Đồng nghĩa của pending

Alternative for pending

Đồng nghĩa: during, until, waiting,

Tính từ

Awaiting decision or settlement
undecided unsettled undetermined unresolved open uncertain unconcluded incomplete ongoing outstanding undone awaiting action awaiting decision hanging fire in limbo left remaining still open unfinished awaiting awaiting attention continuing dependent hanging in abeyance indeterminate in reserve in the air not done ominous on ice pendent pensile unattended to in the balance to be done in line on board on line around the corner in the works on the back burner up in the air unsure unknown debatable doubtful in doubt unconfirmed ambiguous open to question iffy vague indefinite moot equivocal unclear yet to be decided unanswered suspended open to debate neglected in a state of uncertainty questionable irresolute dodgy dubious problematic unestablished unascertained inconclusive speculative to be decided deferred tentative up for grabs hairy unsolved arguable chancy incalculable unpredictable confused undependable dubitable betwixt and between in no man's land dicey postponed omitted disputed put off borderline unperformed disputable untrustworthy unreliable unforeseeable controversial unfulfilled hesitant vexed unspecified wavering vacillating ignored indecisive in cold storage undefined unfixed clouded in a state of suspension passed over in question in a state of limbo not completed in hand abandoned forgotten left out insecure on hold uncommitted withdrawn withheld out of action inoperative in remission at risk unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged inexact suspect of two minds doubtable not fixed not settled hazy contingent open for discussion not yet settled not definite touch-and-go yet to be settled up for discussion risky pendant waffling put to one side in suspension precarious sketchy indistinct conjectural open-ended half-done not decided unaccomplished unexecuted hanging by a thread touch and go on thin ice secret disregarded unrevealed to be won or lost not started dark undisclosed hidden concealed uncompleted half-finished untold undivulged unidentified abeyant faltering hesitating unproven undiscovered unfamiliar mysterious obscure unapprehended unexplained unrecognized unheard of unnoted unrecognised unperceived noteless sitting on the fence open to doubt imprecise problematical contentious in dispute enigmatic contestable controvertible cryptic negotiable ill-defined puzzling inexplicit issuable nebulous indistinguishable mootable opaque open to discussion contested ambivalent at issue arcane unsound abstruse shadowy perplexing confusing murky suspicious fishy the jury's out bone of contention shaky between sixes and sevens flimsy between rock and hard place unlimited woolly marginal unspecific proving nothing general exceptionable unfounded tricky hot-button wooly not yet established shady queer unlikely intangible weak blear contended apocryphal fuzzy equivocating blurred double-edged enigmatical occult anybody's guess unpaid unclassifiable non-specific hinky peripheral frontier bordering inscrutable wide-open riddling subject to debate challenging hand-to-mouth debated deep elliptical mystic unsupported wide open open to argument Delphic elliptic tenuous a controversial subject a live issue a moot point unverified unprovable fuliginous contradictory conflicting ungrounded unsubstantiated unsubstantial a matter of opinion unfinalized approximate argumentative disputatious polemical polemic uncounted unstipulated spurious in contention thorny ticklish delicate sticky knotty taxing conditional quarrelsome scrappy settling nothing paradoxical loose hypothetical limitless not reliable not dependable anyone's guess unclassified uncategorized indeterminant unstated borderless unconvincing unproved erratic capricious whimsical fluctuant not obvious infinite immeasurable endless evasive troublesome difficult awkward fractious provocative critical unsatisfying unsatisfactory resolving nothing unfateful uneventful inadequate lacking groundless deficient under advisement under examination dim faint muzzy misty blurry bleary gauzy pale foggy much debated oracular leaving matters open measureless unfathomable illimitable bottomless horizonless unrestricted immensurable boundless unbounded fathomless two-edged inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide noncommittal broad being discussed under discussion under consideration in lap of gods in the lap of the gods left hanging flexible still open to question still open to doubt improbable for debate at stake under debate fanciful implausible unrealistic discussable unthinkable fantastic incredible preposterous ridiculous absurd unbelievable movable exchangeable transactional convertible assignable variable difficult to believe hard to swallow long shot unapt far-fetched fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility scarcely credible subject to discussion on the agenda to be discussed open to modification muffled indiscernible elusive

Tính từ

About to happen
imminent forthcoming impending upcoming approaching coming nearing looming prospective close gathering near oncoming proximate threatening anticipated expected -to-be about to be about to happen on the way close at hand to come in the offing in the wind at hand on the horizon future in the pipeline on the cards in the cards coming up advancing in the air just around the corner on the agenda in store on tap brewing on hand in prospect next immediate in the stars menacing likely fast-approaching upon us nigh inevitable inescapable overhanging handwriting-on-the-wall looming large drawing near awaiting in view on us see it coming just round the corner coming soon likely to happen approximating onrushing in the wings arriving convergent potential happening soon hovering awaited portending ominous emerging waiting to looking to resulting supplied predestined fated destined moving closer appearing rising in the near future due eventual subsequent unborn converging progressing in preparation around the corner gaining upon almost on one near-term up-and-coming getting near to be en route fast approaching near-at-hand inevasible probable following unescapable possible expectant unavoidable ineluctable on its way on the verge planned soon-to-be afoot proposed scheduled designate later considered ensuing presumptive succeeding predicted forecast contemplated about on the go slated hoped-for looked-for promised predictable foreseeable envisioned downstream latter down the line down the pike down the road yet to come incipient in the works under way in production being prepared hereafter underway under discussion up and coming chosen near at hand to-be appointed round the corner elected going on happening current circulating around abroad in sight nearly on us intended elect at large stirring going about in circulation wanted intending would-be aspiring astir latent prophesied foretold hoped for looked for prepared for long-awaited counted on foreseen planned for counted upon in the making doing the rounds projected nearby neighboring next-door close-up beside neighbouring close by nearly here get back on one's feet almost practically nearly regain one's health adjacent scheduled for expected to arrive

Tính từ

Coming after something in time or place
subsequent ensuing later following succeeding successive after coming consequent latter next subsequential successional upcoming consecutive consequential future imminent impending looming oncoming posterior postliminary proximate pursuing resultant resulting running sequential succedent approaching downstream forthcoming late sequent serial supervenient to come coming after coming next following after later on coming up directly after in line next off next up on the trot eventual accompanying attendant straight collateral associated progressive chronological back-to-back indirect secondary concomitant continuous connected related linked seriate due to in order follow-on down the line down the pike down the road second nearing seriatim serialised serialized ultimate inevitable in turn planned scheduled one after another yet to come unborn postponed continuing delayed deferred henceforth alternative later than uninterrupted continual subsequent to incessant constant steady solid a while later after a while persistent regular ulterior unbroken in succession back in sequence sophomore hereafter in a row rotating alternating other rear last final after the first next in order trailing derivative derived extended conclusive concluding long-term terminal hinder second-hand contingent decisive over the long term non-primary secondhand latest net dependent borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down near advancing anticipated expected due immediate close nigh drawing near close at hand gaining upon at hand on us almost on one in the air in the wind near-term in store up-and-coming getting near on the horizon to be on the way just round the corner converging in prospect en route about to happen in view in the pipeline progressing in the offing on the cards

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