distinguished gallant magnanimous decorous clean-living salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher

Tính từ

Of, concerned with, or preoccupied with a different world than that of the tangible here and now, such as a heavenly, spiritual, or imaginary world
otherworldly supernatural unearthly paranormal preternatural transcendental metaphysical transcendent ethereal magical extraterrestrial mystical uncanny psychic strange weird unworldly heavenly alien eerie inhuman visionary out of this world divine mystic holy transmundane godly other-worldly occult godlike superhuman celestial numinous seraphic angelic empyrean magic sublime blessed necromantic supernormal cherubic saintly mysterious beatific sacred arcane empyreal deific supernal elysian ineffable incorporeal extramundane immortal deiform shadowy blest orphic blissful black oracular astral hallowed rapturous immaterial extrasensory exalted phenomenal miraculous supranatural religious esoteric telepathic clairvoyant paradisical Elysian goddesslike immaculate nonrational abstruse cabalistic superlunary anagogic unnatural supreme saintlike deitylike cosmic deistic ambrosial omnipotent omniscient paradisaical omnipresent almighty beyond human unfleshly ghostly virtuous unphysical superterrestrial all-powerful pure astrological unreal mystifying alchemistic eternal reverent Olympian empyral psychical deifying awe-inspiring uplifting moving inspiring boundless inspirational quixotic telestic unaccountable mysterial secret thaumaturgic witchlike sorcerous hidden unknowable wizardly imaginary supersensory telekinetic spiritualistic inscrutable supersensible with a sixth sense supersensual unexplained out-of-body supersensitive with second sight inner stargazing non-rational hermetical beneficent humble entrancing righteous devout self-sacrificing sweet angelly angelical kind radiant angellike archangelic caring appealing more than human

Tính từ

Of, relating to, or characteristic of the soul

Tính từ

Of a broad-ranging consciousness-raising movement
new age modern new contemporary current newfangled modernistic mod ultramodern designer hot alternative astrological balanced holistic mystic occult planetary supernaturalist up-to-date present-day new-fashioned state-of-the-art up-to-the-minute space-age red-hot crystal healing Age of Aquarius latest fashionable up to the minute recent advanced fresh avant-garde newest modish now trendy leading-edge high-tech au courant in vogue up to date progressive topical cutting-edge present in fashion trendsetting voguish stylish happening with it latter-day innovative contemporaneous cutting edge neoteric hi-tech brand-new a la mode futuristic in all the rage ongoing cool forward-looking novel extant ultra-modern leading edge popular modern-day revolutionary just out innovatory nouvelle updated today radical chic flash snazzy nifty hip present-time twenty-first-century instant immediate leading modernised modernized groundbreaking hot off press bang up to date newly discovered pioneering ground-breaking recently developed faddish in-thing existent never-before-seen à la mode with-it timely abreast up contempo twenty-first century surrealistic high-style nontraditional ahead of its time hippest trailblazing avant forefront highly developed SOTA automated ultra modern complex sophisticated 21st-century forward future landmark breakthrough late hot off the press brand new just released just issued in style in the news common knowledge alive on front burner de nos jours in the mainstream live burning smart swinging gimmicky natty go-ahead kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' plugged-in unique quite recent existing latter in duration nowadays going on being coeval at this moment for the time being in process under consideration started just now begun commenced already ad hoc even now prompt sharp unconventional ingenious snappy swish swank original faddy inventive unorthodox big dashing groovy exclusive chichi supercool favored innovational swell funky prevailing creative favoured classy swanky unusual elegant unfamiliar disruptive usual last word latest thing upscale rakish on fleek experimental du jour enlightened unprecedented in thing liberal off-centre imaginative forward-thinking genteel well-liked trig popularized a go-go left-field popularised developed customary posh schmick culty open-minded all the go dapper enterprising different prevalent de rigueur dressy evolved offbeat dynamic uncommon def hep vogue turned-on favorite originative glamorous newborn improved out of the ordinary massive high-toned crowd-pleasing favourite high-class visionary elaborate attractive debonair up-and-coming singular the latest untried tasteful unknown freethinking ambitious strange downtown go-getting le dernier cri higher spirited swagger bold far ahead well along far along well ahead nonconformist large pop out-of-the-box established progressivist seminal sexy refined young styleworthy vital ritzy technologically advanced cosmopolitan bohemian fancy extreme gnarly rare trim relevant intricate high-end high-fashion understated flattering untested surprising exotic atypical highly-developed unaccustomed ahead of the times down clever inspired unheard-of dap of late hot off the fire Promethean breaking new ground well turned-out hottest well-heeled expensive today's supermodern mould-breaking lively perfected party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest innovating spearheading high liberated appealing impressive undercool wicked active concurrent coincident concomitant avant garde the new bleeding edge desired sought-after unwonted exciting resourceful mature last-word vivacious in demand in favour artful good crisp spruce broad-minded antitraditional anticonventional nonconventional nonorthodox large-minded way-out entrepreneurial afresh big thing transformational later out of the common eccentric well groomed well dressed variational vigorous driven energetic enthusiastic twenty- first century well turned out smartly dressed craze fad chi-chi far-out awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware this season's new-fangled deviceful well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean antiestablishment high-level daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered courageous underground head lead beat vanguard special inspiring refreshing dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dewy recently discovered switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to bang up-to-date fine flashy polished distinctive artistic peculiar odd bling self-regulating robotic automatic in with it occurring recently fancy-pants the newest in the know mistakenly trendy new wave reforming urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy appearing recently powerful artificially intelligent germinal well-thought-out well-designed well-planned strategic multifaceted formative involved well-built on the cutting edge in the latest style as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox gumptious recognized set common newfound foremost far cry newsworthy intelligent prime ahead supreme ordinary widespread ubiquitous rampant pervasive accepted general dressed to the teeth dressed to kill nonconservative complicated pre-eminent foreseeing pushing farseeing proactive positive forethoughtful farsighted forehanded prescient provident foresighted just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished weird excellent paramount precocious exceptional principal reformist capable of learning pressing important universal individualistic outlandish idiosyncratic freakish bizarre individual right-on buzzworthy way out quirky esoteric reigning recognised leftist left-wing libertarian subjective interesting nominal thematic fundamental rad wacky deep hippie oddball wild PC free-thinking latitudinarian humanistic drastic unhackneyed in force far out off the wall computerized digital multimedia out of this world technological game-changing world-shattering computerised politically correct more recent most recent

