Đồng nghĩa của in process

Tính từ

Being in effective or current operation, action, or force
active operational functional functioning working live operative opened serviceable operating running effective effectual moving acting alive going living efficacious on potent astir engaged exertive flowing involved movable powerful progressive pushing rolling simmering stirring travelling traveling turning in action in operation up and running at work in business in force in play non-inert non-passive rushing usable hot dynamic on track in working order on the job on fire in full swing in gear able to function in effect in use current at play efficient valid useful workable binding present viable around actual influential practical existing in order existent in service productive extant persisting ongoing contemporary remaining continuing applicable surviving abiding successful strong practicable capable valuable helpful standing beneficial indicative competent adequate legitimate lawful official legal real prepared ready fruitful constructive worthwhile open licit advantageous in existence of assistance of help of use in execution in commission signed and sealed legally binding producing prevalent handy occupational utile available purposeful fit high-functioning well-functioning on-going on the statute book on line going on good on the map on the agenda trading ready for action participant forceful decisive conclusive telling determinative sound forcible virtual requisite enough suitable near imminent looming essential impending in the market accessible employable open for business open to the public about implicit formal associated with affiliated with ticking awake developing subsisting vigorous alert on the move in motion in working condition concerned with connected with participating in virtuous energetic puissant taking part in

Trái nghĩa của in process

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