Tính từ

Of very great excellence or beauty
heavenly excellent wonderful marvellous beautiful delightful first-class first-rate glorious lovely superb blissful divine enjoyable fantastic perfect sensational sublime alluring entrancing exquisite fabulous gratifying great ideal idyllic pleasurable rapturous ravishing terrific enchanting gorgeous A-OK awesome bang-up banner blue-chip blue-ribbon boffo bonnie bonny boss brag brave bully bumper capital choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy dope down dynamite fab famous fantabulous fine first-string five-star four-star frontline gangbuster gangbusters gilt-edge gilt-edged gone grand groovy high-class hot hype immense jim-dandy keen marvelous mean neat nifty noble out-of-sight peachy phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous slick smashing splendid stellar sterling super supercalifragilisticexpialidocious superior superlative supernal swell tip-top top topflight top-notch top-of-the-line topping top-shelf unsurpassed wicked wizard bosting brill brilliant adorable ambrosial lush number one numero uno paradisaic paradisal paradisic par excellence peachy keen saintly scrumptious superhuman yummy out of this world elevated lofty magnificent exalted imposing awe-inspiring majestic high supreme outstanding big eminent lordly mind-blowing transcendent resplendent splendiferous uplifting transcendental moving proud august stately splendorous inspiring outrageous sacred holy inspirational abstract the most too much too good to be true paradisiacal Elysian Arcadian paradisical paradisaical utopian paradisiac unworldly immaterial non-material non-materialistic socialist reforming progressive Erewhonian Edenic golden celestial blessed immortal empyrean extraterrestrial angelic luscious cherubic sweet delectable seraphic supernatural beatific godlike delicious darling amazing beyond compare phenomenal exceptional second to none unrivalled unparalleled unmatched to die for unequaled without equal unequalled incomparable matchless unsurpassable ace unrivaled unexampled nonpareil dreamy peerless unexcelled inimitable out-of-this-world

Tính từ

Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words
ineffable indescribable inexpressible unutterable indefinable unspeakable incommunicable undefinable breathtaking inenarrable marvelous marvellous nameless staggering uncommunicable unimaginable untold wonderful amazing astonishing astounding beggaring description beyond description beyond words fabulous fantastic celestial deep divine empyreal empyrean ethereal heavenly holy ideal impossible incredible sacred transcendent transcendental unheard of untellable unthought of too sacred for words inconceivable unthinkable undescribable unbelievable indefinite impalpable defying description intangible unanalysable unanalyzable nondescript elusive unspecified unspecifiable preternatural sublime overwhelming abstract subtle implausible mind-boggling extraordinary improbable unlikely exceptional mind-blowing undreamed of beyond the realm of reason obscure indistinct incalculable incorporeal unpronounceable inarticulate difficult hard to define hard to describe stupendous prodigious remarkable phenomenal tremendous inexpressable unexpressible spectacular unsayable awful stunning striking miraculous portentous extravagant awesome eye-opening immense surprising eye-popping wondrous legendary outrageous amazeballs rad beyond one's wildest dreams top drawer out-of-this-world unimagined unconvincing fantastical unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling inapprehensible incomprehensible unique singular incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon unknowable doubtful not understandable beyond belief full of it beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams preposterous unusual strange far-fetched dubious fanciful questionable absurd out of the ordinary unexpected outlandish flimsy ridiculous suspect unrealistic unprecedented hard to swallow peculiar bizarre weak sensational unsubstantial odd fishy thin anomalous cock-and-bull outstanding unforeseen unwonted unanticipated weird atypical abnormal special queer aberrant uncustomary unparalleled ludicrous curious tall puzzling notable won't wash scarcely credible especial not likely exceeding aberrated freak far out unreal extraordinaire cock and bull freakish out of this world reachy difficult to believe unreasonable magnificent remote strained farfetched laboured debatable out of the question nonsensical uncanny labored unfamiliar noteworthy incongruous too much hard to believe magical whimsical unaccustomed hard to take cockamamie oddball won't hold water full of holes baffling for the birds beyond the bounds of possibility freaky jaw-dropping awe-inspiring off the wall confounding unlooked-for unhoped-for insupposable superlative problematic wild eccentric brilliant surpassing phony illogical terrific stellar phoney unusually good irrational misleading highly unlikely not in the least likely insane thrilling funny crazy superior offbeat mad grandiose out-of-the-way iffy extreme foolish comical too good to be true befuddling wacky zany mystifying shocking original impressive unaccountable conspicuous incomparable stupefying outside chance unexampled outré flustering bewildering dumfounding seldom scarce heavy hare-brained like a dream come true unannounced off-the-wall jarring jolting out of the blue startling dramatic make-believe unthought-of unsuspected undreamt-of unplausible distinctive imcomprehensible extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not on insupportable marked particular beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe uncertain faint slight beyond possibility signal significant momentous supernatural unforgettable eye-catching arresting contrary untoward flabbergasting blindsiding inimitable not to be thought of exaggerated devastating dumbfounding inconsistent serious unco unapt providential irregular deviant harebrained reaching infeasible unsound unsettling unnerving flash gnarly forby flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy less likely superhuman inexplicable specious unpersuasive off beaten path never to be forgotten overblown better than expected from left field slim impracticable hundred-to-one infrequent lame trifling feeble unconventional off-centre monstrous supermundane the utmost wonderworking numinous supranatural supercalifragilisticexpialidocious embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false untruthful untrue divergent distinct novel new unknown untypical perplexing unnatural mysterious unsatisfactory transparent shallow ineffectual inadequate pathetic forced ponderous substantial huge great out of the common out of the way way out something else daggy wacko slim and none not expected shady laughable hyperbolic farcical incoherent poor unimpressive past belief open to doubt avant-garde out there breaking new ground loner cool extra special distorted disputable undependable equivocal untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable unacceptable fresh offensive undiscovered half-baked not convincing eerie quaint blown up unsung unremarked disgraceful ground-breaking unregarded far-out resplendent sensorial enthralling exciting invigorating bewitching captivating charming majestic envigorating mind-bending heart-stopping enlivening stimulating blissful fabled beguiling splendorous enchanting glorious fascinating enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled untenable uncredible complicated disconcerting spooky little-known little known unrenowned never before encountered rings phony shaky muddling discomfiting nonplussing shattering nonplusing confusing dismaying upsetting not able to hold water imaginary moving cherished touching perfect illusory erratic romantic capricious ambitious visionary artificial scanty subtile sparse preeminent scattered standout rarefied towering occasional tenuous few and far between attenuate short light attenuated isolated deficient recherche unfrequent few sporadic semioccasional limited illusive barmy suppositious different potty daft hallucinatory out of sight cock-eyed

Danh từ

A Christian religious song, especially one in an African-American style, or a similar non-religious song

Trái nghĩa của spiritual

spiritual Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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